How To Use Product Launch Funnels To Dramatically Increase Sales

Funnels Product Launch

Funnels Product Launch: Russell Brunson takes you through the importance of product launch funnels and the secrets that allow you to drastically increase sales and potential buyers through this useful marketing technique. Russell provides the keys to this vital digital marketing practice and gives you his top converting product launch funnels for FREE!

Funnels Product Launch: How to use funnels to make people buy your products

– [Russell] Hey this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Product Launch Funnel Secrets. Now I wanna quickly show you how to use product launch funnels to persuade people to buy your products, and then at the end of this video I’m actually gonna give you my top converting product launch funnels for free. Now before I do that I wanna explain to you what a product launch funnel is, how it works, and how it can work for your specific business. So the first step in this video is I’m gonna show you kind of an outline, like a mock up of what a product launch funnel kinda looks like. So it looks kinda like this.

All right so the first page in the product launch funnel is a basic squeeze page where you get somebody excited and then get them to register for your product launch series, for the training videos that they’re gonna be seeing throughout the rest of the funnel. A lot of times what we’ll add is also a popup where you take a basic survey to find out who they are, what they’re looking for, and that way if you want you can customize the email sequence that pushes them through the product launch funnel. Now after they’ve opted in, they’ve given you their email address, then we take them to page number one of the product launch sequence. Now on this page typically there’s a video that is teaching them something throughout, something about your product or your service.

Then a couple days later they get video number two, a couple days later video number three, and a couple days later they get video number four, and on that video you actually make them an offer for the product or the service you are selling. I’m gonna kinda walk you through in more detail what happens on each of these pages here in a minute. But this is kinda the framework of what a product launch funnel looks like. And this is if you were to plugin like an actual, some templates in this is what the templates might look like here in a product launch sequence.

Okay, so the question a lot of people ask me is where did product launch funnels come from? There’s been a lot of people doing it for years, but originally it came from one of my friends, his name is Jeff Walker. And Jeff is kinda the inventor of the product launch funnel, and he likes to call it a sideways sales letter, meaning instead of having a long-form sales letter that gives all the information about a product and trying to sell it in the end, he turns that sales letter on the side and does it through videos. So the first video is the first part of the sales message.

Funnels Product Launch: Complete product information is important

You’re training, you’re educating, giving them some information, and then video number two gives them a little more, video three gives them a little more, and the last video you actually sell the product or the service. So these videos are training, they’re educating, they’re breaking false beliefs, they’re telling people about more, giving them more information about product or your service.

And in the end of it you make the special offer to sell the product to them. And so that’s kind of what the sideways sales letter is or the product launch funnel. And this is a picture here of Jeff Walker, and this is kind of a picture of one of his product launch funnels. Now here’s how a product launch funnel works. Step number one is we drive someone to a page where we get them to opt in for the video sequence, okay? And so what’s gonna happen is they’ll come here, they’re gonna watch a video, and then a lot of times they’re gonna have a basic quiz where they tell you a little bit more about themselves, okay? Then step number two is, then we have typically three different videos. These are the three sideways sales letter videos. Now these are dripped on through a certain period of time.

So might get the first video immediately. The second video might come two or three days later and third video might come two or three days later as well. And so each of these videos teaches one step of the process. It gets them closer to the sale. And then the last step is the actual sales video where you sell the product and service that these videos have been creating desire for. Okay, so that’s basically how a product launch funnel works. And here’s some examples of one. Up here on the left-hand side, this is one of Stu McLaren’s product launch funnels, some of his Tribe Workshop. Down here is Todd Brown selling his E5 Master Camp. Over here is another one.

These are just different layouts and different ways to design a product launch funnel page. All right? So what kind of products and services work good for a product launch? Well, honestly, if you’re trying to launch any product a product launch funnel is good. But it works specifically well for courses, for products, for live events, and things like that. And so if you’re thinking about launching a product or you have a new product coming out, or you wanna take a product that you’ve been selling for a long time and kind of breathe new life into it, a product launch funnel’s a great way to actually do that.

Funnels Product Launch: Allow people to comment on your product

So here’s some of the best practices. Page number one, I like having a video that explains what’s happening during this training course they’re signing up for, okay? We like having little mini-surveys so we can figure out who they are. We can customize the emails on the backside of it. And that’s kind of best practice for page number one. Page number two, now, we have these videos. And so what I like having is, you’ll notice you’ll see different videos up top. You see the one that they’re on right now is all lit up and it’s in color, and the ones that are locked down are black and white. So they can’t get to those yet. But it builds anticipation like, okay, this is the first video.

These other videos are coming in the near future, K? So that’s kind of how it works there, and then each one as you move forward then unlocks the second video, then the third video’s unlocked, and then finally the fourth video. And so each of these are different pages. They look very similar though. So people feel like it’s kinda the same look and feel. They know where they’re at and they know where they’re going. We like having comments on here. People can come into here and they can actually comment on the video, the trainings that they’re learning. The more they comment the more likely they are to purchase in the future. And the last page, then, is the last video in the product launch funnel where you actually make the special offer.

You sell them your product, your service, your course, your training, whatever it is you are selling, basically it’s a video with an order form, and that’s kind of the last step here inside of a typical product launch funnel, K? Now in the past if you wanted to build a product launch funnel you had to do a whole bunch of things. You had to hire designers and programmers and webmasters, and analytics people, and a whole bunch of things just to get these things set up. It was expensive, it took a lot of time, a lot of energy. But today you’ve got a simpler, a much easier process. Instead of doing all that, instead what we can do is you can use our simple ClickFunnel share pages. Now if you look own below on this page, there’s a whole bunch of product launch funnels that have been pre-designed for you already by me and a huge team of amazing designers.

These product launch funnels are designed in a way to convert. All you gotta do is pick which one you want, and then after you do that you would take them to a share funnel page like this where we actually will show you all the steps, all the pages in that funnel, and then if you wanted you can get it for free. If you already have a ClickFunnels™ account we’ll take that funnel and put it into your ClickFunnels™ account. If you don’t have a ClickFunnels™ account yet on that page you can get a free 14-day trial and we’ll take that funnel, we’ll push it into your account, and you can start using it today, all right? So step number one is scroll down below and pick which template you like the best.

Funnels Product Launch: Different templates that is easy to customize

There’s a whole bunch of designs that are already proving to convert. Just pick one fits the look and the feel of the brand you want the most. And then step number two is then you can customize this to actually match the look and feel of what it is you’re trying to create. So let me show you really quick exactly how we edit one of these pages here inside of ClickFunnels™. Okay, so now I’m on the exact same page you’re on, so I can scroll around here and see all the different templates, and just pick whichever one I like the most, so I’m gonna pick just this one right now. Take that entire funnels, gonna bring it over to my ClickFunnels™ account and start building up all those pages inside of my account.

Then click right here on view funnel. Now what you’ll notice is all those pages I talked about here in the product launch funnel, they’re all right here. You can see ’em one, two, three, like all the pages are right here, ready for you to customize. And I’m not gonna obviously customize all of ’em, but I wanna show you how quickly and easily I could. I click here on edit page, which then takes us inside the ClickFunnels™ editor, and then from here I can come in here, I can change the text. My product is awesome. If you want you can come in here. You can change the images, you click on it. It pops out here. Grab a new image from your image library. Upload one from your desktop.

That fast my page is updated. Now if I want I can grab things, I can move ’em around. Say I wanna move the button up above or I can move it back down. It’s literally just clicking on things, dragging and dropping, editing things. This is so much fun. And that’s how ClickFunnels™ works. After editing I click on save, then click on preview button. And that fast my funnel is up and live. Now if I don’t like something I can go back really quickly and easily. I can come here. I can move some things. I can edit it and that way I can make the funnel look exactly they way that I want it to look to match my brand. All right, so now you’ve seen how simple this is customize it. Just pick which one of the templates down below you like and then you can customize it.

Now one thing you’ll notice, notice that all three of these templates right here are all based on the exact same template. But because it changes the colors, the picture, the images, they all look completely different. So no matter what kind of branding you have you can make your brand work here inside of these funnels. All right? And the third step is then you go out there and you launch it. Now this is a video I wanna show you really quickly from my friend Garrett J. White. And on this video he’s gonna explain to you why he uses ClickFunnels™ versus all the other options that are out there on the market. (dramatic music) – Hello, my name is Garrett J. White, the Master Coach Mentor and founder of Wake Up Warrior Academy. And I will tell you this right now. We have tested with platforms.

Funnels Product Launch: Software tools we amazing

We have tested everything. I have attempted for the past six years to use every available software tool I could find that made it simpler for me to share my message, and it started with WordPress and then it went PlugIns and then OptimizePress, and then we went to Kajabi, and then we went to Leadpages. And these are all wonderful. Know the owners of these guys. They’re fantastic, software tools were amazing. When ClickFunnels™ came out I was like dude, I cannot handle another software tool.

I don’t give a shit. We just kinda manage our stuff between Leadpages and Kajabi. And then my friend said, just test it. Just try it out. And I went to ClickFunnels™, and no bullshit, like every software increment over the last five years has been a, not a quantum shift in what you can do with the tool to get your message out to the marketplace. They’ve been incremental. So like there’s been a move from Kajab to Leadpages or from OptimizePress to Kajabi. And they were these segmented steps that had slight improvements that made it easier. ClickFunnels™, though, came outta nowhere.

They too the marketplace by storm just like Apple did when they first launched the iPhone. It was not a linear move anymore. It was a quantum move in improvement that opened up a gap to allow people just like you watching this, people just like you and me, who are not technically savvy, we weren’t born in the matrix, and we didn’t have a chip implanted in our heads, we’re not engineers or computer science majors and we don’t understand that stuff inherently.

Funnels Product Launch

Funnels Product Launch: One software for all your business

ClickFunnels™ gave you, you my friend, an opportunity to cut and decrease the time of stress and anxiety and suffering behind a keyboard, trust me the days you wanna just pound vodka and throw your Mac out the window because you can’t figure shit out, ClickFunnels™ has brought it to a place that it is a quantum leap in opportunity which allows you, just like the iPhone, to not only look smarter, but to feel smarter, and ultimately to only deal with the stuff that matters, which is getting your message about your product and your program and service out to the marketplace. –

How many of you guys think that ClickFunnels™ is the most amazing (sound distorts voice)? (audience cheering) – You quit spending all the time in suicide watch and having to check yourself into a hospital and honestly trying to deal with everything else that’s come out before it. So I not only fully endorse ClickFunnels™, it’s the only software tool that we use when it comes to our funnels online across all four of my businesses. We’re not going anywhere else, love Russell, love this event.

 This event married up to that software tool, you are a dumb ass if you don’t come, and that’s okay, there’s plenty of dumb asses on the planet, just don’t let it be you. – [Russell] All right, so if you already have a ClickFunnels™ account all you need to do is scroll down below, click the template you like, customize it, and then you can go out there and you can launch it. If you don’t have a ClickFunnels™ account yet, don’t worry, same thing, go down, pick which template you want, click on the button and you’ll be taken to a page like this. And on this page you can go and create a free 14-day trial and you start editing your template today. And that’s how easy it is to get started with ClickFunnels™. So let us know what template you want. Get your free 14-day trial and start building out your product launch funnel today.


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