Secret #37: Why Does The Fuel You Eat Actually Matter For An Entrepreneur?

what’s up everybody is a late night late night marking seekers podcast out in the pool house for a head into bed I guess I’m for you so the big question is this power on CH Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the left Hoss get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright everybody so it’s been a fun day long day and I am beat up and tired and ready to go pass out but out here trying to get a bottle of water because I am parched we’re about probably three or four weeks away from our kitchen being done with our remodels we can move back into our house which is going to be also nice I can’t wait but um so typically it’s interesting this is kind of a off topic sort of ston topic though so typically when I’m doing everything throughout the day I really really really really really good so I do intermittent fasting so I don’t eat breakfast in the morning I take about a billion vitamins to supplements the morning I feel like I’m glowing I feel tons of energy I feel really good when I do eat during the day Melanie my assistant makes me this huge salad it’s like a like a sixteen hundred calorie salad with with spinach and kale and salmon and peppers and oil avocados and it’s like most mazes never eat that all day long and then I’m full I’m not hungry the rest today and and then in idle he just whatever my wife makes all you the meat and the vegetables out of it and that’s it and I feel really good and like I get to the days and it’s like I can get so much stuff done I was joking Risa earlier podcast about funnel years how a funnel yeah each each funnel days each years uh each days a funnel year anyway how much stuff we get down to name anyway today was Saturday and my wife had a saying she was gonna be out all day so I was playing dad so it’s when I woke up and started good and then my wife bought Lucky Charms Lucky Charms on about you but that was by far the best cereal in the history of cereal mankind in fact when I was a kid we see Lucky Charms then we found out we eat at marshmallow matey’s which came in the bigger bags and um yeah every year for Christmas we would get one sugar cereal from Santa Claus so we always want Marshall matey so we all all kids my family had big ol bag of our own bag of marshmallows and we get like a salad bowl and fill the whole thing up with that with the marshmallow matey’s it’s been like five hours eating all the oats out of it and then and then at the end drinking all the milk with the marshmallows was insanely good in fact last year for Christmas I trained my kids on how to do that because the tradition has now been officially passed on anyway some insane reason my wife didn’t just buy marshmallow mateys she bought freaking Lucky Charms which are the best thing ever she shoulda bought two boxes of him so today I might eat my supplements I look over and see box Lucky Charms I’m like I don’t got enough willpower to stop myself in Lucky Charms so yeah I just I don’t that cookie dough I can’t say no I won’t even attempt it so I don’t even try it so I’m like done boom one more Lucky Charms to bow Lucky Charms and then for me it’s like a slippery slope I’m like well my I’m already on a carb binge day I might as well just call out so then yeah so then for lunch is like hey kids go out to eat so into hamburger place we had hamburgers and french fries and I hate every else’s french fries are really good then I came home and then I was like breaking my eyes open like my whole body’s like shutting down like can your eyes open and then in the like is home and she’s tired she’s been he has emotional thing all day crying her eyes out and everything and then kids like we’re hungry and like we want pizza Mike sweet get my phone who ordered Domino’s Pizza and chicken wings and like that was like amazingly good and then yeah and then tonight there’s a wedding reception went over and they had cheesecake so like today it was the carved it hit down to the carbs but it’s funny because I am now walking back in to go to bed and I just wanted to just kind of more mostly for me healthy as well I feel like crap my voice hurts my throat hurts my brain hurts I like brain fog I can’t focus and concentrate I feel like my body hurts like my legs hurt I get this just like the feeling and I know there’s a lot of entrepreneurs who are like that’s the fuel you’re putting in your body most days like if I put that much if I put that fuel my body I don’t know how you’d get anything done like I got nothing done today other than playing it the kids like I feel like crap it’s like garbage anyway so yeah I just wanted to put out there because first off for me to remember like what if like now I don’t we associate the pleasure on our taste buds with the food we eat and I eat Lucky Charms like this day so good but I want to like consciously remember this like oh I feel right now because I want to associate this with carbs so I quit eating them because God they just thrash you and destroy you and make you feel like garbage and then yeah so those you guys home competing against please keep eating crap I love it it makes me make so I can get done more in a week and you get done in a day but for the rest of you guys who I’m coaching and consulting I want you two to succeed look at your diet seriously shift how you’re eating if you’re trying to figure out how to eat for energy couple things I’d recommend number one google intermittent fasting that’ll change your entire day around you I’ll try and lose weight just from shifting so you don’t eat in the morning meat you know fats in the afternoon the carbs at night it’ll keep you tight energy high of two out a day so you can compete and do well and then the bulletproof diet is really good most you guys know I’m Mormon so I don’t drink coffee but there’s different ways to make that and anyway Dave Asprey his whole mission his stuff is really really good I love his stuff – the coffee so yeah but you can do bulletproof other things in the morning if you want or you do coffee if that’s what you like to do as well but the whole concept high fats strongly strongly believe in that is the huge thing that’s helped me succeed as entrepreneur and then the last one is Anthony DiClemente is biohackers guide which is another amazing book you can always eat for energy and other things for energy as well so anyway there’s just some help you guys if you’re struggling if you’re hard to get through the days and it’s hard to focus and concentration and you want to just go out there and the rash everyone I think about the fuel you’re putting in your body because this now the testament of what Lucky Charms the devil I think the boy I think I also lucky charms for dinner maybe that’s lunch – yeah box number two is almost gone look of the same those watching the day Lucky Charms you kidding me that’s why I don’t like my wife to go shopping sometimes she buys all the kids stuff I can’t say no to anyway so just think about that fuel your premium bodies is affecting how your how you’re competing so this is a gay this this this business is game this competition and I know that the athletes have to understand that a lot of people who maybe not been athletic so I understand that you’re in a competition you’re competing with people like me who recessed with this kind of stuff and what you can your body doesn’t matter so look at that figure it out even if you don’t want to lose weight it doesn’t matter about losing weight it’s about keeping your brain sharp eight ten twelve hours a day so you can get a lot of crap done and accomplish what you want to do see certain people you need to serve so they’re your guys hope that helps go to bed tonight in the crash and tomorrow we back on cue because I got a big week coming up if I survive this week it’s gonna be 90 percent diet 10% motivation 30% inspiration and a whole bunch of happy thoughts in the middle yeah that’s not a hundred percent that’s way over anyway it’s gonna be fun alright guys I’m out see you tomorrow want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called dot-com secrets and you get your free copy at dot-com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top thirty five secrets and we’ve use become the fastest-growing non VC back-sass startup company in the world

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My thoughts as I detox from Lucky Charms.

On today’s episode Russell talks about the effects of putting negative fuel in your body instead of positive. Here are some of the informative things you will hear today:

-What started Russell on a carb binge that he couldn’t stop.

-Why eating junk will make you feel like junk.

-And why putting positive fuel in your body will help you compete in business and you’ll be more able to get a billion things done in shorter period of time.

So listen here to find out why putting negative fuel in your body could be making your work suffer.

Secret #37: Why Does The Fuel You Eat Actually Matter For An Entrepreneur?

Secret #37: Why Does The Fuel You Eat Actually Matter For An Entrepreneur?