Funnel Hacker TV Episode 83 – We Blew Up Instagram With Our Live Video

Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels™ digital marketing team is on FIRE! On this episode of Funnel Hacker TV:

– Russell and Dave have an emotional moment
-Actionetics is getting a HUGE messenger and Russell Brunson finalized the sales script hook
– @RussellBrunson on Instagram hits the TOP LIVE stream
– Allison Prince hits the 2 Comma Club in just 10 months
– The Funnel Hacker Jeep must be washed

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 83 – (Behind The Scenes Show)
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dotcom secrets

[Music] so uh sure I guess I’m cool check this out hey guys so we got on to mainstream Instagram as in like all of Instagram guess who just infiltrated the bat line one of the chores today is to watch the Jeep well guess what so we just figured out why Dave Dave was almost on his deathbed for last three months and nobody knew he didn’t tell any of us right and so that night we actually were burning books and catching our Jeep on fire he’s hobbling around in the hay great but in reality he’s suffering I really screwed this one up he’s too tough to like share those things with his people so he’s not in submission to become better at telling stories and last night sitting at my house and I had this Epiphany I’m like the PC is missing in his storytelling is he doesn’t talk about the feelings he feels which would give people connections and so anyway it’s so cool so I’m now gonna start crying what is the salty discharge [Music] so much oh yes I’m cool check this out you uh if you watch the extra spark or TV you may have seen us shooting potato guns and burning books expert singers I’ll come check it out it is finished [Laughter] they’re number one and then we did all these ones was burning the book which and containing the process here free copy the extra secrets book right now I was gonna burn my hands as if I wasn’t stressed out that’s like a move for hand-to-hand anyway so that was fun we did yesterday it’s already done before show up in the morning Alex ID guess what we got today we got a pile o fridge a mini fridge because all of our drinks were getting so warm so now we check us out you open it up and we got rhinos fat waters we’re all fringed up that we drive last three hours to be on the right hook for their acts next MV explainer video script oh cool I think I might have got it maybe or my suck on my shirt so I’m gonna reach you guys and just you can say Game one of my feelings background this tribe fierce action XMD is basically the new version of action etics baby you know opt-ins but I actually come in and we follow them on Facebook and on Twitter on YouTube then we have facebook Messenger we’ve got desktop push notifications we got all the things that’s basically like no matter where they’re at like were their dominating him and trying to like get in there so I’m just gonna read you the script so far and if you hate it let me know of a thumb god I’ve got bad news for you stats say apes and of businesses fail within 18 months and what makes it worse as those numbers are actually going up why well as lot to do with attention span businesses back in the 90s had a luxury of 20 min attention span to be able to explain their businesses to potential customers guess how much time we got today just seven seconds yes every seven seconds your potential customers focus to being pulled in new direction yes our attention span is now actually less than a goldfish there’s actually eight seconds how are you supposed to succeed when it’s almost impossible hold anyone’s long enough to show them why they need your product your service you’re literally in a battle for their attention if you win you get the opportunity to serve them as a customer if you lose then you become a statistic just another failed startup that no one remembers right that’s where that’s right Matt okay so we got on to mainstream Instagram as in like all of Instagram like somehow we got featured as a lie as a top live and we’re have thousands and thousands and thousands of people coming through here 2,350 one whose last number I saw was crazy [Music] [Music] like eight people nine people a people nine people like our normal and stupid never an Instagram like this is like reciting to share my right there’s a bun it’s just pushed and see what happens like it’s like I mean there must be like a vacancy and Thursday because no one else was like sharing like some crazy exactly like magic trick or bikini beach or something so like we’ve got it it’s also no we they’re like they’re like we need content so they threw us on them basically the main page of Instagram and we’ve got thousands and thousands of people watch it I’m like look we can’t stop this let’s look at this now we’ve got 2,000 almost twice the same number watching your podcast you the outlets like you should probably my weirdness funnel just they push the auto Alex would really appreciate if its affiliate Li was attached to Neptune [Laughter] okay so basically we talked about earlier today we would push the button and when it’s like three thousand people there’s a site that shows you the ups and down times Instagram so you actually go live when like the down times are versus the up times and you wanna right now while we’re sitting here just infiltrated the battle orange oh and a day just said something exciting somebody’s just qualified for the two comma Club Allison I should so fastest her last business she launched zero million dollars in 16 months we’re doing the funnel hacker way she did it in how many as all from scratch like you did have an existing it listen it was just like starts game start a party yeah to slate yeah the fat event was in February so yeah like two weeks later you showed up and I was like who claimed I knew her front the fat Irving Starling circle members except for Year Mike who’s that like oh she go in a circle yesterday I’m like and she’s here already anyway and I do the entire year before yeah I think I’m in the right spot [Laughter] [Music] all right so Saturday today is a day fun with the kids Oh check this out one of the chores today is to wash the Jeep from our party the other day okay and then probably a clean the garage not to you because I kind of made a mess Aidan what’s the plan today for the party’s bubble soccer to play the field chair please nor you cold I restart fire we’re so far you I’m starting all right some lip rod this is a fire pit we built we moved in here woohoo we did it huh okay you guys crinkle the papers first for the fire so close papers all right campfires roaring at least chopping wood yeah that’s burden whoo-hoo aim fire going [Music] all right so [Music] [Applause] ates got the grace that the ever nor what I did we could blow it up yeah we go go it up okay cokehead Mentos whoo so this my one that I bought like a whole so would be blowing up coke mentos all night here we go that was awesome aid [Music] battery’s about to die all right say bye everybody [Music]


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Funnel Hacker TV Episode 83 – We Blew Up Instagram With Our Live Video

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 83 – We Blew Up Instagram With Our Live Video