Secret #11: Using Your Unique Abilities And Others To Get Crap Done Fast

Clickfunnels™ Unique Abilities: How to Get Crap Done Fast

Clickfunnels™ Unique Abilities: How I got more done today then most people will get done in the next three months, and I did it by leveraging this one simple concept.

Clickfunnels™ Unique Abilities: How do we get things done?

[Music] so the big question is this how are entrepreneurs like us he didn’t eat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pocket how do we market in a way the left half the our products and our services and the things we believe in out of the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in the podcast give you the answers my name is Russell Duncan and welcome to marketing people everyone into Russell welcome to marketing secrets so if you’re watching this on mark new seekers calm Washington video and actually right now

inside of a tent in peak office and the reason why is because my wife and kids are out of town and I told her I was going to camp out of the office and everyone’s like oh cool yeah I was like no I’m literally going to camp out of the office so I brought a tent in and I brought a cause that I almost broke from Dave brought in a real cot and this is actually incredibly comfortable so I’m probably gonna sleep tonight it was ugly morning today he was so weird but the reality is my house are now we’re under construction so like my tired kitchens gutted like hitting through my house and like split between the pool house it’s just like I know it’s like you know first of all problems but anyway so today I want talk about one thing before I crash because we have lost stuff done today a lot sort of my to-do list and

it’s crazy having things we got done and tomorrow another big day as well and my kids actually – my kids come home tomorrow which I’m insanely excited for but with what kind of cool stuff a little bit if you’ll exactly Russell how’d you get so much stuff done in the day and I really there’s a couple of things first off I did to do this like this on piece of paper with big ol marker because talking about markers where you like it’s not crossing things out that is so therapeutic because working today and there was like 2 to 35 or so in the afternoon and I only had cross up two things I was like ah angry and sub icon right here like okay the cross stuff out and everything working out but I can help with making Steven you do stay do this melon juice never kind of doing things help us get to stuff bus now and

Clickfunnels™ Unique Abilities: What are the ability of entrepreneurs?

then I’m like looking at this and I’m at one of the things I have to get whatever dance film called my unique ability that what are unique abilities that you have to focus on and in frontof I was thinking around doing stuff it wasn’t necessarily my unique ability I was doing stuff that was like you know just the stuff and that was okay a lot of things like the other people to do there’s something I have to do and so I knew one of them was where this new we’re going after Instagram so we’re starting to fight drop the Mike shows compare Instagram play it kind of build up our audiences there and so I needed a needed cool like intro video to pitch the concept of stuff by that so I write the script for that so I did that we figure out really cool like them load of stuff on Instagram on your on the computer

which is cool and then someone record the voiceover that Steven when Mike edited made like coolest audio intro ever so that was awesome and then [Music] we’re a couple weeks away from or a couple months away from creating our big relaunch of quick funnels about our three-year mark and with that like almost replacing our old explainer videos I was like any update these and so I had to rewrite a copy the first one I wrote a new explainer video for the the Edison editor which is the website etre is kind of fun like I kind of like how do you write a sighting explainer video for a website and that wasn’t the funnel it was just like just the editor alone and actually it’s somebody today messaged me on Facebook asking like how do you puts the script right for explainer videos I’m like I don’t know the Scriptures it’s like you just find the right hook and so I was like sitting there probably at 30 minutes like what’s the

hook like why doesn’t care other sounds like stuck what’s up what’s the hook and then finally I got the hook I was like oh my gosh this is it and I started writing it’s led the hook then like everything to start flowing it was really really cool I just want to use one here would I be a value you know jump off the cot like I’m literally camping in the office so let me jump off the car I’m going to read you guys the scripts you can see so the hook that I kind of came up with um is I just remember back like like what’s what’s a good hook for the editor and quick follow through like that and remember that somebody follows it Joe polish is event and I remember we had Reggie’s cars like what you do for company and my my card I wrote we helped take the power back from the tech guys because there was some future soft guys and I wanted to kind of just talk about that so awesome like I remember that’s when I found the

Clickfunnels™ Unique Abilities: How we sell made big sales?

quotients like take the power back my tech guys so I was like that’s the hook so I’m like okay it’s not an old hook like try to remember like a story that ties to that from my okay hook is the tech guys have you into control so I’ll click you’re handcuffed and I was like okay so that’s our typing and just got into the flow state right so I’ll read this to you so so they maybe ever felt handcuffed is an entrepreneur tell me if it sounds like you got an idea it comes to you in the shower or when you’re trying to sleep or oftentimes it’s in the middle of a boring conversation where someone’s trying to talk to you about who knows what while you’re trying to nod and act like you’re actually paying attention what’s really happening is you’re looking and searching for your next big idea and then boom it hits you you have

the idea you see the vision you know what you need to do and you know how this thing will change the world and then also those two zoom in on the hands and they’ll be handcuffed and it’ll pan back and see a bunch of tech nerds sitting around in a room it says and then they got you you don’t know how to code you don’t know how to design you’re being held hostage by the tech nerds that you use or used to tease in school yet some house things you think should be so simple things that should only take a few minutes somehow become hours and then days and then weeks with each passing day is excitement for your big idea gets dimmer and dimmer and dimmer the one day it’s gone and then will show I get in a graveyard and entré are standing next to a mega funeral and then it’s money

wasted there’s time wasted with little or nothing to show for it there’s still a high cousin in the tech guys walk away without cash and said then when all seems lost hits you again yes another I did another million dollar problem that you want to solve for the prom as you know the pain that would go into getting the tech guys actually build out what you know needs to be done and this is where most entrepreneurial dreams die somewhere between the idea your tech guy’s ability to create the pages you need to sell your big idea all right so that’s like this coke right is that we’re handcuffs entrepreneurs and so then I starts telling the story thinking about that like that all just started flowing I was kind of cool so I went to keep going okay then what happened to the good old days were a person where the

Clickfunnels™ Unique Abilities: Pre-designed sell your type of product.

person who was excited to sell was excited to sell and able to sell could you stand in front of people and actually sell so what here I am telling you that those days are officially back I want to introduce you to the Edison editors I click funnels to let you take the power back from the tech guys then the guy will break the handcuffs to stand there like a free man yes the Edison editor the Edison editors created entrepreneur’s like you who are programmers who don’t know how to design can easily build pages inside of a funnel that are proven to work let me show how it works first pic type sell funnel it’s scientifically pre-designed sell your type of product choose a style of page design you that you

like best click a button and the entire funnel is built in less than 10 seconds every page every step everything and then you can change a headline and your images at a video countdown clocks and more and if you really want to customize the page with dozens of amazing elements you can choose from just like a painter or pick a color from a palette and then drag and drop it onto the page move them around to your heart’s content and then set the funnel to go live less than 10 minutes you create what would have taken your those tech nerds weeks to do however they put them like over and over you and now the web page and now web pages out of your funnel can sell as well as you do yes the Edison address editor inside clip phones lets you take the power back from your tech guys no longer be

handcuffed and held hostage by tech people you can can take you can take control of your marketing start making sells today the click funnels we believe that that’s how it should be that is how it should be so try copy editor today and be free from your tech guys forever so that was the script so absolutely I had to write that I’m the one that’s been obtained that gone to experts over and over and over again so it’s like okay I have to do that I can’t be focusing on these other things and so um that’s what I went and I focused on and I worked on was writing the script and then you know and then I actually wrote another script for another anyway so I and writing four scripts today and then went into our padded room back here and record the voiceovers and I got my brother doing audio editing Stevens some audio editing anyway it’s just always the people so the way I’m able to get so much stuff done is it does come overnight so don’t think it is it’s going to or has to but over the last fourteen years now be doing this like I’ve built up

Clickfunnels™ Unique Abilities: Everyone has their unique skills

my team of people who can do all the pieces and everyone on the team has like a unique ability that they’re good at that I’m not right and so I know I can have a project I’m okay here’s B my team and they each have their unique abilities and I have mine because thing done it takes all so am i okay let me trying to do Steven job or Jake’s job or days or Scotts or other people’s jobs like I gotta focus on mine and then and and then have everyone do their kind of thing because anyone these projects wasn’t right I didn’t do all the pieces that I did just my piece of it and then because that team is able to go fast so recommend for you as I start building your team some reason that’s entrepreneurs think that we have that so I know why is like like a real sound printers don’t think this but some reason internet entrepreneurs do or we think we have to do everything with to get a coffee and design and pages and

everything but you don’t you just have to find people and build a team so I think that for all of us like think about where you’re at right now and look at like where you’re weak and where you’re strong and it’s funny because for a long time I always fought like I wanted to be control and owner and think that was my thing I was wanted to be like the controller of my other business and now looking back it’s like stupid singing ever when I gave him control and I found good partners and people and and connected them and build a team like that’s when things took off and and so for you I guess the moral of today’s story I guess you want to call it is and you know obviously I’m listening today is Dan sold and so as you listen to Dan slogan recently and he talks a lot about unique ability so my moral this work

you guys is to really identify what’s your unique ability that nobody else can bring to the table and figure out that thing and look like what are the unique ability you need to get this this thing off the ground or to use this thing into orbit or wherever it’s at to get to where you want to be right if you have to or things are out and don’t stress about like you’re good they don’t just keep doing your tune but if you want to grow or you want to change wherever your best ship isn’t you want to make then looking like a what unique abilities do I need on my team to make this happen and then go start fighting those people start looking for them start you’re going out there so anyway I guess that’s the I guess that’s the message for today you know using your unique abilities and others to get crap done fast maybe

Clickfunnels™ Unique Abilities: What is your secret strategy

that’s a title today because that’s the secret so we got a lot done today I think it saved it obviously almost any of these little check marks on this list is something that like a normal company doesn’t like a quarter we did it a lot of today and that day tomorrow we can finish these things up and then tomorrow we are relaunching one two three four five funnels that’s awesome so like mostly done so it’s just going to be like busting out boom boom boom boom boom game all alive and then I was recalled time in India more coming from a hacker app which is saying we have this new app coming out which is going to be cool and then if I get also done then by time I kids get here I’ll be nice and then ya know the next sort of fun projects happen but I’ll be pretty proud of these things done so if I hope it

helps you guys so identify your unique ability bringing others to your team that have other unique abilities at complement yours that’s here you can take a little world of faster so I said have fun I’m gonna go to bed in my tent here in the office and they say it’s not good for man to be alone and I agree that’s why I’m literally sleeping at the office tonight inside of a Ted on a car such a dirt I love it anyway thanks everybody we’ll see you guys soon bye would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if shows and go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at to eat


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How I got more done today then most people will get done in the next three months, and I did it by leveraging this one simple concept.

On today’s episode Russell is hanging out in a tent in the office because his family is out of town. He talks about how he gets stuff done quickly. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode:

-Find out why Russell is sleeping on a cot, in a tent in his office instead of at his house.

-Find out why it’s important to find people with unique abilities to help you complete tasks quickly.

-And listen carefully and you may hear Russell read a newly finished script for the Etison Editor inside of ClickFunnels™.

So listen below to find out how over the last 14 years Russell was able to build up a good enough team to get tasks completed in a day that might take another company an entire quarter to complete.

Secret #11: Using Your Unique Abilities And Others To Get Crap Done Fast

Secret #11: Using Your Unique Abilities And Others To Get Crap Done Fast

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