Funnel Hacker TV Episode 85 – We have Reached OVER 240 Two Comma Club Winners

We have over 240+ Entrepreneurs who have made at least 1 MILLION Dollars using ClickFunnels™! This is an amazing accomplishment knowing that our software has helped so many incredible customers lives.

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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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all right so something two showed up at the office today apparently mr. James P Pharrell somehow got Ivanka Trump’s phone number in his phone it isn’t the greatest stories of today 238 people have accomplished the two comma Club we need to the first week of April 60 days there’s no way [Music] all right so something two showed up at the office today what is it it is huge from Dan uh sure that is crazy dan is one who did the fun lacking live sales videos every year so if you’ve seen those Dan’s [Music] and I had an unsolicited gift from him looks like it seems all right so he’s open it check it out oh yeah that is awesome the Clippers logo with all the thousands of little pictures from like everything all the people at the different phone hacking live events and wherever he’s been dude yeah exactly we talked about doing a wall like this at phone this is like one of the coolest gifts is insane that’s really cool you’re Brandon’s face here that even he learn where’s my balloon circuit well [Music] so we’re about to ruin my life not to ruin your life Oh Davis asked him hey so if we’re gonna hit any returns in August when does the book have to be done guess what they said what we need to the first week of April 60 days there’s no way we have event that day I’m surprised but prior to that what if we said we wanted to do it in September instead of August I can totally easily do that I have about October so September honesty bet dark the only issues you this is the best months for business books to get New York Times with the least amount of competition are July August sort of convenient we could push till the end so that was for a fifth that was a August 15th date if we I might to eat [Laughter] [Music] [Music] all right so apparently mr. James P frill somehow got Ivanka Trump’s phone number in his phone it isn’t the greatest stories of today all right so how in the world did you get Ivanka Trump cell all right so so short story is I’ve been doing a lot of prank calling my wife yeah but I was I was hanging out hanging out with a friend of mine they were her prank calling people and he’s like oh here prank call this phone number and I was like who is it he wouldn’t tell me it was a two one two number in New York and I was like all right fine so like dial the number and I’m like ready to just like make up whatever and it goes voicemail unknown number right soon as it was and it’s like hey you’ve reached his cell phone of Ivanka Trump and I was like dude you had me prank call you vodka table like what’s wrong with you so I was like I’m gonna save it just in case I might need it someday so you think she’s changed her numbers since she’s now in the way I haven’t called it back Dave I don’t know wait until we need it that’s right you don’t cash that all your chips until you need them [Music] all right so just jumped into the uber and heading out right now to my doctor’s appointment is it happening was I’m happy to have emergency surgery January 2nd two weeks ago because my vertebra basically were closing in and on my spine which was inflicted a massive amount of pain and so right now fortunately surgery went well but now I’m trying to get rehabbed as fast as possible I’m hoping that I can at least start working out so keeping my fingers crossed here as we go to the doctor that he says we can at least our physical therapy and then start working out yeah all in an effort to get buff here for fun lack in live so a little backstory here years ago I actually was accepted to medical school I was supposed to go to medical school two weeks before I chose not to so when he says laminectomy I kind of actually knew what it was let me show you what I end up having done this year is a cross-section of a vertebrae this here is your spinal cord this is what they call the spinous process and these things here are called your lamina and these here are your transverse processes that kind of go to your spine so this year ended up they get cut through here and had to roto-rooter all of this thing in here because my bone was grown into my spinal cord squishing this which was giving me all the massive pain and the droplet so I couldn’t control my foot I couldn’t control I had massive pain in my legs couldn’t it was like pins and needles just stabbed me all the time on my left from my hip to my knee and on my right from my hip all the way down yes doctors came in clean bill health all the fun activities can start now [Music] [Applause] [Music] guess what today’s been well as crazy days where it’s been podcast series with some of ethic people but one of the most epic ones I am the author of interviewing is the one and only Linh Tran check him out and unfortunately I have my headphones on and you can’t hear him but he said what’s up [Music] all right today’s our last fan event ever let me guy show you how these kind of works so when people walk in the office boom obviously what do they see they see ClickFunnels™ and they’re come over here and what do we have all of these name tags to show you some of the people we got coming [Music] [Music] where the bed today we got out I think 2025 people around the world yeah the people whose Ealing like Liz Betty’s gonna be a bunch of other people and we’re doing a fad events the last fad event ever on this topic let me do fat events on other topics this is the best last fad of it ever on on the perfect webinar so when you teach him reviewing the story workshop takes three hours today let’s put the fun stuff so [Music] last fatty bit people do this without crying I don’t know tears tears will be shed sad moment we’re burying this one if not publicly in on camera that’s certainly overly [Music] [Music] [Music] all right so I just heard from miles this crazy crazy thing that’s been happy here so if you guys little backstory here we started this thing let’s start to comic level wall and we started this at Phonak in live 2017 and I believe we first came back miles we only have about two maybe three roads yeah probably two and a half two and a half rows so we were two nothing none of these we’re here probably for like right here – right here and since what maybe March or April we filled this room then we filled this row now we filled this really thought crap where do we go next so I want across the wall here and start going down here then we said well crap will run down a room over there – so we cross this down this side was a crap run down route and then we start filling it in here and we only have 32 spots available well boys I can’t even film this fast sorry so now there’s only 32 spots available on this wall right little spots here 15 plaques are being made right now as we speak and 17 are on order so every single space in here has been accounted for we’re not we’re doing two columns programs over sorry guys you didn’t make it just kidding but we’re done you feel the whole wall in a year that’s crazy in less than a year 238 people have accomplished the two comma Club so now we have a huge dilemma and that is where do you go next and so maybe we need to see van Gogh bug Brent and see if bread will bias a new building so let’s walk in here to see we’ve got an a comical plaque a bigger plant coming for us I’m just kind of curious as far as can we just buy a new building absolutely we got a house these things ask and you shall receive you see that that’s all it’s just come in ask book sure thing [Music] you [Music]


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Funnel Hacker TV Episode 85 – We have Reached OVER 240 Two Comma Club Winners

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 85 – We have Reached OVER 240 Two Comma Club Winners