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Funnels Online Marketing: We are bringing back some old school marketing tactics at ClickFunnels™ and came up with an idea to promote Funnel Hacking Live that is unusual for online marketing. The telethon.

Funnels Online Marketing: The Telethon

When I got done wrestling, I didn’t work out for like, eight years, I gained a bunch of weight and I didn’t believe that it affected performance. You know that brain fog you get sometimes? I used to get it all the time. When I finally started to try to get back in shape, lost some weight, it’s amazing how much clearer things were.

It’s easier to focus. the more your body is running optimally, the more your mind runs optimally. Eventually, Alex Charfen talked about this, he said, if you had a million dollar race horse, what would you do with it? And say, oh well you’d feed it the best food, give it the best supplements, you’d take care of it, all these kinds of things, And he’s like, so then how can you bring a multimillion dollar year business, when you treat yourself like a race horse. (upbeat music) If you wanna be at peak performance all the time, it’s not just your mind, it’s your body.

They go hand in hand. (upbeat music). – You want the truth? The truth is, I’m a huge believe in having a trainer. Many times when I come to the gym and just basically lift weights and do nothing, and having a trainer actually keeps you accountable. You just have to have a coach in life in every aspect. – This right here, this is Mark Schultz, and he was my wrestling coach at BYU. My roommate and I were sitting in our dorm room and all of a sudden we heard this knock on the door.

We open the door an it’s coach Shultz. He’s an olympic champ, he went to the UFC, and probably one of the toughest human beings on this planet. – [Announcer] Too much blood even for the ref. – [Russell] He hands me this VHS video tape, it says total violence on it, and he’s like, this is all my best wrestling mat moves. He’s like, watch this every day and you’ll become a better wrestler.

I was like okay, and he’s like, wait hold on. Go get your wallet. I hand it to him, he opens it up, looks at my money, takes it all out of this wallet, puts it in his pocket, and hands me back an empty wallet. Coach, what’s going on? Why’d you take my money? And he’s like, I’m gonna teach you a lesson right now, that’ll serve you for the rest of your life. He’s like, if I gave you that tape, he’s like, you’ll never watch it.

But now that you’ve invested everything you have, all the money you have in it, because you invested everything, he’s like, you’ll… you’re gonna use it, your gonna watch it, you’re gonna pay attention and you’ll become a better wrestler because of it. I learned the moves, I became a better wrestler, all because I invested in my education. So as soon as we get done lifting today, we’re gonna crafts on it and freeze, because that would get our brain at optimal performance.

Funnels Online Marketing: Funnel Hacking Live is Important!

Alright, so what’s gonna happen, we turned it on, it’s gonna drop to about negative 140 degrees Celsius. – Geeze it’s so cold.   The entire thing will fill up with like, liquid nitrogen and we’ll jump in and you stay in for about three minutes. It feels like we’re sitting on an iceberg! [Videographer] – Now for men, is this gonna cause permanent shrinkage at all? – And then after that we’ll be heading in. The team is already there early this morning getting everything set up.

They’re setting up an actual telethon. – [Mark Schultz] You have never gone through the experience of paying for information. How can you sell the idea someone should pay for information? And I’ve found that if they’ve never done it, I don’t want them as a speaker, the obstacle is too hard for me to overcome, but if someone is adept, I took every penny and every dollar in my wallet to get information I needed.

When you told me that story long ago, it resonated with me. That’s exactly why you’re good at this, because you know what it feels like to give up everything in your wallet to get something that you know is gonna make a difference to you. (music beat) – Yeah I think of all the things that we do, I think the Funnel Hacking Live is probably the most important, most valuable thing that we produce and put on.

Funnels Online Marketing

It costs us over a million dollars to put on the event. And I want every entrepreneur to be there. But the problem is, is also of everything we sell, it’s by far the hardest thing to sell. You think about software information products, it’s like an impulse buy, right? With this, it’s not impulse buy because someone’s gotta go and they have to get work off, and they have to convince their spouse, and they have to find babysitters for their kids, and they gotta flight and hotels and tickets are selling really well and consistently, but we need more tickets.

We need to do some big things to sell tickets. We had a meeting probably two or three weeks ago, and we’re just like, okay, what can we do to sell tickets and we’re brainstorming a bunch of ideas and all of a sudden in my head, I have no idea how it popped into my head but I started remembering PBS and little telethons that I used to watch as a little kid. – [TV Host] Call in and use credit cards.

Funnels Online Marketing: The most brilliant marketing secret!

[Russell Brunson] They show you a movie like Wizard of Oz, and so the whole family watching the Wizard of Oz and then in the middle it would stop and hey, really quick before we keep you from watching the show, the way we are able to stay on T.V. as a network is, we raise funds, and they had the host and behind the host was all these people who were taking calls, and like, call this number and donate some money to keep us on air.

And all of a sudden I was like, what if we did a telethon? I don’t know, what if we just did a fun show, I just tell stories and then we got people behind me answering calls and trying to get people to call in and then, when are we doing it, we’re like, oh, in a week and a half from now. (upbeat music) – This is one of those things that could be like the most brilliant marketing idea in the history of marketing as we know it. Or it could be the biggest train wreck we know. – [Announcer] Five, four, three, two, one, we’re live! – [Russell Brunson] We’re actually live? – [Announcer] We’re live! – Ah we’re live! What’s up everybody.

Well welcome to our first ever, and maybe the last ever, we’ll find out afterwards, Click Funnels Telethon. Basically what’s gonna be happening is over the next couple hours I’m gonna be telling you guys a ton of stories, walk you through over 150 plus funnels we’ve launched before Click Funnels even came about. Maybe you’re wondering what in the world are we doing this.

Well, what’s happening, is today, I feel like I have more obligation to everybody here who’s watching this, and make sure you guys come and love Funnel Hacking Live. I’m gonna be bribing you guys with an insane amounts of bonuses and prizes today, to make sure you love Funnel Hacking Live, so you can YouTube us by going to Funnel Hacking or, call these guys right here! – [Audience member] Woooo! – [Russell] 1-877-222-3959 give us a call and let’s get you tickets to Funnel Hacking Live for you and your family your teams and everything. – [Dave] I love going back to old marketing stuff, it’s what no one else is doing these days, everyone thinks they’ve forgotten it, like it doesn’t work.

The reason it actually twice as well today is because it worked well then and there’s no competition, no one else is doing it. – [Myles] Funnel Hacking Telethon, this is Myles, how many tickets would you like? – [Phone Operator] Oh, how do I answer? – [Russell] Oh this is not a good start. – You pick up the phone. – Oh my gosh our first phone call just came through! Hey this is Russell. – Russell, Grant Cardone, buddy. I love your telethon man! – Thank you! We’re going old school! So great has this big 10X event. Funnels Online Marketing

This year he wanted to go even bigger, so it’s in a baseball stadium in Miami, he’s got it’s supposed to be 35,000 people coming at it and we bought 1,000 seats so we’re gonna have all our community come and like use those seats so we can have a big Funnel Hacker party. – [Grant] Now I can’t think of anybody to partner with better than you, Russell, I mean I love you, I love your organization, you guys do what you say you’re gonna do, you deliver a great product, so that’s the kind of people we want to align ourselves with.

Funnels Online Marketing: Give away item is effective marketing strategy

Keep hacking the world bro! – Alright, thanks Grant, I appreciate you. Anyone who buys today is gonna get a special seat at 10X event, to sit with all the Funnel Hackers. And then Dave, I’ve been told we need to give away a prize right now, for the next person who buys.. Dave shows up and he has this like, money suit, money tie and he’s I’m gonna hand out prizes.

We’re gonna randomly give away the coveted Cliff Falls backpack, the Blue Yeti Mic, how about two mac books? – [Dave] All of the notes for the year’s Funnel Hacking Live in the past, the only way to get them is buy a ticket. One of the most biggest requests we’re getting right now is for me to give away the suit. – Oh! I want the suit! – Who wants the suit! Look at that beautiful purple lining, huh? My biggest fear, honestly, was that I was gonna rip out the seat of the pants, because they were so tight. Josh, who’s our winner? – The winner of the money suit, Kevin Hoff. – [Russell] Kevin Hoff! – [Dave] Oh, Kevin you are so lucky! Funnels Online Marketing

This is on it’s way to you baby. 877-222-3959, call the number now! – I guess that he messaged me after, his voice was wrecked, like, I got the smoker’s cough going on here, and I’ve never smoked at all, so I don’t know what’s happened. And for me it’s also like, modeling exactly, but looking at a lot of things and taking all those things together and blending into like, a new idea. And so we saw PBS telethon, we do webinars all the time so, like partially this webinar pitch, but it’s also infomercial.

If you watch an infomercial you know that people are flipping the channels all the time, so infomercials for like a 26 and a half minute infomercial they will repeat the call action three times.  This is the same thing as some people’s Facebook feeds, or YouTube feeds, and right away we’re jumping in, so we have to make the entire sale argument. Every, about 10 minutes we start from the beginning and re-tell it, hook people in, give them your side, and have the sales again, so it kept happening. So it was kind of taking a lot of those selling systems and blending them into the telethon that turned out the way it did. – If you haven’t got your tickets yet, go to Funnel Hacking or call these guys right now.

That’s the whole game of marketing, right? It’s like hook, story, offer, and grab them and get the attention long enough to be able to make your message. – So I already showed you guys the video from our very first Funnel Hacking Live ever where we had over 600 people. The second Funnel Hacking Live was where we had 1200 people there. Third one was in Dallas, 1500 people and this was the first year that Tony Robbins came. (energizing music) This is from our last Funnel Hacking Live where we raise over a million dollars for Operation Underground Railroad.

Funnels Online Marketing: Double your sales in two weeks.

This couldn’t have happened without Click Funnels. Thank you guys so much. (applause) And so, when you watch it’s like, I want you guys again, visualize yourself sitting in the room, visualize the conversations that happen, the things that you didn’t experience if you were there, things you could have experienced had you been a fly on the wall.  And that way you think about, man, should I be in the next one, should I be there, and then Roy’s like, you need to be in the room.

I promise you guys, it will change your perspective, it’ll change your belief patterns, it’ll change all the things that are holding you back, and rip those things away so you can finally run forward and do what you’re supposed to do, serve the way you’re supposed to serve, and make the money you’re supposed to make.

Next year I’m coming in hot! I’m gonna be practicing all year, double phones, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. – You guys, we sold about 136 tickets so far, which is awesome. (clapping) Yeah, so it’s weird because we have no idea what what’s the goal, like, I don’t know, say 100 or 500, we have no idea. I think when we left last night, it was like 160 or so tickets had been sold.

Which one thing is exciting, but the second thing is by the time I left yesterday, over 17,000 people had viewed the telethon which is cool because that means 17,000 people who didn’t buy, are the ones right now talking to their spouse, talking to their kids, trying to see if the dates will work, trying to get work off, and so, it will linger for the next, probably, three or four weeks afterwards.

Funnels Online Marketing: We’ll see a rise in sales, it will just continue to happen. And then now that it’s done and it’s live on Facebook and on YouTube, and now we’re buying ads to it so, so we’ll continue to keep seeing this for the next couple of weeks. And my guess, when all is said and done, we’ll probably sell five or six hundred tickets from the telethon. Thank you to everyone for making that a possibility. That was insanely cool! I can barely breathe or talk right now but that was like the coolest thing experienced ever. Funnels Online Marketing


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