How I Made 3 Million Dollars In 90 Minutes At Grant Condone’s 10x Growth Con Event

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A breakdown behind the scenes of everything that went into the 3 million dollars in 90 minutes from Grant Cardone’s 10X event.

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On this episode, Russell goes through a play by play of Grant Cardone’s 10x event and how he was able to make 3 million dollars in just 90 minutes. He also answers 12 questions people have been asking since the event. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in today’s episode:

-What kinds of things Russell and his team did to prepare for the event so they would have the ability to sell to such a large crowd.

-How this offer differed from the offer he presented at last years 10x event.

-What Russell did to get in-state before presenting onstage in front of almost 9,000 people.

-And find out the answers to the 12 questions everyone has been asking since the event took place.

So listen here to hear the amazing tale of how Russell was able to make $3 million dollars in just 90 minutes.

what’s up everybody Russell Brunson and welcome to the marketing secrets podcast today my talk is about how I’ve made over three million dollars in just 90 short minutes so the big question is this power entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable alright everybody so um unless I’m living in Iraq you’ve probably heard everybody talking about what happened last weekend which was kind of crazy so I had a chance to speak at Grant cardones TEDx event and yes the rumors are true we did my presentation in the end I sold a special offer and we sold over three million dollars in sales not just contracts but collected cash in the bank in just 90 short minutes and I’ve got a ton of questions coming in from all over the place so how we did it why we did it and all sorts of craziness and so I just wanted to use this episode I can tell you a little backstory and show you the actual process how we did it and then at the end I got 12 questions that a lot of guys are asking as well that was in kind of cover and so that’s kind of game plan so with that said um I’ll kind of jump back in the backstory so a couple years ago was the first time I ever heard about Grant Cardone when the guys that works for me Randy grizzle he he came to me system about Grant Cardone and Mike who’s that he’s like he’s this guy he showed me some videos I was like oh so he came aware of him then I started following him and just start seeing his stuff and last years probably a year and a half ago he he decide he was in launch an event he called it the 10x growth con and he launched this event and I was not one of the speakers when they launched it and as they started launching striking and bigger and bigger and finally one of my friends Brian post he reached out to me said hey you should really speak this events can be a big deal and I’m like I don’t have time to speak at events anymore much as I would love to and he’s like no this is one I think it’d be worth for you to do so he introduced me somebody over there and next thing we knew I was on the I was on the the page as the one of the speakers and I’d know Grant Cardone at the time he didn’t know me activate a call before they event to find out what I was gonna talk about and I kind of told him and he’s like well I want you to I just remember he’s like I’ve had other people like internet guys try self stuff and you know they’re not very good at it in fact when you go out there just go tell him the price first and just talk about and do people will buy that’s like you know the you guys know my backstory I’ve been doing this for a long time for over a decade and I’ve spoken on stages a lot I know the process and I was like well this is the way I want to do it right no no like you shoot our way into work and I was like okay and my head I was like now I’m doing it my way like I know how it works but I’d you know I didn’t want to like be weird on their first relationship or first call so they okay so when is that event I think there was a camera many people this is a 2,200 2800 don’t remember the exact numbers we got there and you know we showed up Dave they would or nice show up in a big box of order you know a box full order forms and we asked him so Kay when I speak tomorrow you know I need a couple sales tables and need I need staff to help man the tables into closed sales and they’re like why would you do that like we don’t have staff for you and I was like this is how it works and they never any respect from the time they never see me clothes or cell and so I couldn’t get them to even give me a like literally a table to sell from and so I’m like okay well this is how we sell so luckily Alex Leila her MOSI and who our inner circle members and two comma Club winners and soon to be eight figure Award winners they were in the audience as well and and I said hey can you guys help us close sales and make sure where’s the table mic there’s no table here so there’s like three door exit doors so Dave wasn’t one door at the box of applications and the handful of pens we bought it staples in 94 and so is Alex and Leila and so when I did my whole thing and I did my clothes and people started running to the sides to sign up and Dave and Alex lay there pulling normal forms out of a box trying to sign up people and in a short 30 minute window there they were able to close just shy of a million dollars in sales I don’t know where exactly was I know it was almost a million but not quite in sales in this thing I remember telling them afterwards Clegg off stage and Grant Cardone came up to me and first time we actually met in person he was like I never seen something like that before like what he’s like I’ve never seen a table rush like that people are running to the bus side to buy your stuff I was like yeah I kind of told you guys that but nobody believed me and and anyway and I was like that’s us how the process works and and I knew I remember afterwards he was like I want you to show me how to do that so if you watched some of the faces or some of the interviews he done with me afterwards you know always about that like I never seen someone do that before right that was the coolest thing in the world and anyway so about a month or so later they called me on the phone in the night Kate we’re thinking out do another event is someone gonna try to get out 9,000 people out if you want to speak at it it was like well first off I don’t think that’s possible you know 9,000 people to then but your last meant was so good I think we could you know if you do to get a more than willing to come sit cool he’s like you’re gonna be our big money speaker and he put me on the thing and they started promoting this thing for Ike the next year and lo and behold despite like my skepticism they had 9,000 people in the room like it was crazy it was in Vegas in at Mandalay Bay and the huge arena that you know I know they do boxing matches there they do concerts there like it was crazy and so they they filled it out so probably a month and a half two months ago we did call from before an event that I can’t says what’s happening and you know we’re gonna you know we made solar 8500 tickets to the time like we’re in have all of 9,000 sold and I was like oh crap and so we start talking about to do the sales process and there I go he what’s gonna happen to Ram an app on the phone so you skate up and tell them to buy on the app and that’s how you leave your table or table rush I was like no that’ll no that’ll kill all the momentum and that no that’s how it works make no like please please do not list me on the app and they didn’t all the other speakers were in the app with their price points knees click Abunda by my please will claim in the app like the whole Sokol social psychology is selling happens if you’ll stand up and they’re all running to go buy something like please don’t take that away from you please say agreed do not put me in the thing and then I was okay we need tables mic well how is it gonna work like this arena there’s three levels bottom floor first floor second throw our third floor and and then it’s like this huge it’s like a big basketball arena right so it’s like there’s people it can go all around the whole thing and they’re like how are you gonna do something I don’t know let’s let’s brainstorm this we spend the next couple weeks had a brainstorm out this process and so August I wanted to go and prepared but biggest problems like I can’t speak run the back room signups I’m like run the back of the room unless you’re on 2nd or 3rd floor 4th floor 2nd floor then you gotta run up the stairs and run halfway down the hallway to the other you know and it’s just I so stressed out like how are we gonna make this work and so as I was planning this talk a lot of people and one really good idea that I got from Brendon Bouchard samhitas no Brendon he told me he spoke at a big event like that one time and said but he does he he said afterwards people are gonna get pictures with you which is true I was like stuck in the casinos and the elevators and everywhere people trying to pictures with me but he said the way he did is he put up a picture booth right next to the sales table and said they were who signs up today you get a picture with me so you can have it and they say what happened is that you know bunch people ran over to buy and they get in line but so it happened took in an hour Saudis pitch here so everyone’s seeing this big line of people and some working week coming over and coming over says you just have Billy keep closing from social proof for like an hour so afterwards that’s like that’s a really cool idea so I decided to take that idea and a bunch of other ones and this is kind of how I choreographed it so the first thing you should all from sets from stage selling one of the biggest things you don’t want people to do it’s like when you’re about to make your offers to handout order for people always do this and drives me crazy they each of their pitch and the mic alright weird and out the order form is ever starts handing out the order forms else and everyone’s like looking at each other again the order forms of handing it they’re reading the thing they stop focusing on the speaker when I start handing out order forms to my sells rate dramatically shot up so I have a rule that’s like never hand out order form ever make them go to the back of the room to get the order form that for it therefore it creates the the table rush to the back but the problem in it this way is first off if we wanted how to order forms we couldn’t cuz there’s nine thousand seats that’s impossible second thing is because there’s like tables on like different levels and things like that like I just like it would have been a nightmare even as I’ll get you in a minute I get took about three hours to process just get people thought the order form is because it was so so many people so I was like we need to figure out a way to get order forms in the hands without them knowing there’s an order form because if an order form is gonna kill the sales and so I was like how we can do this awesome we had this idea for the sneak attack so let me show you the sneak attack yes those who are watching this live if you if you’re hearing it you want to see go to marketing secrets calm and you can actually see the video this let me explaining this right now I’m if you listen to podcast so just kind of walk there’s me so first thing it is like okay what if we gave them all packet so this is this is the packet right here I was like inside this packet we’re gonna have two things number one is the order form because this is what they need to have to fill out and then I’m gonna have as little detail as possible on the order form just enough they know what they’re getting and then you know how to do it from the Philadelphia order form my go on son everyone’s chair see an order form and the second thing is like most of all I can have a pen right about 9,000 people potentially buying like there’s no pen so like I need a sneak attack a pen into everyone’s seat so the goal with the sneak attack this order form in this pen and everybody see what nothing no neither there’s an order form there that’s why we put in this really cool package it looks awesome and then sided we put a couple things number one we put in these really cool I build funnel stickers when it goes in your laptop one that goes on your phone so they get these like here’s a gift from Russell reciprocity right here’s this really cool sticker and the number two we’ve given these cool pop sockets go on the back your phone say funnel hacker I was able to do a couple things as one is actually demoed how to use these during my presentation number two they put these on the phone now that now they’re part of our community their funnel hackers so there’s two gifts that were there and then I had a note sheets for my presentations like you know the schita here you can open it up and you can take notes what we’re talking about so although these three things whole Goldie’s is to is to be so cool and exciting that people do not notice the fact that there’s a sneaky little order form and a pen inside the envelope this is how we are Trojan horsing an order form in every single seat in the entire arena and then we had this the envelope and the back was a big huge sticker that said warning do not open until Russell Brunson this presentation begins that was on the back of the sticker so that was the plan we’re gonna we started getting it all printed like nine thousand or printed and put together but then the problem happen is that we found out that the seats through the event they don’t lay flat they pop up when people aren’t sitting on it it’s like we sew our envelopes wouldn’t sit on their seats cuz they would pop up they’d fall to the ground it’s like crap now we gotta figure out a way to make sure that these packets actually stay on their desk so then we went in ordered 9000 these bags say ClickFunnels™ on it and then we put the pack inside the bags then hung the bags on the chair so then the next questions like well how do you get nine thousand these out to everybody and so we had to figure out how to do it so we ended up doing it the night before I spoke I’m Ashley that was over we I think we really hired 10 or 15 different temp workers plus we had about ten people from our team and they went out to every single chair and take the packet inside the envelope and hook it hump it on a chair and talking about – now for three hours – it the entire thing to blanket the entire audience with the Trojan horse order forms wrapped up with a bunch of cool gifts and things like that again so that was the thing then the way was gonna happen is that after somebody decided to buy they were going to run to if they were a VIP there’s a VIP room at the table there on the bottom floor there was there’s two tables in the back of the bottom floor and they were in anywhere in the bowl around here to go section 118 so some people grew up stairs right there some to lever upstairs and run clear around the whole thing and then what they would do is they would order it would take me or they would take the order form right here it’d fill out the order form then take it to someone on our team and then some of our team would then hand them this packet right here so it’s fun to build their secrets what they bought then they could open up this thing up and then a couple things inside of it they’d pull it out and number one is here’s the thing it shows me how to claim what they just purchase so there’s no how to go online what’s gonna happen and how we’re gonna text them their login and if they have any issues their support issues number two is there’s a letter to their business partner spouse explaining what they just bought so that they make it home that I like why did you spend this money and the number three was a golden ticket if they didn’t get a picture with Russell so they were handed this packet back they’re supposed to rip this open grab the gold take it out then run up to 118 stand in line to get pictures with me and on top that we get some other cool bonuses we gave them the funnel hacker cookbook if they brought this to us and we also gave them the expert seeker stock I’m so here’s audiobook they could plug in the air and listen to when they’re on the ride home so those are the two things we had created to get them to buy so that was kind of the the game plan so went out there the second thing is that I was into my presentation but the problem is that everybody at the year before had seen my presentation we’d signed up I think 450 almost 500 people the year before in 1997 and then over the last 12 months grant has been promoting that presentation like crazy so I think like half million people have seen that presentation through him and his audience we sold a lot of ClickFunnels™ because of it Thank You grant we love you but I was like I hang you the exact same presentation to the same audience who’s pretty much already seen this thing but I needed to give the same framework of the presentation because the framework is what sells ClickFunnels™ when she’s been proven to sell ClickFunnels™ and couldn’t make the same offer because because we were charging more first off for charging three thousand dollars and then number two not only charged three thousand dollars we were trying obviously I needed to create better off works I want a neighbor who bought last year to buy again and a bunch of other things so that was some of the the groundwork so why do we raise price to three thousand dollars why a bunch of reasons one is my goal was when we first started as my goal is make which make three million dollars in an hour and a half this is the reason why when you do an event like this 50 percent where you sales goes to the hosting the event you keep the other 50% and so my goal was to try to make I want to I wanted to net a million dollars an hour that way of somebody ever ask me how much I charged in how I could late well it’s a million dollars an hour so that was kind of my selfish reason why I wanted that was my goal I was like hey 9,000 people if we can close one out of nine at three thousand bucks apiece every three million dollars which means I netted a million dollars an hour for an hour and a half which would be really really cool so that was the goal going into it and so because of that I took my my framework my presentation and I read tweaked a tree changed it as you you know but the the structure was still the same i customized it very specific to their audience can know their I know who the audience is now I know who but they’re looking for a height of the businesses they have what their major concerns worse we crafted the presentation to speak directly to them and then we made the offer better we added a bunch more cool things we had a funnel scripts for your ad traffic secrets a bunch of other cool things and so the presentation was similar to ones I’ve done the past but was definitely upgraded for this event and so I got on the stage excuse me was crazy we got there I supposed to speak the ground supposed to speak the second day and I was speak right after him we got there and grants voice was gone but I grant can’t speaks Europe right now I’m like oh I’m not ready for this and so we had a kind of scramble go everything together and they reduced me I came on stage and did my presentation and and at the end of presentation I sold and from that we had we had over three million dollars collected from the presentation and we’re still I think we’ve another play 1/2 million or so in declines we’re going through right now but all said and done scheme somewhere between you know three and a half to four million dollars but for simplicity sake we made at least you know more than three million dollars 90 minutes from using things I netted more than a million dollars an hour for an hour and a half my time which was amazing and it was it was cool so that’s kind of behind the scenes some of the tricks and the things we did to make sure that that actually worked I hope I’m sure I miss some things oh yeah and so after I did my whole presentation we closed it was crazy like they took me they they had security guards there’s chair carrier I took me back and people are running to all eight four eight different places right like I could see people running to the to the VIP table I saw people run into the back tables we were running upstairs it was weird cuz typically when I get a table rush you just in a smaller room and you hear that their hustle and the bustle and so it’s really really out a lot of times the fact that loot a brush will get so loud in the room during the table or so I can’t even finish my presentation whereas this one because the the stadium was so big I heard a lot of rustling but we didn’t get loud it was kind of weird thing I like I’ve no idea people actually buy us kind of nervous so I ended later when I went off stage and then security guards took me the bathroom got me a drink and took me back up to where the picture booth was at when I got to the picture with a walk through the door and I look out there and I see this section had all these extensions I think it’s called the people weave back and forth and about 5 or 6 levels deep or always people as far both directions as I could see and people tell me later that the line literally wrapped around the entire arena I stood there and people come in shake their hands take a picture next verse the next person the next person and took like 3 half or 4 hours with the pictures over 1000 1200 people whatever was a picture after picture after picture like I remember my face being really sore when I got married on my wedding night this was like that but way worse wait longer just the promise Michael it was crazy it was awesome and then we’re back home I went back to the hotel that night went to the room and we had 8 or 9 people sitting there trying to process all transactions fast I could which was really cool as well I’m just saying he’s huge stacks there war reforms and seeing our whole team go through processing orders and they what happened as the by the time was done we processed I think we had in the bank like 2.4 million but there was like like eight hundred plus thousand dollars and failed credit card payments and so next morning missed an email and we also texted every credit card fail and come back to the to the table so by Traveler morning I came down the booth the 10x booth was there and there was a line of people at 4 or 5 people deep like wrapping us through stanchions like you know the big line of probably 50 to 60 people in line gave their credit cards updated and then and then we text to grant and his team and said hey you go this was awesome I’m like I think I could push people over the edge you know this is a group full of sales people like they probably want to learn how to sell what if I did a special one-day event where I showed them how to sell with I just sold and if you give me ten minutes I think I can close another who knows worth the people and so they agreed so let me get back on stage the next day for about ten minutes come up there and basically tell everyone hey yeah we did three million dollars in sales if you guys want to see what we did everyone already signed up congratulations you get this for free I’m doing one day workshop I’m gonna walk us through how we do our presentation and then so you didn’t now’s the time push me over the edge stamp right now go get signed up and you get this bonus as well and apparently we said we got about another twenty fifty three hundred thousand dollars and sales came from that from this from the double close we nicknamed me at the double close so it was the second close in the second day and it was really really cool and uh yeah drink anything else want to share with you guys so would be that we’d be double close and I was it was amazing such a fun experience so I’m alright so with that said I’ve there’s twelve questions that Julie story and pulled off of Facebook that people were asking me like crazy I probably had already answered some of these I’m gonna go through it anyway and and then she’s probably good for this into a really cool blog post if you ever see a detailed detailed breakdown of this with images and screenshots of all the cool stuff we talked about it’ll also be posted on the marketing secrets blog over marketing secrets calm all right so here we go the title of these questions are the ten questions everyone keeps asking about selling three million dollars in 90 minutes there’s actually twelve questions so there we go right question number one how long do take you to create your presentation great question so the framework that I used was the framework for my funnel hatched presentation those would follow me for last three years I did start a brand new slide deck over I just slide number one I went through and created all new slides but I was taking a lot of sections from other presentations and kind of bleeding them in I started that Monday I worked on all day Monday and all day Tuesday let’s see all right Monday Tuesday and then Wednesday I flew to go see Dean gracio see so Wednesday I was him all day and we flew from from Boise Arizona spent all day there then from there we flew there to back to our hotel in in Vegas that night I spent some time and then Thursday I spent probably half a day so probably total said and done probably three three full days on the presentation if I was doing it from scratch will take a lot longer that obviously probably take me about we can have two two weeks there’s three days kind of reworking it and refiguring the whole thing out and getting it all to work number two I just come up with such a great offer so a couple things first off you know I’ve had my fun iyx offer for a while so I kind of know what the is and I was try to make it better right so what are the things we can add to make this offer even better than it already is if that’s if that’s possible and so that’s kind of where we were we started at they looks like my battery or camera here I’m using this presentation is overheating so I’m gonna pause this really quickly the battery cool down I’ll be back to answer question two to twelve here in a few seconds all right I’m back hopefully the camera won’t overheat again but during the break James thought it would be a good idea if I showed you guys a stack of the order forms as long as you’re watching the video if you’re what listening to the podcast go to marketing seekers comms check out this video so here is the stack of all of the order forms that were successfully processed so each one of these counts as a three thousand dollar bill so yeah that’s that’s three thousand so yes this works and as I’m storing this somebody well it wasn’t on the questions here I saw as I just go onto Facebook right click record something asking it where I made it my presentation from it’s like you guys this is the perfect webinar script if you haven’t read the expert seekers book yet literally it’s I just used the script that’s in the expert secrets book oh I have a problem with secrets I just tell everybody all my secrets and so the presentation is literally word-for-word from the expert seekers book same one that I’ve been using and trying to keep you all USU’s as well so they are all right back to the questions for question number two how’d you come up with such a great offer so again I just took our off we’ve been using in the past and we try to Ted exit the event named as 10x is like I kept saying like grant told me at NXT event how can make this better so instead of even a copywriting training I gave him funnel scripts instead of just kidding like traffic workshop I gave them traffic secrets um I did a call I did the webinar blueprint with Jason flatland last week before the event and one things he talked about it’s like when he tries to include bonuses he’s like first off I tried to like get proof that the bonuses actually worth a lot and so one of the bonuses was I gave people access to traffic secrets which is Jon Reese’s course on how to get traffic I bought the company from him license all the content from him and so said me saying hey good access to traffic secrets I literally showed here’s all the wire transfers all the money that I sent John Reese to buy traffic seekers from I spoke to give you this bonus it cost me almost a million dollars to mail you this bonus and and people were just going crazy like dude you spend million dollars and I gotta give you you know $3,000 for that so it makes it really big so example if your try created bone it’s like one thing Jason says really smartest is like I go to hire someone who’s awesome at this thing and I don’t just he saying usually I could get it for free because like instead I go and I pay them and I’ll like wire in $10,000 or something so I can show be like I literally spent $10,000 for this interview and you guys get it for free as part of this course so just gives you like a proof element but anyway that was kind of a cool thing but that’s kind of how we made the offer so great it’s software if you look at also a structure my offers is like when you invest in the funnel hacks training today I mean you all this other stuff for free so click funnels became free traffic secrets is free funnel scripts is free you know all the other things are all free free free free free learning the paying for is the actual training so that’s kind of a cool win structure and then again I had the bonus this way that felt like a cookbook and the audiobook they got to leave with which people love leaving events with stuff that they can like show they actually invest in something so they get they got the book they got the mp3 player and then uh what else what else oh and then the picture something they could only get right there’s like you get pictures meats you take at home and that way you’ve got a picture you can use and I told people to put on the wall as a reminder of the commitment they made they’re gonna 10x their business the next 12 months so those are some things for the offer what are the things you dread before a presentation to stay focused so for me like I get I still get nervous into smaller events usually I’m in rivers for an hour to before I go onstage this one I was in respect tuning out days before I got stage I just had this this nervous energy which wears you out so part of it he-man energy ups was like eating really healthy was like you know making sure I’m trying to get sleep at night and trying to like just keep energy up in the morning I’m getting ready I was like listening to music trying to you know get myself in state and then a lot longer for me is like getting down there like I had to go the night before and actually stand on the stage like some reason that calms my nerves I see like this is what its gonna look like what the audience is gonna look like that was a big part for me and then when I got down there was just like you know I pray a lot during these nervous times I’m praying live I’m gonna be able to serve the highest level I’m gonna be able to say the things are inspired people motivate people to actually change their life and yes a lot of praying and then when it gets really close I jump around eye cream energy out should I get prepared and ready and then start calling your name and the next thing you know you step out there and as soon as for measly something on the stage and I see everybody then all the nerves just kind of crash and then it’s like boom into state and used to go hope that helps number four what’s the hardest thing about logistics of processing that many cells so quickly so I can talk about that the fact nobody had pens there’s nowhere to send people to order forms and so kind of what we did with those packets and the sneak-attack the Trojan horse order forms and pens that was the biggest part to get to work and they have enough people to take orders we literally had people there over an hour along line just to build take people’s money which I felt bad the next three or four speakers because literally people on the hallway either buying or they were watching this whole circus that was happening out there this huge line so it was pretty cool I wonder if I’d how do you prepare your team under your company for this event it was a big a lot of preparation ahead of time we had pre meetings explaining the process and we got there we showed everyone kay here’s the tables are happening usually got to be doing here’s you get this you got to return this and if the most part worked really good we had some temp workers there he didn’t pay attention very well to kind of mess some things up but for the most part it ran really flawlessly it was just good number six how has it been since the event um it’s been been crazy I was in Vegas from the day in half afterwards just processing orders and get stuff done it was tough like man I I remember in the morning I need to get some water so there was this little shop where you can buy stuff right next to the elevator so I jump in elevators came down went to buy some waters and I got stuck out there for twenty five minutes taking pictures of people and like I’m in my jammies my hair is all messed up I’m tired Mike I just show you some water for my wife and I had someone came to me they’re like like you you buy your own water you’re the only multi-millionaire I know who buys their own water I thought was kind of funny that was kind of crazy and then um we needed to get b-roll though so part of me like we made three million dollars presentation I’m gonna make a lot more than three me telling the story this presentation and you’ll see some stuff coming out over the next few months of how we’re gonna keep keep this the momentum going but your part was like telling the story like we had I had three of my video guys they’re capturing stuff and one of them Dan usher he he’s making a promo promo video for the bonus like gay people with live events so anyway you guys will see that here in the near future but one of the things that that he wanted to think I want an aerial shot of the event because like you can’t find copter enamel Bay and so he went and rented a helicopter one of the helicopters there’s no doors on it and then we got to go in the helicopter and they harness this to the helicopter and then we flew at night past mandolin Bay and I got to hang out of the helicopter looking back him as he’s filming me Frank a three-second b-roll shot the really use in the promotional video so we did a lot of fun stuff like that and then my we got to my wife shopping to go get some clothes and myself shopping as well to go get closer lacking live so that which was kind of cool and then have that went to Michael Jackson show which was really cool as well and it was a good time but a good time it was hard to walk through the halls afterwards just get him on bar by Evan wanted to take pictures it was tough because I want to give everyone the chance and I was like if you bought you got your picture so like that was your shot and anyway it was just I feel so bad to how people know and I tell a lot people know and it’s just it was tough but that’s been craziest fun watching at Facebook that was talking about it apparently traffic inversion events happening right now and I’m out there but um my lunch my team’s there and they said that it’s the talk of the whole event everybody’s talking about it was having any texts and boxers and Facebook messengers people all over the place that are messaging about it so it’s kind of fun to just that it was that big of a deal that people know about it I never said what’s one piece of advice you give someone about stuff from stage or from the webinar study this book I spend here my life writing this book so you know exactly what to say how to say it where to say it and then go watch all my webinar it’s like even if you’re gonna buy my stuff watch to learn the process learn the energy level like all those 10 things you need to be able to produce a webinar and and to do it yeah model a Model Model Model like you know one of my friends who’s now has got a career writing webinar so people he told me is like I watched your Fox webinar at least a hundred times and I’m like people were doing webinars and like mic if you watch right and like no I haven’t seen yet like you kidding me like do your homework anyway there you go see like how I pitched why I pitched see my tonality my voice patterns by how did the stack and the clothes and how I create urgency and scarcity how mentoring questions like all those things are keys to it so you can read in the book but then go watch it to understand it [Music] number eight why did you have people do manual or said digital okay again everyone else who sold the event had people plot their phones and and click on the app to buy the product couple things number one when we were in the venue the app had no internet access people that were doing that the cells actually didn’t go through so a lot of their speakers rank okay well when you leave the event go and find it number two is half of selling is like the social pressure and the psychology behind like social proof this is actually real so it’s like people point to on their by nobody knows who else is buying we’ve all running up and they’re running someone they see a line that wraps around the arena and they see all this energy excitement and momentum so I don’t know the exact that is but like everyone else gets this so it must be something i needi part of as well so it causes a social situation here as well so that’s why we did the old-school web what instead of what would number nine what was the incentive for them to wait in that along the line during the table rush it was able to come get a picture with me which makes me make a dumb little thing but it’s important to people like I just know that every time I walk through the hallway before and after I was getting mugged by people who wanted the picture with me which is funny for my wife she’s like why do people want their picture with um I have no idea it doesn’t make sense to me either but that was a big thing that people people want that and gives them something tangible so that was the big part of class with a SATA line they got the physical fun like a cookbook and they mp3 players so it just gives it some tangible as well and we give Billy people to meet you some advise me you invest from you they want to meet you in or she can have a picture if you means the world to them number ten do you feel different now that you’ve broken another huge record honestly no I feel exactly the same my goal now is just not to let my head get too big but definitely to leverage it to grow ClickFunnels™ even further so I guess said earlier like three three million dollars a 90 minutes is cool but the thirty million dollars were generating the next twelve months because of this because the story is more important and that’s what’s gonna happen next and that’s the most people give up most people do the first thing and then they stop we the first thing then you will watch watch those next three or four months is that how I leverage this you will definitely see it a number eleven is Grant Cardone getting kickbacks and saves his event yes you split the the proceeds of yourselves fifty-fifty with the event promoter the other ones did all the hard work yet they to get the people in the room so they get half of the profits and it’s totally totally totally worth it number twelve is anything you do differently [Music] maybe but I don’t know yet you know I think I think overall we executed pretty well we thought a lot through it and it worked really really well I think my my double close my second presentation I would have choreographed that one a little better may get some slides some things I just kind of let there and kind of talked so probably did choreograph that a little bit differently but for the most part really really happy with how it all went and yeah so there you go guys that was what happened at TEDx events have I made a million dollars in 90 minutes it was tons of fun looking on the near future as I tell this story more and I’m kind of walking you guys through the details we will have an offer coming out it’s gonna share all the information from behind the scenes going through slide by slide minute by minute my presentation that I’ll be coming soon make sure you keep listening the podcast went at one that’s coming out without said thank you so much you want to see the video this or I read the transcripts go to marketing secrets calm you can read it all there and appreciate you guys and will talk to us all this again soon bye everybody would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF unhappy

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How I Made 3 Million Dollars In 90 Minutes At Grant Condone’s 10x Growth Con Event

How I Made 3 Million Dollars In 90 Minutes At Grant Condone’s 10x Growth Con Event