Membership Marketing Funnel Makeover – Episode #54

Funnels Membership Marketing

Funnels Membership Marketing: This funnel needs help turning up the conversions of real estate agents who want to make the jump from residential real estate to the commercial world. This membership site provides “MBA Level” training, but needs help turning on the tap for more signups. Funnels Membership Marketing

Funnels Membership Marketing

Oh, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho that is amazing chair gym. It is amazing in it. What do you think of my hat that beer Eclipse? It’s pretty epic. I’m going to be going down a Hardee’s later and having lunch with my orange hunting cap on. I wonder if anyone will notice they still have yeah out here in the Hinterlands.

Yes. They have Hardee’s it’s like the only fast food restaurant in town because all the other ones were like towns too small. So that’s amazing what you get. That’s awesome. You ready for Christmas? No, I’m not. I am not ready. I mean, I have the outfit nailed but none of my shoppings done.

Nothing’s done. Nothing. My wife’s already everything’s done. I feel terrible. You sent me a Christmas card which by the way was a really beautiful Christmas card. I sent you nothing. I just I’m yeah, that’s right Stan. Well, let’s check out so we came out on Monday my wife and I and we did the Amazon. Thanks for always gets these kind of messed accurate way back. There is all my kids Christmas boxes appearing magically.

Wow, ISO gift wrap them all so I’m pretty close to being ready for this whole Christmas thing other than the fact that I’m ready to be done with Christmas already. So for those who don’t know and you have achieved a cruise next week, it’s going to be insane. Yes, so excited with no. Yeah. I hope no kids are coming with me because that would be a whole lot of splainin to do Lucy, you know what I’m saying? This is awesome.

So she ran away because coaching program comma 2 comma Club X and this is the first year we did it but there’s the crews at the end of the year. So we’re all thinking of any other Crews and so for all you guys were going to hang out a cruise if you’re not into complex next. You should join you going to cruise with me Jen because it’s going to be laser tag go-karts the midnight Buffet dude. They have a two-story go-kart track on this ship.

Yes, and they have yeah, it’s awesome. And then they have they have this giant laser tag arena that I’ve already been outside training on my range for you know, you want to be on my team. I tell you that and yeah, it’s going to be a maid. I did all the research on this shit. I’m a big Cruiser man. This this is going to be an amazing experience.

Funnels Membership Marketing

I’m telling you my favorite our cruises. This is why I like cruises. So my wife and I have different ideas of vacation. My vacation dream is like go to a spa massage for 12 hours a day and then read books during the off time or watch movies. I don’t want to move. I told Mike sit there with Arjun.

My wife likes to do stuff is just like always wants to go and do and like most of our cases they fight over that like, I don’t want anything she wants to do everything but Crews the perfect because for four days were on the boat and the only thing you can do is get massages and watch movies and then the other days make you get me a ticket off the boats used to run around and around we go back to the Bony like sit there again. So it’s like my dream Perfect Vacation all the time. I think they have like a fifty or hundred foot movie screen on the back of the boat that we can sit there and watch movies amazing.

I hope you’ll watch it’s gonna be awesome. I’m excited. Anyway, it’s gonna be super fun behind me is my new studio. We’ve been filming stuff like crazy and film like for more movies their videos today, but I got with this from Brandon Fisher. So now I can like when I’m doing something like I think all the cameras together Isn’t that cool?

Excuse me, like legit movie theater now so studio is pretty amazing. So now I’m all about the professional video myself as you can tell and yeah, so I understand all about that. I think I’m losing something off the bottom here out there not clip-ons. This is all natural. Oh, you got a beard extensions. All right. So what are we doing today? For funnel fries will be building today? Okay. So what we got is we have ClickFunnels™ and final scripts member who has an academy where they trained real estate agents to go from really front.

Basically, they go from residential real estate into commercial real estate and there are some some bigger opportunities there and, you know, your average real estate agents probably doing Maybe One two three million dollars a year in these guys are doing 20 to 30 million dollars a year. So it’s a huge difference most agents never really think about it. So they’ve got a course, excuse me.

ClickFunnels™ Membership Makeover

They’ve got mentoring they’ve got they’ve got basically a membership site, but I’m calling in an academy because that sounds more, you know legit like like everything I say should be taken totally seriously right now because of the way I’ve done this but you know, I’m just saying image is everything so they have the the cool thing that what they shared with me is that they they did kind of a soft offer and people are just finding this in signing up and when you look at this funnel, you’re just going to be like, holy crap there people are saying but I’m telling you people are signing up.

So what I wanted to do is I’m going to shoot you the machine to the page and we’re going to be something cool. Not that we don’t always do something cool, but we’re going to do something cool on this you haven’t even seen this yet.But you I mentioned to you that I created a new script in funnel scripts that we’re still beta testing because this one is going to be huge.

We created a five-minute perfect webinar script based on 10x secrets and what Jamie cross has done and I well it gets even more amazing because I had Jamie as a guest on funnel scripts in action this week and we went through it. I’ve done already to other case studies. So we have three case studies in there.

We actually help Jamey Wright her next five minute perfect webinar for a 14 day challenge that she’s doing starting January 1 and she was blown away by it. So what I did was I took 30 minutes before we did funnel Fridays and I went through and use the script and I created a five-minute perfect webinar script for this guy and I actually recorded it and I’m going to show you guys how we came up with it, and then I’ve recorded uploaded to About be able to send you the link.

So when we get done doing the other elements of the funnel, you’ll be able to throw that bad boy in there. But I’m hoping your mind will be just totally blown when you see this because you haven’t seen any of this yet. I haven’t I’ll and usually when you saw Jamie see a movie said about 10x is best thing was Jamie’s finding webinar and that’s why I heard it’s like now I know why you got so excited. That’s amazing. Yeah. I’ve been working on this for two basically since the day you release 10x secrets and I saw that I’ve been working on this thing like non-stop.

Funnels Membership Marketing

It’s still context of so basically webinar everything’s okay only if I’m selling the course or only thing some coaching and Jake Ross who says so so she was like, hey Russell said this works for everything I’m going to do it. She did a webinar and for like like an hour and who did works and she’s trying to like 30 minutes into working these programs like a five minute webinar and it crushed the first six weeks did a hundred function hundred forty thousand dollars in sales and they don’t next like four and a half months ago over a million dollars in sales hit U comma Club all with a five-minute perfect. Same process same same structure but like most refined into five minutes, which is so cool. Anyway, yeah. Yeah when you see this, I hope that you’re just like Blown Away.

The reality is you can’t let say you have a 90-minute perform webinar you’re doing you still see this vibrant one as a Facebook live to drive people into your into your webinar whether I guess just like it’s anyway, I am excited. All right, I digress geez. Let me I’m gonna switch over to screen shares people see my screen and we start building this puppy out. Okay, so I’m gonna be on this screen over here. This is the the link that Jim just sent me to the existing page. So they might drive people to right now. Funnels Membership Marketing

Yes, so I mean there I mean it shows there is some demand out there because this is actually getting people to sign up and say training classes live cut commercial agent support monthly membership $10 test drive. Yeah.

This is the textually what it is and a link to buy something. You know. Now I will say that that is one of the coolest uses of background video I’ve ever seen I thought for a second that I liked was like zoom zoom into their office because it seemed like I was like, you know, I mean like that is pretty cool. Yeah. All right. Okay. So are we rebuildable funneling? What’s the I think what we ought to do because we’ve been you know, Mary christmasing and stuff. I think what we need to do is come up with a cool head line for them.

And then let’s go over this five-minute perfect webinar thing and get the video in there and then anything else you think we should do but what what is what are your thoughts? It was good. I’m gonna rebuild just this page. Okay, and then we’ll plug your headline and your video and okay. Yeah, right. Yep. All right. Okay. I’m going to come right here then so I’m going to start with a timer.

ClickFunnels™ Membership Makeover

I moved to 15 minutes times as we would have so much fun. And I think I think we’ve been 15 minutes that we don’t need the whole the whole time. Okay. Yep. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to come over here. I’ve got the 5-minute perfect webinar script which will be it’s in beta right now for everybody who’s going to ask him freak. Oh, I gotta have it. It will be available right after funnel hacking live.

So that’s when it will be available to everybody and their brother. She’s also good for like a lot and we’re also that by the way, Jim has been flying this whole week’s been really good. Awesome. It should be so what I’m doing here is I’m at the killer headline scripts and I’m just going to make a cool headline for the start of that thing. So my target audience are my target audience is a real estate agent. Funnels Membership Marketing

I keep any time to build that into the button you click it, but he’s like no my noise. Some people are my cow could annoy someone so amazing. They would will get it. Okay, once it happened here. So right now if I go to page and I type in So I had my old email address. This is all you know, just he know that you’re not gonna come I can get it. Are you people all sounded like rest was watching a video you and Jim did like two and a half years ago. They reveal the absolutely real email address and you know the hope you don’t mind. I’m like that is the creepiest thing ever. I do mind. Please don’t so there’s a big email address.

All right. There you go. Another reason to have sanebox.  Oh, sorry. I didn’t get it. It’s appeared. All right, this page actually kind of cool on a Model that for the actual page we’re doing so I’m killed sales page. I’m gonna do a straight order form.

Boom boom down my audience really want in this case the to fold my audience really wants to be a real estate professional. commercial real estate professional and they really want to Somebody order forms now I’m having looked at least one time. We said like 5 in here now. There’s like a hundred so many good designs to pick from Let’s see. Funnels Membership Marketing

Funnels Membership Marketing

We go. I’m going to go to scare here. We are just out of there still filled it out. I’m still filling out. I’m filling out the headline thing. I spent my prep time this morning working on the 5-minute perfect webinar thing. Usually I have this filled out but still in less than five minutes. I’m going to have an amazing assortment of outrageously potentially successful headlines.

So there you go agency. Potentially, it’s me as the good rustling typically pictures for a gym. I don’t have a gym or some commercial real estate Soul use you go Delia. Haven’t you Motors gone. Nice what you do have gym equipment the bag.

Yeah. I can take care of that backgrounds for those who didn’t know once I click funnels. I think my brains already on the cruise. Like all I want to do is get a massage right now. And I year you’re talking my language after we’re done with this today. I’m taking my grandson’s Christmas shopping and next week is going to be coasting. I’m not going to be worth a dang a week from Sunday. And by the time Wednesday rolls around, you know, what the best part of a cruise though is dude. I’m telling you at least for me the absolute best part of the cruise is when you’re walking up the gangway to get on the boat.

It’s nothing but total unlimited possibilities for the next week. It’s a possibilities before you what did ya think about that when you’re getting on the boat think about what I said when you get on the boat man is the best part of the cruise I can do anything. The whole week is open to me.

I remember getting on a Disney cruise because Disney hey, I think I’ve literally found the background image that they’re actually using. There you go aggressive. Is that the same one that they’re using? Yeah it is. How did I Literally, just let’s see wait, okay. Yeah, I think I just I click on background office.  Obviously split testing page I see different page now.

Funnels Membership Marketing

It’s different page now. It was a second ago. Anyway, I think that is something I’m at how to earn a great living as a commercial real estate Professional without hauling it so you can avoid hauling families around in your car for weeks that we’re going to go with that.

Okay. I’m just gonna I’m gonna adapt it a little bit and just get it get it done. It’s kind of long, but that’s okay. Settings background he knew background God damn video. Yes. cut that looks amazing. – and I’m really dizzy cruise. I remember we got on and like Mickey Mouse to give me high fives. Everything’s amazing. Like this is a great experience and then the crew sends you walk off and feels like you’re right walking you to jail or something like oh, yeah and get out.

Hey, we love you. We love you get off by 8:00. Hey, you guys Mickey’s dressed up as a security professional in spraying mace go your cruise is officially done. You’re done. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. I would admit been run Disney Cruise. I would have liked to exits and one is like recent connections and crusader go this way. You see Mickey like smiling and waving and it’s like I’m not going to sign up right now and go the other way which is like into the horribleness that way it’s likely she can like we wanted another Cruise right man. It ended so weird. We’re done.

Goodbye Santa Cruz take my kids into the Disney cruise in March. This crews are so much fun. And you go. I think we’re just going to go with this with how to earn a great living as a commercial real estate professional.  I’m just going to go with that simple because I want to get to the other one tried to send you that to you can copy and paste. Can I can I start showing everybody the five-minute perfect webinar thing? Oh, yeah, please do. Okay.

So in here, I’m going to send you the link to the video, too. It’s going for existing real estate agents. All right. Yeah, that’s that’s what I that’s what I decided he was doing how about that? So anyway, I This is the five-minute perfect webinar wizard, excuse me, five-minute, perfect webinar script and this is designed to help you create a five-minute perfect webinar based on the Russell’s 10x secrets and what in the perfect webinar and then what Jamie did to adapt it down and so as with any final script we have examples in here. You can load them. I recommend that you load these in and you read the what people are what other examples we have so you can see how we filled this out others have filled it out successfully.

Funnels Membership Marketing

So in this case is just going to ask you a ton of stuff and the best thing I can tell you is this is going to take you probably 30 to 45 minutes to fill out but I will tell you it will be 32 the the some of the most profitable 30 to 45 minutes you will ever spend in your entire life.

And so the other thing I would tell you is just to make sure that you are consistently saving this as you’re going through because you don’t want to you know, I would hate for you to get to the end and be like, oh my God, I forgot to save it and then my you know, whatever.

So what I’m going to do now with no further Ado. I’m going to read you what this thing spit out and what I’m going to tell you is that literally I filled this thing out for about it took me 30 minutes to fill this out this morning right before we got on here and this is not my product and I did not talk to Dusty about this. So what we have is you actually have the ability to Output this as a word doc as text as a word doc and two different types of PowerPoint. So if you want to do this as a PowerPoint presentation, you can and it will spit the slide. Out for you, but I’m just going to Output the word. You know what I’m gonna do.

Yeah, man, I’ll put the word doc. So sorry. I’m just I’m just intrigued I’m excited to see Russell’s reaction to this. So this is the script and I’m just going to read it and then I did send you the video but I’m just going to send I’m going to read you this. Okay? You ready? Ready? Okay.

Hey, did you know that there’s a whole other world of real estate out there most agents never even consider. I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about Big Marketing budgets cold calling or family connections.

And while those can be important. I’m going to share three secrets with you today that’s going to revolutionize the way you look at your future in the real estate business.

I’m Dusty Bates and I’m a commercial. I’m a commercial real estate trainer who has helped countless agents just like you transition out of the depressing world of residential real estate. So what is this new world of real estate its commercial real estate sales.

Funnels Membership Marketing

It’s actually easier to lease apartments and sell commercial property than it ever was before and it’s much more fun and profitable. Chasing after houses with Buyers who can’t make up their minds after you showing them 20 different houses. So I’m going to share with you three secrets about commercial real estate sales and how you can finally have a real career in real estate as a professional.

I know what you’re probably thinking. It’s really difficult to break into commercial real estate and apartment rentals and it probably costs a fortune. But again, I’m going to show you a great way. You can get started really fast making money renting apartments and selling commercial properties and get amazing results. So the first secret is there’s a lot less competition.

The big idea here is you probably compete every day against hundreds if not thousands of residential agents in your local market. This is important because you don’t have that problem in commercial real estate. You don’t have hundreds of part-timers who are out there chasing just one or two deals a year and muddying up the waters for the true professionals like you of course, there are other agents out there, but there’s a lot less competition in the way of you rising to the top and Commercial Real Estate.

The second secret is you get treated like a professional in commercial real estate. The main thing to understand here is that commercial real estate is a business not a babysitting service this means Real estate is a business and the vast majority of the time you are dealing with business owners during business hours. You’re not loading a family into your car for days on end hoping they buy something from you only to lose the commission because they buy from assigned call on a Saturday when you’re trying to spend time with your family.

The Third Secret is the commission’s are significantly higher you make a lot more money. When you sell commercial real estate the key. This is key because you’ll work just as hard to sell a hundred thousand dollar house. If not harder as you will to sell a ten million dollar property, but the payoff at the end is 10 times or more what you make from the house now, I know what you’re thinking it’s tough to break into the commercial real estate World. Well, the tricky thing is that most agents don’t even realize there are specific things you can do to get started in commercial real estate and build your book of business quickly unlike begging for people to buy a house from you instead of their aunt or a friend at the PTA who happens to be an agent. There’s a clear path to success in the commercial real estate world. Funnels Membership Marketing

So I’ve created this training academy to help you break into the World of commercial real estate very quickly all this training and tools are based in the real world of commercial real estate success. We teach you what the pros do to get the business find the clients take the listings and More. In fact, it’s been recognized by academic experts as MBA Level Training for commercial real estate professionals.

Funnels Membership Marketing

And so what this is going to do is walk you step-by-step through the process of building your business as a commercial real estate professional who can handle everything from high-end apartment rentals, $200,000,000 high-rise Office Buildings, and I as a commercial real estate trainer who has discovered the secrets to commercial real estate success.

What I do is I train and Mentor agents just like you to take your skills and escape the Denon world of residential real estate and rise to the top with the unlimited potential offered by commercial real estate. And so what I’ve done is I’ve created this amazing Academy for you. If you click the link, you can register today. Honestly don’t know how much longer will keep this training academy available at these prices and they will certainly go up because we can only Mentor a limited number of Agents once it’s full up. We have to close the doors. So click the link and get in. Day while it’s still available. We’re always here to help you and I can’t tell you all the amazing results. We’ve gotten for residential agents just like you who are struggling with residential real estate sales.

We also have one on one coaching available. But today I’m talking about the training academy, which is amazing. Can’t wait to see you on the inside. Have a great day. Boom, dude. That is That is not good. That is great. That is amazing. And all of that came from the from this script Jiffy much customization on that. Oh dude, I have spent I cannot even tell you how much work goes into that. That was like that was I have spent on this.

Holy crap. It’s I mean, I spent my whole birthday cruise literally getting inside of Jamie’s mind. I had both of her five-minute webinars transcribed and just I was sitting in the thermal Spa just just line-by-line thought by thought turning this what she figured out and then what I know about, you know, because I’ve created the perfect webinar wizard not once but twice dissected your books to really so I took everything that I knew about creating that software two different times based on two different books and having done the perfect webinar having watched you do the perfect webinar having seen what she It and then all this other stuff and then put it in here.

And this is one of the reasons why I’m keeping it in beta for a couple of months because what I’m doing is I’m going through it with people and and and literally we’re going through it. I’m seeing where it needs to be tweaked and changing little words here and there to make it. I’m I want this to be the most awesome funnel script ever because personally I think this is the one that can change people’s lives for real. I think I feel like there’s something I would use almost on a daily basis.

I also have some icing fill it out. Like you’re trying to Facebook live like that. These the story like it was so good.  Yeah, and I did it on something. I knew nothing about imagine if you knew what the heck you were talking about right as amazing.  Oh, yeah. Oh and just just in time to be plugged your video and the check this out you guys so I’m going to say this is our new version of the page. So I’m very proud of dude. That looks amazing.

Thank you and check it out. We got Jim. You already in there? There’s a whole other world of real estate out there most agents never even consider. I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about Big Marketing budgets cold calling or family connections. And while that there it is. Yeah. Holy cow.

That was pretty awesome. That is that is literally true. I would be curious to you know, what do you those are you watching on Facebook or you know, just in the comments somewhere let us know guys. What what do you think of that that script that I just read there? Yeah or on YouTube reviews read download comments down below and I’m going to give you my opinion. So I honestly I think that At least once a week, I’m gonna have some of my team because we have this whole content team. That’s like Rusty got to talk to this this and it’ll give me direction. I’m like Greek or my hey, this is Russell and I’m off top my head all the time. I want to be at least once a week. Where would they know think I’m promoting right pushing towards something.

In fact, we should do this week. I might do this week for um for fun. I can live and just fill out and then go live and just do it and see what happens without breaking the script just filling it out whacking the button and then doing it and see how many cells come on that versus me freestyling. Hoping to open to convert people. Let me cool.  Well if I can help you in anyway Russell, you know, I’m here bailable gonna fill it out for me. No, whack the button. I told that for that we can fill it out together. Funnels Membership Marketing

Funnels Membership Marketing

Funnels Membership Marketing

It would be cool. If you want are we doing a promo for fun? Like and I mean, you know, we did it didn’t we we did the 12 Days of Christmas Myron and I were day one, so she another one we fill it out and whack maybe maybe next photo. As we do that for like because now it takes a little longer than 20 minutes to fill the thing out true healthy throughout things of that but it’d be kind of fun because Robert it be amazing to do a case study with you to fill the thing out and us doing it together and be walking you through it like we did with Jamie because Jamie I mean Jamie came up with the idea of doing it in five minutes and she was blown away when we were done.

What’s funny. He says they 45 minutes till after some people like genuine interview yesterday the 12 Days of Christmas and took her three months to figure that out that’s iterating iterates like Jiffy from three months. If and hopefully figure this out too like 45 minutes fill it out hit the button do the thing and within an hour total time, you have sales coming in. Whatever it is. You’re selling this is insane.

So cool. Thank you for putting in the effort to actually create that because I know I don’t even know if I can imagine that the reverse engineering thought process is to go through your mind. To be able to like take something. Read backwards engineer figure out the questions to ask then make it go forward and actually turn out amazing the end. It stresses me out anything about West go into each one of these things. So it’s I’m grateful for you for doing it. So on that’s my superpower dude.

This is super power. Well, that’s fun. And I hope I this is like a Christmas present for all you guys so it’s getting released everybody after fun like the lives of that the game plan. Yeah. It’s for getting released. I have a bunch of beta testers and it’s getting released after phone hacking lime. So like right after phone hacking lat he’s fine in this presentation and then you guys have the context of the content and plug it into the system and start doing all the time. So, I don’t know what else we could do. I mean I could come to your house and you could make my favorite lunch for me, but it’s not going to happen. So yeah, and I’m super stoked about it funnel hacking line me. I’m like, I’m telling everybody you got to be there you got to be or this is the event it is the event.

If you are not at this event you hate money, you’re not serious about your online business you your neglectful of your family. I mean, there’s also I could say all Court kinds of stuff. I mean you don’t care about your kids. If you don’t come to funnel hacking live, that’s just the way it is. If you’ve got to come to this event. It is an amazing experience that will change your life. It will motivate you and will educate you it will get you on the right track to be successful and you look at Jamie.

I mean I didn’t I didn’t know her story, but when she was at funnel hacking live two years ago. When I spoke two years ago, she was just like barely hanging on find understand the story. Right? I mean she was she was going from less than 0 and then a year later.  She’s in the 2 comma club and then a year later.

Funnels Membership Marketing

She speaking on stage at funnel hacking live. I mean if that doesn’t speak to the power of the event and click funnels and funnel scripts and the culture that you have created. I don’t know what could speak to that. You know, I think if I sell the fence I would say, okay. My goal is be speaking on stage into your smells like to go this year at experience it then I got a year to just Implement everything and hit the golf club and then the next year if your story is amazing like James, right? What do you know? Then you have a good shot to be on stage telling your story.

They fought the cool thing. I thought I can live is like it’s not a bunch of professional speakers who come to speak at its people our community who a year ago two years ago in the audience listen to something. They have the big aha, the implemented it executes on another coming back and they take guys. This is how I did it. This is how I did it and it’s like 90% this business is just belief like you believe it is actually possible is one thing you believing that you can actually do as a second thing and like that’s the whole message bike rides.

You need you to believe it’s possible then you can you believe it’s possible for you because I can have a professional speaker. There’s like that. I’m still works Bubba blah and you back I believe it works for them. But this is like I want you to believe it’ll work for you and best way to guys like and that first and last year sitting right here in this spot. And now that are where can I be to your for now, that’s the magic formula and the third thing I would add to that is believe it works believe it’ll work for you and then plug into the community and the tools and the training and the resources and all of the things that Russell puts in front of you to be able to bring it to reality.

I think that’s an important third part. That’s key the whole all of that working together. It’s this is the event. This is the event. I would never miss another one. That’s we tries to fight this process. Like I always tell people like in any Market you’re in the person who makes the most money is the person whose figure out simplify the process for the customer the most and for me. It’s been 15 years of my life simplifying this in fines and over Jim you insane even do this long as I have simplify some find a point where it’s like the others 10 15 years ago.

If you wanted to do copywriting you never pay someone $25,000 for coffee or you sit there and study it and master. It’s been 5 years left trying to figure this out to do it now jump through Phi so much like just fill in the blanks whack the button edit a little bit and blueberry to go to the throne saying what you and I are program or we could become a programmer. Our designers become a designer or now. So just log in and just drag and drop and it’s he liked it.

Funnels Membership Marketing

There’s no better time than today to start a stuff. Like I wish everyone who is that this is really hard could rewind 15 years ago to an I got started pretty face book pre Myspace pretty Friendster as I have you by ass. Like I don’t know. There’s no platforms actually buy ads on people go figure it out, and we did I think It can’t be any easier than it is today. But you got to still come in understanding be inspired and get the right tools to be able to do it. But we just keep making it simpler and simpler and simpler because I believe in you I believe in your message and now you got to take that leap of faith and just come and are some people this yesterday.

I keep telling people on the Facebook lives might get we spend a million dollars apart house party Millie came yesterday. She’s like you should have stopped telling people that my Y is not paid a million dollars and she’s like no look at the budget. She showed me the budget as of two days ago. We’re 2.6 million dollars being spent on my pocket gonna call I can live so far. So I’m two and a half million dollars into putting this party with you guys. Cuz that’s how much I believe in you and your product.

I did your service what you have and so all you gotta do is cover thousand bucks to come and experience what I paid two and a half million dollars to throw for you. So like it’s worth the effort people always like this costs a lot of money that it cost me way more made to cost you because I want you guys to be there I believe in it I believe in you and if you get there we were Not an event that will change your life. I promise you that so you just got to make that little commitment that little step and then show up.

Funnels Membership Marketing: So there you go. Awesome three fun. Anyway, they’re at least it’ll be the two of us medium would be to have a good time. Are you guys gonna take Jake out for like and I thank you Jim for today. I cannot wait to see you on the cruise and like a week or two weeks and raised two weeks now me awesome. So if you lot of fun, I thanks everybody. Thank you. Jim will see you guys all again soon. Bye guys. I can find stuff, right? Funnels Membership Marketing


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