Julie Stoian reveals her Pinterest Secrets. Pinterest has become a search engine more than just a social media site. Julie provides step by step detail on how you can use Pinterest especially if you have a product or service that can be shown through images. You will be surprised at the marketing opportunity that exists on Pinterest.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

If your audience is comprised mostly of women then you can’t afford not to be on Pinterest (1:23)

Not all of us have the eye for making things “Pinterest Worthy” but Julie has some tips for us to help up our game (3:49)

Using GroupBoards to get more eyeballs to your Pins on Pinterest (6:46)

GroupBoards have rules to follow, but they’re justifiable guidelines that you can follow and still generate traffic to your funnel (8:10)

Getting in touch with Julie to get a jumpstart into the world of Pinterest (10:32)

Quotable Moments:

“Once you have that image and your template you can just all different kinds of bridge pages and you only need one funnel. You could have 50 different bridge pages if you want but you only need that one funnel. Then all you need is different pins and put them on Pinterest.”

“Don’t get overwhelmed and think you have to become this massively cool blogger to get on Pinterest. All you have to do is make a couple of bridge pages and get on those group boards and you can start gaining momentum”

“Along with you image being very beautiful you need to make sure your description is very keyword dense. Think about it like you would from an SEO perspective”

Other Tidbits of this Podcast:

Dave comes forth with the fact that he’s not the most artsy person in the world.

Audio Clips:

(1:30-1:40) “The three largest search engines in the world are Google, Amazon, and Pinterest. So, if you have a female audience you cannot afford to not be on Pinterest.”

(11:04) “In those female driven industries it makes a huge, huge difference. And it becomes this free traffic, it’s like you’re golden ticket

Links Mentioned by Dave and Julie:

http://Pixabay.com/ Free Stock Images you can use on Pinterest
Http://Canva.com Graphic Design Software you can use for Pinterest


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welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back to radio today is another day where you get the opportunity to having both myself and Jewish stoyan on the call welcome Julie hey hey hi everybody so glad to be here if you haven’t already listened to Julie she did her own podcast with when we first started what seems like an eternity ago a couple weeks ago we just had or a couple episodes ago we had her on talking about becoming the very best in the world and today what I want to talk about are some of the traffic secrets we’re gonna open up a kind of traffic secrets series here kind of might be the opportunity to kind of bugging and picking her brain on different things today’s topic is Pinterest and your sales funnel so with all that said let’s just dive right into this Julien let’s talk about Pinterest is something I have never I get I don’t know if it’s a gender thing I don’t know what it is but Pinterest is just not my thing so I needed you to come on board basically tell us how in the world you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your sales funnels well it’s okay it is I think it is really a gender thing because Pinterest is a heavily female dominated platform for sure so a couple things to know immediately about Pinterest is the first thing is it started out as a social network but it’s really a search engine it has not it’s not really a social network anymore so the three largest search engines in the world are Google Amazon and Pinterest so if you have a female audience you it’s like you cannot afford not to be on Pinterest because it is used as almost as much as Google especially in niches that have to do with food and health even niches like starting your own business and business opportunity niches so much fashion all that kind of stuff is all on Pinterest so what I want to talk to you about today is that one of my clients Caitlyn from proofread anywhere she’s a two comma Club winner the primary source of her to comma Club award came from Pinterest and so people know that no I know it was Pinterest that did it I know I know dr. Berg yeah exactly so so the way Pinterest works and how it works differently is that on Facebook you send people to a landing page Pinterest hates landing pages so your sales funnel can’t you can’t send people directly to a landing page you have to send people to a blog post and that blog post can be written or it can be video it can be show notes it can be as long as it’s on a something that looks like a blog whether it’s a ClickFunnels™ page doesn’t really matter like just make it look like a blog post of some kind you send people from Pinterest to the blog post and then in that blog post is a pop-up or an image or something that encourages them to opt-in and that’s how you go into your funnel so it’s kind of like when Russell talks about a bridge page that’s kind of what you need in Pinterest cool I love that analogy so if you are in any of those industries I said like you want to start creating blog post type bridge pages in your funnels and create beautiful vertical Pinterest images to put on Pinterest it has to be my beautiful okay I want to talk about that because that’s I suck at that right big terrible with that kind of stuff and again fortunately have Jake on our team as great graphics guy but I mean both you and Russell have this knack for what’s cool and beautiful and all that kind of stuff I don’t so what does a person like me do for help yeah so the simplest way to do it is first go to Pinterest and search in the Pinterest search bar and search what your what your niche is right so it’s like you know women’s fashion let’s say okay it comes up look at the pins that naturally catch your eye you’re gonna notice that that most of them are vertical they’re like 800 or 1200 sometimes though even longer they’re like 800 by 1600 they’re like really long vertical images if you really stink at design the best advice is to use canva and this is all you have to do you go you find a free stock image that you can use you put a stock image try to make it a pretty stock image like go to pixabay or a place like that that has like cool stock images don’t go to shut her sack put the image on a vertical template and then create a shape over it like a black shape a white shape whatever color matches your brand and make it a little bit transparent so it’s like you can kind of see the image but you can’t really that creates a little bit more of an artistic effect and then it puts some beautiful spots and words over the shape so you’ve got the picture you’ve got the shape you’ve got the words and the words need to be really bold because that is usually what catches people’s eye on Pinterest is like the text and then just stick your logo somewhere once you’ve done that template once save it in canva and then every time you have a new post or a new idea just swap out the stock image on the bottom and then swap out the text and you have your Pinterest template super easy awesome man that’s like value bomb like crazy I love hello like that yeah so once you have that image and that template you can just keep reusing it create all different kinds of bridge pages and you only need one funnel you could just have like 50 bridge pages if you want but they all go to that same funnel and you just create different pins and put them on Pinterest awesome so the pins on Pinterest then are leading to this bridge page and on the bridge page I know you mention as far as a blog whenever I think of a blog I’m thinking you know five to seven hundred words a longer type of thing what types of things can I have on that that bridge page and what things can I not have well so all I know is that Pinterest just doesn’t like it when it’s like a squeeze page where it’s like there’s no cons it’s like just like a headline and optoma they don’t like that so let’s say even your your show notes for your podcast right you put your your podcast you put the show notes that’s it that’s plenty like it’s just some sort of content that they can consume it doesn’t have to be like this big long blog post oh I might actually out using Pinterest for my for this pacer for this uh my careers you know so the the couple things to know is make sure your images are vertical always use a bridge page which can be a blog post or it can be a bridge page that you’re making click funnels yes there’s some content on it this the next thing you have to do is you have to find group boards to join and this is a little bit of work but you can find people that will help you do this for free I mean not for free but they’ll do it for you for a service and when you find group words you get more juice on your pins faster so I can go on Pinterest and I can pin a pope pin an image right and I’ve got five followers or I can join a group board that has 25,000 followers and pinned my pin on there and it’s more likely to get repent so is the whole game to reap anything inside of Pinterest yeah so it used to be it pinterest used to be where like you would have to have your boards and just one pin per like you didn’t want to repeat your pins and all that kind of stuff it was just like all like this beautiful layout almost kind of like Instagram but then it because it’s become a search engine and it’s so algorithm driven now it’s okay if you repin things again and again and again because Pinterest wants to see your account as being active so there’s all kinds of tools tailwind board booster places like this once you fill up your boards with content you just set it to automatically keep Reap inning and repin two different boards and group boards and things like that and then pinterest sees that your account is active and it starts to kind of elevate your account a little bit oh very cool so on the boards what do you have to do to avoid being spammy inside of the board I mean can the owner the board kick you out because you’re putting stuff on there yeah for sure so when you go to a group board it’ll tell you the rules it’ll be like you can pin here three times a day but you must also pin repin stuff from the group board you know what I mean it’s like a give-and-take kind of thing and this can all be automated very simply with board booster so simply so it doesn’t really take that much time once you set up your board booster account it just does it for you and so you usually just email them and they accept your pins and then you can set the set the schedule to pin and one of the things about Pinterest is you don’t have to produce all your own content you can repin other people’s content and it will elevate your rank on your Pinterest account so you’ll see all the best pinners they don’t just pin their own stuff they pin other people stuff because they’ve got their board booster pinning a hundred times a day Wow so unlike YouTube where basically they’re always looking for unique content here on Pinterest they’re not and so on Pinterest like with Facebook you’re looking for followers and a lot of the social sites you are are you still trying to play that same game inside of no it’s all it’s all like keyword it’s all like keyword algorithms stuff that’s why I’m saying it’s like really like a search engine more than it is a social network so you want to make sure that your image in addition to your image being beautiful your description needs to be very keyword dense think of it like you would from an SEO perspective use those keywords and the best way to find group boards is to find somebody really big in your niche so like let’s say you’re in food so you type in food babe right and you go to the food babes Pinterest profile and you look at her boards chances are she’s on a bunch of group boards and just click on her boards and then you can see who the owner is and what the requirements are and you can see if you can get on that group board that is awesome well Julie again you I have no idea about this topic and yeah I’ve been sitting thinking it looks like crazy so anyone’s watching the video very our funnel hacker TV the reason I’m keeping the left is I’m just taking a page of notes so love this so obviously I know you’re doing a ton of stuff here with ClickFunnels™ content writing and all that kind of stuff people are gonna want to know more about this Julie so how can they get in contact with you or someone on your team or something to find out more about this whole Pinterest opportunity thing you know I think this traffic secret is crazy cool yeah well you know I I’m trying to think the best way to reach me I mean probably you could just hit me up in the ClickFunnels™ group then you could just tag me in the ClickFunnels™ group if you’re not part of the funnel hacker community I’ve got a bunch of resources of people this is what they do they do the scheduling for you and all that kind of stuff so I can definitely send you those names if you want it’s like really up your Pinterest game because it will yeah it it works it works just like SEO works but you know in those female-driven industries it makes a huge huge difference this is all like it becomes free traffic I mean I know it’s like the golden ticket you know yeah well before we wrap things up anything else you want to say about Pinterest just don’t don’t get overwhelmed and think that you have to be this massively cool blogger to get on Pinterest because you can just make a couple bridge pages and get on those group boards and you can start to start to gain some momentum that’s awesome so go ahead guys run out to ClickFunnels™ comm get yourself a free trial there you can go ahead and use click files to create all those fun pages that Julie was just talking about and that way you guys will have bridge pages and they can go directly straight into your opt-in and generate a ton of cash and hopefully just like Julie was able to for one of her clients we soon will have you as one of our two comma Club winners just like Julius Julie thanks again so much love having you on the show well doctor real soon yeah bye guys thanks for listen to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Bono hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker radio.com forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Pinterest Marketing Secrets – Funnel Hacker Radio #178 with Guest Julie Stoian

Pinterest Marketing Secrets – Funnel Hacker Radio #178 with Guest Julie Stoian