Pirates Cove Mastermind (Part 1)  Funnel Hacker TV Episode 25

On this episode of Funnel Hacker TV, I took a small group of 10 entrepreneurs to my favorite place on planet earth to plot and scheme and see how we can change the world!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 25 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we went to the Pirates Cove mastermind…

[Music] [Music] so once every year we ripped bicycle tires cold in Las Vegas would you imagine my group for the first four days and we let bunch of our team members and staffers that scum could last half and it’s insane so I went again a journey of the trip you can see our scope is [Music] [Music] all right so today we are on with parts coke my wife’s got sick kids so coming up on first car to head down to party started [Music] we’re big uns can’t wait man or you can start now happens here we’re finally a periscope it’s been a long stressful chaotic horrible painful day I love it oh my arm you know we gotta get the other car cars come okay tires Co booby you guys carful what guys Oh we go hi nor your first coat [Music] remember there’s a line there Pennywise I can’t because it’s the Britain service elevators it are too long ago you ate you were 2 years old you swing on that rope sweet all right last night we drop all my water slide having fun fires CO and I start my camera ring with you Cyrus is too busy now on my first day meetings starting so handle right now these are the kids it’s like step in the morning and they’re all ready how many ice and cones yet so far have you researched oh man ice cream cone party time all the time no there’s no like a good meeting room here so we went took one the rooms we brought with couches and everything can actually be talked about world domination and other such fun things so that’s what’s happening thinking it through to the back the back rows periscope so you guys hang out this during the meeting see what’s happening here’s here because that is the really cool group of people okay so awesome he’s ever hear of a whiteboard a TV we had a vlog everything by what you are you know to do you should like blog you in the media and tomorrow why me lady boxing it up like in within your shin you’re always walking around like would we hide our gym launchers what’s up Jim Watchers we’re a bunch of nerds all right every video editing [Music] [Music] just keep dancing that we’re using something called dynamic product advertising which I think especially for information publishers is an interesting ad unit where this user and you can manually build these CSV and create a dynamic product as someone who views click funnels page to review any one of your other offers when you see multiple offers especially those people register for the webinar and then they webinar expired and there were the three offers on the bottom of the page those people should see a dynamic product ad with a carousel of those free offers these things work extremely well and these are dictated by you know what product you saw or didn’t see shopping cart again it makes the shopping cart we’re going to retargeting based on what you had in your cart another open loop courting door just probably close by hand not that much anchor for a moment I’m going to show you how to beat this goes what we’re talking about is behavioural targeting we’re talking about engaging with people based on how they engage with us across all communication mediums this is just the advertising medium which are the same thing the same level of segmentation is email you guys are familiar with email behavioral segmentation you don’t have to be applied it to the medium of advertisement it’s the same thing all right now I’m down to go have some bugs me back to Ezra Firestone preach in some more water so I call my name soon I’ll be back in the water slide [Music] as yes I’m a go-getter I’m adventurous then you have an offer that makes them adventurous or tells them yes your adventurous when you take this offers I’ll say yes if you get them to identify I’m cautious and then you have an offer that accentuates that consciousness they’ll say yes to that but if you create an identity or they already have an identity is being cautious and you admit that you present to them an adventurous hopper they’ll say no 100 percent of the time and I know today’s agenda and what I do this is the only purpose of this slide is to set up the next slide right and our small hot plan together I hope to make a big impact in the following ways create confidence but it was uncertainty and clarity when there’s confusion and what we think is the true potential you have to make a dent in this universe but if nothing else I’m just going to make you money right recursive and that is funny because it not only sets up the agenda what we’re going to do but a lot of it is a transition what I need from you remember that’s like this is how we get our commitment so I’m getting commitment and less than a minute into the webinar and I can do that because of the way that I’ve cleverly set up my promise to them so we put the implementation you solve this slide and this where I timed down this I don’t write it out but actually say do we have a deal I’m not just a guy who is into verbal commitments I want one that’s actually written down I want a binding commitment for me right so go ahead and write it into the chat box right now and they will it’s amazing what people will do again laughing hi guys jump into hurdle some time to find it go get them no I told nut sometimes basically I tell them whatever feels right yeah one day I wake up and say listen if I have a way to take your blood sample on this women right now I would because that’s how important it is to be right and I explained how today came to be now I do this to the audience because they think I’m giving them content so what I’m really doing is spirit around Graff all these other elements into this so this is how a complan Asst I explained I was once where you were at and you saw how that relates to the opening of position this is a personal result which is Authority status and this is the story here but this is also a testimonial talk about four minutes into the webinar at this point and I’ve already put in like four testimonials I’ve already positioned myself in a certain way that I then started behind a came to be part two this is this slide here we’re talking about the presentation to 100k that establishes a higher price point of authority then I explained to them that at 100k meeting I broke down the webinar funnel that did this amount of numbers and it was only supposed to sell this many spots would you like to know how we did results like this this is cream mystery and intrigue this is another way to do that right also at the same time in the course that we sell I have a case study that breaks down how to do this so this is foreshadowing the offer in advance right and then the next slide out to that it’s an Armas logo now here’s I’m gonna show you how to do this make sure you have to do this we show you through this I’m going to show you how to do this this this this and this let the introduction process [Music] Oh [Music]

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Pirates Cove Mastermind (Part 1) Funnel Hacker TV Episode 25

Pirates Cove Mastermind (Part 1) Funnel Hacker TV Episode 25