The Craziest Funnel That ACTUALLY Makes Money   Funnel Hacker T.V Ep 88

Funnels Craziest Method: Make Massive Sales

Funnels Craziest Method: On this episode of Funnel Hacker T.V we go behind the scenes with Russell Brunson and team, showing you what really goes on at ClickFunnels™ HQ!

Funnels Craziest Method: Stories for the Mother Funnel

What do you think his job, James’ father’s job does? – [Russell] Greatest days I’ve ever heard of ever, by far. – You’re kidding. – And they make 300 bucks a pop. – We need to go. (laughs) Let’s do this. (dramatic drums) – Alright, so we are about to start our traffic meeting. Everybody’s here, and guess who is on the airplane? (rushing drumbeats) – Alright, it’s six o’clock in the, almost six, on Monday morning, and I’m like dead tired, trying to open my eyes right now. Heading over to Russell’s right now, see if we can get a workout in before, before the week begins. James, I believe, is heading downtown.

I think he’s wimping out on us today. He’s not gonna come to work out, so– (Mario death music) We’ve got, I think Kevin Anson’s coming into town this week. He’s got filming here. (rushing drumbeats) He’s got some crazy cool stories. He and Brad are literally flying around the country right now, filming some of the stories for the Mother Funnel. (rushing drumbeats) Alright, just what I figured, James isn’t here, but I got someone else’s car here, and music’s going on inside. Let’s check out who’s inside here today. What? – What? – [Dave] Kevin Anson in the house! – What’s up, YouTube? – [Dave] I can’t believe you’re here! – Finally here. – Finally. Now I actually get to see what it’s like in real life. –

I’ve been here many, many times, but in spirit, I’ve actually been here, so– (electronic dance music) – So we keep the loan funnels to sell click funnels, which is fun, but I was like, wait, what if we meet Robert Kiyosaki or Tony Roberts, for example? I was like, what if we go and build a funnel for them for free, explode all of the money on that, fuck taking their products, their stuff, split the money we’re making on the funnel 50, 50, their ads with their money, and then the first upsell or the first for getting the funnel stacked, is always click funnels. That way they get us to build the funnels for them, we build click funnels. It’s their ad dollar instead of ours, and they get all the leads, we get commission on them.

It’s their funnels, and we all win. – Dude. – Brilliant. (powerful opera music) – Alright, so we’re working on a Mother Funnel. You may have seen this, this is the doodle of Mother Funnel, and then Jake’s job is to turn that doodle into an actual wire frame that the whole team can get on. How many pages are in this one? – I don’t know, and I’m really worried. I don’t think my computer screen is long enough to contain all the crap. – To contain ’em all, yeah. Here’s one, and then there’s ten. Plus three more, ten times four, 40. – Just in emails. – 40. And then there’s emails, and the pages, and then the other pages, and then the other pages. (Dave laughs) The Mother Funnel. (dramatic fanfare) Right now–

Funnels Craziest Method: Killing it with Click Funnels

– Look at this. Look at this, it’s like one camera to the next. – [Russell] He didn’t want to miss the meeting. He didn’t want to miss the meeting, so he’s literally on a plane. – Where are you going? – Oh, Kimboli’s there, too? – Julie’s here. She came in, there was too much FOMO. (laughing) – Too much FOMO for Julie to not be here. Alright, so, Kevin just interviewed Tyler, and Tyler has a funnel for, he has a non-profit, right? – He has a non-profit, so he is killing it with Click Funnels. – We’re gonna go meet him right now.

So it works for everything, even non-profits. (upbeat string music) – Hey guys, I run the most offline business on Earth. I run a children’s summer camp in Canada. (rushing drumbeats) And we used Click Funnels last year to make more than a million dollars of camp sales online. (audience applauds) – [Russell] Crazy, let’s go find your plaque, man. So here we are down the Hall of Fame. The one and only! – Yeah, looking forward to hanging out here, shooting some video with you guys. –

[Russell] How’s it coming, Kevin? – You have to set up the scene, first, and then you set up the lights, and then you have somebody sit in the chair. Make sure it looks okay, and then you make them up, and you’re ready to go. – Hi, my name’s Tyler, and I’m the Executive Director of a non-profit called Forest Cliff Camp. (upbeat jazz music) – [Russell] Alright, this is the Master Salad Builder, about to build lunch. She’s got apple cider vinegar– – [Both] Olive oil. – [Melanie] And then nutritional yeast, and then Bragg’s Sea Kelp Delight. – Sea kelp? – Mm-hmm. – [Melanie] That’s what makes your dressing taste so good. –

That’s nice. – And then you do a handful and a half of this, and one of each, and one of these kales. If it’s a small one like this, I do one and a half. And salmon. – Dead fish. (laughing) Fresh fish. – And you get a little– – Boom. – Avocados. – And there you go. There is the final thing. – Nice. – [Russell] 25,000 pounds of amazingness, oh yeah. (fun jazz music) Alright, about to record a voiceover for the ActionX MD script to try and get, we have a padded room already. We try and get all echo gone, so we’ve got some of these other paddings. We’ve got this window, this might cause some echo. We got this egg pad thing I’m gonna put my voice recorder on, and a bunch of other things so hopefully it’ll work. (screaming) I’ve got bad news for you.

Stats say that 80 percent of businesses fail within 18 months, and what makes it worse is those numbers are actually going up, why? Well, it has a lot to do with our attention span. Businesses back in the 90’s had the luxury of a 20 minute attention span to be able to explain their business to potential customers. So what’re you waiting for, upgrade your account now, and then start building out your very first Follow Up Funnel today. – Once a month, basically, Russell has what’s known as Decade in a Day. Can you imagine what it’d be like to have 30 minutes undivided attention of Russell basically going through your business?

Funnels Craziest Method

Funnels Craziest Method: First time on Funnel Hacker TV

That’s what’s going on right now so he’s already had six or 70 today, so I’m gonna jump in here, he’s got Dana Derricks on. I’m gonna see if I can record some of this for you guys. – [Dana] How many times were you on the verge of completely giving up? – Man, there were a lot, one happened early. I mean it lasted probably couple of weeks, I was just like, oh, and then I figured out the piece. After our company collapsed where I laid off like 80 people over night, it was every day for two years, and I would have quit if I didn’t have tax obligations to IRS that would’ve thrown me in jail if I would’ve quit. So I had some really good motivators.

Two years, I hated this business, and I did not like it even a little bit until we finally paid the IRS off, and it took that straight off, where I was like, now creativity can happen again, and then it became fun again. (upbeat guitar music) Okay, we’re gonna do triceps today. (laughing) – [Man] It’s because the guy’s had backstroke. – Oh yeah. – [Russell] Check outside, it is snowing. We’ve got someone new in the house. -This is his first time on Funnel Hacker TV. This is Joshua C. Hobbs. – How’s it going everybody? – [Russell] Joshua C. Hobbs. – He doesn’t tell his middle name. There’s only like three people that know it, his mom, me, and him. (laughing) (fun rock music) – [Narrator] What do you think his job’s, James’ father’s job does? – Greatest days I’ve ever heard of, ever, by far. –

[Julie] Hi everyone, my name is Julie, and I am a tech coach and funnel builder at Click Funnels headquarters, and today I want to bring you a funnel story about Warren Smiley. Now, Warren Smiley is a Bigfoot hunter out of Seattle. And you might be wondering– – [Russell] This is for real, have you told him yet? – No! – You’ve kept this on the down-low for a while, brother, is that on purpose? – [Julie] I’m going to show you, this is a crazy story– – 18,000 bucks, they made so far. 70 people have bought a Bigfoot hunting trip. – You’re kidding! – And they make 300 bucks a pop. –

Funnels Craziest Method: We need to go. Let’s do this. (laughing) – Yes, isn’t that amazing? – Do we all get hats like that to do it? – Oh yeah. – Let’s go just trumping through the forest. – He almost caught one there. (laughing) – [Julie] But through Click Funnels, Warren has been able to monetize his hobby into a lower business. – We love Warren! – [Dave] That is awesome, man, it’s so funny. (upbeat pop music) ♪ Do with my heart, burn it up, feel the rush, get ready ♪ ♪ Whoa-oh, whoa-oh ♪ ♪ Whoa-oh, don’t break my heart ♪

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