Lisa Wendler, How To Break Through All The Techno Babble… – Online Marketing Funnel Hacker Radio -Online Marketing Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast with Dave Woodward from ClickFunnels™

Lisa Wendler has gone from training horses to living her dreams helping other women live theirs. She attended her first Funnel Hacking Live event in 2016. Overwhelmed with what appeared to be a lot of technobabble, she broke through and reveals how you can too.

Show Notes:

-This might be a different podcast for you

-Lisa Wendler’s husband spent $5k on ClickFunnels™ and inadvertently launched his wife into it

-Lisa, through ClickFunnels™, has retired to do the job she really feels right doing

-Lisa found her niche in a group of people she very easily relates to, depressed women

-When the market crashes and you lose acres of land, you make a wedding venue, right?


“Behind the scenes, and I think that’s what most important is, understanding your niche, speaking their language and knowing where to find them.”

“Overcome those limits of saying ‘You know what? I’ll just be me and I can find my voice’ If someone loves me then they love me. That’s their projection and that’s their journey.”

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome everyone to funnel hacker radio I am your host Dave Woodward and you guys are in for an exciting podcast episode I have the opportunity Lisa Wynn there with me Lisa welcome to the show I thank you Lisa tell me a little bit about what you want to talk about so I’m a massage therapist by trade I have spent 16 years inside the horse racing industry taking care of horses and that is my passion to work with my hands I take care of humans but humans are a whole set of different issues you know as long as they didn’t kick me and I crawl out of the stall it was great so in 2015 I my husband took on this course of development with Garrett white which thankfully inside the URL it wasn’t changed and it showed click funnels and I was like whoa what is click funnels my husband just invested inside a black box and it was right after Thanksgiving and I thousand dollars I was like really what is this contractor thinking again this is not a tool and I checked into what its ClickFunnels™ and there was this video of these two people talking and I was like what what the heck this this guy just had my husband paid 5 grand what is going on here so I looked up Russell and then there’s this funnel hacking wife for coming up in California in 2016 and I was like huh I gotta go to this and see what this is all about and so I went there and coming from massage world horse racing industry I can do Microsoft Word and Excel and send invoices that’s about it in this room all these humans that I was like oh my gosh my introvert heart is like this and I can’t yet intermingle and then this techno junk so I get there and then the pitch for certified partners came up on stage and I went oh my gosh I got to fill this out and then I saw the price and I went oh no I don’t have all that money Mike how so I’m calling my husband in between the break you’re gonna transfer money and he’s like I’m not close to the bank like we just dropped by grand and we just dropped money for you to get there and I’m like just do it I know I could do this just let me do it and it was that faith leap that I was like I have to do something um so I went to a certified partner program signed up got access in April a girlfriend of mine committed suicide from the racing industry in July and that was my piddle point in life that I went I have to make this work I had to be the student I had to force myself to be the student and understand hey you don’t know anything about all of this and you’re gonna have to sit back and you’re gonna have to study it and study it hard so yeah that’s my story [Music] so at Lisa your story is crazy cool and I want to make sure people understand so you what have you done through ClickFunnels™ that’s allowed you to retire how does that been or at least stop doing the things you know so you do what you’re perfect personally more passionate about so what it allowed me to do was really get the tools together and anytime that Russell came out with a new pitch we would get it inside our certified partner group and I would be like oh my gosh wait a second where the heck is that and so he came out with the cookbook and so here came the cookbook he came with the black box and I have to get the black box I didn’t need the book I already have a signed book I think um and what it enabled me to do is channel all of my different ideas and thoughts and put it on one page but the behind-the-scenes and I think that’s the most important is understanding your niche and speaking their language and where to find them because you know I see what is your niche what really is your niche so my niche is working with women and so I work with women and mindset and it’s not just women in general no so now I mean that’s a pretty broad group here so won’t you say what really is your niche working with magnets so my mission working with women that come from depression that come from a place that they don’t feel good enough or they feel invincible they feel like the world just passed over them and that they’re going through this motions of life and it’s just not fulfilling and a girlfriend of mine that committed suicide was my main leverage in July 17th the 2016 I’m sorry no yeah yeah 2016 July 17 of 2016 I finished 205 miles inside a bike ride and that day she committed suicide and that leveraged me forward in pushing through my own fears in my own limits to get out and connect with other women and get out and find that inner child that women suppress and no longer can come forward and go through with that so I did what Russell said developed my tribe okay I’m gonna find my tribe I’m gonna find out where they’re at where do they hang out what do they talk like work where did I talk like before I learned all the stuff this epiphany bridge of how to get out of that head because US women we got these headcase issues and so you can say that I can’t say that kind of stuff and I love to find out where did we lose ourselves where did we lose ourselves and being all these different roles of being a mom or a sister someone that has to have it all together and overcome those limits of saying you know what I could just be me I could find my voice and if someone loves me then they love me and that’s their projection and that’s their journey and if they don’t then maybe the timings not right for both of us and so what ClickFunnels™ has enabled me to do is to be able to touch these women that are profound that I’ve never even met like human to human touch but now it’s like hey Lise I need to talk to you and they send me some really heartfelt messages of I’m dying and that and I can relate to that and I could say I know I understand that and I can come out that compassionately and empathetically on saying this is steps and things that I’ve done and it’s creating just that one step and moving that forward and so with ClickFunnels™ that’s enabled me to get that message out there and there is billions of women in the world that we feel like we have to do it all and I think if we can just stop for a second and say hey how can I learn this one thing and then move forward and what can other people help me with you know and how do I stretch and ask questions when I feel overwhelmed because I think a lot of women we have to put on the front that we don’t have to ask questions and I had to really understand ClickFunnels™ which was a foreign language I had to understand how does that work now if you want to talk horse muscle all day long I could do that but I had to put myself aspyn a funnel hacking live a funnel hacking live again be mentored through ongoing coaching to say hey when do I not know and pull it all together to put it together the funnel itself is easy to build out it’s we’re finding the connection of how do I get to those humans how do I speak that because that’s where the funnel works on the other side totally agree so what is your funnel so you’re driving people and your phone is it a teleseminar funnel is a webinar funnel is it a product right now right now I have two different funnels the first one is building my tribe and then I have the automation on the backend because I got rid of confusions off the counter Shannon and I could understand how it works and I was spending money every month on something that just sat there with the newsletter for money and so what I did now is I have it automated and I have the backend once they click into my system it says hey send me some more information I want understand what integrative online coaching it Oh in my life then they go through the automation process on the backend and then so that’s filled with videos and that’s filled teaching and then I send out to my tribe this ongoing every day there’s five to six hosts hey how do we move forward lots of activity which I’m like humbled and how much activity of just the page itself but then it’s also the behind the scenes that I go I got your sister let’s hold hands and let’s do this together I love it I love your post I saw as far as the importance of leaping without the net beeping it really is and I and last year when I was like okay you know what my next step what’s my next step for 2017 and it’s been a whirlwind it really has this next step of like recording videos and things that I pushed myself beyond where I thought I couldn’t do um now it’s really pretty easy I love it I love it congratulations again all of your success you also have a wedding venue is that right yes how are using click phones to leave him to that – yes we are so wedding venue was a thought that in 2008 before the economy completely tanked we lost 40 acres of the property that we had and our idea was hey if we can have a place where people come to get married and celebrate life and celebrate their factors of what go through and their enjoyment what could we do well then in you know this whole clique final learning processing in 2016 property came up available and my husband’s like babe we’re gonna do this and I’m like no no actually we’re not gonna do this well a separate property came available and this property was even better so this property is like 15 minutes from our house the other property was over an hour and a half this property is an agritourism and it backs up to six hundred and fifty acres for hiking and it backs up to six hundred fifty acres to take women on retreats and go through you know just getting into the dirt and going processes so the other property didn’t have that so this property he built a wedding venue barn a rustic barn I went to the east coast and I went down California to say hey what would be unique and what would really make it beautiful yeah everything rough cut for the exterior all the interior it was this past winter was really hard between ice and snow and you know so that’s up and then we started driving traffic to that funnel where at first you know we did the opt-in just to get like a free hey let’s do a checklist for our wedding but what happened is okay where else can we market this funnel so then we found two different companies that can market the funnel and we spend 400 bucks for marketing and it’s returned over 130,000 my big step in so now coming up in May for my birthday 16th 17th and 18th I’m gonna do my own group inside that venue Oh congratulations yeah Lisa I’m so happy so happy for you so if people want to get ahold of you is alpha warrior women at is that the best place that’s the best place comes right to me awesome if they want to check out your funnel was there a place they can go see that and they can go into the elf warrior women comm Alpha War II movie calm awesome congratulations on all your success Lee I’m so happy for you I wish you all the continued success and you gotta let me know how things going man for your birthday I will well definitely thank you thanks hi guys thanks for listen to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at bottle hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker org slash retrial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Lisa Wendler, How To Break Through All The Techno Babble… – Online Marketing Funnel Hacker Radio

Lisa Wendler, How To Break Through All The Techno Babble… – Online Marketing Funnel Hacker Radio