Secret #13: How To Succeed When You Have No Resources

everyone’s rustle or welcome you to at the market seekers podcast happening today from Pirates Cove so the big question is this how are entrepreneurs like us he didn’t you take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pocket how do we market in a way the left Asti our products and our services and the things we believe in out of the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question and the podcast will give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing speaker [Music] alright everyone watch the video this you can kind of see I am at the most ridiculous place on earth you listen to this I go to marketing speakers calm but actually watch the video but alright now I’m at a place called Pirates Cove we’re at a mastermind group that is just a piece behind me these are my kids bring it on the rope and having fun in the water and a bunch of other amazing things and this is pretty much the craziest place I’ve ever it’s my favorite place on earth some of the back story behind Pirates Cove he knows you’re watching your steam from the scenery of this place but basically the kind of back story is when I was when my twins which was born one of my twins right here so when he was when they were about six months old we were speaking an event here in Las Vegas which is where Pirates Cove was at and where my friends had come to this place and controlled stories about how amazing it was it’s very explain and we and like how cool he made us down like right low that sounds cool they know you guys are late to see it so he’s like okay I’m gonna take you over trying to find us we started driving around all over Las Vegas all over Boulder City trying to find this place call prior scope but we couldn’t we couldn’t find it anywhere so we kind of gave up and went out to delete atom at a in Boulder City and we’re sitting there also the owner parts coab walked out on my buddies like that’s them that’s the owner actually walked up to him saying hey you don’t know us but I’ve been afire Skov and it would be super cool to to uh if you guys let us see who the guy was soaked with they will come on up and I gave us some in suits we swam the entire day and I said go in here it was was only six months old but he was in diapers and we anyway with the most amazing time ever if you see this place which basically it’s on the side of this mountain it’s a private residence there’s five houses on it there’s a water slides if I gotta make you guys up we’re watching the video sings he kind of kind of the top there’s a kid water slide really cool kid pool and then up at the top there is this huge water slide that’s like for adults that it’s crazy it you and I was huge slide and then it entered into the middle of the park is this huge boat a pirate masking actually jump off it if I start like your TV I see some videos of me jumping off it’s pretty it’s pretty crazy so anyway yes functions I’m walking around but I want to kiss you guys really cool s and so after we came I was like I want to I want to rent this bike I want to I want to come take my family here and show everybody so the next year we called the guy Evan right cool we want to want to rent Pirates Cove how much does that cost and he was like oh it’s like ten thousand dollars today was like week-long liminal minimum so they seventy or eighty thousand dollars was like cool I don’t know the kind of money at the time and but I was like nah but I really I really want for empire’s Cove and I was like there’s got to be a way that I can rent this and like show my family and my kids and like and like experience this again and so then you know wills my head starts spinning how and again this comes down to like Robert Kiyosaki 101 right four people say onion more than rich people think how can I afford that how can i for like what do I got to do to be able to afford that but my thing like what do I got to do to make $70,000 friends place plus obviously catering everything else I might welcome you to do that it’s going to be this it cost a lot of money I’m going to need almost 100 grand to do it so I was like okay what if I found much who people invited them to come to this thing and I stole tickets to it and so that was the idea so which is base went and I put out a little pay just have ten people pay ten thousand dollars and that $100,000 covers the cost entire mastermind group and then we can read it and we’ll have a really good time as like we’ll have it for perhaps we’ve got mastermind then when mass runs over the slobber for two or three days then and will fight my Fram family members the time a bunch of employees things like that and that was kind of that was kind of a game plan so we did it and it worked it was amazing so I was first time at a chance to experience higher scope for a whole week and since then we’ve got it I think that he just for the fourth time we’ve done we did three years in a row and I took off by five or six four or five years because it’s a lot of work as well and then this year we said you again so I’m here and now with ten other or ten entrepreneurs and we’re just having maybe mastermind meetings during the day when it’s like 116 degrees out here and then night we’re playing when I’m fun our kids are here it’s like it’s insanely cold and so that’s what’s happening out of high school so again you want to speak to the visuals in this place go to marketing speakers calm and watch the video but the lesson I want to tell you guys is this hopefully you kind of got a little piece of the lesson but it comes like a Robert Kiyosaki said right like for people say I can’t afford that we’re rich people would make it how can i for how can I afford that right and so I couldn’t afford this place I could afford to rent it I wanted to experience what other people experienced but I had to start thinking outside the box like how can I do like what what do I need to do to be able to afford that and how are other people to help chip in and we can actually experience this to make this such an amazing thing in fact one of my early joint venture partial schemes people I invited higher scope and I say well you take some of the Pirates code they think you’re pretty cool afterwards which has helped as I’ve tried to build relationships and grow companies and things like that well when I think about a lot of times as an entrepreneur tell you should go over Empire scope and do something crazy like that but a lot of times the reason why entrepreneurs aren’t successful in business is because it’s because there’s it’s weird resource problem they are Russell other resources are at the time around the money I don’t have the talents like it’s all like I don’t have the resources and you have to understand it entrepreneurship is not about having resources like that’s the fallacy it’s incorrect right entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs not because they have resources because there source pole sounds very similar it’s different they’re resourceful so I was resourceful I had to think out of the box like how can I create this thing okay on yes a bunch of you guys have heard my my rant many times I’ll venture capitalist try like I don’t feel real entrepreneurs to take BC because like they’re coming in saying basically oh I don’t have the resources let me go ask somebody to give me money solve resources to go and build something and by definition you doing that you’re like you’re not an entrepreneur like entrepreneurs are resourceful they look at things to say how can I afford that look at something say okay I don’t have the resources like to be resourceful how to figure out other ways to do it I mean my very first thing I ever created um I had mark Joyner he’s my first mentor and man with cool people I’ve ever met well here’s my Ellie she’s here hanging out too okay damn fun yeah I’m almost done bit okay so anyway so he he when he kind of retired from the internet marketing coaching business he um he put out a thing called the farewell package and he stole then I bought it and in the time I guide no resources I paid a thousand bucks was course and I was like all money we had my credit cards maxed out afterwards and I had no resources and I was like okay everything I bought from Mars jointer like I needed to hire programmers and developers bill to execute actually create that thing but I didn’t have the resources I’m like Apple what am I going to do I’ll have the resources to create it so I was like I’m Ron screw or entrepreneur are resourceful its am i okay I’m I have a resourceful what should I do and I was like okay well I have ideas like I know if I didn’t have money when I would do so I was okay this was I was create if I did have money and I’m like I wrote it out and then I went and at the time he has a slowly face butter was and Facebook there was no forum with everyone who purchases products look guys I bought those things a lot for my money I’m pretty broke but I know what I would do if I had the money I would create this thing I like pitched everyone on this thing and they’re like I was like a deal if I’m broke though I don’t have no resources but I’m very resourceful I know you lie you’re in the same situation so my question for you is how many guys like partner up together and we pool our resources and become resource for work together and and I post that I said you know my I got a quote and it cost about five thousand dollars to build this idea I had I got zero dollars so I need 50 of you guys to give me $100 and we can we can create something from our resources become resourceful and I had like 120 hundred 30 people who’s like I’ll do it I’m in I’m in I’m elegant saying I’ll donate hundred bucks does this thing to be part of it I was like cool so I collected all I had ended up I had 120 people say they wouldn’t then as often happens you know only at 55 or something actually gave 100 bucks so at 55 five thousand five hundred dollars that I suddenly had in my PayPal account and and everyone cakes bought together his package and I when I took the money and I went to hired the development team and they started creating it and and that’s how I launched my first viral website audience don’t know that’s right on calibrate often but it was about not the resource that had zero resources all I had was a credit card with a thousand dollar bill on it so that’s what I pay device course and zero dollars the time I had a job I didn’t have a job I was rustling I was making exactly zero dollars a month zero dollars a year and my wife was making nine fifteen hours so that was our resources and now I had $1,000 to my credit card I was stressing out to Mike I don’t know and so luckily I was resourceful I found people that got the funding from other people one Parrs project we launched it started building a list use that to launch the next first product and on and on and here we are 15 years later I’m at Pirates Cove with 10 most amazing Oscars on the world and I’m here with my family and my friend by a bunch of my employees my partners are coming and pay a penny to be here and because I was resourceful so for you I want you guys are understand that’s why we’re entrepreneurs we are resourceful you are resourceful are you stop trying to ask people for money to fund your I did it just start creating being resourceful what can I do how can I get people involved and get as you believe in my vision like when you start learning how to sell people will come to you and they will and they and you can you can create cool things so there is my message for tonight those who watch the visuals behind me hopefully had a cool little glimpse of hyroscope we got a couple final hacker TV episodes coming out that will be showing you at some of the craziness but hopefully you guys enjoy this and hopefully you start thinking about that in your business in your life it’s not just businesses all aspects of life right how do you be resourceful you rarely will have the resources maybe get started and you’re resourceful you can do it so that’s why got I’m out of you guys going to go get my sister on I’m going to jump in the water so by everybody would you like to see behind the things that what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if those and go subscribe to our free behind-the-scenes reality TV show at

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Why having resources will actually hurt you as an entrepreneur and how to become more resourceful.

On today’s episode Russell comes to you from his favorite place on Earth, Pirates Cove. He gives a mini tour of the premises and talks about how he was able to afford the $100,000 that it took to rent it by being resourceful. Here are some of the cool things in this episode:

-Find out how Russell was introduced to Pirates Cove and what he had to do to be able to afford to initially bring his family and friends there.

-Find out the difference between having resources and being resourceful. They sound similar, but they are not the same.

-And hear a rarely told story of how Russell was able to be resourceful early in his career to be able to afford to make his first idea come to fruition.

So listen up and enjoy as Russell talks about how he was able to be resourceful enough to be at Pirates Cove without spending a single penny.

Secret #13: How To Succeed When You Have No Resources

Secret #13: How To Succeed When You Have No Resources