My Best Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs To Achieve Overwhelming Success

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Being a new entrepreneur can be overwhelming. It seems like there is so much to do but not enough time to do it. That’s exactly why I want to share a few pieces of advice for you. In this video, I have life-changing advice for seeing the strategy achieving success.  Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs

– For those of you just tuning in, my name is Russell Brunson and I’m excited to have you guys here. I’m answering a whole bunch of amazing questions from entrepreneurs like you about how to grow and scale your companies and do your funnels and a whole bunch of other awesome stuff.  So, the question for right now for today is, the best advice, it says, “Can you pull the curtains back and tell me your best advice and how I should go about getting started as an entrepreneur?”

Okay, so this is one of the problems that a lot of entrepreneurs have, right? Is at first, if you want to be an entrepreneur, there’s a lot of things, right? There’s a lot of pieces that go involved in doing this, right? And for some reason when we become entrepreneurs we think we have to become amazing at all of those things. I’m not sure why we do, but that’s pretty universal for most of us, right?

So what happens is, we get in this thing where we’re, and it’s probably ’cause we went to school, and most of us didn’t like school, we struggled through school but we get down and like ‘kay, I want to be an entrepreneur, this is the platform I’m gonna be. So I’m gonna be an entrepreneur. You’re standing on this thing.

You’re like hey, to be an entrepreneur what I gotta do? And your like ‘kay, first off, I gotta have like vision, and second off I gotta build a team, and then third off I gotta learn programming, and I gotta learn graphic design, and I gotta learn. And you have all this list of all this stuff you gotta do, right? So you’re standing there like ‘kay gotta become an entrepreneur, I gotta learn all these things and all of a sudden, super overwhelming, right? It’s a lot of things that actually goes into that.

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs

And so I recommend for entrepreneurs, if you really want to have success it’s not so much trying to figure out all those different things, ‘kay? The goal of the entrepreneur is not to learn how to do every single piece in this puzzle, ‘kay? The goal of the entrepreneur is number one, is to understand the strategy of what you’re doing, ‘kay? Then number two is to figure out the system. And number three is to build the team, ‘kay? So that’s the three step process. Now I wanna liken this to something that most of us are aware of and makes common sense.

So let’s just say you went to school and instead of getting on a platform of I’m gonna be an entrepreneur, you said I’m gonna become a contractor, I’m gonna build houses. And so let’s say you do that, right? And so you get over here and you stand on this platform of like I am a contractor and I’m gonna be building houses all day, right? Now for some reason the rest of the world understands.

But us entrepreneurs don’t, we think we have to understand and learn how to do everything. But a contractor does not go and try to figure out, I gotta learn plumbing and I gotta learn electrical work, and I gotta learn how to drywall and I gotta learn how to lay cement, no right? What does the contractor do? The contractor understands the strategy, how do you actually build a house? What are the things you need? Who are the people you need?

Like what’s the raw materials? What’s the order it has to go? What goes first, goes second? And that’s the goal of this contractor right? To understand the strategy, ‘kay? Then the contractor put together a system, he’s gotta get blueprints of like okay this is what we’re gonna do and then he’s gotta get the team assembled.

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Okay, you’re the dude who’s gonna lay the foundation, you’re the dude who’s doing the pipes, you’re the guy doing the electricity, you’re the person doing the roofs and he builds the people and then the contractor gets paid the biggest bucks, right? So we have to stop thinking of ourselves as entrepreneurs have to learn everything and look at ourselves the same way a contractor would.

Your goal as an entrepreneur is not to learn everything, it’s to understand the strategy, ‘kay? That’s why I tell people to read my books, read The Expert Secrets book, read the Dotcom Secrets books, ’cause these books teach you the strategy.  It’s what you have to learn to understand. But after you learn the strategy, then it’s like ‘kay what’s the system we’re gonna do? We need a funnel to make this whole thing happen. We have The Funnel Hacker Cookbook.

For those who haven’t had this, this has got like 20 different funnel structures, ‘kay? It’s the systems behind how to build a funnel, cool. I know to execute our vision we need this funnel right here on page whatever, right? Now you’ve got the system, now he’s gotta build the team. Who are the team of people who are gonna help us execute on this, ‘kay? I know I need a designer. I need a funnel builder. I need a copywriter, I need a.

And you kinda figure out who the team is. You assemble those things together and you go and you do it. And some of you guys are wondering, Russell that’s gonna be hard, I don’t have the money for this, I don’t have those kind of things. But I want you to understand that it’s the same way that I started, the most successful entrepreneurs started, right? I didn’t build ClickFunnels™ just off of me being a genius ’cause I’m not, ask my team.

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs

There’s very few things I’m good at, right? But what am I good at? I understand the strategy, ‘kay? I put together a systems make it happen and we built a team of amazing people. ‘kay just sitting in this room right now, I’ve got people here who drive traffic, to do our Instagram, who do our video, who do our like copy, like all the people I’ve assembled I don’t know how to do any of the pieces. I don’t know how to go and lay the piping or the electricity of any of those things, right? I just understand the overarching strategy.

So if you as the entrepreneur that’s you’re number one focus, ‘kay? If you’re looking like, want me pull back the curtains it’s like hey guess what Russell’s not actually Superman, he’s not actually good at many things. The one thing he is good at is understanding the strategy of where we’re trying to go with our vision, ‘kay. And when you understand that, that’s the key, that’s your job as an entrepreneur, understand the strategy, ‘kay?

Think about Steve Jobs, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our lifetime, right? Was Steve Jobs a programmer? No. Was Steve designer? No. He couldn’t do any of those things, right? But he had the vision, this is what I want, this is the strategy, ‘kay? Start putting together a team, he got Wozniak, he got his other people, build out the team. And boom out came Apple, ‘kay? Same thing’s gonna be true for you guys. Understand that that’s your job as an entrepreneur is to understand the strategy, create the systems, and build the team and that’s how you start scaling and growing an actual company. So hopefully it gives you guys some relief, you’re not having to learn every single piece in the process.

Funnels Aspiring Entrepreneurs: We have a really cool system coming out in the near future called Funnel Rolodex, that actually has a whole marketplace of people that you can use to build your team, like here’s the designer, here’s the programmer, here’s all the different people to make your vision become a reality. It’s not live yet, but it will be soon, hopefully by the time you’re watching this video it will be.  But that’s your job and your role as an entrepreneur. Hope that makes things a lot more simple and you actually see behind the curtains of what we’re doing here, inside of ClickFunnels™. Thank you so much for watching. Every single week we publish new secrets just like this one so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of them and I will see you on the next video.


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