Secret #10: Conversation Domination And The Dream 100

Clickfunnels™ Conversation Domination – The dream one hundred

Clickfunnels™ Conversation Domination: On today’s episode Russell talks about figuring out a new formula for conversation domination on every platform. He also mentions the cool new way he’s doing coaching. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode:

Clickfunnels™ Conversation Domination: Marketing Secrets

hey this is russell brunson welcome marketing secrets today’s show is about conversation domination so the big question is this how are entrepreneurs like us didn’t you take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets probably market in a way the left half pay our products and our services and the things we believe in out of the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing speakers everyone says Russell and he has been awesome today a really cool thing I want to share with you guys and if I make food honest I am completely fried right now it’s Friday my wife had just left out of town with three of my kids and left me with two and so she was up packing two like three in the

morning so I felt something a one at three she left I woke up say goodbye to them and the kids and then in the same time my little two-year-old Nora woke up and then sobriety done beds neither than she went crazy the next two hours like screaming and jumping and kicking and like I think she the mom wasn’t around and anyway so got kind of hard anyway it was really hard five about five five five three I put it back to bed and then came down and and I fell asleep like two hours and I woke up and then so it’s like two or three hour night and then race to the office we had final Friday stay and then luckily Jim forgot which I think Evan so he gave me a chance to kind of like get some stuff done and then I had what we call decade a day so those two remain a circle we just cool thing all Dec in a day which is like the coaching program part like when they first come to the program they get to be part of a decade in a day

and every time they renew they get a decade in the day and so what is basically me taking a decade of my experience in jamming into one day for them and and the way it works we actually change in the past few are different but I figured out new formats day was the first day of it is so cool any guys do coaching programs this is the way to do it so we have a hundred people to inner circle any given time it’s what we did is we went and we took each of they’re basically each person about 30 minutes and instead of me just coaching one-on-one where they get the value that’s kind of it what is we coach them but I use zoom which is new webinar platform it’s becoming like the coolest thing ever and and then we zoomed each person into the into the VAR fate at the inner circle Facebook group right so I had

Clickfunnels™ Conversation Domination: 30 minutes Business Coaching

personal one I brought them on like you know to ask questions when I click record and stream to Facebook and then extreme the presentation so for 30 minutes I have introduced since I was really quick and then we talk about a business like coaching for 30 minutes and while it’s happening it’s streaming live to all the other 99 inner circle members and everyone in there is in there I give feedback and dropping resources and all these amazing things are happening in there and that call ended then I ended it and zoo much is Emma Facebook live and I start the next one with metal next person in and go boom when we do that for 30 minutes and then and so everyone watches the new one starts and it’s it’s archived in the inner circle members area that person like story for 30 minutes to meet

coaching him everyone starts dropping feedback and comments we did that I think eight times today so like anyway it was kind of crazy but I was amazing because it was it was me coaching but then also a 99 other fellow inner circle most all coaching with lows dropping resources links ideas resources uh it was it was amazing so I’m really excited up new addition to the inner circle which is awesome and Steven who’s behind me over here he’s got that close up with the two comical coaching which is the the tear before inner circle by two comical coaching and he spent four

hours doing QA today it’s the same people anyway really well I ever knew this now for a long time in our coaching programs have become like second to none between anyway it’s it’s exciting so changing the world you know it’s cool feeling to see if you would live like I got it and I go out and do it as results as well oh so far gantry so that’s familiar today about taking my kids to Studio C which is really fun COC is if you have go YouTube and search Studio C you’ll see who they are they’re amazing anyway we’re going to take an Aiden who’s one of the two kids left at home with me tonight to that so hand out here in a few minutes but um I just having the conversations from the marketing team here and I wanted to share something as I was thinking about because I thought it was really interesting and so the conversation we had what comes back to you so there was a guy in Howie Schwartz when I first got started he was

Clickfunnels™ Conversation Domination: How to create paid ads

big online and he had a course called conversation domination and it was about getting in Google and my Cu titanate if you ctype to name into googling all 10 spots would be you IQ would dominate the conversation right and anyway I don’t really haven’t heard how he for everyone you know he’s up to nowadays but anyway at the car the concept the conversation domination I thought I was awesome like you type in your keyword near the all 10 spots and all the paid ads or all you like you dominated conversations you’re the only person there it’s like as I’ve been doing this

whole new social media thing which you guys are watching me do hopefully and hopefully learning and following and modeling and funnel hacking that’s my sauce like conversation domination I want when you open up any platform I’m dominated conversation like I am in your podcast feed I’m in your YouTube feed I’m in your blog RSS like I want a dominant conversation every single platform so anyway you look like I am the only alternative right I think it’s important anyway so but what’s interesting so this is like the mind I think I know now why like I always wondered why nobody else is doing this outside of Gary Vaynerchuk in our market right I’ll ever my scheme it might make entrepreneurial business market like this people probably in other markets but in ours like the only person is Gary Vee and I think I finally realized why um because I’ve my business was built up Gmail right so we build a big email list um you’ve had over a million entrepreneurs have been on that list active probably half a million or so but what’s interesting is like I assume that you’ll get no launch in Instagram also an email often I’ll have that know you’ll

Instagram and I’m going to go with my blog I’ll push them there up nerds with my blog in like but with the reality wet downs it’s not true like people I think about is for yourself like how do you like to consume content what’s your platform peppers got one or two that’s their favorites like do you like reading blogs name your your blog reader or do you like listen to podcasts maybe a podcast person okay or do you like watching videos you go to youtube or do you check your email like you go to Instagram do you go to Facebook and what’s what’s your platform of choice and I

Clickfunnels™ Conversation Domination: Facebook Marketing

thought that everyone without every platform but I don’t think that’s the case there’s a there’s a small percentage of our but even if we take our Facebook list and we and we run next to our to our email list and look at those side-by-side our Facebook email lists like the crossover in the middle is shockingly small I’ll assume they were like the same people but they’re not like it’s just fascinating it’s like when you understand that the big shift – we’re having is like I thought like which I Facebook advil Instagram and like that kind of works not really because basically burnt face because they’re like Facebook right Instagram people on Instagram people and so like the more I start seeing about this the conversation we establish our team was like but we have to realize that people that read blogs like three blogs

people listen to podcast like listen to podcast that make sense like people that watch YouTube videos and like watching YouTube videos right people that are Instagram or an Instagram like that seems stupid right but do you know that like it’s so like what we’re talking about and I’ve been talking about you guys and maybe not you guys interning with our team about about the dream 100 I think dream 100 for us has always been email focused up to this point I the final that people list and will dream 100 the crap out of them get them and promote our products to our services and it’s worked right we build huge company off of the back of that and recently I did an episode a few

weeks ago talking about like how we’re using a dream 100 for SEO and it by the way that we’re executing it it’s working awesome so listen episode and do it but think about this like if I want people to read my blog I don’t need to go become really good at Facebook ads if you learn my blog you can there’s crossover but what’s better is who are the Blake people who read blogs read blogs right so who if I want to launch my blog is successful who are the other people that they have successful blogs that my people are already reading my my dream clients already reading people who are you blog three blogs so I need to find those people and r100 them and get them pay them or part of them or whatever get them to write a blog article about me because because blog people like to read blogs right so if

Clickfunnels™ Conversation Domination: How to do podcasting

I’m reading a blog and I read a blog about someone I go over to their blog like someone’s blogging is promote my blog sometimes podcasting from my podcast some as YouTube channel names for my youtube channel because people who watch YouTube watch YouTube right and so it’s kind of a shift in my thinking like thinking about this like that’s how to dream 100 as I’m getting more granular with it it’s fascinating like like if you hear me on podcast you’ll notice here you don’t know me I do podcasting like so we’re still just know more about your awesome I’m like oh go to Russell Brunson combo there’s a bunch of stuff there know if I want a podcast like hey you guys listen podcasts go

to mark you stickers calm there’s my podcast you subscribe it’s awesome because podcast people listen to right I’m on a blog I’m going to talk about my blog I’m on a YouTube channel talking about YouTube channel on my Facebook Pete I’m talking my Facebook feel like like understanding that okay that’s number one and again there will be a little bit of crossover but the majority of your blog readers will come from other blogs because blog readers read blogs majority of YouTube subscribers come from other YouTube channels because YouTube people watch YouTube I never watch the YouTube video Patil three months ago we launched our YouTube channel to be completely honest I

didn’t care about I didn’t watch it I got never went there I do understand it so foreign I mean I get there now I’m in this world I’m like countless a lot of cool stuff happening here and people that like YouTube like they’re on YouTube all day long all the time people are on Facebook girl the egg and sweets are understanding that as you’re doing your dream 100 you can more granular with your focus and your traffic all kind of things I want you to remember that you want to have conversation domination the key to that is the dream 100 going back dream 100 people and then getting people who are bloggers to read your blog game people who podcast listeners listen to your podcast and so on and so forth across all the platforms that’s awesome her genius off the Stephen is amazing Oh anyway for those guys

Clickfunnels™ Conversation Domination: How to increase your sales

who are not watching this on a YouTube channel they listen to podcast Stephens behind me and you screaming excited – so how the make sense you guys I’m dropping gold bombs to me does not be able to not be prepared for yet if you’re not go search for the dream 100 I think I’ve done podcasts or videos I’ve talked a lot about that so you’re not familiar with view 100 yet like go and study that and then come back to this like this though we appointed in your business when this concept will be the biggest way for your scale from wherever you are to the next level it’s huge for us is what we’re focusing on and as we’re trying to go from eight to nine figures a year which were we got a good shot maybe ended this year it’s gonna be a stretch this year makes you’ll be easy but this year we might make it so great a

couple things happening the big they’re going to give us the ability to potentially hit that so it can be fun anyway that’s why I want to mention you guys hopefully has enjoyed this podcast if you love it please go to mark go to iTunes and rate give me some stars even want a few stars you want but you really had a good time give me five tell people think also keep your own podcast please tell your podcast listeners listen to my podcast I would really appreciate that if you’re in YouTube channel please tell YouTube people look to my YouTube videos if your blog are please blogging

on my blog I’d be very amazing so I hope it helps you guys appreciate you all I’m gonna go home place my son where you go to studio see you have a blast peace have a good night see you guys all again soon bye everybody one more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called comm secret and you get your free copy at calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets to leave you to become the fastest-growing non vc-backed fast startup company in the world


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People who read blogs… read blogs, people who watch videos… watch videos, etc…

On today’s episode Russell talks about figuring out a new formula for conversation domination on every platform. He also mentions the cool new way he’s doing coaching. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode:

-Find out what cool new way Russell is doing coaching with his Inner Circle members.

-Hear what Russell just realized while trying to build his Dream 100 list by looking at his email list and Facebook list side by side.

-And see what the simple solution is to dominating the conversation in every platform.

So listen below to find out why its important to realize that podcast listeners listen to podcasts.

Secret #10: Conversation Domination And The Dream 100

Secret #10: Conversation Domination And The Dream 100


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