Scale Your Networking Without Leaving Your Home – Raul Villacis – FHR #199

Why Dave Decided to talk to Raul:

After spending 18 years traveling from events building his network, when he reached a point where he was missing his family. He realized that there had to be a better way to build his network by qualifying people better.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

-Raul talks about how he was introduced to ClickFunnels™ in 2014 (4:00)

-Raul talks about how he builds his community (8:00)

-Learn where in the life cycle of your client where you fit in to help them best (11:00)

-Raul talks about a coaching experience he had with a group of millennials (14:00)

Quotable Moments:

“Keep it simple.”

“In the coaching business you have to be careful because you are not only taking their money, you are taking their energy.”

“A lot of entrepreneurs, we don’t take the time to “nitch” our market.”

“It’s your choice whether you are going to progress or stay in the same place.”

Other Tidbits:

Make sure you are asking the right questions when you are scaling your business. You want to work with people who mesh well with you. Being selective when building your community is important.

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hey I’m just about ready jump onto a podcast with Ralph lacus you’re gonna make sure you get on this one for sure also make sure if you don’t haven’t already subscribe that little button down there click that button says subscribe ring the bell get the notifications you’re gonna love this awesome awesome content hey everybody I am so excited for you guys this is gonna be one of those crazy interviews I have the opportunity and I want to in reduce you guys to Ravel aqus how are you outstanding brother outstanding thank you thank you for having me Dave thank you for having me Raoul this is so much fun for me I’d spend one of those things again you’re one of our two common Club winners most likely going to have you their funnel hacking lab is one of a round table like hosts and the cool thing about you is you’ve been able to take all this crap I mean you’ve been this massive connect or networker for years building real estate empires and now helping entrepreneurs build their business and the coolest thing is is I take a look at I know we’re just talking offline as far as this whole idea of being a network of being out there all the time attending a massive amount of vents never seen your family and one of the coolest things that you’ve been able to do is by using ClickFunnels™ you actually are staying home more being home with your family but connecting more of people through video so with that I want to kind of just cut and dive right into this whole thing and let’s kind of talk about the importance of network everyone knows how important it is but how the world give you networking through video so uh you know going back to my real estate company I will build a multi seven-figure business through network I mean we talk talking about bank associations hedge fund companies you know real estate investors because our network is what allowed me to really scale and to grow my company so when I started personal development and I started creating events and and coaching I used my networking skills to fill out my first event and I did an event in Vegas two weeks before Christmas so I picked up my phone and I started calling people I know my network and they all support me I mean who does that right two weeks two weeks before Christmas 2013 and people went to the Wynn Hotel to have this crazy experience I call it next-level experience so that was the first thing that I really got to me when I when I it was a it was a I was able to transform my real estate Network to my personal development coaching network so I was that was great that’s fantastic so I know that you basically filled the first one the second one even your thirty that all through networking all through network in the first event the second event the third event I mean I was I was a master networker until I started to get burnout well it’s kind of talking about that being burned out aspect uh all this is entrepreneurs we always face this where we’re going oh my gosh you know I I got a grind I gotta grind I got to make this happen in hustle hustle hustle and in the burnout hits and it’s like oh my gosh what am I gonna do next how am I gonna still do what I do but without grinding as hard as I have to grind so what you end up doing so so here’s the thing I’ve been grinding for the past 18 years so I’m not afraid of the grind I’m not afraid of going out of there I used to actually one event I remember I went to an event in California but I had to come back to New York to have a meeting with the mayor of New York so I came back and I was speaking at the same event the second day so I was flying from California came back to New York finished my hacker the mayor and then I went to a plane again and went back to California so the guys were like you crazy how but I was doing whatever it took in order for me to get my name out there in order for me to be known and for me to just spread the message so I wasn’t I wasn’t afraid of getting burned out but here is the thing when I started seeing they impact now me not being a home was crossing to my kids my wife and my family that’s when I realized I had to switch like I mean as far as much fun as I have been in planes I just look at Gary Vee style and like I honor Gary Vee for being in the plane every five hours and I’m like I need to be with my kids so what are you doing how have you scale it so my first introduction was I think 2014 somebody sent me a message to try this click funnel thing so I went in there and I and I I’m not a techie at all so I but I built this landing page it was probably the ugliest landing page had a message but what I did had is I had a great video guy who came to my studio and we created this content video that will specifically tell my message and I and I tried three different type of videos but one video in particular work the one that I talked about the two drivers of the matter entrepreneur which is money and sex and have video went viral that video hit it was in Facebook I don’t know how Facebook didn’t shut me down without video but I was able to build my first year my coaching experience pretty much of the video money and sex and I had thousands of people reach out to apply for my program I did an event every single month and I thought ClickFunnels™ was the best thing that it wasn’t revenge because I was able to put on video in an ugly landing page because I made it I created and it was like it was like the tackiest thing it was like the back was the Empire State Building and then put your email here and that’s it not even no disclosures no like not powered by Facebook all kinds of wrong things to do like well the key is you take some action which is always cool but so tell me what was the funnel so they basically came in they opted in was an email sequence today at phone call what in a sequence then it was just the video put a name on email they had a second video an application that said it was it was a simple funnel and then I had thousands of applications I wanted to work with me just by doing so I guess one of the things I would like to say is is keep it simple I mean now we have a more complicated you know strategy by the beginning you gotta keep it simple you gotta do it I love it again I think it’s always cracks me up when we see these funnels that happen to be you know 20 pages long and I’m like you guys way way too much work and so I love the ideas far as keeping it simple so help help me understand I mean obviously money and sex are like two of the best words in the world to use to try to grow any business but tell me what would you do as far as the applications do they then go to phone calls what you do yeah how much I was at the beginning I was doing everything myself because again I’m running a real estate company so my real estate partners already started getting getting mad at me because I was using all the resources meaning all the money that was making a real estate and all the employees in real estate to do my my passion business right so I had to I had to cut it off I had to I had to realize that okay I had to create a separate business so now a minute so I was the funnel guy I was the video guy I was the sales guy I was doing everything until I was able to delegate those sass so yes it was a phone conversation it was an interview process as we we started creating teams that will have a media team I’m a sales team eventually we could we have to scale it so you went from basically applications then from the application where they going to the live event or what were you selling so from the video they went to an email email funnel and then from the email funnel they had a video the second video will tell them pretty much here is what you need to do apply once they apply I got on the phone with them and we had a conversation to come to a live mastermind fantastic so at the live mastermind then do you upsell them to a higher end coaching program so at the beginning after the live mastermind it was more of a coaching what I want a coaching experience no problem as we grew like every just my time became more more valuable and now we had a group coaching experience now we have multiple experiences that I could go through and now as a network of guys who just you know they the Association is what keeps them in power to proximity one of the tag lines is that proximity is power so when I guys are and the program they’re building businesses within within the program and they have different businesses and just is just grow into a beautiful network so within within your funnel then basically at that point after they they start working so describe to me because there’s a ton of people out there after coaching programs especially high in coaching forums for personal development things I think that part you just made mention is pretty critical as far as that community what are you doing to build that kind of a community then well the first thing is I was very very clear on the type of guy at the type of men that I wanted in my program on and that I think is one of the main things that people appreciate about my program is I just didn’t bring anybody unless I knew they wouldn’t lie match with the values so just keeping the community I would say pure and not just because they could pay I mean I get it I mean at the beginning when you need money to grow your business you’ll take anybody’s money I mean real estate company I remember like anybody who wanted to buy real estate or sell really study I just come on board in the coaching business you have to be very careful because you’re not just taking money you’re taking on their energy and the moment that you take it on the energy you have to be sure man that you could deliver so the from the beginning we just I just realized that because I had a different mindset I was in long term I was just looking at my ideal client I only wanted to work on my vehicle and so I said no more times I say yes I know it’s hard to begin it ideal client is somebody that’s that’s already establishing business somebody who’s already has what we call that the edge and we have the program called the edge so I’m looking for somebody who’s had the edge who’s lived on the edge who has some bruises and some scars right like you probably failed a couple of times because now is easier for me to help him see okay how did you fail let me help you put that mindset together and now let me help you scale because if I have to bring you from zero to 100 I’m gonna have to done that my first coaching clients as a matter of fact when they came they never they didn’t have that edge and it was a lot it was a hard hard road now it’s like just a one millimeter shift and you just before the school I was with five guys who building seven-figure businesses and we in one hour within more than they they’ll do with their board meetings in one hour because it’s just a fast pace just clear about like getting done and I love that I love that I love being intense I love the intensity so I want to make sure that a guy will bring in has that same energy that they have they could appreciate intensity oh well you know I think that’s so important I talk to a lot of people who are building their businesses and you’re right when you first start inside you know what I will take any dollar just because I got to put food on my table or I got family to feed all that kind of stuff but that gets old real fast and as soon as you can get to the point where you like you know what I need to identify exactly who my customer is jld was here in our office a few weeks ago that months ago John Lee Dumas and it was fascinating for me to basically have that he was on stage and just talking about his ideal customer he basically knew their name he went through I mean he was this old and and did this for the living and was in a car this long and this part of the country just needed totally met me so where after he described him I’m like oh my gosh I know exactly who your client is yeah I think it’s really cool and as you’re mentioning that relevant you’ve had that opportunity of being able to scale and I think the other thing is it’s I know even for us it’s a lot easier we don’t typically just go to the people who have never ever done anything online what works obviously first sure we have a lot of people come in but usually those people come to us they’ve already tried things themselves doing it themselves and they’ve struggled and they’ve been frustrated and now all of a sudden they hit click phones like oh my gosh this is so much easier than trying to bundle all these other things together and I think it’s an important thing when you’re looking at your business of where in that life cycle of the of your client you want to be do you want to be when they’re just beginning it’s a totally again it’s a totally different energy that sucks from you when you deal with beginners are you looking for those people in the middle are you looking for those people maybe on the top end I know for us we’ve looked at you know r2 comma Club of which you remember those people basically got to a million and thinking you know we basically we look at people from zero to a million from a million to two ten and from ten million to a billion hopefully real soon and it’s just fascinating I think it’s really cool that you’ve had the opportunity to enroll of really narrowing in on exactly who that is and I think that that a lot of entrepreneurs we don’t take our time to niche our market I mean in real estate my niche market was exactly that I was I was focusing on the stress sales I was focusing on on the market when the market crashed so I always knew that the more niche I became the better chances I had in order for me to separate myself from the crowd so when I started coaching I started putting these experiences together I really wanted to I didn’t want this to become a job you know I already had a job already had a career I mean in real estate that’s that was think I could do it on my sleep that was you know I’ll make money in real estate in any market but when it comes to coaching and consulting I really wanted to feel like like minute I will do this for free and that’s my that’s what I tell my clients like I will do this for free but the fact is that you pay me a lot of money to do it it makes me want to do it better show up more because I’m gonna pay for it but I wanted to really work with those guys that I feel like you know we call each other brothers we call this a Brotherhood like this guys have my cell phone number I have this cell phone number they call me and it’s not a bother for me because I believe in what they do they believe in what I do and we go deeper than just like a superficial coaching experience which I’ll take these guys like six feet under man when they come to my event we’re going to hell we have a little walk around hell and we come back well okay where do you want to live you want to when I go back to hell you want to get together are you want to live in the edge because you know you wanna you want to live on the edge you don’t want to live outside the edge too much that you get hurt I didn’t want to live you know behind the edge too much to be so you’re comfortable you know if you want to really have an exciting life you have to live on that edge so when you’re talking to entrepreneurs and and others about that how do you get them to that edge without going too far over well it’s that’s the art that’s the art because we got to make sure that that we are working with guys that could take it and there’s a you know this listen everybody wants to know when an intrapreneur culture right now is a new rock star right oh I got I got kicked out of one seminar one summer one one event when I was a speaker there and it was a lot of Millennials and I love Millennials Millennials like they’re my people like I have a bunch of millions working for me I love Millennials I have nothing against Millennials but in this particular event 99% of the attendees were Millennials the guys who’ve been on the business probably for water or two years so I got in this stage and I said okay how many I’m never talking about Facebook strategy is Instagram strategies or all the strategies right so I get in this stage and I said I raise your hand how many of you guys are in the business for the last 12 months 99% of the people raise their hands all right keep your hands raised if you don’t them been in this game for the last five years like 90% of room drop their hands I said keep your hands up if you’ve been in the game for at least 10 years only like two guys I saw the two guys standing in the back how many you got how many times did you go bankrupt I’m two of them have their hands standing I mean their hands up and I said you see this while all you guys are trying to figure it out this game is gonna work if there’s weapons in a world you have this two guys in the back and they will come in and they will use one weapon that they have which is determination that they’re Turman to win this game for the long long fall so they didn’t like the fact that I was just preaching there’s gonna be a long game they wanted the fast and the quick game and I think that’s what’s missing it’s just like you have to be in it for a long long game I you know I appreciate that I think it’s one of those conversations I have with my boys all the time and business is a marathon it’s never a sprint you know we’ve we’ve joked around a lot about not taking on any VC capital yeah again to me it’s kind of like cheating it’s taking steroids or anything else so your business had the best way of making a successful business is when it’s profitable and so don’t take money just make your business more profitable and and you’ll find tons of money comes to here and so I think it’s interesting I know you’re you’re dealing with people who are again you’re talking seven figure earners in that area well from a price standpoint how do you pressure your products and services then value value and here’s here’s a reality your price is going to be determined based on the value you could bring to that person and if you are not selling from where you are meaning if you over price your services just because everybody else is charging you no more money and you really don’t feel that’s your value you’re gonna end up failing I always tell people self from where you are right now and I always I always have the threshold like where I’m comfortable like I’m charging I’m trying to six figures from a coaching like there’s a there’s a group of guys who my coaching is for and then this year I’m gonna double that that fee and people look at me like Raul like you know are you sure people gonna pay for that I said it’s not about paying for that is how much value kind of brings so they could see that without me or without my coaching we thought my program they’re not gonna get there fast enough because when I sell is two things time and experience and people are looking ok I want to learn from that experience so I could compound time we talked about compounding time a lot of here and that’s what people will buy compounding time all right well I love that what great advice any other advice as we get close to wrapping things up here you know one of the things that I that I teach my son he’s 12 years old and he loved funnel hacking I mean he loved a funnel hiking live we’re actually gonna be there this in this event in Orlando and one things that I tell my son is like don’t worry about what other people are doing don’t don’t fall into that trap of like this guy is doing more or this girl’s doing less or or my there’s no competition semi-solid there is nobody like you like there might be some other kids or some other people there that sounds similar but I understand your edge you x-factor is you the moment that you go on you gone maybe you content will would be similar but there is no competition there’s nobody out there like you you’re you’re unique I’m by owning that I might just say hey man like I don’t care what this guy’s doing what this other guy is doing like I’m just gonna do me I wanna make mistakes I’m gonna continue to find out who I am because I’m I’m constant that journey I know and tell my clients like they’ve Raul de you see right now it’s not gonna be the Raul they’re gonna see a hundred days from now or twelve months from now so I’m not even in love with my current state of being I’m constantly progressing and going to the next level so if you fall in love with where you are right now you feel like okay this is gonna get or you like man thinking that is that or you’re not enough listen hundred years from now you’re gonna be completely different but it’s your choice whether you’re gonna create progress or you going to stay in the same place I love it I love your son I get a so cool seeing him last year and I I know you guys have articles written up that you guys as well and it’s super super cool I’m not excited can’t wait to see him again this year again well I think it’s just so awesome as far as the example you’re setting for your kids most importantly they’ll also for the other entrepreneurs and the business owners that you’re working with that’s what this game is all about and I love that love we were able to help from a tech standpoint get your message out to the more people because for me that’s that’s what matters most is the lives that you personally are touching that’s where the satisfaction comes for us here so thank you nobody nobody has ever come to my event and left the event saying like oh I’m gonna go build more businesses even though that’s where they come to the event for at the anybody’s every single man leave saying I want to build a legacy how do I know the legacy and if you’re not looking at your kids I mean I don’t know when you’re gonna air this Dave but just yesterday we had a mass shooting in Florida if you’re not kissing your kids every single night if you’re not appreciating your family every single night and you’re not thinking God every single night for the family that you have or or the people that you around with you’re missing the whole game will be in a businessman missin the whole game or being an entrepreneur we’re here to create we’re here to bring hope we’re here to elevate other people not just making money we’ll make money because that’s who we are but just live a legacy man that’s that’s the whole game man I’m gonna leave on those words thank you so much that was awesome thank you brother I appreciate you pretty cool stuff don’t you think how about that whole idea as far as being able to network like crazy by using video online instead of having to go physically everywhere throughout the world and doing all that kind of stuff hey if you haven’t already make sure you subscribe down below ring that little bell get the notifications we’ll see you guys real soon

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Scale Your Networking Without Leaving Your Home – Raul Villacis – FHR #199

Scale Your Networking Without Leaving Your Home – Raul Villacis – FHR #199