Funnel Hacking Live Recap – Day 1 of 4

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My own personal biggest take-aways from the first day of Funnel Hacking Live.

On today’s episode Russell talks about the events and speakers from the first day of 2018 Funnel Hacking Live. Here are some of the coolest parts of day one:

-Seeing all the Two Comma Club winners, as well as the all the people who made 8 figures and their awesome awards.

-Finding out what Operation Underground Railroad is and how much money they were able to raise on their behalf.

-Being able to watch the documentary film about OUR, to inspire people to help.

So listen to this episode to be able to relive what happened the first day of Funnel Hacking Live, or be filled with regret if you missed it.

what’s up everybody its russell brunson welcome to market seekers podcast today i’m gonna recap day number one of four of the funnel hacking live event so the big question is this power arch Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the less Huskie our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable the question in this podcast will give you the answers my name is russell brunson and welcome to marketing secrets what’s up everybody I hope you guys who were here for like a night with us made it home safely and that you had a great time the journey of last four days has been amazing I found a cool spot of quietness here but probably see people walking back and forth with their suitcases but hopefully that’s all right with you guys I just wanted to kind of over the next four days recap put on rockin live a lot of guys were there some you guys weren’t the crazy ones weren’t but all everybody else was there and those who crazy if not to come last time I know you’ve got your tickets for next time already coming if not depending on when you go funnel hiking has tickets for next year but it’s me pull down either today or tomorrow so if you ever take yet go and get them for next year’s event but I wanted to kind of just spend a little time over the next four days going through some of the key takeaways key points and key ideas that happened at the event and so hopefully those you guys who who missed it will get some insights and you’d have more of a more reason to come next year so some of the things first off this year in in fun liking lives in the past they’ve been three days but for some reason four five months ago at like 2:00 in the morning had this idea that like to get everything done that I needed to do it had happened in four days and so we shifted it to basically three and a half day event and we’ll probably be in four days next year just to get all the cool stuff in we’re trying to plan it takes takes at least three and a half four days to change somebody’s life and so we’re trying to change three thousand-plus people’s lives that’s a lot of work but to kind of give you an end result of what happened they don’t kind of back back fill over the next few days this event was amazing we raised over a million dollars for operation underground railroad those who watched in the video I’m wearing this shirt that everybody got I’ll talk about that here in a minute number two we had 91 new people on stage you got to comic level wards which is amazing we’re up to 258 people now that have achieved that with 15 people who have made over ten eight figures ten ten digits eight figures eight figures over ten million dollars in a funnel who got their new ward which is huge plaques twice as big as the two comma Club one plus they got these rings that are like two carats of gold and four carats of diamonds so give those away which was insanely cool as well and and three thousand plus people were here and then we launched our new to Carmel Club X coaching program get people from zero to a million a million to ten and I’m not gonna I’m not gonna share the exact numbers of those who were there know that it was it was crazy 30 days ago a Grant Cardone event I got on stage and and did over three million dollars in sales in 90 minutes and this event we did again I’m not gonna give exact numbers but was over 10 million dollars in sales which is insane a new world record it was more than that it was it was crazy I’m not gonna sure the numbers not because I don’t mind sharing numbers more so because Grant Cardone is going to three thousand million dollars like cash in the bank account and in that time this was different because there’s two options there was eighteen hundred dollars a month or eighteen thousand dollars a year so if I was to say an exact number would have been stomper math which that’s the joke for another day but um it’s basically it was amazing and I’m excited for the over 650 plus people who decided to take that leap of faith and go on this journey over the next twelve months and in twelve months now my guess is the Mosul’s guys will be back on stage my goal for next year’s have 500 people 500 new people to get the two comma Club award and from that we’re gonna get dozens and dozens you get the the 8 figure award so it is it’s insane but one of the kinda recap so one of the main reasons why we decided to this extra day and probably 7 or 8 year months ago I’m not gonna I’m I consider all the details of the store but I got a call from somebody whoever respected my entire life who asked me if I would be willing to help with this project called Operation Underground Railroad I didn’t know what that was the time I remember I jumped on that night I started googling and searching and watching videos and I remember feeling in fact if he has watched on allatra TV that matter i’ve made a video and I said I feel like the direction of my life will be forever changed because of this and the other time we were planning for hockey live and like how can we how can we weave operation Underground Railroad in to funnel hiking lab-id what’s like what’s the process how do we do that and a few months later during a time a lot of prayer trying to figure out the best way to serve this audience and have our community to help them and I did that we needed to make a documentary and I was like well I don’t know how to make a documentary but I met a guy named Nick nantan a couple years earlier and I didn’t know him super well I just knew that he he’d won six Emmys done like 50 different areas and this voice in my head said call Nick and I got on you know Nick’s number so I messaged him on Facebook hey man I need to talk to you this is like five minutes after the after I heard the voice in my head say call Nick’s I’m like okay I’m doing what I’m told message Nick and and then I met and then got him unboxed her box and said hey man this is work I don’t know how but I think we need to make a documentary about operational gonna railroad are you in he’s like dude I’m 100% in I said the only the only the only thing is we have to do this by like a full rocky mile but we have to show it for like your life he’s like dude that’s not very much time like I know but it has to happen and he’s like alright we’ll make it work and so over the last and five months since that call he’s flown to Hades flown around the world filming documenting all this kind of things and unlocking live we had a chance to actually watch the documentary and so it was cool we can torque shade the day the event the very first presentation I had wasn’t what’s called funnel hackers we see things differently which was kind of the premise of the whole event we had a really cool video that I’m sure will post online here soon of just kind of a concept and I was sharing different people in our community who have changed people’s lives and their businesses I talked about Stacy and Paul who saved over 10,000 marriages I talked about Pamela Weibull who saved hundreds and thousands of doctors lives and doctors suicide I talked about any grace who’s helped all sort of people break the chains of alcohol addiction they talked about Tim Ballard who saved over a thousand kids from sex trafficking and so I shared that initial presentation they said tonight we’re gonna chance to watch this documentary together as a community and after I got off stage then Kaelin Pollan came on stage oh so good she came up and talked about how she’s built her cult shirt and man it was good her whole presentation was amazing and I’ve heard her talk about this before I’ve been studying her like crazy one thing she said I mean there’s so many good things one thing that I took away that was like she was talking about like you’re empowering people to become superheroes and to change their life and she talked about funnel swag about swag think that’s like their superhero cape like if you give them swag wearing your brand your logo your message your mission then they feel more empowered they’re literally every day putting on their superhero costume and I was like oh my gosh like you know we having a big believer in swag since funnel you know hopeful in Hawker movement began and you know we got tons tons a shirt but this year for example oh you are sure like this is one that I’m wearing right now like this is this is now part of my superhero costume like I put this on and I’m out there ready to save kids and it was cool we actually add a funnel swag store here if I’m liking live event this year which was the first time we ever done that and I think we’re gonna start going harder and just swag because I want everybody feeling more more empowered every morning when our community wakes up and they put on a funnel funnel hacker shirt or I see I build funnels I build follow up funnels all the swag we have to empower them it’s literally like your superhero costume and that was like one of amazing and thousands the mazing things that she said during her presentation man shoot I feel bad most the speakers had an thirty minutes to speak and I wish that her and everyone couldn’t gone longer but she spoke and then right after her then we had Natalie Hodson came up and Natalie she cracked him her first four slides like I’m Natalie Hodson this is like this is me I was broke then she flip the next slide this is me I peed my pants on live camera and then I made a to comment Club award at the end it was like boom boom boom it was like what and then she came back and told her story about vulnerability and how you know her was one of her most vulnerable times when she was she’s in the fitness industry and she’s recording a video and she actually peed her pants on camera and how embarrassing it was and she should have been probably should have hid that and said she notices my most vulnerable thing I’m gonna share this cuz no one else is willing to talk about it so she shared this thing she wrote an e-book teaching women how to strengthen themselves so they won’t have that same problems she had and I sold 60,000 copies were you booked in for months and became a two comma couple in with the $37 a book and it was just so cool let’s talk about power vulnerability and how do like real vulnerability not walk this point is coming in hardened anyway real vulnerability not like the the type that some people try put out there online and it was it was also amazing and so we stood we led with two of the most amazing women speakers we like in our community which were amazing and fun like Eli this should we had an almost half women were half of speakers were women my goals for next year’s have more than half of the speaker’s be women because our women are doing such amazing things I’m gonna let this lawnmower pass is that been the recording live podcast right without a mic anyway they both spoke and it was it was amazing I think he gave people faith and hope and understanding of how to build a community then how to open up yourself as the leader which is the hardest thing how to be vulnerable so many times we as leaders try to be so postured and perfect and trying to like put on a good face for people in the the realities that actually pushes people away more than it then it draws them to you and like actually breaking down your barriers and beam vulnerable truly vulnerable not not what does she call it she is something like Oh ever since the loss loss weight these pants make me look so these pants are so bad yeah that’s like fake vulnerability the true hole it really is like well I think she mentioned like I was a grocery store they I saw my ex-husband and and with his new girlfriend and it broke me down like that’s something truly vulnerable you can show that it has a bigger impact so Holton’s message was so awesome then afterwards then after they both spoke then we had I got on stage with Todd Dickerson my partner and basically brought him on stage and and I introduced operationally gone road we had Tim Ballard come up and Nick NAND both come up to talk about what they were doing and and they came up and we showed the trailer of the documentary which is you guys now should go see now I posted live you go to oh you are filmed or oh you are filmed org or RG starts hit that if you go there you can actually see the trailer and if you do go watch it please share it as well I’m trying everyone in our community share it but oh you are filmed or gonna watch the trailer and and everyone went crazy and I said you know this is the hard film to watch I’m actually seen yet tim has the city yet Nixon was who’s seen yet but if you guys wanna watch this type this one take a break we’re gonna go do our roundtables when you come back or arcing their speed network and make when you come back you can have a chance to to watch this together as community but is hard to do if you’re not able to come back I totally as well and so at that point Owen and I basically talked about how if a friend who was at the event unfortunate is only available to van but $250 they would get the recordings event and I would go go towards operation Underground Railroad twenty-five hundred dollars would save a kid and ten thousand dollars would save a kid and rehabilitate them and then they could also sign for monthly monthly if they wanted to go on a recurring donation keep helping long-term basic I told them I told everybody that Tata this is Todd’s that did a night before Todd said well if we match difference donation I’m like are you serious so we decided anybody who’d donated we would match their donation and so that was going to put out there and from that how much people went and started donating money which was so cool I think the first night we raised like two hundred and seven thousand dollars than with our matches four hundred thousand and so that we kept talking about that talking about that what’s cool somebody broke and they had to spend Hervey dating the bender speed-dating we’ve had a chance to network meet other vendors yeah we paid for dinner for everyone which is a big build of feed three thousand people i def we came a date and it was cool when we got a chance to network and hang out know each other which is cool and then that ended we invited people come back in to watch the documentary I would say we probably had conservatively eighty five percent of everybody came back which is really really cool and we watched the document together as a group and man I I cried for an hour straight I couldn’t even compose myself then we came on stage afterwards Nick and Tim and I and and and we can’t even man I can compose myself it was it was so hard and then the people asked questions a lot people needed closure after that obviously and what people open mics and ask him questions and he responded and it was just so so cool and then he gave people how to push like you want to donate to charity again we’re matching it don’t go and help I think that night we had raised over three hundred thousand with arm with which our match made over six hundred thousand at that point Todd and I right let’s see if we get million I think we can do a million and so we kept pushing that pushing that and before lunch the final day we were just below a million dollars they came on stage my you guys we were just below a million dollars somebody anyone also goes in donate if he has all donate $250 I’ve been I’ll give you according all pastors events as well and they wouldn’t did that everyone stepped up and we came back from from lunch we had just crossed the million dollar mark and it was cool and was crazy this is the best part of the story so the end of the documentary she does have a chance to see here soon that go to oh you are Phil morgue and go and register we’re gonna be doing a big huge live online premiere here of a soon you can go register and watch it with us together as a community but um when we went there at the end of the documentary so I’m trying to catch my thoughts at the end of documentary I don’t want to ruin it for you but basically two of the children that Tim rescued he was he’s been trying to adopt for the last like three and a half four years and he had just gotten a call before he flew to our event that they were able to go get him so he actually flew from our event to Haiti to pick up his children and so the last day right before Tony Robbins got on stage we we were able to Skype in Tim Ballard from his home so cool Skype him in he was with his tube the two new kids they just adopted and we got to see them meet them and then we had some of our operators who were there on on stage I haven’t come up and we got this huge ol check and we wrote that the total $1,000,000 13,000 whatever it was and when we presented to their team and also to to Tim and it was super emotional and amazing and what’s cool it’s Tony Robbins is their biggest donor right now he’s raised more of my name what else he actually went on a sting operation with them and went undercover and all sorts of crazy stuff so we did that and Tony came out right afterwards and was talking all about them and and the mission and so cool holding was amazing so I just wanted to give you guys a glimpse of that folks who missed it but I was dating amber one it was an emotional day I’m going to bed that night and I was like we knew started a new net it was me half a day we got that about midnight and I was just like okay it was an emotionally draining day how are you dude three more days of this but we did it was amazing so that’s the recap of Daniel and I just want to show that with you guys so those who weren’t here I had a chance kind of hear and see what happened I’ll let the rolling bag go by Stephen came to new to hear me but that was day number one and it was awesome so throughout this week I’m gonna share I’m here my kids that just need for the rest the week so I’m gonna each day I’ll kind of share each day kinda what happened two big takeaways no hogs but that was what happened day number one so for you guys right now I recommend biggest need right now is go to oh you are filmed or go watch the trailer go share it you can donate on the you page afterwards or share with people and when you guys do that it’ll get on a waiting list but when the big when the big event goes live when we go out document goes live you can actually see with us as a community which is gonna be super super fun so that’s it for today so again go watch go to oh you are film org w wo you are film org oh you are stands for operation Underground Railroad oh you are film org check out documentary opt-in for the to be on the list if you see the live documentary in the next few weeks when go live and please share on Facebook Instagram tell your friends your family everyone you know because this is a mission worth we’re talking about and we’re sharing I told everyone day one I said you know the biggest thing is that the slavery is existing here it’s happening in America it’s happening around the world and nobody even knows about it so my goal with this documentary is to shine the light on the darkness you know if you shine a light in a room full of cockroaches they’ll scourge that to the corners and they hide that’s we’re trying to do is to blow this thing up and shine a light on the darkness so the best way you can help them and this organization is to go to our film org and share that message right now and get ready for the launch of the documentary which is coming soon so maybe that stay number one you guys again I’ll recap each day each each each of the next things and I hope you guys love it so again thanks so much for everyone who’s here I hope you guys enjoyed it cannot wait to start working with our six hundred fifty plus people in the to comic effects coaching program I got some amazing things in store for you guys we’re going on a cruise that everybody the end of it which is gonna be insane and it’s gonna be amazing so thanks again for everything you guys appreciate you all thank someone who came to fun locking live and I will see you guys soon bye everybody would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind-the-scenes reality TV show at WWF oh no hacker TV

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Funnel Hacking Live Recap – Day 1 of 4

Funnel Hacking Live Recap – Day 1 of 4