Jeremy Slate, How To Get Local Press To Build your Business

Clickfunnels™ Jeremy Slate: How To Get Local Press To Build your Business

Clickfunnels™ Jeremy Slate: Rarely do people who are building online sales funnels think of local media. Jeremy explains how using local media can actually build your business. The media attention can be use in your funnel. The local press also helps build your celebrity status thus allowing you to charge more. Jeremy details the step by step process of maximizing local media to build your business.

Clickfunnels™ Jeremy Slate: Uncover the tactics and Strategies

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward you guys are in for a massive massive treat today I’m so excited I just had the opportunity of meeting personally face-to-face with Jeremy Ryan slate Jeremy welcome sure hey thanks for having me Dave I am stoked to be hanging out with you here man if we just met it podcast movement a couple weeks ago it was awesome that’s awesome I you know we’ve talked back and forth through email a ton but we’ve never had that face-to-face meeting so it was really kind of cool and I’m super super excited kind of talked about this so guest

I’ve said Jeremy has a ton of experience obviously around the whole podcast movement but more specifically we want spend a lot of time kind of talking about personal brand and content strategy all that kind stuff but if you guys have a check out this podcast definitely take a look at create your own life he’s top-rated host for create your own live podcast also the co-founder CEO of get featured calm which helps people get featured on podcasts so we’ll also be talking a little bit about the podcast and how it actually helps and benefits you in your business but most more specifically what kind of spend more time

talking about this whole idea as far as a personal brand from a content strategy standpoint so Jeremy anything else you want to say before we just dive right into this topic um well I think people always find it interesting to find out I have a pet pig so I’m also a pig father that’s right well congratulations on being a father and pig so what is the pig’s name his name is Remington because my wife wanted to get in like an old English name so we were going between Wellington and Remington and tractor supply had a Remington caller so we went with that I love it so props out to Remington that’s pretty cool so this is a pot-bellied pig pig is this he’s a he’s a miniature Pig so he’s a combination of potbelly and Juliana so he’s a about a year and a half old now and he’s only like 30 pounds so he’s not that big oh my gosh tell you between I’ve got pigs with you and Dayna Derrick’s I’ve got goats so it’s uh I just moved out to Idaho

Clickfunnels™ Jeremy Slate: Personal brand web content strategy

I feel like I’m becoming this big farmer all of a sudden so I’m glad to know I’ve got friends with with animals yeah man tell me let’s talk about this whole idea as far as the what you’re doing these days more for my personal brand web content strategy you’ve been doing podcast for years and obviously you understand the value of podcast and you were a podcast a movement for that reason but you’ve really started to venture outside of that that’s what I would wanna focus on is what are some of the things you’re doing outside of the current podcast stuff that’s you’re seeing a lot of success in your own business well I have I have this stuff would get featured how we’ve been training people to become a great podcast guest and we’re getting them placed on shows but a lot of what’s happened for me is since I started create your own life I’ve started to get a lot of notoriety started to get noticed by a lot of different

people and I was kind of looking at what everybody else has been doing in terms of building a personal brand and I realize I’ve kind of approached it in a very very different way I’m from a small town so the thing you find when you’re in a small town is it’s really easy to become a celebrity like on a local level and not like actually be like a real legit celebrity so it’s been something that I’ve been doing over the last few years of actually starting to you know get involved with local community groups speaking in front of Rotary clubs getting in some of the free newspapers and stuff that go around your area getting on local websites and things like that and it’s kind of crazy because especially you’ll find on the local level and even in some of these bigger cities I’ve been helping somebody recently with this project that lives in Toronto and that’s a large City it’s interesting when they see something about a local person doing things they get really really excited and that’s kind of the way to get your feet wet in terms of getting your first media coverage so for

me like that’s a different way I’ve been pursuing it than a lot of people that’s kind of changed the game because you know it’s hard to get on a lot of these major placements especially when you’re new in a space so I tell people to start thinking local first and it starts to create that celebrity a lot faster than you think it would so Jerry let’s cut talk why would a person who is again obviously our audience here or building sales funnels and are specialized in that why would that type of a thing be so important to them in their business well I think especially I found this with I’m working with mainly service based business owners and the reason I think that’s a big deal is when you provide a service you know based on your notoriety you’re actually able to charge different amounts you you’re probably very good at what you’re doing but you need to be able to charge more based on being a celebrity near-space so like I

Clickfunnels™ Jeremy Slate: Viral video launch party

we’ve got a lot of celebrity in outside of this area we don’t have that much really in this here as far as whose clip films what does clip phones do and so we actually have our viral video launch party down at the Boise State Stadium we’re going up into the skybox and then we’re going down in the Boise State terrific yeah competing for a Guinness world record for the you know largest human bubble soccer game so the crazy thing I’ve noticed is as we started to go out to some of the local press and and people here one of the large companies in our area here is tea sheets timesheets big building build huge building all that kind of stuff but we’re not known locally as well as we are outside and I think for us as a company it’s been one of the things and really why I wanted to kind of talk about this whole idea as far as as local going after your own local market is to establish that type of credibility even though yet it’s

ClickFunnels™ is a service business it’s not the type of a service business you just referenced and I think it’s really important as you take a look at your business to realize the value that you can provide to other people based on how well people know you and who you’re known by and I think I loved some of the stuff that you were talking about even before you start recording as far as some of the stuff you were talking about as far as verifying at the Twitter account and why that’s important so if you don’t mind kind of help people understand what are some of the things they can do to really establish themselves as that celebrity online and offline well I think first of all David comes to having your content strategy and a lot of people do a really poor job off the bat

setting up their website and one of the big things you have to have is you have to have some form of content that you’re delivering whether it be a YouTube video whether it be a podcast whether it be a blog I kind of think blogging is losing a lot of steam over the years but for me I found podcasting to be kind of the strongest thing do it off of but on on that website you can have your podcast feed and the others big thing a lot of people forget is a media page because if people are looking at you as a celebrity you want to show all of the media that you’re gathering so if you go to my website and look at my media tab it’s gonna have every podcast I’ve been on every article I’ve written every place I’ve appeared as a guest or been featured and that’s just really important because if you’re starting with getting press on a local level they’re gonna look for that if you’re putting out press releases and different things

Clickfunnels™ Jeremy Slate: Learn how to build your content

you’ve got to learn how to play that traditional game so you can get a lot of these other things so having that content strategy for me was a podcast and the reason I found out to be awesome number one is I’m an academic writer so like moving to writing copying stuff was like really hard for me it was like really hard to do so I found interviewing and chatting with people to be much much easier for me to do and the second thing that that achieves is it actually gives you positioning you know when they see me and they say see me with Dave Woodward they’re like wow you’re with Dave you must be a star you know they see you position neck to a lot of these people that are celebrities in your niche or celebrities that are associated with your niche you start to look a bit more important and now the thing that’s brilliant about this is you can actually take that content and use it in other places use it I like to call it the five

step content strategy the first being you know write a blog post that’s kind of a layout find an expert and interview that expert for a podcast take that and then make it into a youtube video which you then get transcribed and used for quote cards articles and things in different places because now you’re using a piece of content once and you’re able to do it in so many different places that it really changes the game so you start with that content hub and it really helps you to have something to show because the thing that we can take advantage of on the local level and that’s why I always concentrate on this is they don’t quite understand the whole internet marketing game yet they don’t quite get it because they’re so based in the traditional way of things so for me when

I first launched my podcast I did 50,000 downloads pretty quickly and in the grand scheme of things that’s not huge but to traditional media they see that and that’s a huge number to them they have no idea so they wanted to cover that I was in the newspaper I was on TV I was in all these different places because I put that out there so when you have that content strategy of position of creating a lot of unique content and positioning yourself with people that are paying leaders and also having your website put together in the right way so when people go back there you actually show the credibility you’ve created it’s really easy to start creating that that celebrity on a local level and then using that to create an even bigger you know spans because for me it’s gone global you

Clickfunnels™ Jeremy Slate: How to make podcast

know the podcast has been downloaded 165 countries so it really is kind of starting on that local level and it’s a whole lot more attainable than just shooting and trying to get some of these different publications like Inc and Forbes and all this stuff and it’s not attainable off the bat but you have to start somewhere and have that content strategy I love that I think when the main things we’ve even looked at because obvious we do a lot of stuff with Russell and the hard part for us it was four years really they ever even had much of a media page for him and we get a ton of I mean I personally get Lily hundreds of requests all the time from Russell speak to be having a podcast to to be just travel I mean literally all around the world and yet the crazy I’ve noticed as we started putting together more of a media page and putting things out there even as far as the speaking fees and different things like that how it actually

has almost elevated the game as far as those people who start contacting us they contact us in a different way and so I think especially if you’re a service provider it’s really an important thing for you to take a look at it in your business as far as establishing yourself as that celebrity utilizing we you’re gonna see as we start rolling out some the new things with ClickFunnels™ we’re gonna encourage a lot of our our customers when they first come in to click models to create their own hero funnel which basically they’re gonna be their own page about them who they are all that kind of stuff and I think there’s a lot of credibility and validity to that where all of a sudden you can basically have you have it out there as far as kind of like what you mentioned you know you almost borrow some of the other celebrity from other people and this has been done for years whether it’s pictures you’re taking you know you get taken

with you and someone else whether it’s Richard Branson or any of the Shark Tank members or wherever else I mean I’ve seen this literally for years and years but I think the key for one things you make image which I really want to it’s more a little deeper and that is how do you actually maximize what are some of the things that a local level people should be doing and how should they be connecting what types of things should they be putting on that page what are those what are things are gonna matter most they’re well here’s the craziest part about that Dave that I just tell people that don’t need they don’t even think of and it’s a really easy thing is having a lot of your copy on your website actually written in third person because if you if you think about how a PR publicity firm is gonna handle somebody they put together their website is they’re gonna write about somebody who’s a quote celebrity in third person so just

Clickfunnels™ Jeremy Slate: Build your business sales funnel now!

having your website put together in that way positions you well just to begin with but that media page is just it’s it’s crazy that it you just click on that you’re like wow look at all this stuff this person has done and I meet I was just talking my wife about this this morning because she’s been in PR for years but the media game is really changing you know it’s it’s really changing and shifting but a lot of those traditional ways of doing things still have a foothold and that’s why having your website put together in the right way in terms of having that media page is a really big deal because it shows all these different things that you’ve done and when people look at that they’re like oh my gosh I don’t have any any media and if you haven’t in local stuff yet one of

the easiest things that I found is to offer to guest post for small blogs in your niche because that starts to build that page and build that credibility because if you can build credibility you know somebody may just find you in a Google search if you’ve done a good enough job and all of a sudden you get press because you are showing up and you look like a credibility a credible Authority person on that topic it’s just it’s super important to have that all put together like that I love it so guest posting on small blogs what some other things people can be doing to get some that credit but other things they could add to their media page yeah well podcast is always one YouTube videos and other press releases which I always love people saying all press releases are dead

but they’re not because like I said on the local level a lot of stuff doesn’t happen with local people so if you send out a press release I can’t tell you the number of them that I’ve sent out in local newspapers have picked up word-for-word you know if you go over on my website there’s four columns that fourth column half of it are press releases I’ve written in the newspapers picked up so you really need to talk about things you’re doing and also find local groups that you can get involved with so I got my start three years ago talking at Rotary clubs and it’s funny how connected a lot of rotary members are and you don’t realize it until you start talking for those groups and you get more and more and more opportunities which in 2015 actually got a trip for me to Peru

Clickfunnels™ Jeremy Slate: Find the best niche for your business

for a month to do a service project over there which I then wrote a press release about about local business owner going to Peru and it got picked up so it’s it’s crazy the different things you should do you know if you do a fitness event like for me I did a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project where I pulled an army tank and it was like 80,000 pounds it was really cool and I hope my wife sort of fresh yeah my wife wrote a press release and they actually interviewed me for an article for the newspaper so it’s really about looking at what you’re doing and figuring out what’s newsworthy and presenting it to a newspaper or magazine or somebody locally because we have in New Jersey we have a lot of local magazines to like that one of the big ones around here is called 201 magazine because there’s a phone area code around here called 201 and a lot of stuff that you send in they’ll actually pick up and they’ll run so

it’s really just thinking about what’s news worried about what I’m doing business I’m just saying I want to get more press is a really bad idea because there has to be something newsworthy about it like is there a certain way you’re doing it is there a certain thing you’re doing with the proceeds like you have to always think about that what’s gonna make the media care or give a crap about what I’m doing I love that so I think it’s because I was – I don’t know as far as our audience who or you know lot of entrepreneurs many of them using funnels and we’ve got you know six different niches that really we specialize on our platform and one of those really is the professional services and I know that’s it’s a difficult thing for a lot of them to think as far as how can I what two things could they then use from their media page on their funnel to help things convert well one thing is logos logos are always nice the local press is a

little bit more difficult to put it on there but if you can grab maybe you’re doing like I was talk about podcasts if you’re doing podcast guests in different places one of the things that I’ve really enjoyed is if you take those clips of interviews and you actually clip out the parts where you talk about something really great but you also wanna have the interviewer in that clip asking you the question because it adds credibility to you just by you getting interviewed you know the fact that somebody’s interviewing you makes you look more credible so let’s say you’re a financial expert right and you have a landing page selling a financial services product and somebody’s interviewing you about something very particular to your method clip out that 30-second clip and put it on your landing page and now you just added more credibility to hopefully increase your conversion percentage in that page because now somebody’s interviewing

Clickfunnels™ Jeremy Slate: how to make a podcast for your business

you you look more important because you’re getting interviewed and it’s made a big difference for you and what you’re doing is a service business owner I love that well no one thinks you’ve talked a lot about obviously here’s been podcast and it’s pub when the I mean for one you’ve got an amazing podcast yourself you also other people get onto podcasts this has been a topic that I’ve had recently quite a few discussions with a lot of people part of it obviously was I was at even podcast movement but the crazy thing I’m seeing right now is the ability for people to get a lot of celebrity status from that podcast kind of like what you just mentioned what some tips I know you obviously your whole business get featured com is focused on getting people onto podcasts but what are a couple different tips and things you could tell people that they should do is to get up to get featured ya know the first thing is having your speaker page together because a lot of people don’t have a speaker 1 sheet which is an important place to start having you know your picture sums talking points in there and a good bio because just positions you as more professional it’s kind of easier to get people to look at just that’s kind of the first thing you should

have the second thing is getting kind of your three-part strategy down like what are you going to talk about in these shows so we always tell people there’s three parts to what you should be doing as a podcast guest the first thing is your story somebody that’s gonna emotionally connect with that story so you need to have that story down second thing is a message you know something that you can actually teach people and I tell people to concentrate on just one thing because if you try to teach them five they’re gone so what’s that one thing you can teach them as a message and then a call to action like what action do you want them to take where do you want to go so you have that down and then look at what shows exist in your niche it’s crazy number of shows they’re out there start small and look for smaller shows look for shows with less reviews look for shows that don’t have a lot of episodes because they’re probably looking for

guests to get started because you may have a lot of credibility in your space but in the podcast space you don’t so you have to start smaller and once you have a few of those built up it’s easier and easier to approach bigger shows and start getting on some those larger shows but here’s the thing that a lot of people screw up with is just sending out these blasts mass emails to podcasters and it’s you could probably give as much as I do I hate him I hate and you know for me I use my middle name in my branding just so that I rank better in search so I know when somebody’s like not actually like a listener to my show or something they’re like hey Ryan how’s it going I’m like yep you don’t know me so one of the big things is writing emails of why this is gonna matter to that person’s audience because if you have an audience service first it really really really changes the game like when you had me on here one of the first things I asked you is how can I help your audience and a lot of people have to have that in mind because when your service first people are gonna come back and find

Clickfunnels™ Jeremy Slate: Find more clients in social media

you because now they want to buy from you because you are a person of value I love that I think that’s awesome so let’s cut if you don’t mind let’s I know we’ve got just a few minutes left here I want to kind of go through and go through the three parts you just said as a guest I mean obviously you’re an amazing person is easy to interview you I mean if we wanted I’ve known you for a while now and it’s just kind of fun but let’s just kind of role play this thing out as far as as three parts as a guest so let’s go through a real quick story I had to teach something then let’s have you call to action yeah so here here’s the interesting thing Dave like my story is is the fact that I wanted to be a college professor forever so I got my master’s degree and it was this thing that I

always wanted and I didn’t get into the ph.d program I wanted so next thing you know I’m teaching in high school I’m miserable I hated my life and then my mom had a debilitating stroke she lost her ability to speak she lost the use of the right side of her body so I was emotionally crushed man like I literally was in this place where I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and I went on a search for answers and I found that the only way that I was really gonna learn was to become a student and by learning from other people I realized that if I could learn I could really teach something because when you’re when you’re when you’re learning it’s you become a best teacher so by that I find that my real big message that I’m trying to teach people is how can you be of service and for me interviewing in a podcast is a great way to do that and because I’m able to learn from these people that probably wouldn’t give me the time of day was that just great just regular Joe Schmo because I have a platform and I’m willing to offer them service I can learn from them I can get credibility

from them I can get positioning for them and sometimes once in a while like yourself I get to hang out with them really cool and that’s why I really you know I really love to have people use a podcast to create a personal brand and that’s why for me I created a 100 page ebook on how you can create a podcast which you can find over at jeremy ryan slash podcast book how was that Dave doesn’t have to be long man it’s just by having those three things lineup and you can you can make it longer or shorter or you can the big thing a lot of people have to realize is you have to be able to tell that story through different lenses and I put me on the spot there so I had to just kind of make it work but like if I’m on entrepreneur on fire I’m going to tell a different way than another show it has to be the right way for that audience and I think as it is with any time you’re gonna do anything with a media aspect you really need to know your audience and doing that homework beforehand helps a ton but Jeremy you’re just such again I had such a great time to get podcast movement you were

Clickfunnels™ Jeremy Slate: How to make people buy at your funnel

so kind just kind of come up and introduce yourself it was you were super kind of my son Chandler which is always as a dad that makes it that much except more exciting for me but I can tell you one of the things I loved is loaded the idea that you just made mention there and that is you are always out there trying to do whatever you can to be of service to other people I would hope that everybody was listening here that you start taking that from Jeremy from his whole life as far as being of service that as you do that and instead of trying to go out after media for your own good if you start really trying to be of service out in the media they’re gonna come flocking to you and you’re getting a ton more requests and everything else so Jeremy again thank you so much for just being an example of that and just being out there crushing it like you are well thank you so much David really appreciate you having me and I hope your audience it on something of value here because that’s if I can help them create life on their own terms then it made a big difference for me perfect I wanna

make sure you guys have the call to action there again if you guys want again it’s a hundred page ebook that Jeremy’s been kind enough to to give away for those my listeners here so it go to Jeremy Ryan forward slash podcast book again Jeremy Ryan slate comm forward slash podcast book and I will make sure it’s in the show notes as well again Jeremy thank you so much any other parting words I would just tell everybody don’t listen to what other people say go chase your dreams guys I love it Jeremy again thanks so much and we’ll talk to you soon but thank you so much man thanks for listen to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at pono hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at faunal hacker radio comm award slash retrial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening you


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“I tell people to start local first and it starts making you a celebrity a lot faster than you think it would.”

“Establish yourself as a celebrity.”

“What’s going to make the media care or give a crap about what I’m doing.”

“One of the big things is writing emails about why this is going to matter to their audience, you have an audience-service first it really really changes the game. Like when you first had me on here one of the first things I asked was ‘How can I help your audience?’”

“If you can be a service out in the media, they’re going to come flocking to you a whole lot more.”

Jeremy Slate, How To Get Local Press To Build your Business

Jeremy Slate, How To Get Local Press To Build your Business


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