Inside Tony Robbins Secret Resort in Namale, Fiji

Clickfunnels™ Tony Robbins: Inside Secret Resort in Namale, Fiji

Clickfunnels™ Tony Robbins: My time in Fiji was in a word, PARADISE. It was our second trip to the island and I was able to bring my family. This place was so special that I wanted to give you an in-depth look at Namale, the resort that Tony Robbins owns and show you how amazing it is.

Clickfunnels™ Tony Robbins: Namale Resort

What’s up, everybody? This is Russell, and I’m in Fiji, I’m at the Namale Resort, and this is actually the second time I’ve been here. Ten years ago I came with my wife and my kids, and now we’re back a decade later. (music playing) – Welcome! How ya doing? – Amazing. – Oh, our pleasure. Our pleasure. – We wanna see around the property, you have some time? – Yeah, absolutely! (music playing) We have 19 different units, and those 19 units are divided into six different categories. (music playing) – Okay, so you come on in.

We’ve got a pool table, a little kitchen. Fiji makes me so happy. It makes me so happy here. So, a little sitting room. I remember the kids sleeping on this couch. And then the bed, look how cute! A mosquito net for night, and a cute little heart with some treasures. Then the bathroom, all made out of stone. A stone counter. So this actually was Tony’s first house before they built the one that he has now. – [Russell] So this is kind of the back, that takes us to our private beach. Right there is our private pool. – Oh, it’s warm. – [Russell] Is it really? – It’s warm.

So exciting. I love this place so much. (music playing) – It’s a 10,000 square foot spa, with only four treatment rooms. He dedicates a third of the spa with that hydrotherapy room. He really wants his guests to have the same experience as his family and his friends that he brings out here. – Let me point out this is incredible. – [Russell] What else is happening? – Oh my gosh, so we’re getting a moonlight massage in a Fijian storm, and look how cute. Our tables – they have our names on our tables! – “The Bachelorette” was actually here,

Clickfunnels™ Tony Robbins

Clickfunnels™ Tony Robbins: Ocean Side

I remember watching Ashley’s season. This shows them pulling up to Namale, we see the gates, and my wife and I started freaking out. We were like ‘that’s Namale! We’ve been there before!’ And so now that we’re back, I’m excited to actually see where some of the cool parts happened from “The Bachelor” show. – Well, this here, we now call it The Cave, this developed out of the location team that was here. They needed some locations to have some romantic dining, and they looked here and they chose this. This is where you’ve spent hours and hours every day working out, right? – That’s the way I do. – This is the fitness center, it’s open 24 hours.

It’s actually a hand-me-down gym. It’s Tony’s stuff when he buys new stuff. The equipment is beyond what you’d expect in most hotel gyms. (music playing) Not only is this Fiji’s only bowling alley, I think it’s the only place in the world you can bowl in sandals. (music playing) Other resorts which are built to be very nice, but they’re built to be businesses. We do the same thing, we use Tony’s business principles to run the resort, however, Namale didn’t start out as a resort. It started out as a personal retreat for himself and his family, and he was using it as kind of a think tank, a place to come and immerse himself in his writing. Namale, this side, on the ocean side, we have 250 acres, and we have 19 units. Every unit has privacy.

That’s really important to Tony. Of course wants it to run efficiently, of course wants it to make money, but that’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is the experience that we’re delivering to the guests. And we gotta figure out how to do it in a profitable way.


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