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all right up next we got trend Evan Fenton yeah all right so we see what trends got hey Russell Trent Evans here my question is about running in my brain the agency while giving back to nonprofits I know you’re very passionate as am I about my church and my relationship with the Lord and I give back to causes associated with that so my question is how do you balance that in your own life and in your business being able to give back to those causes while at the same time being able to efficiently run your business and in my situation my practice you know what kind of pitfalls would you recommend looking out for any suggestions on how to manage it best that type of thing Thanks awesome trenton awesome questions so a couple things because you’re a lot to you a lot of times people get into business and they hear stories like that Thomas you dude who’s like gives the parachutes to everyone they make and they fall they’re romantic about that which is cool but then on top of that such like the romance how cool it is like they think like oh I’m gonna do this thing is can get marketing hook and we’re going to people to buy and all kind of stuff and like I don’t know you but I just feel dirty to me like it so yeah that’s a tongs with a lot people do I like their i K and buy let me give money to charity that way it’s gonna go viral like that’s kind of dirty like so a couple things first off what I say is the most important way to serve through through money like things like that is I believe in what we call tithe right tied this 10th attempt 10% right so it’s like 10% of anything that I make not like growth because I don’t even make 10% the graphic company right but like I take home money and the 10% and I tie that and that’s secret like I don’t share that people know what I’m doing with like it’s it’s given to things and it’s I’m a big believer like if you talk about like a cause you’re giving to like that’s your reward right like I’m a big believer in that so 10% want to make disappears and it goes to what I believe and I never talk about that it’s just it’s just gone and that’s that’s the big thing number to talk about tie down your personal time like I put in I try to put in 10 to my time into personal projects not so much money but like my time into things where I’m helping serve causes I believe in because money is one thing but time is different right so that’s another thing number three if you do decide to some part of your company for example we world teacher aid right at all the phone hacking live events we raise my April tea trade I’m going to be going to Kenya for my third time in October with our nine or ten of our funnel hackers which is really exciting and so we figured out a way to tie that into the business where every time some builds a funnel they goes live we give a dollar to Realty trade and then our advance raise money so we’re I think we’ve raised on half a million dollars or so for tha build a bunch of schools and I talked about that but I also rise alike because I’m talking about like that’s my blessing like I don’t think the lawyers can give you any more blessings for that because I’m talking about it so I know that so that’s just kind of my personal beliefs on on the topic um but I’m also might really like number against using it from marketing angle but it’s also like it’s not like them I don’t know I don’t feel comfortable or clean like using that as a marketing over to something we do and we talk about it because it’s a cool thing it inspires people and it gets other people to want to give and want to serve and it’s an inspiration thing so I think a lot of times like that’s why tiny from that into your business is good because it helps your your company or your culture like your people to go into something but also don’t do it at the the risk of Aiki of hurting your business I was listening it was a shark tank episode anti last year Henry who was but someone came and they pitched the sing words I get to get a charity thing and everyone’s all excited and ahem rivers cubital is Lori Grenier I suppose Lori and my hammer who was one of the Sharks basically came back and said look in your business you need to be as greedy as humanly possible so you can get all the money out and then you can be as charitable as you want with the money you make but like if you’re tying into the business like businesses go under because they’re taking money off the top to give to charities things like that and like businesses business like if the business is that if the owners not pay it the business would work whole thing collapses you have to be greedy selfish capitalists in your business but then when you get the money out then you can be charitable on that side that’s and I kind of believe in that so anyway I hope that kind of helps that’s my beliefs my thoughts and hope that that helps you out right now good all right I stopped in Mike one more marketing secret it’s so then go get your copies on my two best-selling books book number one is called expert seekers and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called dot-com seekers and you get your free copy at calm secrets.com inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets to leave you to become the fastest-growing non vc-backed fast startup company in the world

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Today’s Question: How do you balance between giving to causes you believe in and efficiently growing your business?

I know you’re very passionate, as am I, about your church and your relationship with the Lord. I give back to causes associated with that… How do you balance that in your own life and in your business… being able to give back to those causes, while at the same time being able to efficiently run your business? What kind of pitfalls would you recommend looking out for? Any suggestions on how to manage it best?

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How do you balance between giving to causes you believe in and efficiently growing your business?

How do you balance between giving to causes you believe in and efficiently growing your business?