How To Find Your “BIG IDEA”

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Some thoughts I had after staring at a blinking cursor for three hours.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how to find your big idea or hook. Here are some of the awesome things to listen for in this episode:

-Why it’s hard for Russell to teach how to find the big idea.

-Why you need to find the opposite of a pattern in order to find your big hook.

-And why you should buy your Funnel Hacking Live tickets now if you haven’t already.

So listen here to find out how you can figure out your next big idea.

what’s up everybody its russell brunson welcome to marketing seekers podcast so the big question is this power arch Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that you believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable give you the answers and welcome to marketing secrets [Music] are everyone it’s late at night I supposed to go to bed late two hours ago except skip early but no my kids decided even those Martin Luther King Day and they had no school all day they can do the homework tell like right now so I’m up getting them there’s no homework so anyway I thought I think it would break while they’re doing their stuff I’m talk to you guys cuz been a little bit and I got something really fun to share with you today so today and she has to go to the office which is really fun cuz we’ve got this flow and this rhythm happening now with the systems the agency and all the stuff and it’s just exciting and it’s a lot of fun so it’s really excited to go in there today and then I had my tasks I need to do and one of them I’m right working on the cells I can explain her video so explainer videos like those little cartoon videos can explain what you do in a short period of time right and I don’t want to brag I’ll say I’m probably think I’m probably the best explainer video script writer on planet earth and I’m gonna take that credit for myself because I wrote the rippln ones that did 1.5 million costs are members in like six weeks even though the company never went anywhere there’s the provement ones that build a half a billion dollar company this year alone in last three years awful one video obviously there’s a lot of other stuff happening is amazing team and I my taking all the credit but the explainer video was mine I’m proud of that the click felons wasn’t super good I’ve done anyway so probably done two dozen explainer videos and I’m surely proud of them because I think they’ve all turned out really good and done amazing things and when you write for them it’s different cause it’s like you have to write in a way that be fun to be animated to be interesting to be engaging like all those kind of things so what was interesting so I was writing this one so we have a new part of ClickFunnels™ coming out call the action and XMD and that’s all I’m gonna tell you guys right now and today basically needed to get the video script done so they explain or video guys could start animating sketching and getting all done in time for the fun I can live links I’m gonna be showing the video there when we release all of our new awesomeness I can’t tell you bout right now but it’s gonna be so amazing my goal is get all you guys to start using action X hundred percent and I think we have class I checked it’s like 10 to 12 thousand people who are on the full Edison suite who were giddy who usually have action X but there’s still the 40 whatever thousand customers that aren’t using yet so it’s like how do I get everybody to use it because it’s like it’s awesome so biggest things just make it simple or better easier and we’re awesome and so that’s what we’re doing a big sprint right now from the dev side to get all done and live by four locking live solicit worth unlocking live will get first access to this amazingness and everything so make sure if unlocking live if you’re not you’re missing out because it could be six months or so before at least every out so if you want to get the features early go to funnel hacking your tickets before they are all so that was they should be sold out this month in fact we’re gonna big push starting tomorrow so anyway I digress so I’m sharing this because I’ve had a lot of people back to had a lot of companies since then like come to me they hear us already an explainer video will give you equity with me percentages in ball ball ball because and that’s kind of what proved it done and obviously it worked well for them and for us and for everyone and so but I’ve just told people no because I just obviously I’ve got a lot happening in my life right now and have time to the right explainer video scripts for people but for my own stuff obviously still important so I was like he had a right to sing it it’s funny cuz the thought came on through my head before Irish got rightness and was what is the hook what’s the big idea those were fun rockin like last time her Todd Brown came and spoke on that I do like the big idea the big hook and as I was like sitting there with my blank sheet of paper little cursor blinking Zimmer trying figure this out I was like what’s the hook what’s the hook like what like I know the product is I know the differentiation points and it was exciting like I yeah but what’s the hook like you have to break hook and I think [Music] I think and I’m gonna talk about Todd Brown for a while because I love Todd I respect him I think he’s amazing I think that what I’ve gotten I think I’ve done a good job getting our final community in our marketing community understanding annals and things like that I think that we’ve gotten better understanding structure and funnels in like how and where and like fronting funnels which is back in if I’m in funnels and you know how do I do the perfect webinar like all these cool things but I look at Todd like Todd and what he studies what he kind of geeks out on and he hangs out all the Agora guys and they’re always talking about the day hook the big idea like what’s that what’s that thing that drives the rest of it I don’t talk about that a lot publicly probably cuz it’s like not something I can it’s hard to reverse engineer and you think okay here’s the pattern here’s how it works like the pattern of the of the hook is like it’s the opposite of a pattern it’s like it’s like what is yeah it’s like most of my teaches like here’s the pattern where’s the hook is like the least pattern anything ever I it’s not that it’s the opposite of the pattern it’s like the pattern interrupt it becomes the hook right and so I never talked a lot about it but when I’m doing my own stuff I do it like if you watch my webinars you watch my like all stuff that I do like I’m doing it all the time and i sat there today for probably two and a half three hours with a blank sheet of paper that a little blinking cursor that you just want to like just you wish you could delete it but it’s everything’s believed that’s all that’s left is that little blinking cursor like mocking you the whole time right and my whole thoughts like what’s the big idea what’s the big idea and I was like asking right and my company came we know what actually next time he is like what’s the big idea what’s the big hook like what like why should people care and um it took a while I said turn half three hours before I was like god it’s like got it then like in my head like the story just flows because I know like I’m visualizing like taking people on the journey and like the process and the story and how it fits together and how we illustrate this and make those things come fast but then the hook is the hardest thing I’ve had webinars where I’ve spent two days and front whiteboard try to figure out like the headline the hook the like what’s the thing that gets somebody into the webinar and I think that I probably didn’t disservice inside of the funnel hoc community where I don’t talk enough about that because I can I don’t know how to reverse engineer and teach it but it is the key you know I’m so grateful for Todd Brown talking about that so much because he’s one talks about it the most I wish that you know we talked about more in the community maybe this is this podcast is the first time we kind of bring it out but way it’s thinking about that like like what’s the big hook like why shouldn’t care about your thing you’re selling like what is that like what’s the big reason what’s the big yeah like what’s the what’s the big idea that you have and so look at like look at the big campaigns that that you’ve seen around you right every market there’s big things happening right okay when we launch ClickFunnels™ like I tried a bunch of different messaging and funnels but like the funnel workers webinar funnel the process was I’ve talked about before I having a webinar and then on the thank you page having to try like that was the process of work but the hook was this concept of funnel hacking right that was the big idea they got people to be like oh my gosh I understand it right like that was a big idea that drove click funnels and and you know think about that thinking about the markets you’re in if he was in financial markets like look at it goro they’ve done like some of the biggest campaigns like when when Obama ran for second term is that the was called the end of America like that was the big idea that drove like this huge thing you that recently that there’s probably 8,000 crypto offers that have come out right but Gore’s only did he did thirty million dollars in their webinar or something like that in in like a two week period of time but like what was the big what was the big the big idea what was the big hook that they had like there was something there I studied it I don’t know if you did you should have it’s not I mean you’re not listening to funnel hacking like look at these people that are making insane amounts of money and like reverse engineer the campaign’s from everything like not just you know a lot to clean funnel hacking it’s just like oh well they had a landing page an upsell page down so pages as price points like that that’s the beginning of funnel hacking but it goes deeper it’s like what was like I don’t you I get every webinar every video sales letter everything that I that I look at I get transcribed so I can like read and like well this is the hook like why did this work like what was the big idea that they were doing that made this separate cuz like man if there’s 800 crypto webinars like why don’t one do 30 million in all the rest you like you know even the big ones do a million like what’s there’s something different here what’s the big idea that they led with look at the weight loss industry look it you know prove it how wide it prove it blow up like they hit Quito at a time that was right right Dave Asprey blow up because he had you know he took he took the Atkins diet I mean it’s not the same but he took the Atkins diet and his big idea was this thing of like butter and your coffee boom that big idea of putting butter in coffee it was just the ketogenic diet right that’s not there wasn’t this new thing but he was like buttering your coffee boom bowl proof is born right like what’s the big idea for your business I can’t tell you that I can’t Reaper I can’t like doodle something that shows you here’s how to find your big idea maybe I can’t I just don’t know how to do it right now because it again it’s not a pattern it’s the opposite of pattern so look at the pattern what’s everyone doing in your market to explain or just sell your thing and that’s the opposite of that like how do you break the pattern how do you have your big idea so that when somebody hears it it smacks inside the head and right oh my gosh like that that’s brilliant and that’s the thing right so yeah I think my point of this podcast is just to get you guys to think about that because that’s what I did today I sat in front of a blinking cursor for three hours thinking thinking what could it be what could it be like you know I looked at all my competitors right I’m looking it and I’m liking spoiler action SMD is been looking at autoresponders and other things that like how they pitch him like because how everyone else is pitching is the pattern like know what’s the opposite of that like how do i how do I make it the opposite so that it becomes this interesting idea and so I hope that helps I hope does if nothing else it gets you to sit there from a blinking cursor like I had to do today and just think like what’s my hook what’s my big idea like why should people care like why why am I gonna invest the time and energy it takes to make this video or this webinar or this whatever and why is someone gonna take time energy to watch it and why they get excited to run and find their wall and pull their money out and give it to me like it there’s a big idea behind that that drives it and I don’t think I’m also spending of time doing it like figuring that out and when you get it right man like you you see it Halbert Gary Halbert said one idea properly exploited is worth more than a hundred lifetimes a good word of hardwork and I believe that like I’ve seen that in my own life I seen tons of our members life’s like when I did when you exploit it properly is worth 100 lifetimes the hard work so like what is that idea like it’s that’s what is this the big idea the big hook the big leg what is that thing for you so if you listen Todd Brown listen to his stuff on the big idea I think it’s fantastic he did a whole presentation last year so I’m walking live about it but just get the get that in your head spinning when you’re looking to get advertising your funnel hockey people like like what’s their big idea what’s the big hook what’s the thing that drives this campaign because if you find you can identify it it’ll help you get better figuring out what your own as well your own are as well so hope that helps hope it gives you some good ideas and give you something to think on that’s why god I’m good these kids homework finish so I can go to bed cuz I get a bit lifting weights soon cliffhanger this dull chin before final hiking live which is yeah pain we shake you just sleep it off that’d be way better anyway appreciate you guys have an amazing day and we’ll talk to you soon I want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies on my two best selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called dot-com seekers and you get your free copy at dot-com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets to leave use to become the fastest growing non vc-backed SAS startup company in the world

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How To Find Your “BIG IDEA”

How To Find Your “BIG IDEA”