Secret #40: Recap From The Viral Video Launch Party

Clickfunnels™ Viral Video: Recap From The Launch Party

Clickfunnels™ Viral Video: On this episode of Marketing Secrets, Russell gives a recap of some of the events for the Viral video launch from last week. He goes into some rough numbers and stats and explains why they did it.

Clickfunnels™ Viral Video: What happen to the party

what’s up everybody this is Russell and welcome you guys to marketing secrets I’m finally giving you a chance here behind the scenes what happens a viral video launch the bubble soccer party everything is happening on today’s episode of marketing secrets so the big question is this power entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets probably mark it in a way that lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers and welcome to marketing secrets alright everybody welcome back hope you guys have been doing amazing this whole week of it in inner circle meetings so I’ve

been dropping some cool stuff in the podcast hope you’ve been enjoying it if you’re watching the audio version listening to audio version I gave you guys a really cool call Frank Kern which was awesome since you part of my presentation but I went from zero to hundred million dollars without taking on any outside capital which was cool hopefully like that and and now I finally have a chance to tell you guys behind the scenes so it’s been it’s been a fun week afterwards you know and whenever somebody’s happens we have no idea what to expect what you mean it’s like what happens we’ve launched this video it gets 500 million views we launch it it gets 10 views and you have kind of no idea what’s gonna happen and so for me it’s always like I think sometimes people get so invested in the outcome that they they miss the the fun and enjoy what you’re doing right I know that I’ve had times my afraid to do as well and so consciously with

this as well as any launch you know I set big goals and big dreams have I that but they get closer and closer and closer I started carrying I start I don’t know my words like I I delete the the outcome goal in my head like I just like I don’t know what’s gonna be and if I if I set one and I don’t hit it I’m gonna be sad if I if I set one and I surpassed I’ll be happy but I don’t want that like I did the work no matter what and I want to be able to celebrate and enjoy so I try to like just get rid of the the outcome in my head so like going into I didn’t have an outcome really and so I get I was looking things like what’s the worst case scenario so for us and click phones case scenario IDs and we spend a lot of money Harmon brothers charge about half-million dollars for a video

Clickfunnels™ Viral Video: Marketing Secrets for successful business

plus we threw a big party we hired influencers to come like you’re all said and done and I’m looked at the numbers yet it’s been a whirlwind week but I would say probably all in in this whole party promotion we were probably in close to a million dollars which is kind of crazy I think I told you guys before it’s the first time I’ve ever like just kind of put everything on black and or everything on red or however you say that I’m not of the terminology the gambling thing but it’s kind of rolling it typically with any kind of marketing and very a very direct response driven where it’s like we test smaller dollar a ting at two large back out and if that works and we scale right I said we’ve grown a company that’s how everything I believe is based on that so this is the biggest

thing we’re like we’re putting a lot in without knowing ahead of time but it’s okay because you know we’re looking at what’s the worst-case scenario worst-case scenario average ClickFunnels™ member buy time average – I’m like 1,200 bucks or something like that maybe higher actually I’m sure it is higher we just have only been in business fact tomorrow’s our three-year birthday so we have a lot of people down three or so that number keeps growing over time but as far as we know now it’s over twelve hundred bucks a person so right worst-case scenario if this video brings us an extra thousand customers I get it broke even which is awesome so that’s really good but the the bigger win on my side there’s a couple a couple big wins one of it is really when this video went and

done like when I went live we needed to simplify our process right the signup process the onboarding like all sorts of stuff like that it’s because of that I don’t sure if you guys logged in the click phones recently but a bunch of new stuff there’s a quick funnels game there’s new onboarding there’s things we call show me house or a little walkthroughs that have video and written out explanation on how to every single thing we instead of waiting at custom domains we click a button and you get custom domain we in fact give everybody the first custom domain for free like we had to figure out all these things to simplify the onboarding process so when this new onslaught of people came to be prepared for it and so one of the biggest things is like that’s something we know we need to do for probably two years we haven’t had the time or energy to do it and this forced us to spend that time and energy a lot of times we focus on stuff that’s urgent but not important what is something is like super important but it was never earnest we never got it done so by doing this and like calling our

Clickfunnels™ Viral Video: Make Video Blog

shot making this big video like it forced us to focus on the important that’s not urgent and we may it became urgent for us so we as a team killed ourselves as you probably saw the week prior we were here all night last week our whole tech team and dev team a design team and everyone was here he’s killing ourselves he had prepared for it and there’s a lot of valuations if we ever wanted sell ClickFunnels™ in the future when big things to look at is is churn rate and so we do our churn numbers or at night you know for us it was like if we if we could lower our churn by 2% like that alone would be worth and tens if not in the future hundreds of millions of dollars but tens like with like within the next 12 months and so that was our goal is try to lower it reduce churn by 2 points so we were as week ago today the viral video went live so we’re about a week ooh about a week so obviously stats aren’t perfect I don’t know the

numbers but based on like the first fake hey it’s been live a week what’s what’s what’s his trending towards I don’t hold sigh I don’t want to tie an outcome to it yet but based on like the first 7 days are churned in the in the window and everything has dropped by more than 2% which is amazing especially as more than 2% so I’m hoping that over the next 30 days 60 days 90 days that sticks if it does like that alone is worth more money than I could ever have dreamt up so so that’s that’s in fact the thing is like right now I can’t talk about it for a long time to explain it all but basically where we are right now as we’ve grown we just passed 50,000 members last week actually week Oh yesterday 50,000 members but as soon as we had about sixty thousand members the new members we

bring in and people we lose each day become about the same so it gets really hard to scale past about 60,000 members if we drop our chair by two percentage points our next peak is at 100 so almost instantly we get to about a hundred thousand members and so so that alone is like a big a big reason another big reason why we did the viral video is is unification that’s right word connection try building bringing people within the culture closer together and and building that bond I mean we had hundreds of people throwing viral video launch parties of their homes we had who threw the launch party and invited the whole internet and she had people driving four or five hours to her house come watch it with her we had a whole bunch thing and like it just brought our tribe as a

Clickfunnels™ Viral Video: How to build your sales funnel

whole together we streamed live presentations for me from the Harmon brothers and Gary Vaynerchuk last minutes like I it’s true my stuff too so we streamed his and we had like 20,000 people live between YouTube and Facebook they’ll watch this whole event go down I think how that does for a community tribe culture building within art with our eyes which was amazing so that was another big thing is like how does this become a bigger win for us as community second as houses how does make click phones even more fun like even worse we’re we’re a software product we’re competing with all these boring software products that are faceless nameless and boring we’re now it’s like we are interesting to talk about this video something people could talk about we can share they can show

their friends their family and people come there it’s like oh that’s kind of what ClickFunnels™ does give us the the ability the timeliness to rebuild our sales funnel which was kind of typically I don’t like just like here’s a brand new funnel but we kind of had to so it gave us a chance to sit back and really kind of retweet things and built things really differently you’ve probably seen some of it and again I it’s only weekend so I don’t know super get conversion numbers but as a whole conversion and epcs and dollars in are up dramatically so like doing this thing wasn’t just like how many times times if you haven’t shared how much virally cuz they’re actually working like but it’s all these other pieces that are more important to us that it forced us to do so I want to

want to put it out there it was funding us watching people’s Facebook the next day I think we had like 300,000 views the first day and people were like oh there’s stinko viral click throws burn their money and all these things I’m just like on my site laughing like you just don’t get it like you’re missing like people see what they understand but they’re missing the rest of it so that’s my goal this podcast always just like let you see the magician’s hands like what are we doing why are we doing it like why was that important why was I willing to gamble and risk that much money on something that that was that big of a risk it’s because there was because it forced us to take the important and make it urgent which is most businesses don’t ever do that and that’s why they they

die like you’re telling my wife’s business just seen the video anyway sorry I buried next to my first wife’s business a my first wife yeah watch the video good quick ones like I’ll watch the via that the way that Joe can make more sense along the nude squirrels and everything else other good things did force internally it’s um we’ve always struggled as we recruited talented people don’t click funnels which is the majority come in but like developer something that that’s hard we’re now it’s like they see the video it’s like oh cool that’s the company that’s the culture that’s what I want to be part of us is helping us already a recruit talent and the other side it’s bringing customers at an incredible rate so prior to this launch depending on the ad set in the landing page to find that first you can click for also member on the low end was probably $60 higher end you 120 hundred thirty dollars to get a free trial that’s kind of

Clickfunnels™ Viral Video: How to increase your audience

in the window we played with and goes up and down and bounces all around that’s kind of in the window right now the videos is getting new customers at under $40 a piece on the paid side but don’t forget there’s also the free side is just bringing tons of free people so if you take the free and the paid mix them together our cost to acquire customer right now from the videos probably I don’t know again this is pulling out matter I’d say probably 15 to 20 bucks which is insane it’s a most asses in our world that I counter twenty eight hundred fifty bucks so yeah so there’s technical things we also as of today we should I check it we were almost at a million views so a million people have seen our sales video and now are aware click funnels which is crazy pulling up the actual thing to see we were we were thinking today we may pass a million views but it’s gonna be it’s gonna be tight one I don’t think none by now but by tonight

hopefully we’ll we will have done that yeah we are at 927 thousand views so getting close to a million and this thing will continue to drive leads drive traffic drive sells today tomorrow for forever we knew with launching this it wasn’t gonna be like a poopourri or squatty potty viral that’s right like like to explain what click phones this takes more like they were kind of stressed out first like this as long as video we’ve done cuz it gets ya four minutes and it’s almost five minutes long and I was like yeah but it’s okay because I would have less people but the people who watch it understand we are and then they come in and they actually become customers and they stick so it weighs twenty people that it’s just funny to be I see all the trolls in our in commonly Oh like videos too long it you know that’s why it’s not going viral Mike dude I don’t need it to go viral like that that was the campaign we did to United

community to get people excited so that people care when this came out all the other things is why we did it and why it’s already I get paid for herself within the first like 30 hours like it’s hate that part was done and now it’s like this tool ins acid that’s that’s becoming huge force okay so that’s why I want people understand like case they don’t because I know a lot people don’t quite get all the pieces so all this hope this kind of helps excuse me um so I’m watching the video getting so fun all right so what else what else doesn’t share it yet so that’s some of the the core things like a lot of people don’t ask me about it and like that the last time talked about is it gave us the ability to throw a party the wedding excellent parties because we’re marketers we

should make an event out of everything we had an inner circle last week at James Mallon check who’s known James are a few Google Secret Millionaire he was he was on The Secret Millionaire this is like seven or eight years ago and memories no Secret Millionaire like most people like you’re on TV it’s like hey I’m on TV and that’s it but James really strategic about it and he actually threw a big party his house he invited me and a bunch of other people out to the house and and then did a whole launch around and he had what’s-his-name from lifestyles of the rich and famous robin Leach come to it and he had like all he threw a big event around it and made it fun for people like me to come and come to it and talk to and share it and like and and and made me become friends with James

Clickfunnels™ Viral Video: Make Social Engagements Regulary

and connect with him and like care about him and his mission because he threw this big event around it that’s what we do this as well as like they gave us ability throw it an event the people whether they could come two boys you’re not could watch it streaming live and see me and see Gary and see all these people just so many cool so many cool again try building culture building things that he came from it so anyway throw an event like I told me if you don’t like launch your Facebook ad like like throw an event around it like if it’s gonna be good like you know invite ten other influencers Kevin your house the launch event together launch the outset together whatever it isn’t like make a party out of it and I was like they have a vested interest in your success they’re gonna watch they’re gonna talk that you’re always amazing things kind of come from it so ever in my office is out clapping we got some weird people o

over there anyway sorry what’s happening up there so anyway so I hope that helps you guys cuz everyone keeps asking me like what happened has been good for using a bad for you that’s one kind of give you recaps Minh freaking amazing for us again it forced is forced Lee important to become urgent it’s reduced our Chernus increased our it’s dropped our cost to acquire customer to increase our conversions creaser our average car self so many good things to come from it we built some amazing relationships people who would never know the ClickFunnels™ were sat in a room for five hours to listen and plays bubble soccer with us we won a Guinness Book of World Record playing the whole soccer I wield connection community the relationships I so many good things came from this thing and it’s it’s been amazing so yes it was good financially as well as all the other things and it keeps continue to grow I don’t know how many software companies have a sales video that has been seen a million times in the first seven days that’s rare and it was a sales video that pitched the product really really hard

Clickfunnels™ Viral Video: Share your post

so you know I mean like sometimes they have these ones that I fancy because like like I remember grasshopper made a really cool viral video about mean entrepreneurs big entrepreneur thing the real asking is like grasshopper and that was it and IKEA that did that but didn’t sell the product like I I was like what’s grasshopper grasshopper not convict oh it’s like phone systems for entrepreneurial I didn’t know that this one is like a million people watched it and it’s pitching our product you know I mean like we have five 5307 shares 19,000 emojis and tell me comments anyway 1,870 comments like it’s all good for a lot of angles so hope that helps hope they give us some vision some some visibility on what we did and why we did it you know one of the big reasons why we do launch as much as I hate them and the stress that goes into them is it forces important to become urgent so I I recommend you guys to look at like what is the

what are the important things you have you need duty right I know I need to do that and how do you make it urgent like how do you tight launch or something or I can event or something that forces the important that you know you need to do to become urgent you know for us it’s like the urges always launching new fun to launch a new theme I drive more so those things were urgent so we’re always doing them but it was like if I can do if I can really turn by two percentage points that’s worth more than you know ten thousand new customers to me so it’s like but I never did it cuz wasn’t urgent wasn’t I confront my face all the time right so since I made the important become urgent through this process it became urgent and it’s been huge since then so there’s go spend seven days I said I’ll PI do in the recap here in 30 days or so kinda keep giving you more stats they get clear numbers on things I sent mine inter circled last four days

so it’s a it’s my first day back and half the team’s gone so I yeah I’ll get deeper in the numbers and stuff and share more as we keep going on but hope it helps appreciate you all thanks again for watching the video if you haven’t watched it go watch it go share it go come and go like have some fun because that’s what we do in tomorrow by attending is what listen this is B ClickFunnels™ third birthday yes we’ve only been in business three years we passed fifty thousand members it would change the world thanks to you guys so thank you for everything I hope this helped appreciate you guys and we’ll talk soon bye everybody would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF unlocker TV

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The secret behind making the important become urgent.

On this episode of Marketing Secrets, Russell gives a recap of some of the events for the Viral video launch from last week. He goes into some rough numbers and stats and explains why they did it. Here are some of the highlights of this episode:

-Russell gives some rough numbers of how the viral video went and some of the stats for the first 7 days since.

-He explains what good things have come from the video launch and why they did the things they did.-

-And he explains why he needed to make the important things become urgent in order for them to get done, and why he recommends others do the same thing.

So listen to this episode and find out how many views the viral video got, and what good things have come from it so far.

Secret #40: Recap From The Viral Video Launch Party

Secret #40: Recap From The Viral Video Launch Party


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