Returning And Reporting Back On Week One Of Our New Agency

A quick recap of what we learned rolling out our first funnel inside our new mini agency.

On this episode Russell talks about how the first week went with his new advertising agency that is dedicated to only ClickFunnels™. Here are some of the cool things to listen for in today’s episode:

-How changing the Expert Secrets book funnel was able to bring the average cart value up by $8

-How Russell’s team was able to virtually be in the same room to communicate, even though everyone on the team is remote instead of being located in Boise.

-And find out what the next step is in the funnel.

So listen here to find out how the first week went for Russell’s new ClickFunnels-dedicated advertising agency.

Marketing Secrets Podcast

What’s up everybody this is Russell Brunson and welcome to the marketing secrets podcast so the big question is this: How are entrepreneurs like us, who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital, we’re spending money from our own pockets, how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable? That is the question in this podcast. I’ll give you the answers, my name is russell brunson and welcome to marketing secrets!

Russell Brunson In His Closet

[Music] alright so I’m kind of quiet it’s like 1:00 in the morning and I am literally in my closet right now getting packed for a trip were heading out on tomorrow my wife is asleep in the room we’ve got sick kids it’s kind of a weird trip to be going on but really excited to get away for a couple days going to a wedding for someone we care about and it’s a lot of fun so I would but I wanted to really turn and report back on just our awesome our awesome a cool week so I talked before about some of this new project management stuff we’re doing in the Batman meetings and all sorts of stuff and it’s been fun last probably three or four weeks been getting all the pieces in place and launching a little Batman meetings you need stuff happening but this week was the first funnel we were trying to get live and so it was a different process because the goal is to try to pull me out as much as possible and so we’ve been recruiting people back to a couple of you joined our team I’m putting out Facebook live into our Facebook group and getting recruiting some amazing amazing talent start working with us in getting these funnels launched and so it’s just been it’s been really really cool

James Frill Trello

So the first part is we had James Frill James P Frill came in and we hired him for six months come into our office to help us get this working and consistent and just keep iterating on it and making it perfect. So he’s got the whole Trello system systemized right and it’s evolving and tweaking so that was the first step in the process and it’s getting everyone on board and getting everybody focusing on their unique abilities and nothing else. It’s been a really fun process it’s that’s kind of the next phase and then Tom I said we to get projects kicked off we did these Batman weeks in a podcast episode three or four back kind of talked about it it worked really really cool so I’ve been doing those. But then this week it was like hey this is the fun we’re getting live it was the new expert secrets book funnel with some updates that we needed to make and some stuff like that plus a tweak that I’ve kind of been teasing you guys about a little bit which is the new Thank You page webinar concept there’s so many cool things I wish I could share to you but I’ll I’ll share more after the tests are done and I’ll be sharing a lot of funnel hacking live as well but anyway for getting it done and this week working out and one thing is tough is that you know two-thirds of our team right now a remote they’re not here in Boise that are working on these funnels and so when I created Trello and through slack if it was just like Mikey I missed that feeling of like being in the office so when we started doing is we opened up the zoom room and just tell everybody jump in here and then meet yourself but like you can work they just work in here and if you have questions just ask you know whoever can jump on.

Zoom Room ClickFunnel

And so we had I don’t know eight or ten of us in the zoom room for the last three or four days which was super cool. so we just haven’t muted and then like some of the question they made I’m um still say hey Russell you think like this or check this out or whatever wasn’t was just like we were in the same office together and it was cool for so many reasons but one is just especially with the remote remote workforce made ever feel way more connected and it gave us ability to really move through things very very very rapidly which was insanely cool we got so much stuff done and the weirdest it’s like we got to like the launch phase where were like you everything getting done and I had this weird feeling with normally I’m in the middle of it pushing and pushing and like because of the way the system is in place, like I wasn’t involved hardly at all and I told James like I just feel like I’m not doing anything which is actually good that’s the goal this whole thing where I like to to pull me out of it I’ve been so deep into everything you know having prior to this I’ve been focus on the copy and the email copy in the video and the funnel structure and like I just do a lot and now we’ve got this team of rock stars who are all taking over different pieces of it it’s it’s a it’s really really cool so this but today we launched the funnel so the expert secrets book funnels live you probably tell by looking the outside if you really buy the book you’ll see the process and you’ll see some of the new stuff which is awesome so far our average cart value in the last 12 hours is about eight dollars from what it used to be which is huge really good so that’s exciting. And then and that’s not counting Thank You page webinar which I think will increase the average cart value by who knows a lot we’ll find out, I just need there she give us stats in.

Systemizing Funnels At ClickFunnels™

But a badass really coolest innovate them into this really cool post I would call it a post-mortem meaning which is basically everyone in the group one announced ok what worked really good for you and then what what things struggling this process it was cool watching James been building my systems they taking notes and I think okay this was awesome but this part got stuck or we lost momentum here or star didn’t work as good and he’s like updating the Trello cards and the checklist and the systems based on all those kind of things and and it’s cool. The next week we picked the next funnel so next week we the same thing and we start Monday who launched on Thursday post-mortem on Friday and then we start over again the next week. So our goals right now we’re trying to roll out a new front end funnel every single week in this team and it’s it’s pretty exciting anyway. I want to share with you because I’m getting excited just because we’re systemising this I said for us so far it’s always been I don’t know it’s like the same thing every time but we focus so much more on the art of its looks like we recreated scratch every single time and this time we’re trying to like figure out the process of every single time there still be room before the art which is you know changing things tweaking things calling audibles at the last minute and changing stuff, but the most part having a systematic thing for each funnel is kind of being pumped out so it’s a fun that’s exciting really really enjoying the process so I’ll keep sharing that more with you guys.

Sharing a big win!

And who knows I’ll probably at funnel hacking live I’ll start sharing how ,much I love this part like Trello process how it ties into the funnel building and the traffic it’s exciting I don’t how much I camera harsh I told you guys we’re you know depending when you’re jumping and listening to this but we’ve got we basically took part of our company and broke it apart and became and start like an advertising agency where ClickFunnels™ is the only client of this agency and so there’s two halves: there’s the funnel building team then there’s the traffic team and so that’s the cool thing is now that the funnel building team that’s gonna let him live I passed it off and then the traffic team is not taking this so there’s just whole process it goes on that on the back side with the traffic team that’s the next one piece we’d be figuring out and building out and also exciting so anyway I’m excited I said we’ve obviously done a lot of stuff in the last few years but our building the processes and the people and all kept things in place it’s gonna be cool just continue to watch this thing grow so anyway I’ll keep sharing with you guys I just wanted to share a big one with you guys cuz it was really fun and exciting and it was a it was a good a good day good week so alright guys that’s all I got go to bed I finished packed in the morning I was procrastinate to the last possible second so alright he’s everybody and practicing the pie would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind-the-scenes reality TV show at Funnel hacker TV.

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Returning And Reporting Back On Week One Of Our New Agency

Returning And Reporting Back On Week One Of Our New Agency