Clickfunnels™ Facebook Followers – How do I get a huge follower?

Clickfunnels™ Facebook Followers: Today’s Question: How do I get a huge Facebook following like you? My name is Lacey Fowler and I am the CFO of a record artists chronicle and Russell Brunson, I want to know how do I get a huge Facebook following like you?

Clickfunnels™ Facebook Followers: How to get more follows

all right so question number two who’s got who who’s open Biden we know Lacey Lacey is got number two question all right so here she’s got to say my name is Lacey Fowler and I am the CFO of a record artists Chronicle and Russell Brunson I want to know how do I get a huge Facebook following like you awesome okay

what’s her name again Lacey all right so Lacey’s question was russell brunson how do you get a huge facebook falling like you so this is the key and probably the best even a better case say than me is if you had to have if you watched final hacker TV he watched the biohacking seeker story Anthony came and we kind of went this whole process Anthony made a whole film about it so you can watch it when anthing I’ve started I think it’s Facebook following at to people like his mom and me and the right K how do we grow it and right now you’re laters got like 60 something thousand people is completely grown and what people

think it’s like there’s some magic trick but the real key is like is putting out really good content based ads that are self liquidating they’re profitable and my people sing your abs they will then start following you for example Anthony’s like we’ve never spent money to build his following I give you people to like and things like that what we did is I told two men to Anthony you need to have facebook live every single day and there’s a lot of reasons behind us but one the biggest ones is to help you find your voice and figure out like what people actually respond to so you do a Facebook live we put like five dollars or so it adds them behind it and just see like what would happen like people people like it they not like it and if they start taking off we would say cool we put a little more money behind it if it

Clickfunnels™ Facebook Followers: Create Video Marketing

didn’t we just spend five or ten bucks than within and next day so Anton do another one and he did a video every single day probably for like how many months for a long time he’s still doing it I told me is not allowed to stop till he’s a billionaire so he’s our Facebook guys every single day and then we’d run ads to those and not every time in fact it’s not even like the majority of time I gotta say Wayne one in ten maybe 120 you get the right message that hits people the right way and it starts growing really really fast in fact I remember when Anthony was starting his I make the weirdest videos possible because the biohacking do so I’m like do with lights in your nose and lasers coming out of your ears and weird

stuff like that and so huge in those lows never took off then he’s in this one I think is because he was lazy that day it was like how to buy hack your vegetables he’s like him and you had a vegetables in the pan he put like a stick of butter in it and he’s like this I by hack your vegetables and it was the first one that I took off and I’m getting like four or five hundred thousand views and shares and stuff like that and so we started putting more money behind it was working and it pushed them from the ad into a funnel so I actually made money on the ads for me to lose money but because all some 400,000 people saw that he got you know ten thousand people to follow and then the next Facebook live Bhan the next from

bomb next one bomb next one hit again and then we got another 10,000 people to follow but it all came from us organically pushing content those push people to a funnel so for all of you guys you know the whole like give it an apple a day keeps the dentist away or doctor way whatever that thing is the same thing is true for your bid or a little Facebook following so your Facebook live a day and then spend five to ten bucks kind of pushing that Facebook lied out there and it wanted to take off then put a lot of money behind it and but make sure your profit like you say it’s not just a Facebook live for your health

Clickfunnels™ Facebook Followers: Build Your Business Funnel

like it’s pushing to a funnel so Anthony’s do other biohacking secrets the biking seekers bio what’s the name of the fan page about my fan page so faceboo gonna come for Santa DiClemente which is really hard just google or go to biohack yeah anyway find it by asking page and watch the ends these videos and see it and you’ll see some got like four or five hundred views some have like a million plus views it’s because of that consistency in all of them there’s a format he like introduce themselves ask people to share it and then just video training and then the enemy pushes to his book it’s like a three to five minute video every single a like think there’s the model it’s done it’s it’s perfect so just model it and

use it for your business and if you do that you do Facebook live they ever see they prevent for in a year I will promise you hopefully I think but if you do that you should have anywhere from fifty to a hundred thousand fans of the year if you’re consistent with it most of you’ll be system with so do it all right and that’s when we go to our fan page so what do we get now job what about quarter million DS we’re really – and 35,000 and this was a cool thing John sent me how many uh what was the stat on how many who have watched Facebook lies in our camp so far it was kind of cool million then 20 million views this year

Clickfunnels™ Facebook Followers: How social media help your sales funnel

with yeah and then how to say like YouTube Church any hours that is I’ve watched time to show you yeah so on Facebook yeah – and so it’s like it’s like that much watch time plus a little bit a minute a minute did you put millions a minute so you’re asking no we’re like each person watches it like even anyway so like like when I do a video on Instagram and it shows me that video insights it’ll show me the in facebook same thing looks like you had 480 hours have been watched with the entity of this fall second video anyway I don’t know the answer yes and we don’t have big balls so whoo I was long answer but an

apple a day Facebook live a day will build your following any questions no you have to ask question the way everyone else is so now were things I drop some ice we drop it over just one more marketing secret it’s so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at experts secrets calm and book number two is called calm secrets and you get your free copy at calm seekers calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 speakers to leave you to become the fastest-growing non vc-backed fast startup company in the world


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Today’s Question: How do I get a huge Facebook following like you?

My name is Lacey Fowler and I am the CFO of a record artists chronicle and Russell Brunson, I want to know how do I get a huge Facebook following like you?

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How do I get a huge Facebook following like you?

How do I get a huge Facebook following like you?


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