Clickfunnels™ Amazing Team – How can I build an amazing team?

Clickfunnels™ Amazing Team: What is the best way to influence someone who is currently in a 9 to 5 job who is a doubter of IM that it actually works… and to get involved in it? And what’s the best way to help them on their journey so they become successful so they can quit their job?

Chris is our first question all right Chris we’re going to actually watch your video now I have not seen this yet they told me that they wanted to surprise me with this video I think I said there’s nudity or something so I’m nervous but we’ll find out what Chris has got to say okay I have two things and I have something painful to get out of my chest number one 11 months ago I didn’t know sales models even existed

i had never sold anything online but failing i completely immersed ourselves in your content and it’s been mind-blowing and the action we’ve been inspired to take has been life-changing life-changing to the tune of this month will be our first month 11 months later that we net over 20k in a month but who are the fun we’re already at max bandwidth and our goal is a 100 km long so we need a team which leads me to

my question Russell what are the most painful lesson that you learn in order to build an amazing team did you have today my name is Chris the idea guy and I build hmm oh [Applause] okay so that was making it hurt um thank you for a speaker question all right so the question basically if we recap it is how in the world did we build you guys so this is part of our team here is you guys know what’s our total team

member now Cambron total total total total what we got here 132 holy 132 people on our team so this is a couple things that I’ve learned about building a team number one they say that a B player no student and a player can get thirty-two hundred times more done than a B player so a lot of times we try to cheap out and get B player so like oh they’re super cheap but then they don’t actually get anything done and so we try to only recruit eight players so anyone who is here it means that they are a player which is awesome

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but literally like free to replace for you to replace an a player you have to hire like like five five to ten people to get like the equivalent of like one really really good persons number ones like is pay people really good and get good people because that’s like that like the number one biggest thing number two biggest thing I’m a big believer in I tell people my inner circle this all the time is get people who

get people who are already like your customers to work for you is a huge part of it I would say my guess is probably eighty eighty-five percent of our team like ClickFunnels™ members first before they came and started working for us and a couple reasons why number one is like if they’re already buying your stuff and a part of your culture a part of your family they know what you believe your values is so much easier

to bring some of that in and bring them into your team than it is to like bring someone off of a local ad try to convince them that you guys are awesome we had someone we hired a little while ago and it was crazy she’s not here anymore she left because and she told us you if you want to quote what she said when she left or is it there were horrible people because we try to sell things and it was like you hire someone who is on your list who is a customer already they know you sell stuff and they probably bought

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yourself your stuffs awesome and then you have some it was like you’re trying to sell some people you are evil and we found later that your political parties also should have been a warning to us so anyway none no offense to that I should be careful I’ll be careful I really right there because knowing I didn’t go far enough for them to know exactly what I was but that’s just enough number one hire a players number

two email your list email your customers like I promised you I bet your dream clients are on your list and they would do anything to work with you and for you and to be part of the mission and the cause of you are trading that’s the ones that good enough me drop my one more marketing secret it’s so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at experts stickers calm and book number two is called calm seeker and you get your free copy at calm secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets to leave you to become the fastest-growing non vc-backed fast startup company in the world


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Today’s Question: How can I build an amazing team?

What are the most painful lessons you have learned to be able to build the amazing team you have today?

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How can I build an amazing team?

How can I build an amazing team?


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