Secret #24: How To Grow From 10 To 100 Employees

hey everyone’s russell brunson I’m here today with Brent Co Peters on the marketing secrets podcast so the big question is this how we’re on viewers like us you can cheat and take on venture capital for spending money for our own pocket how do we market in a way the left-half get our products and our services and the things we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question and that’s podcast we’ll give you the answer my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing today [Music] so everyone I got a really special podcast yes I’m so excited for right now we are where we at Kauai why Hawaii why do i this is our been our backyard for the last week oh and we’re heading home tomorrow which is kind of sad but I wanted to get Brent in here would help you guys out because obviously in the marketing series podcast I talked a lot about the marketing stuff and brands bevy now for over a decade how long exactly 11 years in the July 11 years that’s crazy so that’s why we started man because we they love with hearing you for stuff starting officially in my booth here now Brittany was here after you came in after having anybody else who was here before I started to sell here okay so Brent Leigh the longest long term person in the world made mud or oral in Romania we I don’t got a Romanian yeah and our back lights kind of lit it’s hard to see us but Brent’s photographer forever and then tons of controls and right now he runs the entire operations of ClickFunnels™ and so I want to kind of have him talk about some of the stuff because it’s a big part of growing and scaling company that we don’t talk about a lot but first um you want talk about your back striking as far as like getting into this whole thing it’s kind of a funny story how Beck’s where do you want help it which mover here to the couch this a little better um to be a little it up but so I met Brent at church initially when it pull and sell plan these things are um and just already a first impressions about like what we like this whole business based on when you got introduced its I know a lot of people go through that especially spouses or friends or potential boys or partners who they don’t know the school that always kind of weird first yeah I had no idea I I was at met Russell coming through a church function and and definitely know what he did I guess when I kind of thought I he made money on the Internet I thought I’d like initially thought like II think salts of an ebay or you know I had no idea I really couldn’t understand and so he has my the business part as a friend who kind of working with him at the time and I kind of pull together partners like fast food guys so what does he really do and and one of them were our friend mutual friends you know he knew that I didn’t understand so I taught Paul talk my wife I said I don’t know well this brother Brunton guys doing but it is frickin crazy like I knew like my friend was sharing comes to the numbers at Russell’s doing Houston University I was going to school as well and she was making more money and my parents combined income was and they normally did ever made so I like I got to find out what the guys doing so like any friend we invited him his wife over for dinner on a Sunday afternoon and I just kind of sort of asked and it really carefully what are you doing what exactly is this and and he just kind of started sharing kind of what he was up to what he was was doing and and what else I also he does it doesn’t brag how he was doing it the success he was having but he’s having tremendous success and so I after they left and we had a good dinner and visited and they left and like I couldn’t sleep like three days in my head is just like spinning I ruined him he did he did I was screwed at that point laughter after that happened I could not I couldn’t stab them the success but what was most important there is is the value that he was providing the world that’s cool and it was that before after all were kids we had twins made it there for son like me before yeah I have this before after yeah so we met you before no we’ve been friends a little while and then I think that yeah we had our kids and then you guys moved times barely that and then all I remember is so when we had our twins we’re going to NICU for like two weeks basically so we just rent a hotel room in the Hoff hung out there and just goes off and I remember he was coming and like used to go to work or why you can see he thought I was going to go by yeah I might call my wife I’m like who’s gonna take dinner’s over there something who’s got to help them because they’re in hospital these twins and they can’t leave and he can’t work because he’s in the hospital and just little did he know the internet was working and no clue anyway that was fun then a little while later member astark and worked fortune Isham the distilling management first how many years that’s a long time yeah really for my eight nine years I mean Russell if it’s an asteroid can be moved but there’s more company idea out of everything yeah yeah so yeah probably go eight years we really kind of focused on the business development and facility management and partners and stuff like that and December notes and I recently on the podcast had on the presentation I gave from frocky my buddy one funnel way about stories and I talked about Brett in that may be growing in the middle my presentation is kind of embarrassing but you were here for like the the goods and the bads like when we went from my five employees UPS like 100 and it back down like five and like all distressed up and down I’m curious on say why you didn’t leave when everything collapsed and crashed yeah good question you know the answer either yeah you’re gonna be really vulnerable so you know working with with you know an entrepreneur especially with Russell I mean you know where the heart is and there came a point where he was trying to help too many people and you know he was employing a lot of friends and family and people think that he wanted to provide opportunities for and that was great to a certain point but there was a point there were you know business changed a little bit evolved and we were needing to make some changes with it and those changes wouldn’t allow him to you supporting everybody was supporting and that was very difficult for Graham and my my wife and I you know this we cared and loved Russell flood and their family and and we you know we came to the point where I didn’t want to be a burden I didn’t want to be I do I knew that he was stressed and worried about taking care of people and I had accomplished my wife I just said like I’d rather to keep our friendship that has me feel stressed is about supporting you know having opportunity for me to be working there so one day I kind of came into your hospice and he’s kind of a real chat and I process the things that just I just I was I wanted to understand you know how important what he was doing was and I and also I want him to understand that I was okay to leave like he I don’t want him to feel like he needed to provide for me like I would be fine and figure things out I just want to make sure he was okay this is the point where you were helping so many people that you know really one hiccup you could lost everything you were you were reached funding everything all your savings is going back into the company and at some point you just can’t keep doing that yeah I got really scary okay but somehow we pull that around pull it around I mean Alex you you had to make some you gotta make some tough tough at you know phone calls and and decisions there that I mean absolute change the company at that point and you know basically they like and we had 100 someone employees we had all these wrestlers working for me clear leg go to a wrestling team we had that downsizing Friday I was and we shrunk my twenty thousand square foot building in 2000 and then it was it was rocky and scary but he gave us ability like refocus and read figure things out remember we had a couple trips were like trying to be like hey who are the people that are solving success in our market we jumped in a plane we’re traveling to different people to offices and spend time with Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher and figure out what they were doing the flowed the rich schefren ago they were doing just people who are friends and kind of at this time to figure out like what’s actually working today and how do we shift our business model and change everything and funny how much pain that was in that time but in this mood in London yeah the night hell how bet how important it was for like the transition that what became ClickFunnels™ and everything else yeah so anyway so anyway so many fun stores we talked about forever but we don’t have time for all those things so what I want talk about a little today though is so put it out two years ago five a year into the business we first started growing like we’re it’s funny I got a message today from Alex sharp and he’s like I message something used like you sound so calm top half because we’re here in Hawaii probably business he was like he’s like I don’t know any other person running a hundred million dollar company that as relaxed and like is able to respond to people and like anyway but we first started we know what we were doing like it was just kind of we gotta sell stuff which are some quick final start growing that also in like all sorts of new headaches came up with that like from a software standpoint odd and then we brought in Ryan and I get to deal with infrastructure ups and downs and like right now I think I think um if you were to choose me I think based on like Alexa like number seven hundred most visited website of the world but that’s not kind of anybody’s custom domain take with custom domains we’re probably the top five hundred websites in the world there’s not many humans on earth they’ve ever dealt with like that kind of scaling and infrastructure and like Todd never done tried never done there’s freaking stuff along the way we’re hiring consultants then on the marketing side were trying to grow and then like all these things and everything’s growing like one thing that we didn’t have in place was like any of like the internal like company business stuff I we were going to sell people and get coders but we had to do that and it was funny because um you never had experienced that either though no really no and with this time were internally there were like that everything was shaking and then took basically bread we’re going to take you from management you’re gonna run the scroll and didn’t know what to expect was gonna work is not going to work and you they’ll to step into this thing and just has turned this is really like simplify like I’ve had zero stress stuff that part of the business since you sure took it over and from that time look for my twenty employees now I don’t even works now 135 oh whoa all using contractors you got a few different folks but lots of people and so I love to talk just I mean first you step in that role and it was probably just organizing stuff like who are your thoughts would you have to go and figure out and would get to learn to be able to turn into what it is now not even a big thing you know is Russell decision for the company we worked together long enough dying I knew I knew where he wanted to see moved to go I mean we even just inherently just kind of knew the big email ruffle is his ability about Stremme stuff good people and and and so that was the first part it was evaluating what do we have currently you know are they in the right to you on the bus is a big part of that too and and and and somewhat you know we kind of test different things and something’s worked that something didn’t work very well we brought people and we started own stuff a little bit there was a QuickStart program and some of the guys were better than others and we’ve evolved that program but the big thing about autopsy’s support and we had we had I mean when you guys initially started hiring some supportive team members those guys are rock stars and and a lot of guys have been are still with us today and they’ve evolved in their positions with the company because of their commitment and then their love of ClickFunnels™ you know I love when I get to interview and talk people and when they when those individual state I love put funnels like that that is the coolest compliment that we can get is is when we’ve got people who want to raise your hand they want to work with us because they love click follow they love the mission and love the ability to help people and and so you know I think the biggest challenge was you know how do we how do we grow with it because the marketing side sales type it’s growing so fast that you know we and we you know it’s important to we that we’re providing or taking care our users and helping them have the best experience possible and also cliff Donald isn’t just some easy push-button software I mean they’re easy to use once you understand it but there’s a lot of different parts of it and I understand marketing is a big part of it so we needed to bring on people who could understand click balls go understood marketing and also understood Russell style and the way you’re taking everything yes it’s crazy because um yeah when you took over the role that it wasn’t just a support that was a big piece of it obviously because probably what it doesn’t support people at the time yeah this probably has six to ten as well about a ten and so yeah nobody to take that it’s been funny because like one of the Christians will hear sometimes about the phones of like Oh supports not live live all the time and it’s it’s funny like you know a Weber’s live is yeah Aweber it’s been going for 20 years they probably get four new signs today that clip phones right now it’s gonna walk about with the stats but it’s anywhere between like 500 to a thousand signups a day every single day that are coming to quit phones trying to learn this huge platform that runs your entire company and it’s like how do we stay in front of that like you know I like our goal eventually to get the point where it’s real-time support as close to that as possible but like there’s no one else in our space that’s never had to deal with that they’ve grown companies at best most become as a striking as I don’t have any support at all because they’re a we can’t so therefore we don’t yeah it’s like but we just still need to have that support and education stuff like that in place and I think what you did initially I know the rhyme is part of this Ryan Montgomery helps of initially to bike just for those who were half support teams maybe have three or four people today and you’re starting to scale something like these kind of broke people into teams you want to talk about some of that initial stuff that you did there may not make the scaling side of supportive here yeah so we moved over so we were we moved over to intercom and so that allowed us to do you know a lot like life support so it wasn’t necessary right life but people could submit conversations respond to them and that’s reason to start and we’ve got we’ve grown and in that hour response time that’s when we kind of gauge our success their response time now there’s a lot of software companies who offer like you know life support adult support from like 8:00 to 5:00 or something you know arts especially it’s turned out to be really 24 hours we’ve got team members all around the world and so you know we initially started we actually had kind of international team and we had more domestic teams but you know as we realized is we continue to scale and grow and we had more more people international we we’ve got international folks on every team we’ve got domestic focus every team so they can kind of work that schedule out as needed but you know as we as we came in and we saw the amount of conversations that we had I mean these guys are answering like eight nine thousand conversations a week they are support custom team and it is crazy American support is like unreal you know we’ve got a team of building support team members and most of them are in our office we a few individuals who aren’t but you know the big part of it is again having having leadership in those positions so every supports meet their every 2:14 we have has a team lead who is is is our the person that we reach out to that we help with training and they now can’t ask the messages in all the training onto there there are the team members I mean so many teams we have right now so in 10 to 14 with eight technical support teams we have 1 billion support team we’ve got one team that focuses on some different other parties we have that we work with in the past we’ve got a team the helps with our QuickStart program so not the program people can sign up with and it allows them to be able to get some help on the initial setup and we’ve got a team lead who helps run that team cool it was cool about this prettiest your scaling way would have been making back this what happened at first as we were scaling there’s one person in charge maybe like ten people underneath them and then we’re trying to grow and everything’s growing and make that person couldn’t handle like a more growth it’s hard to have more than like eight to ten my people your reports you get bigger nagging it’s stressful it’s really hard for Brendan Caymans okay the people who have they’re rock stars make each other team lead and this could employees underneath each of those things when the team week and trained employee make sure they’re doing good and he’s going to deal with the eight or ten team leaves deal with them and then they are working with the individual people and because like communication channel gets through and now he’s not having ninety you know direct reports back to me 278 things like that another cool thing we did recently shrink because the other big thing we have and some of you have similar something similar to your businesses is you know like someone that was saying about like professional competitors there’s a competitor who has software that has pages the generates lead and like their software does one things like one button you click and that’s it it’s like very very simple quid phones it’s like we’re building your landing pages your funnel is your shopping cart your affiliate platform your autoresponders is like 8,000 thing and so for us to hire someone in Boise Idaho vacay you know your support person for a quick bombs like there’s such a learning curve they understand even be able to do that it’s a couple things number one is that most of our hires come to people that are members of our software which is a big thing for you guys to think through it an inner circle that comes with all the time like we’re going to find rockstars in like I guarantee your your Rockstar you’re drinking for ISM it’s already a customer of your product right now I look to your internal customer base for your rockstars because they’re going to know your product they’re gonna be passions they’re going to care more than just someone you pull off the street that’s like number one number two then is we needed how do we train these people I think initially each team we was just trained at people right now they were getting bogged down yeah in the Train I’d be able to support and manage stuff like that so talk about the new team that’s the training right now well you know a big part of the help mark marked him up and Martino is helping work he does a lot more work directly with a few leads fiddle marketer he’s killing he’s off yeah he’s just you know he’s still kind of bouncing customer education and and it helps with support management so so mark him in and then we you know we have idea yeah recognizing we brought new people on and they’ve kind of initially David flow down the rest of team and so we had we pulled another team lead out we pulled Andrew Andrew Newman and he now that his bolted his training so as we bring in key members on she’s focusing on those guys as we look at have maybe anybody currently to teach he’s reaching out to people who build a team who maybe lack it you know knowledge about backpack or action etics and that he’s for Poland goes out he’s doing training to those guys so that we can get everybody up to the same level and yeah that’s cool we did some of that back when we had our big call center before the big crashes your way the crashing away I did what I could we had sixty sales guys and prompting we hire so get off the streets we’ve got trainings we had a training team so every stove had come in they go through a two-week training where Robbie summers is one that manage that and then the ones that were period we then put them on the floor under another team the ones that suck we just get rid of them that’s kind of same thought here’s like let’s bring people and have someone who’s dedicated to training and when they’re ready then put them on routine so you start running with the everybody’s supposed to pull people back so anyway just crazy like all these anyway these are all the things we’re learning as we’re growing or scaling along the way someday we’re gonna write a book about whole journey and the whole experience I think a lot of times companies are bill where like there’s Newton idea at a higher venture capitalist they bring the management team they all stuff man they could build the company where us was like raw passion and that’s Playgirl through the whole thing and kept it kept it’ll flow so anyway it’s been a fun ride so far fin it’s been an unbelievable ride I’m Celeste pond so I appreciate all your work and help them everything you do and hopefully keep something as ideas as you’re growing you to support teams or development team your management or whatever those things are you look at also I had someone I was Andrew Warner from mixer Jeana they interview me and he was like how are you able to write books and and run a software company and do coaching and bow alleys and run things and the same thing is kind of bread maturing they’re like I’m not really good of surrounding myself with amazing people where I still I can it’s almost like there’s parts of the company people are writing like you’re running all the operations so I’m worried about that like hiring the firing the finite people like Brent does that so I just talked to Brent and then all the people steps taken care Todd and Ryan run the whole development team like and so like they like Todd’s rennet I talked to Todd all the time but I just happening and I want to stress about that and then I kind of run the marketing team business and Dave run it you know today it was junk there’s probably five or six people that I that I really deal with directly inside the company and I’m able to do the part that I love the most I’m the best at and I think that I think a lot of us entrepreneurs and most of the people that are in those positions all are get profit share and equity in the company I think one of my big mistakes I made when I first started was like I’m so protective like this is my you know like I wanted I wanted so much control over everything that I like stifled everything whereas when I was able to give up control they would bring rockstars and people that have skills looks I don’t and now because they have they have stake in the game like I don’t worry about every decision every single thing I trust Brent you make a thousand decision today that I never even questioned or think about because I trust him sitting with Todd today like they they know they do that because I was really able to do that I think a lot of you guys if you’re struggling in growth you don’t have the ideas like y’all can bring on venture capitals can destroy your soul and you want to grow something it’s the job so that is like bring on really smart people and give them stake in the game and then kinda like Joe Holmes used to tell me said that in his company everyone was based on a percentage of sales it was no salary based people we said cool about that is like big months ever gets big check small month ever get small check but everyone it together and I think that building teams that way is better than bringing a bunch of money and hiring the right people hiring the best people say hiring the right people and doing an incentive to where they can they can grow and whoever they want in fact I’m sure one thing this is cool shows probably can anyway so this was a we had these accountants most marketers they’re most entren like accountants so leave his account and every year have to go to the county meeting and they would always talk about like all the stuff to do to try lawyer anyway is super annoying it was like the worst meeting of my year destroyed it I use all motivational momentum for an entire week so I was so stressed out and I remember driving home from those so pissed off at the accountants are trying to ruin my happiness in life and I remember in this podcast I still find if I was like my goals I want no I’m going to maxed out my tax bracket I’m gonna have everywhere and no rounding all my partner’s all people that are pushing it I want to max out their tax bracket as well and we’re talking about this earlier on this trip here in Hawaii like there’s probably half a dozen or so people on our team now who have maxed out the tax bracket because of this whole constant we’re talking about and that is like the coolest feeling in the entire world so bring on it’s pretty amazing so there you go governmental fam there you go anyway that’s why guy everything else what adds no I think it’s such a just unbelievable it truly is every day and coal is bill to come and work with the people friends and and you know good people that it’s just a positive positive place in our company culture the big deal for you know you drive that and it’s been really fun to see people come into our office or just come into our our business or space and and just feel that sense that even those who work remote I mean a lot of team efforts working mode most of them yeah most tomorrow and it can kind of lonely road out there but yeah you know we do things to try to help them feel that still love and Russell within swagged people and and just unexpected things which makes you feel to love and help them know that we appreciate that that’s a big deal so here’s question for those who may want to join this quick fungus team what’s the have they you know it may be got a link on clicked on the bottom click most of the careers but we’re always looking at you I mean if someone out there is passionate you want to build it to find a place with that hit me up you can hit me up on Facebook we hit me up email Brent Balcom to send me an email I could direct here where to go and we have applications up yeah yeah offered thanks man so that’s a little bit of behind the scenes how the HR the growth the internal stuff but kind of what we’re doing how we’re doing it again we’re just learning all this stuff along the way some day we write a book about it when it’s all done because the lessons that we’ve learned along the way very cool so obvious gave you guys a couple ideas and things your girl is scaling your team and that’s all I got so makes everybody think fret absolutely these guys five would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF you

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Secret #24: How To Grow From 10 To 100 Employees

Secret #24: How To Grow From 10 To 100 Employees