Our Grant Cardone Meeting Did Not Go As Planned | FHTV Ep 104

Funnels Finding Grant

Funnels Finding Grant: We are back for another episode of Funnel Hacker TV! Just as we finished up Dreamforce in San Francisco, we are flying by the seat of our pants (literally!) around the country to meet up with Grant Cardone. As you’ll see, things don’t always work out the way you plan!

Funnels Finding Grant: The big event called Dreamforce

(expressive drum music) – I am out right now, in San Francisco at Salesforce’s big event, it’s called Dreamforce. With that said I’m gonna get some sushi, and then we’re heading to Metallica. – Alright, so right now we’re headed to the Metallica concert and we’re not leaving until they play my favorite song. (muffled music in distance) (starry keyboard music) (people laughing) (powerful electronic music) (cars engines idling) – So we’re Metallica, we tried to get to the front we got stuck.

Someone dumped a beer on Todd. – Covered in beer, yeah. – And then we snuck out, finally, and we are late. So now we’re in the Uber heading back to the hotel to pack our bags to head to the airport, because our flight leaves in like three hours. (Todd and Russell speak over eachother) Six minutes from now we gotta be back in the lobby with our stuff. (feverish muffled house music) (elevator dings) – Alright dude, we’ve got like two minutes here. Hurry bud, we’ll see you real soon, please? Hurry! – [Camerman] Hopefully. – I hope! – [Dave] Russell! (deep electric guitar music) –

We made it. I thought we were going to be missing this flight. (plane engine roaring) Alright, so we just landed in Chicago O’Hare. It was a rough night, Dave had 57 minutes. Dan, holding you right now, had zero. I did the best I think, I feel guiltly now. Oh my gosh, ‘kay hold on. Flashback with me. So 20 years ago, I was on this escalator with my dad my senior year in high school, I was going the high school nationals, and we were going down the runway with these lights. Take second in the country, became an All-American, which changed the whole direction of my life forever. Which got me the ability to go to a Division 1 rep college to wrestle in. Which is why I end up in Boise, which is why, ClickFunnels™ got built everything because of the trip with my dad, right here.

This is a cool déjà vu of that moment twenty-something years ago. – [Dan] Russell’s really tired. He’s having flashbacks. – [Russell] At least I think. We’re nervous so we’re gonna be on this jet, we’re gonna pass out the first moment of rest for like three days. – Hey guys, might have a little bit of a snafu right now I’m trying to work through. Grant doesn’t speak until tomorrow, Jerry’s not coming until tomorrow, he’s apologizing like crazy, he said, “Holy crap, my assistant gave me the wrong date.” I’m like, “Dude, we’ve been talking “the 27th the entire time.” So, no reason to rush. Get some rest! (dial beeps) (phone receiver clatters) – [Dan] Okay, what? (chuckles) (phone beeps) – [Dan] Okay? (luggage clattering) – Another Lincoln Navigator. We seem to be doing all exclusive Lincoln Navigators this trip. –

Alright, today me and Nick stole Russell’s camera. – That’s right. – Well let’s give a little bit of a backstory so, today we were supposed to meet with Grant Cardone, (banister clangs) that’s not stable. (Nick and Jack laugh) We were supposed to meet with Grant Cardone today and he actually isn’t even here, so he’s down in Florida and we have nothing to do, so the plan was to get on his private jet to fly back to Boise to build him a funnel. So what we’re actually going to be doing today is just gonna go hang out Chicago and we’ll check out the sights. Let’s go! – So the situation with Grant is he was supposed to be in Miami right now, but he had this opportunity to go fly up to Orlando, go take a look at some real estate. – We know that because on Instagram he goes live, and we’re watching like, “Oh, he’s in the plane he’s coming here.” and he’s like– – Orlando, coming to see you. – Thank you Instagram live for letting us know your plans. –

Funnels Finding Grant: Flying to Palm Beach to be in Miami

Brian Underwood the owner of Pruvit is supposed to flying to Boise in his private plane tomorrow, ’cause I have an important meeting with him. So he rerouted his private plane to land here in Chicago. Right now, we’re on like seven hours of sleep in the last like three days. Craziest thing, ’cause we’re flying to Palm Beach to be in Miami, we have not confirmed yet that Greg actually flies from Miami back to Chicago tomorrow. We’re just hoping and praying that somehow some miracle will open up and we will end up back here tomorrow morning at nine, with him. – Sup dude. – He’s talking to Grant to figure out if we could actually get back too. – Alright let me see what I can do. (laughing) Alright. – ‘

Kay this is the update, this is the live update of what’s happening. – So yeah, they actually can get us back, but now what they want is they want Nick and Jake to fly down and they wanna film it on the leg from Miami to Chicago. (Russell sighs) – Okay so, crazy things happening around here. So we thought we had a full day here in Chicago, but now, we might be flying to Miami. So we had to turn our Uber around and come back to the hotel. – Things change. – Yeah, wish we had a funnel for that. Good job. Life water. (rising electronic noise) (Dan catches breath) (woeful alternative-rock music) – Alright ya’ll ready? – We’re ready guys. – Awesome, let’s rock. – Alright, so we’re here now.

Funnels Finding Grant

There’s Brian the owner of Pruvit and we’re jumping on his plane. He’s got three now, which makes total sense, so… (woeful alternative-rock music) – We did this really cool trip to Dubai, and so like we skydived over Dubai, we did dune-racing on these big ATVs going down like 300 foot sand dunes. And then we played polo on camels. And so, My wife fell in love with the camels, and so for Christmas I surprised her with two camels. – Surprise, you have a camel! – Yeah. – Hank and Merle. – [Dave] Hank and Merle? – Yeah, for the country singers. Merle Haggard and Hank Williams. –

Funnels Finding Grant: 100 million dollars in sales

Do ya’ll want to experiment with something? – Why not? – Uh, yes. – So this is an actual ketone ester. (sniffs bottle) – I think he’s like drugging us. – Seriously. – I’m not sure but I have– – Get anything I want from Russell! (laughter) – Ready? (blissful opera music) – Tastes like cough syrup. – Ya gotta drink the whole thing. (Dave flaps tongue) – [Dan] Cheer up! – It burns, it burns. – Must drink water. – Where’s the water? That’s like massive mental clarity. I mean I’m super, super tired, but I’m like, “I can go!” Let’s go. Let’s go! – I feel like I’m at my house, my seatbelts not even on, I didn’t even go through security we could be a bomb right now. I just said bomb in a plane and nobody cares.

Alright so for somebody who has a vision of someday owning one, or two, or four jets what would be the biggest takeaway or aha you had in the last couple years to get somebody from wherever they’re at to the next level. – I think always stretch yourself. And I think the best way to stretch yourself is to put yourself in environments that you don’t feel comfortable in, or around people that you can learn from. I find, and this is just me personally, like, when I’m with you I get inspired, right? Because you’re stretching yourself, you’re in the hunt, so to speak.

And I think proximity is power. I think being around the right people is super important. As you start having success, go back to scratch, go back to where it all started. You have a very keen awareness of what it’s all about, where your family is, where you started. And I think you stay grounded in those roots. ClickFunnels™ wasn’t seeded out of all Russell’s success, it was seeded out of all of his experience, through the journey. So as cliche as it may sound, business is just like life, is embrace the journey, embrace the process. And just keep moving forward. –

What I think is interesting too, think about this, Tony Robbins says this a lot. We always overestimate what we’ve done in a year, and underestimate what we’ve done in ten years. And it’s like five years ago we were in a company together that literally made zero dollars. And we spent like, I spent six months in all. You just probably spent a year, year and a half of your life. We thought in a year that was going to be our big payday, and it wasn’t, but now it’s been four years since then, we’re on a private plane, half-a-billion dollars in sales, I don’t have a plane yet, but we’re at 100 million dollars in sales. –

Funnels Finding Grant: Ya’ll hear him say yet? I just heard him say yet. (plane engine roaring) (low electronic music) – And we’re now in Florida, woohoo! It is super hot. Thank you. (knob clicking) (racy drum and bass music) (car engine revving) (buttons clicking) (guys chuckling) – What do I do? – Yeah we’ll have everything detailed tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. So, we got nothing else to do ’til then, besides drive.


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