Russell Brunson’s Brutal 5 AM Workouts BEFORE A Day Of Teaching Marketing Funnel Secrets.

ClickFunnels™ Russell Brunson continues on the journey to the stage, the Funnel Hacking Live stage that is! 5 am workouts with the boys, these guys are serious!

Julie Stoian, the first ever female ClickFunnels™ affiliate What’s Your Dream Car winner is in the office this week! By the way, did you know that ClickFunnels™ wants to buy you YOUR dream car? Check out our ClickFunnels™ affiliate program

Sales funnel, online marketing funnels, teaching people how to upsell, those are a few of our superpowers at ClickFunnels™ … what is not our superpower? Well, Dave proves that costumes and dancing are definitely not our skillsets!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 74 (Behind The Scenes Show)
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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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so I draw a Pittsburgh [Music] [Music] good morning is literally I am i boys turned 12 years old today twins and Bart Miller and Brad and Dave are all in the garage all ready to wrestle so we’re doing right now more in the morning time you can shape and with that for way too long rocky laughs come soon we’re all ready and sexy I’m sexy and I know it hopefully for the big the big show ever your phone you’ll have I tell myself I’m ever six back again and every year I don’t the rogue barbell just area Cajun bar semi shopping excited at address nice it’s got him working out what we could do push-ups in there and the nice warm but we thought just crank the lights on push-ups out in the field our freezing cold hands I should have wore gloves or something yeah here we go 1 2 3 3 set 30 push-ups I did three and then I was on my belly you know I could steal he did all 30 though after doing it I don’t even know how it’s possible [Music] [Applause] all right I don’t know how you did that [Music] today is Monday and have this crazy thing happens in our house during the holidays and that is the onesies and so the boys basically challenged me to wear these all week so we got a whole different ones I don’t know if we’re going all week on these things but we’re in start off at least today in the Spongebob onesie happy Monday Jeju is here today what and then we also have Kevin time to cue the slow stripper music sure socks wear shorts this high I am so hot here [Music] all right we have like so many crazy amazing things happening here in the offset can keep up with all of them we have like Stevens over there and he’s got Nick who’s the new funnel builder working with him Julie’s story ins in the office and working with Russell so if you don’t know who Julie is check this out we have this thing in our affiliate contest called what your dream car comm we actually have a first-time female winner I wanna check to show you this so you haven’t seen what your dream car check out what’s your dream car calm but did you go scrolling down the page all these crazy I mean Todd Brown Mike fils-aime via Scott’s a smart chromeless Jay Boyer Mark Thompson odd the list goes on and on and on and on and on we have almost 50 people now this only I was updated through 36 but check out number 36 Julie stoian guess was in our office today not as an affiliate but she’s working with Russell this is super cool that’s her the real live Julie story on our first our first affiliate woman dream car winner and would you get minivan ever it drives itself drives itself like the black windows yes you can see it oh yeah it is it is like the top-of-the-line leather interior all the like entertainment the intercom the built-in vacuum cleaner [Laughter] yes you too can win a dream car player but what your dream car comm and sign up [Music] so basically Dave and I to not get fat as you get less fat before fun lacking live we have someone who’s professionally cooking our meals because last week to give out a David he did so we first abated all the protein good and second day we didn’t have time so they wouldn’t bought packs of a sandwich oh yeah yeah Pierce can kill you but so we hadn’t hired a professional cooking look at this you guys can’t smells but that is cinnamon oatmeal this is a pancake let’s make a sausage and these are egg white muffins with they look really good same again so much better than jelly [Laughter] [Music] it’s an idea pin the house it okay if we were to leave earlier all right we’ve got a bag on my desk yeah juice it ain’t just a juice it’s the lights awesome hashtag they want to leave well it’s cool I like it super Califano lipstick that’s a nice shirt ooh it’s a different style we’ve ever had before yeah meme art are going on the simple walk right now let’s do this in the cold come on walking for 60 minutes there’s a a walker your manly a walk it’s a fast walk so we’ll do four miles in the 60 minutes yay everybody’s Russell Brunson welcome mark in singers podcast I’m walking right now with Bart Miller how you doing man good how are you guys doing awesome are you sure yes some cool stuff here after the intro alright so we’re out here it’s freezing cold out here this cold so Bart’s put in a circle down for year and a half awesome key battery’s about to die man got my phone and we’re finished this cuz I still haven’t got to the point what I want to share with you all right battery died but now he’s got a back think the first time I saw him and he said that if the pain doesn’t outweigh the pleasure you’ll never be successful alright that one dies well we’re back here on the roof oh yeah so you guys get the honor and the privilege to see Tony at his event coming up which was why we’re getting fit but on that note I learned this from Tony Robbins and he said if the pain doesn’t that way the pleasure you’ll never be successful five morning Dave’s here I think so happens we’re tired I really you screwed us you should be sleeping right now all right spare than my gyms I good enough for applications got a new gym walk my house so just kinda nice and noticeable time I didn’t have to build the gym just did the best part all right here we go unbelievable and these like they have the coolest click follow beanie ever do I have one here we got one see he doesn’t have one I what is going on Russell this is just so inappropriate that’s why yes what’s she talking about I brought this for a really good friend this morning because he box heard me and he sounded like Oh God I think something and Pamela Anderson’s oh they’re already checking with a local level and settle down this is Hamilton 90s not Pamela nowadays [Music] all right we finished day two of the bar transformation and I feel bit o most nice things to sleep more than four hours but am i positive so we’ll anyway they’re leaving us because tomorrow we’re on our own four legs we’re speaking about legs or I hop or trying like see what anyway all right [Music] alright we’re about to film before checking out your funnel stuff so here’s the training lesson we always come in this wall which is like not white but it’s just like a and there’s somebody forget that’s a bloom wall but I might want something less formal so we set up this back here which I do a really cool funnel that will never use for anything other than that background image so they ignite your funnel because Bossier psycho – camera looks like so then when julie sits up there on the stage you’ll see so it kind of blurs down the background and it looks so awesome yeah so that’s the videos are gonna be so it’s all about setting up the backgrounds and the audio that’s what Brandon does so yeah [Music] happy birthday to you happy birthday to you Chinese chicken dear no down boy I see the wishes nice oh yeah us a birthday cake now happy birthday guys [Music] you [Music]


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Russell Brunson’s Brutal 5 AM Workouts BEFORE A Day Of Teaching Marketing Funnel Secrets.

Russell Brunson’s Brutal 5 AM Workouts BEFORE A Day Of Teaching Marketing Funnel Secrets.