RANT: Take What You Earned, Nothing More

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A few cool stories that will hopefully re-align what you define as what you actually earn.

On today’s episode Russell talks about doing what you said you were going to do instead of trying to lie, cheat, and trick your way into money. Here are some of the other insightful things Russell talks about in this episode:

-Why Russell gave back 8 figures to Pruvit, even though he had signed a contract to have equity in the company.

-And why it’s important to only take the things you have actually earned.

So listen here to find out why integrity is more important than money.

what’s up everybody this is russell brunson and welcome to the marketing secrets podcast tonight we’re hanging out and talking a little bit about the fact that nobody owes you anything and you should just be grateful for the opportunity so the big question is this power entrepreneurs like us who did cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that you believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright so I’m sure if you guys some steps tonight I don’t normally share probably the stuff I wanted to share normally or not and anyway I’m gonna go inside here in a minute but I want to share one idea that’s completely not related marketing maybe it is who knows right now I’m eating this you guys are sitting here I’m in my kitchen this is my dinner I share this because I know I’m on this how to get ripped before phone-hacking live diet with with bar Miller and instead the funds that be working out doing awful stuff but then also had me eating very specific way and I knew that there was no way I was gonna be able to stick with it in fact the first day Dave and I Dave’s not with me we both went over to to the grocery store and bought stuff it was like 50 bucks but that one day just eat stuff and it was likely spot like packs of chicken breast and broccoli and that’s you know it was horrible and the second day like I brought turkey from Thanksgiving from you know a little bit ago and the Dave ran out of time to buy food so he literally had a son going by impacts with deli meat it’s something that’s definitely me and by day two Reich we will never actually do this cuz this is too hard to actually live this way which I’m sure a lot of people don’t lose weight then probably other things you like you don’t do because it’s too hard to consistently do it so we went online we found someone here in Boise who cooks meals and so we gave her all the macros micros all kind of stuff we need what needs to be and then every day she literally makes us three mils drop some off in the morning and they’re all perfectly cooked fine-tuned healthy with exactly that the carbs macros micros fats proteins everything that was perfect was supposed to actually so that’s for me now this is my third meal today and it’s nice not to think just grab and eat so I recommend for any of you guys and it’s not that expensive or paying I think 300 bucks a week for this which if I was to go out one day a week that’s women weren’t 300 for one meal week that’s way more than three and of ox this is three meals a day plus Cuse me all I’m a lot of prune mouth is what she puts into the boxes that’s it so just a thought find someone cooking meals for you and do other things that are keeping you from getting the goals you want so all right so I digress so I want to share yesterday or tonight is pretty important I think so it I wasn’t sharing one thing but there’s just stores I can’t tell so there’s been and like honestly three or four situations in the last like two weeks they’ve been insane it’s been probably some of the hardest two weeks of my life when it relates to like the negative sides of business so for me it’s been funny cuz I’ve been trying like to block it and defend it because I just need to keep moving forward and the negativity of stuff can keep me or you or anybody from moving forward right so I don’t want to share those specific stories but the way that people dealt with them was really I don’t think right so believe it that they’re not gonna go deeper into it but I do want to shares I want to share something that actually I’m gonna I want to share this not to brag that’s not the point but to like show that I practice what I preach I don’t just talk about stuff I actually believe it I think that’s important and so that’s the only reason I’m sharing this story and hopefully it’ll help some you guys to think about how you should deal with stuff in the future so and maybe yeah hopefully it’ll help at least somebody out there so some of you guys know that a couple years ago there’s a company that got launched called prove it and I was part of the original team to help launch that and I was the dude who wrote the who wrote the script for the animated video I had my animators animate the whole thing and that became the campfire video for anyone that company and it exchanged me doing that initial stuff I negotiated some equity in the company the equity right now looking at where the company’s blown up for the last three years is worth insane amounts of money well over 8 years and probably closer well it’s it’s insanely law and I negotiate ahead of time and then I was gonna do a bunch of other things the company and just some reason some things didn’t work because it was just it was hard within the company never marketing company to software makes it hard to do some the funnels and things I was planning on helping with so that was kind of hard and then click phones was taking off the same time and so I spoke sitting there and just when all said and done like at the end of the day I didn’t do what I thought I was going to do but what I did have is really cool fancy thing called a contract that had scientists that I own extra cent of the company and but and that the situation with the multiple people this week it was not the same situation was something kinda like that and it’s like where people didn’t pull their load and then they’re like demanding this justice which was in just because they didn’t do anything and it’s like it makes me so angry and frustrated and so thinking about myself I was like I’m in the same situation here like based on what I negotiated three years ago I own experts in this company and well that’s awesome and it’s worth insane amounts of money if I’m completely honest to myself it is not fair not to me it’s not fair to them and if I was in their situation I would I know that in my mind I would be annoyed by me all the time it’s not me like man Russell got this thing and he did this flu thing up front and then we haven’t heard from him in the last three years even his own thing he’s wrens little directions and instead of just like being like haha I got the contract you owe me I won’t actually actively reached out to them and said hey I don’t feel like I deserve this and Brian who’s the owner coming course is like no no you told you don’t mind no I I don’t and I am ok with that like I thought I was gonna be doing this business for this movement and I didn’t I wasn’t able to some things were because the technical is take a little things that didn’t connect on the funnel side and something’s because I just hadn’t have time and I didn’t do what I was supposed to do and that’s like it’s not fair to you and I don’t want some day when you sell this thing to to be mad at me or angry me when you got to give me a huge check because I didn’t deserve it and I didn’t earn it and I don’t want it and he was like well this is kind of weird he’s like well what do you want I was like for what I did they I think this is what would make sense and it’s literally like me giving back eight figures with a cash just being like here you go and taking something way less because that’s what actually are and that’s what I deserve and I think he was kind of confused and then he said okay and now we’re making the transition to shipped away and I’m signing away my equity in exchange for something way less cuz that’s what I actually earned when I actually deserve Ken and so that’s that’s what I want you guys to start thinking about and doing like don’t like in a situation with a business partner or a friend or an employer or like whatever it is like get what you actually deserve but don’t get more like don’t I don’t know this weird thing in society people think they they deserve everything and it’s ridiculous it’s insane like I I wouldn’t believe some of these things didn’t happen in last two weeks it’s the same with you look like they deserve even though they don’t deserve it but because of something they like they did and it’s just it’s so infuriating I mean I remember I had a chance to hear this guy speak a little while ago named the Neo Cobain you guys ever heard of him he’s like one of the best speakers never heard him by 70 long ten years ago now at a Dan can’t even and he was he’s like the CEO or something of Wonderbread a bunch of other things and he’s entrepreneur and he basically came over he came to the country with like twenty dollars in his pocket and built this huge empire and just awesome dude and I guess in the speech I’m totally a slaughter because it’s a decade ago I heard and I don’t remember all the details but I do remember the feeling I got and the message but he talked about how he basically got a job as the I don’t they call him in college like he was in charge the Dean of or call anyway who’s in charge of this college right and it was his college was struggling he was coming in to turn it around he came in the first day or first week he works for Howard looking first week and then they came in they handed him a paycheck and he said what’s this for and I said this is your paycheck he’s like well haven’t done anything yet like you get paid every two weeks was how it works so they gave him the check and he sat on his desk I did not earn that and then he just kept working working next two weeks later came in again next paycheck he’s like what is this for like that’s her paychecks like I didn’t earn that you put it down and he kept trying to his his job his role was to transform the universe and he kept doing that kept trying and it took him a while because it’s a big thing to do and eventually I had over a year two years three years later whatever was he transformed this university and had this big impact and at a time like I think somebody said come in his office and the other stack you know five or six inches tall these envelopes and someone said the way what’s the big stacks of those are the paychecks they can’t give me but haven’t earned me out so am I gonna think they’re not mine and I remember hearing that and just being like hey that’s the right attitude like no no as opposed to the other situations worse like you try to like slip your way in and they feel good if you want you try to sue somebody or you try to I get a contract sign they trace it and then you stop doing what you’re you you committed to doing or whatever that thing it’s just like it’s insane to me and like I said it’s happened four times four times and last six weeks yeah dang the people have done that where they’re where they fight theirs or something and so they’re threatening to sue or they feel like they’re deserve something and because they had a contract they didn’t actually do what they committed to do and they all these things and it’s just so fresh to me it’s like that’s not how I want to be remembered I remember as a person who actually like I got what I earned and I showed up and I did what I said I was Indian if I didn’t say I was gonna do that I didn’t take what it I contracted I and she because the contract said because I know inside of my heart that I broke the contracts I didn’t do what I said I was gonna do okay and so I don’t someone wants to come in and try to get with not mine through threats and through always like it’s just ridiculous okay I want to be the kind of person who some day I can tell my kids and tell my grandkids hopefully some day you know a thousand years from now someone’s gonna launch his podcast someone of my posterity make Wow great-great-great great-great-great grandpa Brunson he was a man of integrity he actually did what he said he was gonna do and when he didn’t earn something he didn’t contractually trick somebody that got a contract so it kind of sucks like ya know I freaking gave it back to me cuz I didn’t earn it and I took what I did earn and I hope that I don’t hope that rings true some of you guys if it does it’ll be worth the rent for tonight so I hope it does and Gettler heard a new yo Cobain speak I’m gonna try that I bought a bunch of the stuff back in the day I’m going to find that presentation where he talked about that because it was so impactful me just to hear that and realize that like that’s how we should be working like just because the rest of the world who shows up to work you know and follows asleep and gets a check every two weeks like us the people who are producers who are moving forward like that’s not how we should look at things we should be okay with that when our teams do that we should work it out with people around us is doing that like we need to earn what we earned and go out there and do the and that’s that’s that’s the goal right and if you do work your butt off and you do do the thing you do earn the money then be proud of it they don’t hide it mean embarrassed like you actually works your butt off you deserve it but don’t do that way around will you where you trick she scam lie whatever it takes do you think is yours because it’s not your so you don’t actually deserve it okay you should just be grateful for the opportunity and so that’s where I’m leaving this one off I’m grateful if the opportunity proved he gave me excited it’s funny like I should be sick to my stomach but I have no issues like I’m so excited to be giving back this equity and exchanging if something’s really cool that it’s a good fit like that it’s anyway it’s just it’s it’s good and I feel good about it and I’m gonna sleep really really good tonight because of that and that’s what really matters so hopefully I help somebody hopefully my great great great great great grandkids are watching this and they straighten up when you hear it because it’s important that’s what I got so thanks for listening preciate y’all and have an amazing day want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm & book number two is called dot-com secrets and you get your free copy at dot-com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets and we’ve use to become the fastest-growing non VC back-sass startup company in the world

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RANT: Take What You Earned, Nothing More

RANT: Take What You Earned, Nothing More