Funnel Hacking Live FULL Documentary – A ClickFunnels™ Studio Presentation

Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary – A Studio Presentation

Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary: Funnel Hacking Live has been called “the rock concert of marketing events” which is an amazing accolade to receive for a software company. Because of this, I wanted you to see the ups and downs of this INSANE event that we’ve put on for the last five years. From ClickFunnels™ Studios, we proudly present Funnel Hacking Live: The Documentary.


Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary: Make Professional-looking Sales Funnels

Yes Bolinas like been another year since last year and we’re here again this is year number five how many guys is your first time coming to this oh dang sweet well welcome to the party myoga you or a camera where’s he’s good look at me okay okay so how did the event go the event turned out amazing I think overall I was really nervous ahead of time that nobody was gonna show up but we opened the doors it was it was packed and we filled the whole room that was awesome ladies gentlemen this next individual I’d like to introduce is the reason that we are all here this weekend about eight months ago he brought to the marketplace something that we all desperately needed the ability to make professional-looking sales funnels in a matter of hours as opposed to months ClickFunnels™ has had over 7,000 members active members and over 200 people are joining every single day Wow is right and you know what was right exactly you don’t get that you don’t get to experience that you don’t get to have that if the product that you’ve created isn’t awesome isn’t what the marketplace needs so speaking of awesome ladies and gentleman here’s what I’d like you to do go ahead and stand up for me and welcome to the stage mr. [Applause]

[Music] kohaku is a process that I was doing every step first got started I didn’t we didn’t have a name for it we never called it that but basically I wasn’t like a amazing business person or that creative or anything so I was just looking what everybody else was doing to make money when I first got started I saw people like arm and more and I saw they did so I just modeled that like as close as I could because it was working the true story is that I I was wrestling I just met my my wife we were engaged I had to figure out a way to pay the bills so the logical choice for me was to look online just figure how to make money right this is 12 years ago and I started looking at I start seeing all these people who were super smart making a bunch of money like I was watching these guys create these products and they were selling and I remember like their sales letters were so good I bought every single one of them and I started seeing all

their processes and so I went and I I hired this dude from from Romania and he built my first idea was this little product called zip Brander and then I looked at Arman’s websites and he always had these little covers and so I hired something low cover and then he had a headline so I wrote a headline and then in his head or he always had a picture of him in a suit tie so I wouldn’t got a picture me in a suit and tie but I just made a look as close to his as possible because like he was the dude was making a bunch of money I was watching right and because I’d followed his process it started making money eventually I went from this college kid who wasn’t you know didn’t have a job not that educated just trying to wrestle to within a year of graduating from college I made over a million dollars in sales it wasn’t for me being a genius of business it was for me looking at people were successful in modeling him that’s kind of how I got started to understand like where funnel Hawking live came from you have to go back in time my

memorize going to school I was making money by my senior year I made like two hundred fifty thousand dollars online like selling stuff and I remember my mom like being so nervous like we should plan what’s your job gave me what he gonna do am I making money online I said I know but like when that’s done like what’s your plan like what’s your backup plan like you know that was the big the big thing in fact I remember back then it wasn’t me people went online to consume stuff acknowledge information that you’re still like the school systems traditional is away nowadays fifteen years later you see where most people it’s like if you want to learn something you don’t go to school it’s like who create the course who’s the person wrote the book on school learning directly at the feet of the master

Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary: How we can look at education today?

right that’s what how we can look at education today but it wasn’t like that back then it was weird like I remember the first time I saw an e-book like he didn’t make any sense to me and then for some time try his cell D but people message me like like where’s where’s the book I’m it goes ebook like I don’t know that means mike means you download it like why did I pay you then I’m like because the words on the page or might like and people couldn’t even grass close before Amazon had the ebook tries like physical books were the thing in the digital stuff I get it took this learning curve people understand like why would I pay for something that’s that’s not I can’t touch you know I

wasn’t the first person that tried to build ClickFunnels™ or I’ll click funnels in fact my first one was called click calm calm I had six programmers spend three years on it and it never saw the light of day that’s when I met Todd dickerson he was like no I think I can do it it’s like all right man well good luck with that like you really want to spend the next year of your life trying to be like like that’d be awesome and I knew Todd was a good I don’t know how how amazing was but he literally they took some of the sketches and the diagrams the ideas we had and he locked himself

in his bedroom in his closet every was that and in like six months he built a very first version of ClickFunnels™ we’d know what cook fellas gonna become we thought it was gonna be something awesome but we maybe still made most of our money doing the informations when we launched ClickFunnels™ initially we launched this thing and it was interesting because software without the information didn’t actually do anything we launched it and it was like hitting a brick wall it was like crickets like nobody got it nobody understood it was just the weirdest thing I’m like

people don’t know what we created for me if I could soothe I’m just explaining this is why this is so important like it would change everything but like it just couldn’t get traction about the same time I’d started my very first book which is calm secrets and I was like I’m gonna get this book done because people read the book almost like a manual like here’s the strategy guide how this thing works it was crazy how the book launched people got the book they read it in Austin right oh that’s why I need the funnel that’s why this is so important it’s like I know it so we had now like the this book which was like the training manual to help you strategically understand then the tool to let you easily do it

and this is the book and the software together that’s when I start taking off people read that than like okay I get it and then maybe the software to actually execute on it I wish I could say that this is all strategically designed to the beginning but it wasn’t and what’s funny is that our keep the little community we had the time it was Facebook group probably had two or three thousand people over this time they start call themselves fellow hackers like they started using that as a term like people come and I hate my fellow fellow hackers we had a question for you and like he kept saying that I was like this is cool like they’ve got a name for themselves and they’d heard me and Todd talked about

these little hackathons nice to do like nice – he’s all my hackathons to get stuff done like hey let’s do a hackathon and so we get these little groups around the country people do in like two and three person meetup hackathons that’s like hey this is so cool like this is happening without us trying to engineer this thing and they’re doing their own little events things happening and it’s like we can just let them keep doing it or like what if we facilitated that people’s kept asking keep asking me and finally I was like ah all right let’s let’s go for it was legitimate it’s like what we call him in you know our people our funnel hackers we’re gonna like live together and then that was the name I was like that’s that’s it I’m Hawking like let’s just call it that it was awesome so I appreciate you guys I remember my first seminar

Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary: Dreamed in doing Seminars

Valente I’ve dreamed about doing seminars we tried for a bunch of years then we gave up a sort of Brent and John that we would never do another seminar again I’m grateful we did and just grateful for you guys for executing and making it making it all happen so thank you and it’s amazing so thanks you guys I had a number of people talking about like I said they were to be part of the first year we look back six years from now it’s like sixth annual I can say that I was at the first one yes asking I’m kind of behind the scenes so I was the technical co-founder when we started ClickFunnels™ Russell’s the marketing cell side of the company the coaching and the events while I’m the guy running the actual software business and running everything behind the seats and when it’s already ClickFunnels™ with Brussels just me and him so I was working out of the basement basically so we grew a little bit and we decided to expand and get an actual office get out of my wife’s hair at the house all day every day right so we’re gonna reek dig

dig dig dig dig dig dig for you that was more user signing up on tour going down or the other hopefully it’s not down so funnel hacking live started as the ClickFunnels™ user conference I guess you would say but it’s really grown to something much bigger now big differences between the different types of events that I’ve been to at least so you’ve got user conferences which tend to be more technical hands-on this is how you can use this software in this industry to accomplish this goal [Music] those events kind of tend to be boring usually like you end up seeing a lot of people

just networking in the hallway personal development internet marketing conferences are kind of the other side of the equation that we see a lot of like getting excited about methods and stuff but there’s not really like hands-on training necessarily oftentimes there’s people selling courses to learn more and that kind of thing whereas I think we’ve taken kind of the best of both worlds and mesh them together for funnel hacking live where we’ve taken and we do hands-on stuff we teach you useable real-world things that you can do right now with our software and with our products to

actually grow and progress your business but we also come in with the motivation and the excitement and the culture and the community around you we’re ready for you to show us [Applause] my name is Melanie Niven I am Russell’s executive assistant and I plan all of our events I don’t have a title for that but I pretend it’s director of events since they took black red and blue markers there’s fatties and small like regulars so I’ll grab mine and bring mine as a backup to be safe so when I started working for Russell I didn’t get a job description I just came in and did what I thought he needed help with and then a month later I was asked to plan the rest of their final hiking live event for

San Diego and just keep teasing people about that from San Diego on to where are we Nashville this is the hardest part for sure getting concepts out but I was like brute force I’m like getting into a thing so if like mentally I would say I’m probably 90% done physically or probably 20% times it works out all the time though Russell getting his presentations done is the most stressful for me because I like to make sure he has that time blocked out but he

usually works on them a week or two before the event so it’s fresh in his mind and I understand that like the first year I did this event I died we’re out of white border my board whiteboard whiteboard these are all maxed out we got an order dual space we got dual space it’s gone here my desk is the nightmare everything’s clumped up think 8000 tabs open and none of my six presentations are done all of them are partially done none of them even close to done and we are six days away today the event starts a week from today but the good news is apparently there’s another

whiteboard [Music] all right it’s all about what’s a million so we just find the whole man and there’s some big changes you’re probably gonna kill me plant all right what that said one thing before you too deep on this we’re pretty deep it’s happening on Wednesday should I tell her or not all right so we’re thinking is to get everything done want to do I love this part of my job too it takes me away from just like the everyday life of being in an assistant and

this is kind of bring some like razzle dazzle to it the only way to keep organized for me that I know that I’m fully responsible for is in here all of our team members I list them out I take all their names their job title I figure out what their event role is and then who they report to at the event and then what their role is for day one through four these are some of the items that we were responsible for shipping out so like pins and chap sticks and hand sanitizer staff

shirts renewal shirts action XMD t-shirts our event guide our wristbands our backpacks like everything you think of that has our logo on it or has something to do with the event that is a print job and our design team is doing that so that’s why I like to try and get that stuff started earlier versus later I don’t think if we didn’t have these spreadsheets that we would die like every week for hotel reservations you have to go through make sure the hotel has the right check-in days check out the aides name and the type of room so I just want to go through a few like last-minute things for funnel monkey life has says the 18th but we need to update that so it shows the 17th ok because I think

they’re believing in oh yeah yeah send me like who I don’t know if it’s like a wife and kid you know what I mean so I’m waiting to hear back that’s the only outstanding one I have right now it’s all gonna work out I always do it says I’m just getting a little nervous yeah just let me know what I can do to help yes you can so shirts and make sure bottoms last minute my name is miles Clifford and I am the events manager at quick Falls that’s well after last year’s phone hacking live I took over the events team so it’s taking you know Russell’s idea and his concepts and Dave and

Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary: Sales funnel for every type of business

the other partners their what their vision is for funnel hacking live and executing on that vision so whether that’s food and beverage is to the hotel rooms to the staging the lighting the experiences that people have at the hotel during the event off the event that’s what the events team does what really helped with this event was he going and seeing the site Melanie a couple other team members came down here did a site visit when you don’t do that you’re going in blind and you never want to go into an event why [Laughter] they don’t let us do t-shirt guns when there’s

chandeliers so Russell’s in trouble right now Melanie is grounding him because like the little temper tantrum from her russell brunson over here what I have to do six presentations Oh Russell what do you have to last Monday at the same time 16 drops how many done none but give yourself credit why’d you get done [Laughter] most people go out and just pay for a lot of speakers to randomly come in for us what we really want is we want part of our community people have had success and who are doing things in a unique way that would be of great value to the rest of the

audience that really helped them get whatever that next step might be for them but also we want to make sure that basically lines with us in the direction that we’re trying to go with the event as well hey Stacy I was so impressed with what you and Paul presented at our inner circle and Russell I were talking it’d be awesome if you could actually present the same type of thing to our funnel hacking community if you could kind of talk about some of the cool stuff you guys do for a relationship transformation standpoint but then also really dig in deep as far as how do you actually connect with your audience blocks me back let me know if that works for you guys and look forward to

having you guys if I’m lacking live Thanks my name is Dave Woodward I’ve run all of our top-line revenue for click funnels our business development opportunities integrations partnerships my whole job is just to make money for good [Music] so Russell will cast the vision overall as far as what’s the event going to be focused on and with that there’s certain people that we’ve kind of lineup that will be specific to that and then I have the opportunity now to a lot of those people and signing the contracts getting them on board and really developing those relationships that

help us not only just for the event but long term as well hey Steve all right but got a huge favor for you if you don’t

mind I’m sure you won’t but we’d love to have you speak at I like it is I take a look at building a speaking of team for an event you can definitely bring in big people and have their name and everything else in helps for some credibility but there’s no greater social proof that people are using your product who are having success doing what you’ve been preaching in their own unique way in their own niche and thing I love that funnel hacking live is I take a look over the last few years some of the speakers we’ve had on would be people you normally wouldn’t expect to see on stage

and you’ve got my gosh if he can do it or she can do it I know I can’t do so over the course of four days we typically will have anywhere from 10 to 14 speakers in addition that Russell speaks himself four or five times we really try to to gauge energy levels throughout the day some of the things we’ve always tried to do is either bring in a comedian or we brought in rappers or bringing in the Phantom of the Opera and they sing on stage just trying to find different ways of really playing with the energy level of the audience and it’s amazing to see the impact that has on their ability

to learn and also their ability to actually implement what they’ve learned I would encourage anyone else who’s looking at having a keynote speaker not to be afraid of spending big money to get the right keynote speaker there it’s amazing to see the impact that it has on the audience and they feel so connected because they know that you care about them that you are willing to spend the money to bring someone big in Russells I don’t know if you truly know what you got yourself into here I’m gonna tell them a little story of how you and I started to work together you saw me speak it Joe polish isn’t that right do you remember like coming up to me afterwards and you were like oh my god

that was amazing these speakers funnel hacking they’ll be awesome I’m like sure great I’m like do you know my fee and yes I got no problem and I’m like okay cool so gave you my card you’re like we’re gonna do this so a couple of weeks go by after Russell and I talked about presenting at his event and and I’m like dude this is gonna happen he’s like yeah yeah um there’s just this thing I go love it he’s like well what brought in another speaker we brought in a big famous speaker and like we don’t have the budget to bring you in now and I’m thinking like how is that my problem and I said well do you listen I don’t speak that off and anymore that’s my fee I would love to be there for you maybe

next year and that was that was it remember that it was very clear and I get a text message a few hours later from this adorable clean-cut Mormon right and he just writes me screw it I’ll pay out of my own pocket let’s do this and I’m like that’s awesome that’s awesome because what I saw some Russell in that moment was devotion not commitment but devotion when you are committed to something you’ll still fall down when you’re devoted you won’t when something hits you when you’re devoted you crush it thank you for your time I love you [Music] there’s nothing more fun in the office than to see that’s to kind of come up with who would be the ideal person who’s that dream person we want to get and then they said anyway we could really get them where we got Tony Robbins it’s like no wait we actually got Tony Robbins who was a person that Russell spent years just networking with and providing value to Tony Ramos it’s a huge celebration when we’re able to land that big fish in yet [Applause] I realize how important having a theme would be initially cuz we didn’t have one it was funny live and we recover in attack funnels together I

remember sitting down and writing the headline for I think the third funnel hockey live and I remember thinking the concept of like your one funnel way for being rich like oh that’s so cool like what everyone believed that one for like being rich I’ve been writing the headline and looking out for a minute sitting back and be like seem so shallow like if universe is cool that’s the way most people to do it maybe initially but most people wanted because the impacts I’m like hey well you’re one fun away from changing the world that’s like oh that’s really cool but my god that speaks to the people that are impacted her from some people it’s not some people just hate their job that’s where I get free like hey you one fun away from firing your boss I’m like ah I deleted everything and stuff one final way I’m trying to think try to think and then I kept looking at that I was like every different for everyone like the result they want is gonna be different but this is the tool that gets in that result I said wonderful way that that’s that’s the theme that’s the concept

and so the last couple funnel lines that’s been the theme ever your people what’s the new theme I’m like no that’s the theme like this is a recurring theme like this process for all of us you guys isn’t upping it down like it’s it’s always happening and all of you guys are somewhere in this wave right now right some of you guys are at the top writing it some you guys are at the bottom in a crash somewhere in between and there’s always going up and down but if nothing else of this event like I wanted you guys to all understand the like no matter where you are there’s hope it might not be this funnel my mind I can’t tell you how many funnels flopped at the guarantee I have failed at more funnels than anybody else in this room because of that we found out what worked the only way to do that is to do it over and over and over again and it’s a lot easier now I promise you so much easier than what we used to do and that’s why this tool is so important because you can do that you can test you can try over and over and over again and

Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary: Mistakes on a funnel building site

so people are trying to think of a theme and really comes back to like what’s the end result you’re trying to get for your customers coming to that like what is the thing that they’re looking for what’s in everyone comes to her from purpose to different reasons and somehow your event is a vehicle to get them there and so how does how does it do that like that so you got to figure out I kind of have a button niche to where if I scroll too much and I don’t see blue oh my god I need a button my name is Jake Leslie I handle all the design for ClickFunnels™ I’m Nick Sanders and I build the funnels I manage all the process behind making the funnels and coordinate the team get everything ready the funnel hacking live funnel is probably one of our biggest funnels that we make every year all the pressures on us to perform and to make it awesome one mistake on a funnel building site or anything could literally cost us millions and millions of dollars my design concept basically was based off of if I was sitting in funnel hacking live looking at

that stage what would be my perspective of actually seeing that and so we’re trying to kind of grab that energy throughout the page itself so the user kind of gets that experience before even the event starts so going from Russell to copy to design to funnel building to testing to implementing and that flow makes a huge huge difference because I know that if I have copy and video that I can kind of base my design off of that energy that that’s giving me a big design tips that I really really abide by is one keeping on brand making sure you’re staying consistent consistency is everything all my headlines are the same all the buttons are the exact same color there’s no other distracting factors and that’s the biggest thing is getting people excited about the event that’s why we start with the big sales page we always put the promotional video at the start to get people super excited looking at the previous year and so they get excited to read more about what’s coming in this late nights and you’re sitting there working and you know you just feel like you can’t push anymore this is one fun way one fun way that rings true and your head to be like man what if

I just make one thing that’s gonna work one funnel that’s gonna actually work when you go down a sales page the audience from the top to the very bottom diminishes were very very rapidly one key thing is a date and the button above the fold so I can see clearly see the call-to-action I can read the label of the copy I know exactly what I need to do to opt in because we scroll down the page you’ll consistently see that same button as you go through almost creating a habit to be like okay that’s all right click that’s where I click that’s right click it goes back into basically the strategy of a funnel what does the goal of a funnel is to guide your customer to your specific goal that you want them to do whereas a website is super distracting and your customers have no idea what’s going on being able to use click funnels is a huge advantage events are crazy crazy stressful to begin with this is the last thing you want to worry about once the funnel is done you’re good you can go off and spend months focusing on your event this will just

make money for you so it’s a vending machine online [Music] amazing the other activity from there only takes one way I deal one big thing that’s implemented there’s just one funnel way from having the life they’ve always wanted we are funnel hackers here to remind you one more time the life you want the marriage you want and the family that you want there’s going to be fuel a lot of businesses that you do you’re only one fun we’re good so I’m Dan assure I run ClickFunnels™ Studios which is the production company that creates all the video contents that Patrick that sells unlocking live wait that created the content I’ve never had to describe a video my background is filming like cultural festivals and stuff like that unique experiences around the world so going into an event space you know in a hotel room not that cool so I threw my little seasoning on it and sent it off to him and turns out he liked it it all started with when Russell said bringing magic now as a production company our goal is to bring the magic every single day ClickFunnels™ Studios is producing contents for everything fun lacking life being one of the biggest

basically we’ve studied and watched every single other event film that’s out there we study after movies for electronic music festivals and see what they’re doing we study music videos lighting color so we can add it to the elements so we have an after movie that has a very distinct feel when we’re growing up we learn a lot of things about life from life that are just not true six days a week one day off a week one week off every six months and I wish I had someone to educate me that college was gonna bring me food stamps with ClickFunnels™ it’s the goal to be the pattern interrupt it’s funny I talk about like people should be funnel hacking and modeling people write when the first person does something it is a pattern interrupt so it works really looks and what happens next and then all the people who saw like oh my gosh does amazing they start modeling and they start doing austin like it was your doing and I was like ten people doing the twenty then there’s a pattern interrupt becomes the pattern and so then like what you’re doing

is long effective has ever seen the same thing so for me it’s always like I’m trying to see it fast and implement it or trying to invent or whatever that is because I’m those creative risk or what caused the biggest swing right the first person to do it is the biggest pattern interrupt will become the pattern eventually so for me I still think the most important thing is for interviews when you are recording interviews for your event you need to get real sound bites most people are just looking for those conventional this event was amazing this is gonna take my business to the next level it’s all the same and I feel like that’s one of the biggest mistakes when people are hiring filmmakers for their events the interviewer does not know the product does not care about the people and therefore they can’t have a real conversation where as we go in and we know exactly communicate with these people at the end of the day it’s a conversation we want to hear their story how they got there what this event really means to them who is that one person that they met that’s gonna change their business what is that one piece of information that one nugget or

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something that they’re gonna go home and be able to implement like we want them to naturally tell us what they got out of this so our interviews do not feel like normal interviews they feel like we’re just conversing when I joined it all started with just producing the videos or the funnel that was the main selling point but now as the event grows we need countless retargeting ads for people that need you know seven eight touch points before they make a big decision to go to a live event in order to do that we need to get extra creative with ways that we’re gonna disrupt people from the day-to-day and remember that funnel hacking lives coming and they better get their tickets that’s where the creativity of the whole team comes together and we sit around brainstorming and then come up with the most absurd ridiculous funny creative or emotive ways that we could get people on board someone wants to create like an entire hyperlapse video and show off the event space as a whole of what people are gonna visually see when it comes to the hotel great [Music] someone says they want to make a planet Earth parody and hired David

Attenborough a fiver to do a voiceover about the funnel Haxorus cool we do that the door swing open the haggis spring into motion fall Kingdom 30 miles per hour you know race to seat supremacy if someone hears in a testimonial that you know the person says oh come on Hawking live is where you come to get the fire like the room on fire so far hacking live is the place that people come to get the fire [Music] these are all fire layers around 134 layers and then there’s a second nested sequence and this one has 63 layers that in total about 420 layers yeah math math I think of all the things that we do I think Funaki Maya is probably the most important most valuable thing that we produce we put on but the problem is this also of everything we sell is by far the hardest thing to sell you think

about software information products that gets like an impulse buy right with this it’s not impulse buy because someone’s got to go and they have to get work off and they’ve convinced their spouse they have to find babysitters for kids they gotta flights and hotels and there’s so many more decisions they’re made not just one and so for us it’s like a constant grind I sell tickets every year how are we gonna sell 4,500 tickets how are we gonna sell 600 dicket’s how are we gonna sell you know 2,000 tickets and it’s just always an impossible task that ends up happening I’m John parks and I’m the VP of traffic at ClickFunnels™ and what that means is that I’ve run all the advertising and the social media and then a whole department to make sure that there’s always lots of excited people coming in the doors website retargeting this is if they watch a Porsche yeah yeah yeah so yeah so once they once they opt in or become become your data and we you know we did some really fun things one thing we did was um a telethon where we set

up a table full of of our customer support agents with telephones and we actually had a full telephone system going and broadcasted this streaming live since we don’t have a TV station we did it live into our Facebook channels and into our YouTube and it was Russell teaching just fantastic content and the whole time was like if you like what we’re teaching here you’ll definitely like funnel on King Live cuz that’s even more of the same value so that connection was really strong and then we’re just giving away tons of prizes this is one of those things that could be like the most brilliant a marketing idea in the history of marketing as we know it that was really fun and not only did we sell a good block of tickets during the telethon we were able to reuse that recorded video of the telethon I’m overtime to sell a bunch more tickets but as we know there’s very few people who will just buy a thousand dollar ticket in the drop of a hat and so we do retargeting was gonna be our biggest strategy so coming back in front of them and give more reasons of more understanding or more emotion to get them to actually buy that ticket right so we went for 10 days and then we just stopped at logic emotion scarcity urgency those are the kind of the spectrums we were hitting so it

was really fun my gosh anytime you can sell tickets and have fun doing it and get the whole the cool thing is just remember it’s your culture standpoint I mean people are the ones who invent new marketing and she bring it out and it was like like Jim Edwards Texas think that was awesome so I think we the top of our game right now and everything we do is like unique and innovative and people seem like whoa they usually dice doing this you see traffic inversion like no this was discounted tickets lose this can we increase the value of discounted price so that’s the difference our first event that I did I think costs us maybe half a million dollars if that to where now you know just the food bill is half a million dollars enjoy the cuz it’s it’s not cheap I am Clint Adams I am the director of accounting and finance officially on the org chart though my title changes depending on what I need to and who I’m talking to

but we went from registering 600 people my first year to all 4,000 or more this last year and we’ve gone from essentially a half a million dollars to over 2 million as we’ve grown the event we’ve probably quadrupled our costs mostly the hotel so San Diego was selected before I came into the role but I know that there was a lot of internet marketers down in San Diego and it’s an easy flight for us the location was perfect it was a beautiful hotel right on the marina there and the hotel size was perfect like we just took over pretty much the whole hotel in event space and it was a fun first event to put on then we went to Dallas and Dallas was a location we wanted to try just because it is kind of like in the middle a little bit more and the space to fit 2500 people too and we have dinners that we did on-site and so we just needed to make sure we were able to take over plenty of that hotel and then from Dallas we went

to Orlando and the reason why we went to Orlando is cuz we were growing quite a bit bigger our concern was we were gonna have to go to a convention center and that’s not the look I love like when I do an event I want everyone to feel they’re somewhere special if I went to a convention center I’m putting him another two hundred thousand dollars into an event that needs to be made pretty when you get it right off the bat at the hotel typically our hotels maybe a little over a million dollars we went from being the small town event trying to find people to please help us throw this event to now we have the audio/video crew they went from you know 50 60 to now they’re several hundred thousand dollars we’ve got probably 4045 guys in here right now on and off throughout the day we’ve got about a thousand feet of truss close to 200 moving lights about 80 non-moving static lights sixty five foot wide by 18-foot tall video wall a concert PA coverage is gonna be a hell of a show man [Music] that’s gonna help create an

Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary: Create an environment for all attendees

environment right it’s gonna create an environment for all the attendees who are coming here to learn and pick up knowledge over the next few days it’ll be good I mean listen it creates and it creates an atmosphere it creates an energy I’m sure you could disseminate a message with just screens and projectors or over the cases but you’re trying to create a movement I mean how you can do it with a webinar if that’s if you wanted to go basic enough right but you’re trying to create a movement get 4,000 people motivated behind one one concept and that’s what you’re gonna be able to do with this room so I mean a lot of moving parts in here it’s gone amazing every dollar hotel right he’s got things you have a home in Rio it’s a hotel does the trust in the motor so everything else we truck down today there were like six 53-foot trailers out of the pocket what is happening just for context purposes our very first event I don’t

think we had any rigging at all I think it was like we didn’t there was no rigging we had the definitely wasn’t two sets of screen we had you know school board behind the city does our son had a Ferrari and bigger but hopefully it still feels super into make is everything it’s like seven and a half times what we had the first time huge we would’ve been able to scale to a 4,000 person or more event without sage and so that’s been the one big cost the amount of pressure or stress on us knowing that we have the sage crew there to support and help is helped us immensely so my goal with you today is just to give you some really macro level overviews on what we’re going to do together this week and give you some context of what’s happening behind the scenes because I think it makes your job so much easier I’m very Bumgardner and I am the founder and executive producer at Sage event management we’re the event production company behind funnel hacking live [Music] almost always for our clients money is almost secondary they really care

about impact so when I think about live events and how we’re designing them the clients we work with we’re always starting with what kind of impact do we want to make how are we going to design the coaching program to deliver that and then how are we going to reverse-engineer the live event to deliver the coaching program one of the things that I really liked about how this event worked is even though we were at this massive property when you came into this event you started to recognize little touches like wait a second ClickFunnels™ really is here when you walked in and you start talking to the people that you’re interacting with at the front desk they’re wearing ClickFunnels™ hats the TV’s behind the front desk are showing a loop of previous ClickFunnels™ events as you start to walk to your room there’s signage all over the place that’s ClickFunnels™ branding from our perspective community building is

one of the most important things you do at a live event everywhere they went we wanted them to feel like yes for funnel hackers we wanted them to be really super psyched to be part of this tribe and that was a big thing that we did this year there was a lot invested by Russell and the team in branding and in print we’d never done anything to that skill which was amazing I want to say was 30 40 thousand dollars to get all that done a little more it’s all of a sudden like you’re no longer at a Gaylord property you’re actually at the ClickFunnels™ Hotel if you want to create a culture and you want to create a community branding isn’t just your logo whatever you’re selling whether it’s your info product or your actual physical product if you want people to expect a high perceived value of what you do you can send that message by giving them high quality apparel and promotional products up front [Music] my name’s Brandon pug Meyer and I am the owner of a company called imprint City I actually have been working with the

Russell’s team before ClickFunnels™ began of course back then the orders weren’t quite as big we did t-shirts to begin with and then we started doing long sleeve t-shirts people wanted some hoodies water bottles you know hats that was pretty cool and then the backpacks we sold out of them in the first day and a half one thing I’ve learned from Russell when he was coming to me and asking for options he originally is like hey we want the most expensive t-shirts available and I was showing him other option he’s like no I want the best quality the other thing I think that that ClickFunnels™ has done at first they they had some messages on their shirts that was really about ClickFunnels™ the messages have morphed to where the message on the click funnel shirts is the message that the client or the customer the user of ClickFunnels™ it’s their message to and when you can connect the message of your client in your message it’s a homerun a lot of companies put their logo on the shirt and they give it out but when you

give out a shirt that’s actually hate this is a shirt I want to wear because this is my message this is who I am like funnel hacker I’m a funnel hacker or a lot of the shirts Russell does he’ll put a manifesto on it that that kind of has a philosophy behind it that the person wearing it’s like that is cool I want to wear that and so it sends this message it’s not just click funnels message it’s a shared message with the user and so when you can combine the the company message with the user message and you put them into one it’s perfect surround yourselves the dreamers the doers the believers and the thinkers most of all shouting stuff with those who see greatness within you even when you don’t see it yourself which is what family is all about so some of the communities now is you mean open yourself surround yourself with amazing people who believe in you one of the things that you guys are best at we saw this last year is

just extraordinary customer care like you care deeply you’re really committed to the brand and to changing lives and when you come into an event feeling that way the attendees feel it and it makes a huge difference what’s happening today that’s really critical is registration and this is one of your first touch point moments the person who you’re seeing at registration left behind a family or a dog or kids or clients they had to get on a plane or get in a car they had to pack the bag there’s been some sacrifice for them to get here they may have also incurred delays that the airport delays with the pick up delays and checking into their room by the time they get to you I promise you whatever has stood in their way has started to build up and be like I sure hope this is worth it I knew this was a mistake I shouldn’t have even have come this is going to be a whole challenging week and we have to remind them at registration that they made the right choice like I really see registration as right choice moment like that kind of energy is welcome to the family we’re so happy you’re here how did you get here where did you come from what made you decide to come

for those of you who are floating during registration having those conversations can be the difference between standing in a dull line and having an enliven conversation that reminded you of why this is the right choice started oh my goodness look at all those look at all those people being sure we get a big when attendees are coming in Robby’s on the front lines if you don’t know Robby summers she is the loudest person I’ve ever met [Music] [Applause] I don’t know where he gets it from it is wednesday fucking live we’re a draw our employees feed off of that and then the attendees feed off those employees and they feed off of Robbie so rule number one get a hike man or woman so once they get past Robbie like then it’s our the rest of our staff like our job is to have that smiling face to keep that excitement up we got to be like hey you’re here for lacking life that’s so amazing like registrations right down there after that you’re gonna go get your amazing swag bag check out this shirt this is sure you guys are getting

Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary: Attendees are losing their mind

this year you have to get that excitement because they’ve gone through a lot of stuff to get to that event so you’ve got to get that energy up the second they walk in the register you know our whole goal and mission while we’re at that event is to make it the best experience for every single attendee and if we’re not keeping that energy up if we’re not excited if we’re not pumped if we’re not loving what we’re doing they sense that and their energy falls so once you register all these people come in they have their name badge they have their swag bag they now have their shirt like they’re ready to go they’re sitting there they’re hanging out the excitement keeps building and building and building and all sudden our registration that’s supposed to be a boring process this tiny process just to get them to the event is now like one of the coolest things they’ve seen less days zero like we haven’t even started the event they’re just jacked to be there and just keeps growing and growing and growing all sudden our doors are getting backed up and backed

up and backed up we got people yelling louder and louder and louder to communicate with everybody telling them hey we’re gonna be open to the door soon and then finally we get that call it’s time hey knock on the door from the inside we open it up people reach and just rush in like crazy everybody’s losing the mind their staffs losing their mind me attendees are losing their mind music’s blasting it’s even louder than it was before and literally all that starts from registration it’s a boring simple process but what it’s supposed to be it’s not that way of fun or hacking [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we start mid-day here on day one so you’ve got more registration and then we get to our opening and the opening is where Russell will really kick it off and set the tone for the event with the help of Devon who’s gonna take the stage first and get that crowd going this is not about reading cue cards if you want to get Bob from accounting to come on stage and read a cute card because he’s good at the Christmas parties hey you have

Eddie your vents probably gonna suck I don’t mean to sound mean but that that’s not what this is about get on your feet and welcome to the stage your emcee for the event my job is to be the through line through the entire event from start to finish so I’m the very first person your audience sees and I’m probably the very last person they see before every speaker after every speaker before every break I’m giving them instructions and so if I can’t build rapport with them then I might as well not even try the letters MC normally stand for master of ceremonies I would say that my real role is more like an MBE which is the master of energy I want you to think of me kind of like your event coach it’s to be the through line from speaker to speaker to speaker to speaker to speaker to speaker to speaker it’s to tell the audiences what you need to do here’s where you need to be etc etc etc it’s to say here’s how what this speaker is speaking about here’s how this is important to the entire event right you didn’t tell Bob to do all that all you told Bob

was to do was introduce the speakers so Bob is gonna go up and read the cue cards reading cue cards is not real management reading cue cards is not feeling the room feeling what’s going on being able to engage and have fun with the crowd reading the cue cards is even up for the last speaker our next speaker is Mary and she wrote three books and she’s really great give it up for Mary well hell was that it was what you told Bob to do so you can’t get mad at Bob for that yeah that’s what I would say about Bob from accounting when you hire people who have the experience then what you’re really paying for are all of the things that you don’t know that you don’t know they’re hiring for that very first consultation that says stop right there your schedule is off from the jump because you said nine ten eleven twelve and schedules don’t work like that [Music] but I can laugh are you ready to get this thing

going you’re hiring somebody to go out there read the energy in the room realize that the last speaker was a snooze and that’s okay because he or she was talking about something very technical cool not mad at that throw the cue card out the window find out the essence of what the speaker is gonna speak about and communicate that in such a way that wakes the audience to hell back up that’s what you’re paying for those are the intangibles those are the oh my gosh I didn’t even know that I needed that yes yes yes yes yes so like you get what you pay for the most important time for the event emcee 60% of my work is done in the first 15 minutes on day number one the very first time I go on stage that first 15 minutes sets the tone for everything as I will do an exercise with the audience where I’m gonna say welcome to the stage and what you’re gonna do is you have to stand up and you have to go crazy and you have to

respond the way as if I’m bringing you to the stage and showing me how you would want the crowd to react when you’re on stage and so we’ll do that exercise and that starts me training them so now the expectation is set before the event kicks off that this is how we introduce the speakers so it’s trained so it’s trained so much that even if I get to a speaker later on in the day and I forget to tell them to stand up they’ve already been trained to stand up [Applause] I don’t believe in talent I believe with habits and all of us can choose good habits stop waiting to be happy start generating happy decide I’m gonna do this or I’m gonna die working on it but stop letting yourself off the hook and be willing to go down so you can go up spend fifty dollars make 500 that’s the funnel guys no we got more we got

Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary: Idea for Sales Funnels

more of it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the day that we had the idea for ClickFunnels™ we sat in a room for out a week whiteboarding out the whole vision of it and on the way taking him back to the airport he was flying back home where he lives in Atlanta he said one thing before we got out of car he said hey really quick though if we’re gonna do this whole ClickFunnels™ thing I don’t want to be like an employee I want to be your partner I remember being so scared like I don’t know if I like I’m an entrepreneur I control everything all the time I was so scared and in that moment I made the second greatest decision in my life outside of marrying my wife and I told him yes and that man is Todd Dickerson who’s my co-founder and partner and ClickFunnels™ let’s get Todd a huge round of applause stand up come on out oh man Wow so my role going into funnel hacking live is still very much behind the scenes

other than one presentation that Russell and I do just about every year and we actually talk about things that have happened over the past year and things that we’re planning to do going forward in the next year Jeff rose event we always do a presentation we call the quick final State of the Union address I think that most software companies events are literally only focused on kind of the State of the Union aspect like they get up there and that’s all they talk about they’re like okay we’ve got these features we got this product this thing we’re doing and then it’s like have a good day see you guys that’s what Apple does right leg Apple gets up on stage here’s the things we’re releasing here’s the timelines that you’re gonna see them coming out see you guys later everybody’s excited it’s cool but we focus more on actually like the whole experience can we say like oh so there’s a problem and like here’s the solution yeah but instead it’s like you ask the problem yeah and I cuz I’m like here’s a problem we saw like and that’s how I was

phrasing it at first and I might but that’s just a sound it sounds dumb yeah let’s do that I’ll play like dumb like oh well guess we’re guys what we’re working on that that’s cool I like that because I was a little concerned about this cuz I’ll be going for like 120 slides like if you look at each one of these features of ClickFunnels™ these are whole companies it’s all built-in to work together and as fast as we expanded we expanded in the number of users that rely on this software we’re running 77,000 companies not one yeah no pressure right this is the thing I need your help with you just talked about some new features some new things stuff they’re creating stuff they’re thinking about stuff that’s already live but I need your guys’s feedback to know like what you want the most Stephen used to have to scream real quick to show your own views yeah that’s what we need and the louder the screams the more likely we are to create that first cheer as loud as you possibly can for the features you want next and then we’ll prioritize based on the

loudness of the rooms that sound fair it’s a good way to do a road map right this sub-users project has to be live at photo hacking live no questions asked like we’ve promised it last year if there’s anything that’s gonna block us from actually making this in progress turn to completed in the next few weeks like we’ve got to make that happen so see if there’s any other ones like that that’s basically what we’ve got to go through here and find out I always want to focus on making sure users know that we’re listening to them so we always we take feature requests all year long we listen to customer support requests it’s connected everything’s done the event gives us a chance to actually tell people that we’re listening and show them that we’re listening and we may think that we have the best idea in the world but that’s not always the case sometimes we just need to listen to the customers and hear what they’re saying not by

mistake day two is more of the same and a typical sage event is three days so I also look at this as like kind of a bonus day of content connection and community like our average host doesn’t have the stamina for four days really truly I mean I think Russell is a force of nature alright so we just got staged up day two of our can I’m feeling a little sick super sore and one of my friends told me that the best thing to do when you’re on stage every day is doing ice baths but I’m scare of an ice bath so I called the manliest man I know and said can you help me do an ice bath I’ll be right there I like psychologically move into it and completely surrender and like sort of gently scan your body and just let all tension go yes and it’s like don’t be in this very stressful situation for other people but like you’re like training your mind and your body and your nervous system to remain calm and then you’ll feel that the benefit efforts you’ll have this like uplift and energy and mood but it also translates to the real life like things roll up your shoulders more easily and stay more cool calm and collect it because you’ve trained it it really does like it’s it’s it’s two minutes that pays dividends for about 38 degrees right now oh my gosh that was good at three that’s fine you’re good find your breath out relax your face [Music] [Music] now push it out big one in belly expands hold push it out give your husband haha I think he’s crazy but biohacking seems to work so might as well do it you have to do when you’re on stage for all

those hours right what we’re doing here to me is a bonus day of extra content connection and community because we’re doing that same thing here and then what we do at the end of day two is super important it’s called round tables and round tables much like rolodex are all about connection and community because what happens there is you have your students your speakers your trusted advisors in a room at a table and any person can go sit down and ask these superstars anything they want to but it started off first year we all did a hackathon back then it was people coming in with their computer getting together working on their funnels and having support people there to help launch that right day in real time my name is Brent Koh Peters and I’m VP of coaching and events at ClickFunnels™

gear to start around people and what it is we literally have round tables in a room and we invite some funnel hackers I’ve had success to sit at a round table and it allows for our members to build come in and sit down and ask questions to these experts these are all people who have had success using our software we thought you know what a better way to have people be able to ask questions and model what they were doing it’s a refreshing ability to rub shoulders with people who’ve been there they’ve gone through what you’re going through and they can empathize there’s a really interactive experience it’s so really cool things we add it’s more recently in profile hacking live where’s our funnel rolodex I’m also really good I’ve come through cool I want to run by you it let me never get a chance and come in and you can mean about it people that we partner are people who sell services or you’ll help build funnels for folks come in and they can be able to kind of explain what they do and essentially offer their services to the members of our community so if you’re looking it for someone who just video work looking for somebody builds funnels you’re looking for somebody who can be a potential accountant or someone to keep your books you can find out about the rolodex event just help people get clarity and they’re finally of the Builder funnels you know it’s really cool for

Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary: Social Proft

Michael I’ve you know you’re you’re in the in the general session room for for the most of days that we always typically have after hours or late night tired of activities [Music] and we ever read all of the funnels are inside with some beverages and food and people and more live music with some [Applause] [Music] [Music] it’s invaluable time that you have with your with your members in your community and you need to take care of the advantage you have of that it really will make a way better experience for them and it’s proving that way for us if you have a dated-looking a feedback from post events working is so huge like that’s what people want they want a cool environment build network with cool people something to take pictures of like just social proof again like in live music just warms

up space it does man live musics the best and even if they suck at singing it’s still like this is cool itself it was this one more to getting one more touch that people knew that we cared we thought about something different yeah more lounges more everything so it’s gonna be oh wow what do you got there wow you have to help your audience break their four-minute mile now 1954 Roger Bannister broke what everybody thought was impossible the four-minute mile like it wasn’t it wasn’t possible wasn’t supposed to happen right he did it and then what happened after he did it people saw it was possible in the night King he did it I can do it okay and enough for me I had a similar experience I

really day down this morning’s wouldn’t forget August 17th 2004 was the day that the 2-minute Meijer the forming mile was broken for me I would just got into this business and I was happy my goal when I got started was $1000 my $5,000 a month like that’s it like I’ll be I’ll be free like my wife I go on dates we could get a nice car like a thousand bucks a month to change our life our basement we’re hoping they have some renters very soon very soon my email address the time was money for college at Juno calm and this email popped in and it said subject line was something like we did it I was like did what and I click on this and it was email from John Reese and John at the time I had

heard about this he was launching a new course called traffic secrets and an email he explained he said look guys we launched traffic secrets earlier today he sort of broke down he said at 18 hours we had sold a thousand copies at a thousand dollars so that means we made a million dollars in just 18 hours I’ve ever sitting there like everything around me just got quiet i sat back in my chair and I was like he had a million dollars a day my goal was a thousand hundreds a month this guy made a million dollars and I know that was even possible but he did it that’s like that’s my that’s Franco I don’t make a million dollars a day but I want to make a million dollars I just turned into Matthew as he had a thousand our course he sold a thousand copies and what if I created a course with a thousand dollars I sold three a day like if in a year I’d make a million dollars in a year and it became so clear so like crystal clear to me that it was possible that like it became real for me I could taste it I went back and afterwards I started working I was like I’m making million dollars making it was even in my radar prior to that I say I’m gonna make a million dollars making a million dollars first year I went for it I didn’t make a million dollars next year I tried it again saying I was

shy of like like 5060 think it didn’t make it two years in a row I was like John did I can do this I have to do it and the third year the third try we did if we broke I think 300 1.2 million dollars that year and I was like god I did it but for me the reason why I was able to do that the reason why I’m hearing from you guys today is because John broke the four-minute mile for me we wanted to do this for inside quick songs I was like what’s like what’s the equivalent of for us of a four-minute mod what can we give people to give them a goal to shoot after I thought well if you have a funnel that makes a million dollars like that’s pretty cool as I wonder inside of ClickFunnels™ how many have made I made over a million dollars and so I had Dave and Tracy’s and the guys go through all the stats and pull everything out I

Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary: Makes million dollar in sales funnel

was expecting we had maybe a dozen people that made a million dollars in funnel anyway Dave got the report back message me is like dude we’ve had over 50 people that have made over a million dollars so far so you kidding me so this is called we decided to call it a 2 comma Club award in a million dollars there’s two commas and so for you guys every single time you have a funnel that makes over a million dollars we’re gonna send you one of these amazing trophies to put on your wall is that exciting [Applause] [Music] okay we’ve just received another package here at the office so I wanted to open it right here on camera for all of y’all something that me and my team have heard together on Christmas morning you guys I never thought in a million years this is a dream come true man I visualized this over and over again so many years to get to this Wow and this is not the only one there we go now the coolest thing that was like we brought these all here and I say probably 2/3 of those people that got that are here today in fact we’re gonna bring them on stage so we’re gonna give these to them I want all of you guys who aren’t here yet to see

that and realize it’s not just a couple people almost a hundred of your peers have already done it so this is the one that what we studied everyone we’re getting some mini ones made of everyone and they’re like our hallways will be wrapped in these things when people come to our offices like dang everyone makes million bucks and ClickFunnels™ I need you to this thing this is absolutely insane how many mad now the four-minute mile has been broken and I want every single you guys that this is your goal is at least one of these I keep going on cuz every time you get a funnel breaks a million dollars and send you another one that’s my goal for you guys okay so for you guys you I think back into your business like what’s that result that your people want that they’re dreaming about InDesign like if I

can have that I’d be the greatest thing in the world and then create something that gives them it gives them the ability to aspire to go towards that okay is help them break the four-minute mile and as we bring attention to these action takers to these people who stop talking about it and started being about it who took what Russell said and actually put it into motion as we do that I want you to imagine the entire time you being on this stage I want you to imagine that it’s your turn next can you do that yeah yeah if you’re gonna be on the stage walking across next here bridge I say I am I believe this is a really important night then they have the oh you are premiere oh you are triple

take which is the new premier for operation underground so we want them coming back from this into this really really important if you can put 4300 people in a room and every one of them gives $1 $10 $100 $1000 and you’re able to give and something you really profoundly believe in and you know you’re helping to make a change in the world you feel better about yourself you feel better about this community and you feel like you’re part of the community so while it is about connection and it is about donations it is also very much about community and what we’re here to do is build a community the first day if I like land is all about belief we can’t even believe in two things

number one that this business model that we love that we preach we talk about funnels is is gonna work and number two that they can actually do it right and then we try to give them something bigger than just the money to look towards right because when money is the motivator it’s really hard to like stay motivated and so we always introduce the chair attendee number one and we show like look this is what money can do by then may having that that shift in their belief and understanding they’re way more likely to actually be successful in business did you know that every time you create a funnel with ClickFunnels™ you are actually helping a child in Africa did you know that I remember

when I first got into business I always thought like that he cooled like do a charity thing you know I was always had in my head like well when what we’re successful then we’ll do a charity or when we make more money it was always just this one thing when ClickFunnels™ launched we kind of weaved it into the DNA initially it was like a whenever he funnels built let’s donate a dollar like that it started from from the very very beginning and it’s crazy because when people understand the mission it it bonds them to you at a different level than that if you don’t you know that companies like TOMS shoes when every single shoe that was sold a they bought a shoe and gave it to some third-world country so I needed a shoe and like that social mission was huge I think people want to work with companies

Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary: Think more of the company not the money

and brands and people who aren’t just about money just about themselves like there’s more of a soul to the company than just a money thing and so not only does it you know give your customers a vision of what’s possible for themselves it also helps them to connect you to trust you to like you because you’re not just in it for the money and one of the charities in this village impact I got involved with this because I love stew and I love Amy I love them and I was grateful if they they took me there and let me experience but I love for you just kind of talk for a few minutes just about about where this cousin came from him why you guys why you’re doing it I’m talking to the chairman of this African community we’re talking about building a school and and I said how much does it cost to fund the full time

salary of a teacher and he said it’ll be about a hundred dollars a month at the time we were we were selling a software product for a hundred dollars and I made this connections if I sell one more product a month that could fund the full-time salary of a teacher and then I just kind of like expanded on that the more money I make the more impact I could have and that really started to pump me up [Music] to kick off like the giving process we wanted to do something really fun we got a huge check made up for world teacher aid we’re gonna fund the next classroom for $12,000 so there you go Stu thanks to you guys and your creation of funnels we were able to raise forty six thousand dollars for world he trade so in the last twelve months years in seventy eight thousand four hundred sixty funnel bill a hundred and thirty three thousand seven hundred thirty seven funnels that have gone live we want to give you guys hopefully the biggest check physically you’ve ever done we’re just so grateful because every year we get invited to come back and it’s not something that we take for granted the work that we do is in what’s called IDP camps these

people were removed from their everyday life because of the violence that was happening and just move to this rural area in the middle of nowhere and to see their progress that’s happening year over year little by little it’s incredible and it’s having a huge ripple effect the fact that this is woven into the business model of ClickFunnels™ is it’s humbling and I’m so grateful to Todd and and Russell and a whole ClickFunnels™ team huge credit to you guys thank you so much for being part of this community and thank you for contributing whether you realize it or not and thank you to the whole ClickFunnels™ team thank you thank you thank you we’ve had a chance now to bring a whole group of photo hackers to Kenya with us and let them experience it and be changed by this world we are ClickFunnels™ yeah we told our communities all about all of you we told them how special you are and our

community wanted to help with the vision now there are tens of thousands of entrepreneurs who every day are working to raise money for you [Applause] so they trying to be really cool day and I think it’s gonna be a day that for the rest of my life I look back on I got a phone call today whose elder Ballard my hands are slowing down okay so basically said there’s a group called the under something underground Underground Railroad is sexist yes they said that there a meeting and they said some reason they mentioned your name if I get some technology and skills that could help us with this mission he said they think you’re big pieces can help I hope I helped save these kids from staying in Wow so my name’s Tim Ballard I’m the founder and CEO of operation Underground Railroad which is a

private organization dedicated to eradicating the world of child sex slavery so I I spent 12 years as a special agent as an undercover operator for the US government doing anti-trafficking work after 12 years of working these kind of cases I decided to break away and and and start a private organization an organization that is wouldn’t be prohibited by jurisdictional limitations and bureaucracy we’re in 20 countries 22 states in the United States and we sit down with law enforcement in these countries and any states and we say what do you need so that you can be empowered to rescue more children oftentimes in foreign countries one of the first things on their list is we need you to go undercover because it’s the Americans who are the demand it’s the Americans who are the clientele that are abusing

our children so you guys can infiltrate quicker [Music] unfortunately we are the demand in this country we’re the highest consumer highest producer of child pornography which means countries like Colombia or Haiti or Thailand they can use us sign us up as undercover operators and we can infiltrate those black markets because we can connect with those dirtbag pedophiles who are hurting kids and all around the world we can find them and filtrate them so that’s what we do and that’s why we created operation Underground Railroad probably the biggest challenge is making people aware that it’s a problem it’s hard to fight something when the majority of people you’re talking to

don’t know what you’re talking about the other reason is as a private organization we can provide a vehicle for you for the public to get involved this is a problem it’s not gonna go away by sitting back and saying the government’s are gonna handle this it’s way too big it’s hard for decent people and I still think most of people the world are decent people it’s hurtful to wrap their heads around but if they don’t accept it and it’s one thing by the way to accept it and

Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary: Be aware of your organization

a hold another thing to stay in it early that year I have been made aware of the organization what they do and we decided to help fund a documentary to get the message out about these children and how we can save them and a lot of people in that situation walk away Russell says I’m gonna dive deeper I mean I’ll go as far as I can go with you if you’re a dark place there’s a whole bunch of cockroaches these shine a light in the middle and all the cockroaches have to scatter and so we looked at this documentary it’s like us shining a light to try to end this problem and try to solve it so we spend a whole bunch time up to the event creating it preparing it and then we actually showed it at the first one you live in one of the most emotional emotional days / weeks of my entire life [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] special homes I got a call probably six months ago from someone who asked if I would be involved I didn’t even know what it was and then I started googling and trying to figure out and I think watch the final hacker TV stop I made a video that night I said I pretty sure that my life is going to change forever after this [Music] I don’t know what happened a phone call out of the blue I didn’t even believe it like hey we want to just follow you around and do something and then I just saw this I mean I’m totally blown away [Music] [Applause] thank you thank you so much this couldn’t have happened without ClickFunnels™ it could not have happened this whole thing I’m blown away thank you guys so much [Applause] [Music] there’s these two charities that they’re so near and dear to my

heart and they’re so different but they’re the spirit the feelings the same I’m like on one side we’re trying to educate these children another sigh were trying to liberate children and all said like the phrase popped in my head liberate and educate I was like oh my gosh like that’s that’s what we’re doing for these children we’re liberating them from from captivity from slavery and they were educating him giving them a future and I saw the parallels also in the pattern of that’s what click phones does as a company as well like we take entrepreneurs and we liberate them from their jobs from things they don’t love and then we educate them on how to grow their companies and as I was looking at those two things I was like that’s what that’s what the mission is a ClickFunnels™ it’s deliberate educate both entrepreneurs and these children who can’t do it by themselves when you have a community who have been

inspired and their goals are bigger than just themselves like it’s it’s not my trying to figure how to pay my rent today but how do i how do I solve this problem how do I help these children how like they thinking bigger than themselves the monetary goals become super easy because they’re looking for something bigger and the war card will outwork anybody because it’s not just about themselves about the change they’re gonna make it other people’s lives as well battles they have a whole lot of gifts life that’s just amazing beautiful congratulations I meant what I said about you

up I don’t same things lightly have such respect for the rest of mine you’re just you’re the real thing or how cool you’re beautiful you not so much now that’s why I came back like even I don’t see I can see your friend and somebody I respect what I love that you’re doing now is you’re teaching them to be givers and save the value of that I definitely did all the fear a lot of people about incorporating charity especially events is that you know people come with the wall and there’s sorts money them in their wallet and if they they spend it on charity they may not spend it with other things you have and finally happen to Orlando was the one that we raised the most money for the charity and also interesting enough was the event that we made the most money in coaching sales afterward which seemed

backwards like you wouldn’t think like those two things are tied together I don’t know from a business decision like getting people to open the walls for a good cause it helps them to be more likely to open the wallets for you to continue to help them in the future with coaching with your back and sales whatever that that thing might be on the other side because you have this opportunity to really to really change them we’ve been serving them hard for three days and generally here is a seldom easy moment we know without question they aren’t two comma Club X there is no chance if they do the work that they will not be a better entrepreneur they will not do more be more and have

more in 2018 this is where we give people the ability that they want to continue this process to get them from where they are today to where they want to be this is where who made the offer [Music] the whole events been choreographed for this right before people go on stage I show them as possible give them the results of their put their goal is like here’s the goal you want to get a two comic level work they they see the vision and now let me show you as the the path in the process there’s three core things I need to give them the very first thing they have to believe is that this vehicle this process is actually possible right so I’m telling stories to break any false beliefs anything else is

Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary: Two Comma Club

possible besides this one thing that’s step in boy we have over five hundred five total people who have worn the two comic aboard and then two hundred forty new ones since last night two hundred forty one people that’s almost one person a day he said that you comma Club since last time we were all here hanging out together it’s that amazing okay and these numbers are going up these aren’t some like business scholars these are your friends these your peers look around they’re sitting next to you right now okay this shouldn’t be weird this is happening all the time so you can’t dismiss you guys but guess I’m most excited we’re out of all this stuff think I’m most excited for you guys on the stage next year the next thing is people people start people that’s really cool for them but like what about me like how is it possible for me it’s a next set of this presentation for me to help them understand that not all is it possible for

people but it’s actually possible for you specifically you some of you guys are sitting here in the audience and you’re watching people come on stage and instead of saying like what does he believe what does he like one of these people who they’ve already done it you’re sitting back saying no no like I I believe something different for you to be successful it’s not about conforming the rest of the world to your beliefs to figure out what the truth is then conforming your beliefs to that if you want to be successful you find people who are successful you model them okay it’s not find already successful convince them that you’re right so telling stories about people who are in the same

situation site who was in the audience last year sitting in the stage thinking they weren’t gonna be there that this year came on stage and got the award and then the third fall it’s believed have to break is you know people are scared like I believe this is the right process I believe I can do it but like how my spouse and my kids don’t believe me or I got a day job or all the other external things and I’ve got to show them those other things aren’t gonna hold you back if you plug into this community if you plug into the peer group but you’ve just gotten around don’t ask the question how ask the question who already knows how to do this you change your question you change everything meet on right almost completely broke as they all work for fries like all work for free i sweet we can afford this and we bill ClickFunnels™ I’m the dancing monkey on stage who talks about it but there are some amazing people behind the scenes who did all the actual work okay I was the contractor who put the people and the things in place to make it a possibility would you start going home tonight start thinking about so I understand that your job your role this

company there’s two things number one you have to learn the strategy that’s what you’ve been here to understand the strategy then your second goal is assemble your own dream team that’s it that’s where you stop you do not learn all the other pieces you understand the strategy you find your dream team then another question is like will Russell what’s your job what’s the job what you guys do over here so our job is to support you in those things kay kind of question how many guys here would be interested in me and my team helping you to earn her to combo club over the next twelve months alright well this is now your official invitation so we’ve got them to believe those three things all they need is they need a really really good offer it’s the way we teach people to do it offers through a process called the staff that’s very simple but it’s like the most powerful thing in the world is the very first thing you explain here’s the first part of my offer versus snapping aside to complex coaching program is we’re gonna help you guys to master

the funnels these are all amazing them beans and they’re gonna be your coaching staff for the next 12 months that amazing therefore this is your tribe these are the people who have been here for at least a year who have had success of this program we’re here to pull you up and to push you as you go explain what that is you talk about it and then you do a stack slice basically sometimes we’re gonna give this this is the value of it you get the coaches the mentors the tribe then you introduce the second part of the offer so not only you got thing I just talked about you gonna get this thing as well you talk about that you the funnel waffle master live event then in transition now to the third thing here’s the third component you gonna explain what that is get them all excited about that they come back the stack study and then the bonus live experiences we have the unlock the secrets parents and kids event jicama comebacks platinum ask for a session after past that and then we’ve got the two column Club and nearest river cruise total value $180,000 907 three dollars okay I know it seems like a lot of money for most you guys but if you take it to call

Clickfunnels™ Full Documentary: Think of the goal

mclubbe us about percent of that which I think is fair now the human mind remembers that that whole stack not just last bonus remember everything and then I introduced the price dropped the price instead you asked him to do it or just twenty five hundred dollars per month and then people jump up and they go running to the back of the room that’s the magic of how you close somebody from stage and try to get them to give to your high ticket programs [Music] [Music] but all said and done like we’re a software company and the goal is for us is that people who are successful with our software so if we can coach them and mention them and push them through this process make sure they’re more successful that’s what gets the entire company the entire platform to grow yes it is very properly can make a lot of money with it but it’s bigger than that hope you guys see that because the money that comes in like

we spend a ton of it I’m reinvesting the fulfillment to the people who signed up the long term is the success the students and if everything is choreographed towards that and then serving them at the highest level possible that’s where the biggest impact an education is the peace that fuels and drives it and that’s what no other software company does the blending of those two things together is what’s changed everything for us our role in this is to like be an example like this was possible and then people are taking stuff and using them it’s been fun on the event side I’ve watched our friends in the real estate space Justin Terry they launched the packing five been modeled everything Alex Leila doing a gym launch and their industry in their business helping gyms to grow into scale and using these principles inside of gyms Brandon and Kevin pull it over the lady boss is doing events changing women and helping them lose weight and like have this huge transformation over there and so it’s been really cool seeing the the people side of our community that are taking these principles and modeling them and using them in each of their individual

businesses and seeing the impacts comfort for them as well [Applause] the last thing I want to mention is to put on an event like this it takes an army of amazing people it takes tons of support from our from the families everyone involved but there’s over a hundred people here that have killed themselves to put on this event for you guys so I just wanted to give a second give my entire team a huge round of applause for all the wards they put into this whole event and there are six people that without their love and support and sacrifice we’re not making it as possible the ClickFunnels™ spouses the survivors the women who have made all is possible I think the definition of ClickFunnels™ is like sacrifice because there’s so many nights where we didn’t have our husbands because they were fighting for you to see all of you guys here and to see how much you guys just are obsessed with this company is really like pouring back not only into our hearts but back into our marriage and back into our families [Music]

[Applause] [Music] you know it’s when my favorite parts of Fulani live when it’s done the last day we got to dinner together and we all just kind of hang out and it’s just like that point I’m so too tired to talk and I just like looking around looking them all in like there’s a lot of people that made this this thing possible I’m so grateful for them to you know that they they believe in the same vision I do because I couldn’t do without them and the fact that they’re they’re here they’re bought in that they’re doing it this is their mission as well now it’s really special the reason why I do this why I’m obsessed with this because every single person that we’re able to touch and change during this event it doesn’t just affect them usually it starts with them and then it affects their families [Music] and then as they start growing then they start hiring employees and a team else and there’s a team of people that are affecting and they started getting customers and they start serving those customers and starts changing their lives and every single people that are sitting in there if we can touch them and affect them the right way it’s a ripple effect that will go

through tens of thousands in some cases millions of people [Music] so we got 4200 of them and if we serve them at the right level from the very second that come in all the weights at the end we could affect literally tens of millions of people for this weekend if you look at it probably half of them are people who’ve come before in the past and for them is this is like a big huge family reunion you’ll see that like make show up it’s like they’re gonna be crying and hugging and there’s gonna be this most amazing thing in the world [Music] and in the other half for people who are here for the first time at half em are scared they’re nervous someone spent the last minute a had to come here they came with a hope and a dream and not knowing what to do next as excited as I am for all of our hard core final

hackers who are gonna be back I’m mostly excited for this new group people who we really have a chance to change their lives [Applause] [Music] but all said and done that’s the only thing that matters we are all gonna be tired I’m gonna be beat up I mean late nights early mornings tons of stress my voice would be completely shot by the time it’s done but that’s okay because it’s not about us at all this is for them like it’s a really big deal and so from the top all the way down to the bottom or make sure that we are always having a super focus on like the service that we’re trying to do for them if we do that it’ll literally be the transformation point for a lot of these people in their lives this is my mom’s first time coming to any of our craziness [Applause] [Music] and last of all we want to thank all of you guys for trusting in us for happening the belief having the commitment to not just think about it not just talk about it not just dabble but take the step and to travel to leave your home’s your families to come here and to learn and to grow we have such an honor serving you guys over the last four days we’re grateful for you thanks again for everything you guys appreciate you and we’ll see you guys all next year you.


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