Sales Funnel Strategy – 7 Simple Hacks To Get Your Sales Funnel To Convert

Clickfunnels™ Sales Strategy – My top funnel hacks

Clickfunnels™ Sales Strategy: Getting your sales funnel to convert may be more simple than you think! In this video, I am showing you my sales funnel strategies that I’ve used myself and have also used with my coaching clients. I guarantee just one of these will make a HUGE difference for your online business. 

Clickfunnels™ Sales Strategy – Seven Different Sales Funnel Marketing Tips

– Hey, this is Russell Brunson, and I got a really cool tutorial for you. I’m gonna walk through seven different sales funnel marketing tips. I wanted to give these to you guys because if you have a funnel and it’s not making you money yet, it’s usually not a big thing, it’s usually like one of these little, tiny tweaks you gotta make. So I’m gonna walk you through seven tips that you can add any of these seven to your funnel to make more money, have more success. With that said, let’s jump into the tutorial right now. Now, if you don’t have a sales funnel yet, that’s okay. This is gonna be for like, “Oh my gosh, I could do this, I could do this.” If you do have sales funnel that’s not doing that well, these seven tips are gonna be ideas how to tweak ’em and change ’em and make ’em even better. So I’m gonna jump right into them right now. As you guys are hearing this, I want you to vote down below what is your favorite tip. Number

one, you need to add more curiosity to your headlines to increase conversions. These are some of my friends, Mike and AJ, they’re in my inner circle and what’s interesting is they came to inner circle, and they’re like, “Russell, we have this webinar “and it’s sucking.” I’m like, “What do you mean?” They’re like, “It’s horrible. “Right now we’re spending $24,85 “to get somebody to register for the webinar “and only 22% of people actually show up.” They’re like, “How do we fix our webinar?” And I was like, “I’m not even gonna touch your webinar “because I’m just gonna tweak one little thing.” I said, “When I read your headline it says, “How to Add Six Figures to Your Web Design Business “by Copying My Secret Method for Helping Companies “Get More Real Five-Star Reviews “Without Selling, Spending Lots of Time or Money.” I say, “When I read that, I know exactly “what your webinar’s about. “Your webinar’s gonna show me how to get reviews “for local customers, “and if I’m like, I think I know how to do that, “I’m not gonna show up.” I said, “That’s why your ad cost is so expensive, “and that’s why your show-up rate’s so low.”

People are like, “I’ll register, but I think I already know, “so I’m not gonna make it that important for me “to actually show up.” So I said, “All you gotta do is just “add more curiosity to your headline. “Don’t tell me what it is, tell me what it’s not.” The more curiosity I have, the more likely I am to actually show up and so he changed that and all he did to this entire webinar is he just changed the headline. So there’s the old landing page, here’s the new one. Now the headline says, “How I Added Six Figures “to My Web Company by Adding This “One Easy to Offer Service That Doesn’t Require “Cold Calling, Spending Lots of Time, Money “or Require Extra Resources “And it’s not Facebook ads, FCO, email marketing, “website, social media, graphic design, “digital marketing, photography or video. “Register now and find out what it is.” All he did is just ramped up the curiosity. Like, what is it? I know what it’s not, but I have no idea what it actually is! Now the increase in curiosity makes people freak out and guess what

Clickfunnels™ Sales Strategy – Two amazing things

happened? Two amazing things. Number one, their ad cost went from, here’s the number it was before. From 24,85 to $5,84, ‘kay? The ad cost dropped dramatically down and then their show-up rate went from 22% to like now over 30% of people like, “I gotta find out what it is.” Number two, you need to grow your list by using a lead magnet. So what’s a lead magnet? You guys have all seen lead funnels before, it’s a funnel if someone comes on your page, you’re like, “Hey, I’ll give you “this really really cool thing “if you give me your email address.” And then they give you their email address and then you give them the cool thing and then from there you push them to the next page in your value ladder. What’s the next thing? Now the very first time I ever learned about lead magnets, and I wanna show you guys the story because I think it’ll give some of you guys ah-ha, it was back almost 15 years ago, it was a guy who’s become a friend now, his name’s Evan Pagen. He owned a company called Double Your Dating. And I

remember he was one of the very first people ever to have a landing page like this, we call them squeeze pages, and I remember coming to this page and I was so confused. It says, “You’re About To Learn Secrets “That Most Men Will Never Know About Women… “Inside you’re gonna learn The Kiss Test “and how to tell if she’s ready to be kissed.” and a bunch of other things. I remember looking at this page and I was like, “This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.” A lot of you guys, you’ve seen pages like this, but 15 years ago I was confused. And I remember I was at a marketing seminar, some guy said, “Yeah, this page right here, “this company has $20 million a year online.” And this was their homepage on their site. I was like, “What?!” That doesn’t make any sense. And he said, “Yeah, they drain all the traffic here, “they get a list and then they sell the person “other products and services on the back end.” And I remember I wanted to funnel hack and go in, but I’d just gotten married to my beautiful wife, Collette, and she would’ve strangled me if I signed up for a dating list, so I called her up, I was like, “Colette, I’m doing some marketing research, “I need to opt into this thing, “are you okay with that? “I’ma get emails but I’m not wandering,

“I’m just trying to figure out the marketing behind it.” And she was like, “Okay, no worries.” So I went and I subscribed to find out what in the world is The Kiss Test they’re gonna tell me about. So I put my email address in, and then it took me to this next page and there’s like two or three paragraphs that teach The Kiss Test. It wasn’t like a 55 minute video or a 39 page ebook, it was like two paragraphs. Basically said, okay this is The Kiss Test, you walk a girl to the door, you talking to them, you reach up and you touch the tips of her hair. If she pulls her head back, it means she does not wanna be kissed. Don’t kiss her, run away! But if she turns her head into you, that means she’s into you and she wants you to kiss her. And I was like, “Oh my gosh, that’s The Kiss Test.” Then after that, lower on the page it says okay, if you like that, you should go read my book called Double Your Dating, click here. And then people will go buy the book. Number three, is Build Your Sales Pages For Optimal Conversions. This is something

Clickfunnels™ Sales Strategy – Three Phases of Selling

That I assumed everybody understood until I shared it with my team and they were all like, “What?!” If you look at when we sell anything, there’s three phases of selling. The first phase is emotion. That’s why I tell a story, you’re emotionally engaged and then majority of people will buy off emotion, but some people emotionally sell me but then they start logically trying to justify it, right? So we start with emotion, then we shift to logic and then we move to urgency and scarcity. People who are fear-based, you just have to push ’em over the edge. Look at any sales presentation that I do, you always see it. So the email sequence I do, I always do this. The first emails are very emotional based, the second emails are logical based, the third emails are urgency and scarcity and fear based. Every sales process, every sales funnel we take people through, we take them through the same journey, from emotion to logic to fear. And what a lot of people don’t understand is that they do the exact same thing on the actual landing page. If you go to any of my pages, like here’s the DotComSecrets book, or the Experts secrets book. Any of those books, the landing, this page here, the whole top section is all focused on emotion. The hook is emotional, the video

is emotional, everything here is emotion. That’s my best selling technique is, emotion. So the top third of my page is all focused on emotion, and for the majority, if you put a heat map on this and you watch it, 90% of people see that and they go and they buy. All the emotional buyers are like, “I’m in, let’s go do this thing!” Okay, but then you have the next group, the logical people. They’re emotional, like I want this, but does it really make sense, is it okay for me and they start logically trying to justify everything. So what happens is those people need more information and start scrolling. So then they start scrolling the page and they go down a little bit further and now we start having this this where we logically, the second section is logically giving all the logical arguments, okay? You’re gonna learn this, you’re gonna learn this, you’re gonna learn this. Logically understand that you’re gonna need this to grow your company. We speak to the logic of somebody in the second section. So my scrollers are my logical buyers, so if you watch your heat maps, you’ll notice in this section people are scrolling, a bunch of people start buying. These are

your logical buyers who are like, “Okay, that was the thing I needed right there “to get me to go and buy.” Then you scroll even further, then I move to the last thing which is urgency and scarcity. Some people just have to be pushed over the edge, like, they need that last little push. The last bottom of the page is all focused on urgency and scarcity. This is why you need to buy it and why you need to buy it right now. So whatever your urgency and scarcity limits are. Some people it’s like you only have X amount of products, some people it’s the timeline, I don’t care what it is, you gotta figure out a true real urgency and scarcity to push people over. And that is how we structure sales page. Emotion, logic and fear. All right, number four. Offer and Order Form Bump to Increase Sales. This is one of the things that seems so simple now, but literally 10 years ago when we kind of discovered this, changed all of our businesses forever. The order form bump, I want to to visualize. Imagine you’re at the grocery store, right? And you gotta go buy some stuff. So you’re at the grocery store and you’re buying hotdogs and ketchup and buns and chips and you’re getting all that stuff for the big game coming up, and then you’re checking out at the checkout stand. As

Clickfunnels™ Sales Strategy – It’s Gotta Be Impulse Buy

you walk to the checkout stand, you look and you’re like, “Oh, National Choir, the World’s Largest Baby, “that’s hilarious.” And you grab it and you throw everything and you’re like, “Oh, Tic-tacs!” “My breath stinks, but the orange ones taste really good.” So you grab some Tic-tacs and some gum and a Snickers bar, and the things you’re grabbing as you’re checking out. That is your order form bump. So somebody comes on the pages and they go and buy something, they’re buying some stuff and for years we would just sell them the product, then we have our up sales and down sales, but somewhere along the line… I saw a page that somebody had it, it was a bigger company and they had this thing, and what happened was right after somebody puts in their credit card, this is essential, after they put in their credit card, but before they click the submit button, they get this little block right here that I start calling

an order form bump. The key is after somebody puts in their credit card, before they put in the thing, you have an offer that’s really quick there for $17, $27, $37 and impulse buy. If it’s something that needs to be explained over 10 paragraphs, it’s not the right thing. If you’re selling a book like, “Hey, do you want the audiobook?” or if you’re selling a training course, “Hey, do you want the templates?” It’s gotta be impulse buy that you add right there, and in most of our funnels, the profit that comes from this covers our ad spend. It covers the Google ads, the Facebook ads, whatever that thing might be, and so it’s one of the most powerful little ninja stealth things you could add to any funnel that literally will cover all your ad costs. Now everything else you sell in the funnel becomes pure profit. It all comes down to this one little block right here, the order form bump that happens between the credit card number

and before the submit button, right there and it is magic. Number five, as we’re creating up sales this is one of the biggest problems people make when they have up sales. Somebody buys your product and you have the up sale page, right? The biggest mistake most people make is the up sale page happens and they say, “Thank you for your order, “we’ve received your order” and they close the loop. As soon as you do that, your conversions on whatever happens afterwards will dramatically decrease, and this is based on thousands and thousands of tests. The goal on the up sale page is you have to keep the buying loop open, so if you notice any of my up sale pages, never say, “Thank you so much for your order.” It always stops and says like, “Wait, your order’s not yet complete! “Don’t shut this page down!” I have to keep the buying loop open. Like, “It’s not done yet! “we need to customize your order!” “Do you wanna add some other cool things to your order “before we close this thing down?” I do not close the loop, I keep it

open during the up sale process. I’ve had people before who come to us for consulting and they have this up sale and the only thing we change is from “Thank you for your order.” It’s like, “Wait, your order’s not yet complete!” And it increases conversions dramatically. Number six, after someone goes to your funnel and land on your Thank You page, you can create what we call an offer wall. And an offer wall is how you can push people into your other value ladders, so for example this right here, this is the Thank You page for buying one of our products and down below it says, “Oh by the way, “here’s other cool stuff. “You could join our funnel university, “you can get the DotComSecrets book, “you can get the 108 Split Test book, “and all this is free traffic that comes to you.” So after someone’s gone

Clickfunnels™ Sales Strategy – Make a Thank You Page

through your sales funnel and they land on your Thank You page, don’t think that they’re done buying. What typically happens is for a lot of people, especially the hyperactive buyers like, “This was awesome!” and they start looking for more stuff to buy. And they buy from your competitors and other competitors. You lost them. So why not just allow them to continue with you in the process. That’s number six and I’ve got one more. You guys ready for the last one? What we do is we add a webinar to the Thank You page to increase sales. So if you look at a bunch of our funnels, the very last page is like, “Thank you so much for ordering the product, “now I wanna start your training right now. “The product’s being shipped to you in the mail, “you’re gonna get it, we’re gonna start right now, “we’ll get into business.” And we start teaching right away and this Thank You page is the webinar. Now, a percentage of

people who buy one of our free plus shipping books start buying out $2000 product we sell at the back as well and that is what a Thank You page webinar is. All right, I hope you loved those seven different secrets. If you like those, please let me know in the comments down below and I will give you some more. In fact, if you want 99 other marketing secrets that will change your business and they might change your life, I’ve got free PDF, all you’ve gotta do is go to so you can get that PDF and that’ll give you even more marketing secrets you can go and implement into your funnels. With that said, thank you again so much for listening and I cannot wait to show you guys the next video. If you’re not subscribed yet, go subscribe because next video is coming up right now.


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