Why We Procrastinate And How To Get Unstuck

Funnels End Procrastination

Funnels End Procrastination: Why do we procrastinate? How do we stop procrastination? In this video, Russell tackles both questions as he describes why entrepreneurs procrastinate and what they can do to stop, and eventually achieve their ultimate vision. Funnels End Procrastination

Funnels End Procrastination

– My name is Russell Brunson and the second question today to go over is procrastination. How many of you guys are procrastinating too long and you know that? So if you have a problem and you’re busy watching Youtube videos, how do you beat procrastination? So I’m actually gonna doodle this one out. So this right here, this is your computer. And on your computer there’s tons of stuff happening right? You’ve got your, in fact, I’m gonna make a little laptop. You see my mad drawing skills. I’m actually really bad at doodling. There you go. There’s your laptop and you’re typing away and there’s all these things happening right?

There’s Youtube and there’s Instagram and there’s Facebook. In fact most of you guys are watching this on one of these platforms right now, I guarantee, and so you’re probably in this procrastination mode where you’re not focusing on just getting stuff done. And so for me, what I have to do is a lot of it comes back to how you structure your day and how you figure some of those things out. But if you wanna stop procrastinating there’s a couple things.

One of the reasons why entrepreneurs procrastinate, I learned this from Dan Sullivan, he talked about, I’m gonna move my books over here, so he talked about most of us entrepreneurs right, we have this vision of this thing we wanna accomplish. So here’s your vision and you’re like I wanna do that. I wanna serve these people. I wanna create this product, or I wanna make money doing, you have this vision where you’re trying to go. And here is you over here and you see this vision and you’re like this is how, what I have to go. And so you start on this path and you start walking towards this vision and something happens where you get stuck right?

Funnels End Procrastination

Where you’re trying to learn something new that you don’t understand and you’re like ah and you get stuck, and then what happens? I don’t know about you but I’ve written now a couple books and I get this all the time when I’m writing my books where I’m writing and there’s pain associated and my brain’s like I need to do anything except for the painful thing that’s over here, so you start trying to figure out other things to do. And what happens is you start shifting to this mode of procrastination. And usually this detour happens and you’re trying to figure out how do I do something, right? You’re like how do I do this thing?

You start researching then you’re listening to podcasts and you’re reading a book and another thing, another thing, then you’re going to search on Youtube, then you listen to a video that shows you how to but then you see all the cute girls in the video. There, you should watch those, then you’re off on this tangent and then you’re, and next thing you know it’s like three days later right? How many has it happened for more than once? And so what Dan Sullivan talked about, he said look, if you want to get to your vision you can’t keep procrastinating. That’s what this says right here, procrastinating. Because the reason, the thing that causes procrastination is how, like how do I do this thing? He said what you have to start shifting your focus to is instead of how do I do it is this question of who.

Who already knows how to do the thing that I’m trying to get done, right? So for me when I was building click funnels I could have been like alright, first step, I need to code software called click funnels right? And I would have sat down and I was like okay, I need a programming book and I’m gonna read programming and I’m gonna learn Ruby on Rails. I gotta learn Javascript, I gotta learn all these things. And I woulda been procrastinating for forever ’cause I’m not smart enough to be a programmer right? Or I step back and say who do I know who actually knows how to execute on this already? And I met my partner Todd Dickerson, who is the dude who build click funnels initially and Todd was the who who already knew how to do to it.

Funnels End Procrastination

Funnels End Procrastination

So I didn’t have to learn how to do programming. I just found Todd, who’s the who, and he went and started programming it, and got us closer to the vision. And then it’s like okay I need to design a sales letter. Now I’m not a designer so I needed somebody to help with that, and then I needed. And then instead of me trying to figure out how to use Photoshop, how to use Facebook ads, how how how all these things, each of those hows put you into this mode of procrastination where you’re stuck forever right? And so instead of figuring out the hows then figure out who are the people I need?

Okay, if you look at any good superhero movie what always happens? Usually there’s this person, there’s you, and put a little cape on you, so you’re a superhero right? But most superheroes can’t save the day. Maybe it’s just ’cause I watched Justice League and Avengers and everyone recently, but if you look at all the superhero movies, when they got a big vision what did they do? The Justice League calls their people in. The Avenger group gets, they get the hulk and they get Thor. They get all the people and they get all the whos around to help them to dominate this vision.

So for you as the entrepreneur, if you’re not careful you get in this procrastination mode where instead of saying who are the people I need to build this vision, then, it gets you off this procrastination where it gets you moving towards your vision. And some of you guys are sitting back saying well Russell, I don’t have any money to hire a Todd or hire the people I need to get my vision so I have to learn it ’cause I don’t have any money, I’m broke, right? Well I got good news for you. Guess how much money I pay Todd to build click funnels. At first zero.

Now he gets paid a lot of money. But what happened? We partnered on it. He saw the vision. He’s like oh that vision’s awesome. I want in. I said cool, let’s get together, let’s do this thing and we both got together, we both put our skin, our time, our effort into it, and then we build the thing right? And then I don’t know how to buy ads so then John on my team, I’m like John, here’s the vision. John’s like I’m in, boom. We start buying ads and then we start bringing all our Avenger team together to go and conquer this vision.

Funnels End Procrastination

So for you you just gotta figure out what’s your vision, who are the whos you need to execute on that vision, and then bring them together. And all of these are superpowers partnered together and then go and create the vision. That way you won’t get stuck in procrastinating which is where most people get stuck. And I always tell people, entrepreneurs usually don’t, it’s not that they don’t have the vision. The problem is they either run out of time or money before they ever get to the vision. It’s because of this.

They’re trying to figure out hows, the hows on every single step of the path. And when you do that you never actually get to the end goal. So take your computer, turn off Youtube, turn off all these things that aren’t helping you, and start focusing on who. Who are the whos I need to dominate this? Now depending when you’re watching this video I have a really cool service coming out called funnel roladex that’s full of a whole bunch of whos to help you get to your vision.

Funnels End Procrastination: And so it’s either there right now or it’s gonna be there very very soon but funnel roladex is a tool for you guys to help get your visions created as an entrepreneur, to launch your business so you can make money and change the world. So that’s the second question about procrastination and hopefully that that helps you guys. Thank you so much for watching. Every single week we publish new secrets just like this so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of them and I will see you on the next video. Funnels End Procrastination

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