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Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis – The Profit on Funnel Hacker TV

Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis: This is our NEW episode of Funnel Hacker TV… See what happened when Marcus Lemonis (AKA The Profit) spoke at Funnel Hacking LIVE, see the funnels we built for him, and all of the events that got us to be on his show… The Profit!

Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis: Different apps to use in your business

whether other people to do one existed just in Campinas of it so we look at like all the SAP company they didn’t do the flipping out we watch this with me and we had eight people it’s a designer programmer copyright all these people feel to make one thing maybe use apps well different platforms to build one cellphone and honor things about three or four months to do that we’re now I can give our sold on the diner to program sit down I can build the whole thing when you say to mediate people dream on see what I can get out about how I am here’s your template so yeah but if they will he goes edit right and drag and drop it zeroing that website she said I wonder speaking

duping superintendent’s market ball so you don’t have to try again it was excellent way see there John every Thursday before August yeah commission beautiful page element for in artistic as we’re preparing for our photo hacking live event I knew that there’s one person that I dreamt about having to come and speak I think was possible and if it wasn’t it was not going to be very cheap and I knew that was gonna cost a lot of money have been there but I knew that we could have never be completely worth it for not only for me and for our company but for the entire funnel hacker crew and so wanted to get him there and we were lucky enough that he finally said yes so we

negotiated markets have 30 minutes to hang out with and before he had a chance to go on stage our event and we did that because a couple reasons one is I wanted to beat him I’m a huge fan and I was really excited I also want to meet my business partners as well as my wife and their wives and so we had this little meeting we had a chance to get together and it first get a chance to meet and say hi and then after a while he start asking like well what do you guys do exactly what is ClickFunnels™ and we kind of explained it as we call and he’s like well why is everyone so excited out there we said well it’s more than just a software program as the movement and we start talking about why we’re so excited about funnels we start sharing with them the vision what they’ve done for us and other people

Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis: Think of what business to start

and and after that markets got it I can’t think of a business doesn’t find you could work for a hotel or a restaurant work for chiropractor weird commercial English I can’t think of one that it doesn’t I think it would be cool to try to think of the businesses I have coming up we’re going to shoot but I think it would be cool to do an integration where you guys are actually helping the business but the business the business is going to have to match up what you’re doing right yeah and so it has to be if you get we will go over how to roll a Frank Lloyd Wright but we not not figure out which a good way to doing it meets up we gotta figure out what’s the right business because you’re telling that story to somebody in a short period of time and it may be two minutes right consistency for it it has to be crystal

clear exactly what it does and why it’s good for this visit yeah I think we should start with sweet peas like I want to because I thinking about you we want to be a customer we don’t want anything for free what I want whatever like the best one is I’m going to ask you the day will tell me something and then I think we find a couple of other businesses you just catch that like Marcus has over Tiffany about what funnels word hi every business needs a funnel and we have to sell mana he got the vision and he said we may actually have a chance to be on the show which would be the coolest thing in the world but excited they might have a potentially being on the show I’m even

more excited to hear him speak well you say good my name is Russell Brunson and I’m part of an underground group of entrepreneurs that you probably never even heard of before we don’t rely on cash from venture capitalists to get started and we don’t even have goals to go public either in fact our motivation is the exact opposite you see we have products and services and things that we know change people what we because we’re fight against the big brand people with literally unlimited budgets we have to do things differently we have to do things smarter we don’t

Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis: How to find a profitable business

have financial safety net because every test we take with our own money we have to be profitable to day number one how do we do that how is that even possible if you ask the MBAs or look at your college textbooks they will tell you – what we are doing is impossible yet it’s happening every single day it’s happening to an art and a science we call funnel hacking it’s not really something that I can explain to you something I have to show you these stories are a glimpse of entrepreneurs just like you we have a dream and if you want to change the world in their own little way I use the phone hacking process they’ll make their dream become a reality yes we are funnel hackers and these are our stories [Music] now the cool thing about markets is we were trying to take him from our secret private meeting

over to the event we’re trying to like make sure that he didn’t get attacked by all the attendees we’re trying to take him to back roads he said no no it’s Saturday let’s go hang out with everyone and he came out literally and took pictures with us it’s been a quick final sign took pictures with other people and and just hung out with everybody before the event which was like the coolest thing in the world and they made a chance in the back and as we were getting all excited then I had a chance to stay to actually introduce markets and bring him up and it was one of the

coolest experiences in the world when he spoke it was different than I thought it was going to be I assume there’s gonna be a business presentation he was sharing his three P’s and kind of going through everything but instead he put his notes down he came into the crowd into the audience and he started talking from the heart and sharing his stories with people and connecting with people in the audience and having people stand up and tell their stories and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life to see the way that he treated people and the way he treated our our

group of funnel hackers and the impressions left on everyone and and that was probably for me the coolest part of the event for sure after Marcus left bottle hacking live about a minute later while he was sitting is uber driving back the airport I started getting text messages from him saying I want to build a funnel for this business for this business and he got really exciting at about five or six businesses he wanted to go funnel four and so today we’re

Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis: Advantage of sales funnel

actually to be on the phone with some of the executives in this company teaching them what funnels are helping them see the vision and then figure out how what kind of funds we can build each of the companies that Marcus has run how are you guys we’re really good we’re excited we’ve been brainstorming and fondant scheming over here so we’re gonna show up a live version of someone using your site your service and we can all get our arms back see what this is I’m going to show you one that’s super ugly if you look at it it’s so like from the design standpoint is not

very pretty but it did thirty million dollars last year so it works really well it’s just a dude at his house and taking these things so they work really really good but just concepts if you see this one it should should help I this one we showed Marcus when not when he was at the event as well cool box is their new product and they wanted a big shark tank funnel so somebody come to their site and then they have video kind of showing showing cool box out

works and then they have a coupon game fifty percent coupon so you put the coupon code here cool fifty and then put your email address treating the coupon and now that I’m on an email list hey guys this is Chris I got step two in the video now it’s a you know hey you got to do our coupon go buy it right here follow us on Facebook and kind of move them through there and then we got their email address now so we’ll have a whole marketing sequence in place so they don’t purchase them if they don’t buy this on this page we have a whole sequence that goes to try to get

them to buy the product if they do buy it can upsell them on another product they’ve got and things like that when you think of camping or accessories how would you feel like what your how do you envision us yeah so we that’s what we actually meet up for you on the call we’re trying to figure out like what be the best man I almost see because when we’re looking at Camping World on where to go back here obviously a lot of it looks like you just are using this

Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis: How to create your funnel

also the tool to sell on the good sand right on yeah so that on this side really good family sizes and called that’s just picture Justin askew on this site don’t but that made it easier for you to focus on that balk and decide we can all do that I was like there’s a really cool funnel we can build it would kind of accomplish both goals we get lead gen for camping world but also people in good Sam and kind of do both you know kill two birds one stone so this thing we were trying to do is like figuring out by look at the guy that did this that’s grown the whole gun company right he’s figuring like what are the core things that like people that would want done like where they want right they want

targets they want oil they want flashlights they want and that’s kind of what they’ve done right so we’re thinking like for someone is your dream customers someone who’s coming to Camping World and buying everything else you guys have like what’s something that would get those people to raise their hands and say to get really really excited we’re going to laugh at one of our five units not five dollars it’s probably arguably the number one seller platform is

going to be specific Rd specific toilet paper they’re different but everybody webinar e uses it because if you Toronto gave our dedicated clock to pick and I’m going you can see the price there and I can literally do what is you know problem I want a coffee ship a single for back because they more than the cause of the problem becomes upon being of education right I like them like a book ship around now I can be aspect so great so here’s our here’s our toilet

paper and they get for free right so put the email address in and then we start looking for initial bumps right so they bought one thing into a paper the probably want more some would you ever genius and first on customers only or now now I do I want people to buy my free thing a million times over because I’m making 30 40 bucks here to myself three one how many rules is your typical customer right go back how are you making money on the free one because we’re about to map out the rest of the phones everything over here this is where you make money at

Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis: Add more product image to your funnel

Youngstown yes yeah okay so this is lead gen to get someone in the door but I can also add a million times over because they’re going to keep buying things what’s the typical buyer who’s going to buy a number of rolls of toilet paper how many if they come into the store or online how many what’s your typical order how many rolls of toilet paper they buy they’re not just buying one for family well nobody will attack or a depends on how much they are be the guy who came in the store maybe buys a couple for crafts or something like that online want any on the length of the trip it’s typical at the for Mac and it’s trip is longer than a week okay okay so maybe we’ll up so I get a pack so

you get though the one thing for free and then for something else they would we call an order form bumps on the reforms like hey for an extra kind of like a trade you back here okay you can get 2 ounce for 11 you know like we got something kinda like this where they can they could buy more and these will be so basically at coffee these ones you are not gonna lose money on maybe probably make some money on that so that be is that be the first initial part right and then from here what I recommend because now we know these people are camping world customers you got lead gen here so they can be follow-up sequences selling other camping world things when my first upsell right here is where I would transition to the roadside service we have something here basically pitching hay this roadside

service thing that’s awesome and because you just bought some toilet paper you get some cool deal or something something where they’re going to buy roadside service here yes their number one selling product is toilet paper I don’t you know what to do but we’re going to make a toilet paper funnel I think so let’s go over to a Camping World and let’s go see what what people are buying into everyone’s excited about so we can build a funnel with perfect for them so we came here to to Camping World me asking like what’s your number one best selling product in the entire store and like three people pulls the same thing boom what is it is toilet paper what kind of my favorite is very

let’s break it all down quickly they have the bio pack where which is their second best selling product most or crazy so poop we’re talking about poop here yes case you’re wondering so these smell good so this will be the order form bump boom alright so wiping the butt smells good the camper what’s next oh no what happens if the poo overflows and it’s a huge mess so boom now my necks full I gotta get rid of that all this crap literally crap it’s in my tank gotta get rid of it so I have a new swill if this is the Rhino flex 15 foot or this thing it pushes the crap out of the guy reviews

Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis: Find the best theme

now you guys know something with the theme right this tons of stuff here in Camping World both trying to be out of the theme that you’re bringing somebody through so logically there’s there’s logic screen page by step by step inside the funnel now sir we have protected their there yes and then we may smell good then we got rid of it how else can can’t be well protect protect their customers and this is the answer boom the good Sam roadside service club because you want to be sitting on the toilet there outside and your RV doesn’t start back up and now you’re running on the toilet paper and it stink and it smells bad and you got to get rid of this stuff as fast you can so get on the

phone call Good Sam they’ll get your RV moved out of the way so you don’t boom there you go funnels there is an e-commerce funnel out of a store we use Walmart with you any sort but we’re doing it here today we’re going to prove the singles live we make some money dr. Michael Marcus drop it drop it really get excited – yeah all right we’re gonna make this funnel now bye alright now the first model we’re going to be building for Marcus is the camping world free toilet paper offer which is crazy that’s what we’re doing but I’m excited to build it out and then we have a

couple different products and upsells throughout that funnel and then ultimately on the back end we’re gonna be selling the good Sam RV roadside services same up so they’re making every single one of the Camping World stores all around the country and that’s what the funnel going to be created I’m going to walk you guys through all different cool things that we’re gonna be building outside of this funnel he helped launch your next funnel if so then go to tu cama sub-code seems calm now as we build with funneled one thing that’s missing is the needs I thought a

Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis: Setup an upsell product


really good video to sell the free toilet papers I called up one of my favorite people in the world and one of the best animators I know his name is Ray and Ray went and I asked them if he make me a video to give away a free toilet paper roll so I wrote the script send them the script and him and his team would work and they built out an amazing video to give free toilet paper every single person on earth who has an RV hey this is good fan from Camping World and I’m guessing that because the weather is starting to get nice you’re probably planning your next RV trip am i

right you picked your location you’re planning your meals taking time off word don’t forget one of the most important yet overlooked parts of your trip no not your wind chimes not your hairdryer I’m talking about something you have to have oh yes your toilet paper you get the wrong time it could ruin the perfect weekend we recommend using aqua soft Stu Klein because it rapidly dissolves and won’t clog your drain in fact we believe in it’s so much we

actually want to sponsor your next trip by giving you a 4-pack for free just let us know where to ship it and cover a tiny shipping cost and we’ll have it to you before you hit the road now we retake the video the rain is he made we’re going to plug it into the actual funnel inside a click funnel that way the video will sell people into getting the free roll of toilet paper next we have the bio pack so those who give the toilet paper can make sure that their septic inside of

their RV actually smells good now we’re going to have for the very first upsell is the RV sewer kit which is going to help people to get the crap out of their RV and now the second upsell is the good Sam RV roadside assistance now this one takes a little bit more to explain to somebody who could just have a picture with an order button in fact when we went and checked out actually bought it at the checkout line I want to see how the cashier pitched it to me and then we took that back home I wrote a script based similar on the way she sold it to me I call the brain as Tina

Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis: Create product videos

said Randy another animated video and you created another animated video to help sell the roadside assistance check out this video hey this is good Sam again and before you head on your trip we want to make sure it’s a success so because of that we have one less special offer for you if we made for you to hit the road and a few miles out RV breaks down or just miles away from your destination to get a flat tire you see for most people that would completely spoil the perfect weekend but not for you why because when you upgrade your order right now and get

good Sam’s roadside assistance well if your RV breaks down you just make a phone call and good Sam will be there to get you back up got a flat tire just one call good Sam we’ll bring you a new one and get you back on the road back yes a roadside assistance program will give you the peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens while you’re on the road good Sam will be there to keep you on the road so click I’m a big yes button now and we’ll add this protection to your trip right now with that said that’s funnel number one that we created for Marcus now after

that one was almost finished he started asking through funds for other ones of this company so next one we did was for a company called pop act Stephen would want to jump in there and actually build that funnel for him so Marcus gave us five funnels to work on and one of them is called pop acts where each month you get a doggy box in the mail that I’m not an animal guys don’t really know but dog stuff right and so students working on the offer phone strap super super cool when I walk through kind of what’s happening and we’re where we’re going with it yes I’m good so

two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called comm secret and you get your free copy at com secret calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets to leave you to become the fastest-growing non VC back fast startup company in the world the next one was one that I was probably the most excited about it was for a guy who I remember seeing on the profit before I ever met Marcus and his name was Sweet Pea sweet pea as a candy store that has amazing visual and they teach classes and they have candy if we wanted to figure out a really cool fun we can make for them and so

Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis: Social media marketing for funnel

because of that I wasn’t able to go but Brandon and Brent on my team jumped in a plane and flew out to me sweet pea now while they were there they had a chance to actually create products teaching how to make candy they captured really good videos promoting the different products they sell and we had all the assets that we needed then to come back and be able to create a funnel for Sweet Pea in the team now in sweet Pete’s funnels what we decided to do is to give away three recipes on the landing page we’ve been promotes Facebook a bunch of other places where people could come they could opt in to the three recipe now if they got three recipes then we had a chance to give

him a special offer on the next page and get them to actually buy some candy from sweet Pete now about that time they were building all these funnels and getting them live about the time I got a call from Marcus now I was actually sitting in an event and I looked at my phone I had missed two or three calls from him and I was like oh no something must be wrong funnels must be upset or something so I snuck out I texted back my what’s going on he’s like give me a call later on today and so I finished my meetings that night I gave him a call and the first thing he said one night when he picked up the phone was Russell you’re being recorded is that okay I said okay sure he said okay I’m we’re on the show right now worth a company called flex watches and they’ve actually were talking about this thing called a funnel and I told them that knew who you were and they’re really excited and I want to know if you’d

be interested in doing a funnel for these guys live on the show and I tried to be all cool and calm and collected but I’m literally jumping up and down in excitement being like yes yes I would love to I love you a funnel for you guys that was the beginning of a journey that allowed us to have it chance to be on the show the profit do you have a sell funnel that underperforming or you know you need to sell some of you have no idea where to start what to do if so and you’d like my help then go to frontal hackathon comm and find out how you can have me and my team folks use

your cell phone [Music] [Applause] [Music] good morning today is the big day we are going to be actually heading out here a little bit to go meet Marcus lemonis and flex watches and hopefully we don’t screw this up were to actually be on this show which is exciting the day’s over here helping me out because I cannot figure out what sure I wanted to wear so I actually embarrassingly enough brought for t-shirts for one day beautiful and that this is the one this would came the winner winner chicken dinner we’re go red bag we’re going red totally freaked it out we’re also doing a green one just in case a case with you change clothes the middle of it here’s didn’t know much color it’s long-sleeve short-sleeve that’s where you go you can hold them all there’s so many here oh man so bears thing I think was packing life’s like why you have so many things like because I don’t know to where she’s like we’ll just


Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis: Promote your sales funnel

the ad add to the story poor girls a lot of equals b kotov regal the owner’s expense oh so we’re like whoa we’ll probably authorize like we’re here for the 50 right but then the producer can’t park here so we problems you see way back there there is a video camera kind of blurry but negative thread please all right Russell how you feeling buddy little nervous I get a lot I hope the market is X period in a big brain you’ve been Paul then I saw some guys some flex watches I seen their pictures because they’d been on a couple of the reality shows I saw them I’m so excited to go say hi it we’re like looking up where you guys at there’s the camera so excited let me see you guys the back right hey how’s it going right we’re supposed to meet on camera hey oh okay well you guys later oh man we’re such not

Hollywood right so we get started in a little bit I’m not allowed to actually record anything is happening markers in here a few minutes and so I will message back he hasn’t saw louver Casey so finally when the producers came and we had a chance to go back actually get in the room and see where we’re going to be filming and it was cool to watch how they get everything set up there are people hanging up lights and cameras getting everything set up for the room before marketing’s team actually showed up and then had it they took us out behind the scenes and a chance to look and see the video cameras to see the producers and the script writers and all the people would go into making the show as amazing as it is and then see much later than markets came in and we came in and gave me a hug you get a chance to talk for a little bit before the show and just kind of make sure that we were on the same page

with everything we’re going to do but this point Marcus hadn’t seen the funnels hitting the pictures he didn’t really know where we were going just I guess kind of hoping that we hit our homework and did it right and then few minutes later they brought us in and was really cool experience I know how I know how this works I’ve never been on a reality TV show or anything and it was cool to see the whole process with the cameras and and getting all the different angles of people walking in the room and making sure it was perfect it was just a cool process and then we sat there for a couple hours and and Marcus interviewed me and asked me questions and I showed them things back and forth and back and forth and and it was so exciting his fast paced and like I remember like it was all going so fast I don’t know what to do and I didn’t want to mess things up and I was so nervous I was good faith it was just

Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis: Find the best niche


like when the most exciting and stressful and scary experience was all wrapped into one and then it was done basically wrapped up and then they had to go film something into a spot and they took up and they left they were gone and I was kind of standing there and just like oh that’s crazy and then I won the producers RAM to me and he was kind of freaking out because the first time he actually seemed the big ol funnel as well on the board and he asked me like you have write to all these images and I said what do you mean he’s like we can get sued if we don’t have rights these images I was like we haven’t bought all the right so we had to go and I call my designers make sure we had the extended rights all the stuff we needed to be and it was just became this huge thing that that didn’t

actually end up mattering at the end but it was like just so much fun we just got done filming so after that the rest of the day we were kind of just beat we went to the bulletproof coffee shop and had some food and just kind of relaxed and just realized that this whole whirlwind it was just it was it was done and it was really cool that’s when I got home my biggest fear cuz I told my friends and family members everyone I knew pretty much everyone that I was able to contact between email and social media everything thousand on the show and I started thinking what if I was really bad what if my fiction like didn’t make it what if I got cut and that started freaking out like really embarrassing if if I’m not on the show but the same time if I am on the show I need to make a big deal out of it and

so start talking about getting everybody excited for it in fact here in Boise we actually rented out an entire movie theater to show the show because I didn’t I didn’t just want to watch by myself and one of my friends my family members and other people and other entrepreneurs in our community come to watch as well and rent out a big big movie theater and that’s what we had a chance to watch the Prophet gather as a family as a community thank you guys for coming and hanging out this tonight it means the whole world to me and my team and everyone who who has been anxiously anticipating tonight we actually have people all around the world tonight having parties like this in their hometown and it’s pretty cool it so grateful to have you guys all here some of you may know we’ve been working on a really fun project here where we’ve actually been recording our own online and reality show I’ve been a

they’re going crazy and then what not were talking about who guys are seeing what’s chip and Joanna Gaines show what if we started our own show where we found an entrepreneur took their business and launched it in like and every episode was like that story I think that would be awesome then I message Brandon as like hey my god idea what if we start on reality show and and we just picking on through and we do this whole thing he’s like sweet man I’m in I was like we’re watching a reality show I was so excited and after film with the Prophet I can you show up

Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis:  Earn passive income with sales funnel


there they’ve got like three camera crews they’ve got producers they got script right like it’s a big huge deal right on like when you see what we’ve been produced there’s two people that have done all this so one is Brandon right here and the other is Brett right here come on stand up these these two guys created what you’re about to watch all by themselves like 100% all the credit goes to you guys I think that well you guys well Jess I’m actually the final the final yet but the clips I saw I guess is good if not better than the profit I think so you guys can judge afterwards less

no but what these two guys did by themselves is in my mind it’s it’s amazing I know how anyway so I just want to thank them for the effort in time they were Brandon also pulled the 24 hour all night hackathon with us last night we built three funnels launched a couple companies and we’ve got done eight in the morning and then instead of going to bed he went back and kept editing these stuff he has not slept yet today or yesterday to give this for you guys which is cool anyway it was really cool and the entrepreneur we picked for this episode is someone who on I met him initially and when we meet Anthony three years yeah that’s how all good relationships start by the way so

so he’s doing our coaching program and just really hit off a ton respect from what he was doing and had he always had success he was doing well but like he has aspirations like change royal he meet him is just like he wants to fix and help and change everyone it’s just amazing this is not a moneymaker force this cost us money something we’re trying to pitch anything on the biggest thing is we’re trying to show stories of entrepreneurs so you guys we’re all entrepreneurs can see patterns like when you see this over and over again you’ll see that I had a conversation access Clark yes on Sunday we were talking about this and I said look I can take any business and plug it into this process like it doesn’t matter to me a watch company can be a biohacking company could be a restaurant like it doesn’t matter the process is the same the patterns are the same there’s tweaks and there’s changes and so our goal is to

show these to show these stories over and over again so you start seeing the patterns okay if you read my book you’ll see the patterns the more you see the patterns the more you they’ll say well has this worked for my actual business

Clickfunnels™ Marcus Lemonis: Find the best theme

and so when you see these episodes each one or picking entrepreneurs and all sorts of weird businesses and parts of life or trying to show diversity and ideas and hopefully it inspires you guys help you see the patterns and you start plugging in your ideas because I’m a big firm believer the only way the world is going to change some entrepreneurs

like us who want to change it’s not gonna have some government or from anything else it’s people like us have an idea and if this process helps you guys to learn how to get those ideas out there that’s that’s how we’re all going to change the world so that’s kind of the premise of the show and I hope you guys enjoy it and kick it off it was so cool because we had put our heart and soul into this concept and to see how everyone in that room went crazy for it that

was that was amazing and it’s completely fueled this project in that point board and that night when some hacker TV was born [Music] [Applause] [Music] next week on fun allatra TV follows behind the scenes of two young entrepreneurs on a journey to change the world caleb is 14 years old and it’s already made over a hundred thousand dollars online Emily is 11 and so twenty thousand dollars of our book door-to-door watches they take my kids become authors and entrepreneurs and I help them to build out a funnel to get their message to more people we are funnel hackers and these are our story [Music]

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