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Clickfunnels™ STRANGE hunch: Get your Stranger Funnels shirt while there’s still some in stock! These are the coolest shirts in the industry right now. Just sayin’. Choose my swag

Clickfunnels™ STRANGE hunch: Click Funnel Swag

I’m curious how many of you guys right now or my funnel hackers who are listening to this right now we’re watching me if you are one of my hardcore funnel hackers who basically all you where’s click funnels stuff all day every single day I want to know who were wearing my photos alright if you’re wearing click funnels funnel spike right now look down below if you’re wearing quick funnels this or a watch or a t-shirt or no t-shirt or socks or rings the things like that if you’re ready something click phones right now down below in the comments bag I’m going to click for the

swag as we speak because I know the ton of you guys are in fact I’ve seen some your closets in fact I would love to see any of you guys who are like me who litter your closet every single thing is something to click funnel swag you got t-shirts and other shirts and other assorted shirts if you do that take a picture and post it on the comments below maybe we’ll give you a prize or something because I want everyone to see how big the think funnel swag is it

was actually interesting is I always call it funnel swag and my kids told me that swag is no longer cool now they call it merch and their dad you so merged I’m oh I suppose so I sell swag and Michael swags not cool that you guys so merch that’s all the cool youtubers dude so I’m seriously like an old man youtubers not cool anymore because I caught the wrong thing but I think swag sounds cooler and we got a logo design so we’re gonna stay with funnel swag anyway that’s besides the point we decide to have you guys here on the line today um and I have a big reveal

we have some new funnel swag coming out so in the past how do you click funnel swag ok when you sign up for cliff phones we send your funnel hacker t-shirt when you gotta fun like he lied to get 5 or 6 t-shirts everyone smile I said be random t-shirts in the mail but recently we’ve been asked by so many people who said Russell I literally wear my funnel hacker shirt every single day of the week and it stinks now or it’s falling apart how do I get another one there’s holes my kids one of my wife’s thought ah they want more swag so we thought what if we created a swag

Clickfunnels™ STRANGE hunch: New T-shirt!

store and so we decided to finally finally do that so me as may know about it it’s been live for a little bit but we haven’t really pushed anybody to it would ever promoted it but it’s there and actually filled a funnel so I calm if you look behind me you can see that I’m not gonna move because I’m hiding a t-shirt that’s the news t-shirt that we were coming out with and I’m actually wearing out of this shirt and I’m gonna show you guys the shirt having us want to

see my new funnel swag the new photo spike sure that’s coming out that nobody has there you’ll be one of the first people if not the first person to ever have access to it you just want to see it okay before I show you I gotta tell you the story because if you’ve been following me or marketing any I don’t give you a story there’s no value in the thing and then if I to show you picture ever you’re not gonna buy it but if I show you the picture and tell you the story the story or create desire and then you’re gonna have to have it with me so let me tell you as the story about how this year it came to be the ones hiding behind this jacket right now and then I will reveal to you so as you guys know one

of our favorite companies out there Netflix started a couple years ago releasing their very own new content and they’ve got a bunch really cool coming out one of our favorite shows was a show called stranger things have you guys watched stranger things have you guys haven’t watched stranger things yet if you haven’t watch stranger things please pause this right now go to Netflix watch these number one sees number two then come back and push play to finish this out because sees number three he’s actually coming out in about a month from right now on the fourth of

July the US has got a day of independence we’re gonna be doing fireworks whole bunch of stuff it’s also the day that stranger things season 3 comes out it was crazy there actually was launched stranger things like eight months ago season three and then they didn’t so it’s been like a year and a half and there’s times a build up at emotion and it’s like ah in fact if you haven’t seen strangers things real quick I’m sure he has a really quick clip so you kind of get caught up on what exactly stranger thing is let me show you the clip of part my favorite clip of the show right now

did you see that oh okay so I’m pumped up about season three coming out in about a month from now and I want you guys to be prepared so as cool as strange as things are I think well you know what it is even a little bit cooler is we just want to see hopefully hasn’t seen the logo at this point I’m sure we flash the logo a few seconds ago so if you haven’t seen the stranger things logo stranger things are cool but it’s even cooler our stranger photo with the new stranger photos t-shirt so this is a little bit addition that’s here right now and what all of you guys all my fellow

hackers to order this right now because in a month from now stranger things gonna be on on the 4th of July I want every single one of us wearing this on the fourth of July as the watch season 3 up stranger things or stranger funnels whatever you want to call it so kind of mob logo we got a click photos logo right there on top and it’s really really cool so if you actually if you want this shirt and you want it and I don’t think you just need it for yourself you need for yourself if your spouse for your kids for your friends for your friends who watch stranger things little funnels art you should get up for help in docusate them into the coat sure people who love funnels all you had right now to get

this shirt is go do funnel swag comm click funnels photo starting to come the home of the funnel slide and right here is the new feature shirt which is strange your funnels so you don’t get that this is going to be a probably a limited time shirt which means by the time the season starts it’s probably be gone so you got to go right now and the other thing is that we have to print these and ship them so I recommend order them now that when given to you before the premiere starts in about a month from now so it’s there and then by the way if you’ve missed any of the other swag shirts maybe we don’t put all of them up here something very special just fun like live but I build funnels

Clickfunnels™ STRANGE hunch: Swag to be cool

funnel hacker a whole bunch of other ones as you scroll down a bunch of other shirts that there as well so if you’re looking for some new photo hack or swag to be cool you can definitely go there and yeah I want if we should put some these jackets you guys seen these jackets you jacks for sweet tube but for right now we’re talking about this shirt so stranger funnels that is the game plaintiff USB right now so that’s together do you guys I want you all wearing the same shirt as me on 4th of July as you watch this premiere of season three of stranger things you should

be a lot of fun so that’s kind of it for this new shirt if you’re half the size need to calm it down blow up like a stranger fumbles I love it if you’re I don’t know what stranger things are like I said you’ve got like a day and a half to binge watch season one and season two and then you’re like oh my gosh now I need to have that shirt it’s gonna be amazing so that’s got a game plan and then all you gotta do is go to funnel flag comm which probably funnel mercs comm just so that my kids think I’m cool Pena’s I couldn’t cure Samwell like if you guys think swag is cool right swaggy merch is cool right merch idol merch was at first my kids again merchandise like I am such an old man anyway so right now it’s funnel swag so go to some fun swag calm maybe I’ll get funnel merchants real quick and redirects don’t buy the domain it’s mine and then down below go to the funnel so I give the stranger funnel shirt get

it as ASAP I’m moving a printed and shipped you before the premiere happens and likes if you want anything else to restock your clauses get that and then a few guys who are super super cool here are the hardcore photo hackers I dare you I do to get all your funnel swag lay it out on your bed take a picture of it post it down the comments down below to show everybody how hard core you are the more hardcore you are the mower I want to make new shirts I have a list about 20 if it really cool shirts I wanna make but I wanna make sure you guys are into funnel swag you still want more so please let start I get more women sizes different colors and things that have a future but as of today this is the new shirt stranger funnels is awesome so they are gonna sell out I would recommend going ASAP

funnel swag accomplice probably link down below but if not go to www.deewr.gov.au/rjcp – you go and go in turn Netflix and you watch season number three is coming soon so that’s why I got you guys appreciate you all these turning on lot again get your shirt post your comments post your pictures tag any other funnel hackers you don’t have this shirt yet they do we all need this shirt this is part of a cultural movement we all need our funnel swag we all need our straightener follow shirt so that’s all I got you guys thanks so much appreciate you all and I will see you guys on the 4th of July when we’re all wearing our matching funnel swag together and I’ll see you guys in bye everybody


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