Secret #41: Behind The Scenes Of Our $100,000,000 Traffic Meeting

All the little things you’re not doing to get more traffic now.

On this episode Russel talks about the big theme in the company right now, which is going from ten million dollars a year to a hundred million. He talks about what they are doing to be able to build a blueprint to help others do what they have done. Here are some cool things in this episode:

-Hear why Russell is obsessed with writing books right now in order to leave a legacy.

-Find out which book will come after Expert Secrets in the series and what it will focus on.

-And find out what is happening next with the Marketing Secrets podcast.

Listen to all this and more, and don’t forget to get your tickets for Funnel Hacking Live before they are gone.

what’s up everybody so Brunson welcome to the marketing seekers podcast formerly known as mark in your car and right now we are back in the car so I feel a little nostalgic but going to a dentist appointment today starting six minutes it’s probably a ten minute drive and traffic is literally stopped my wife told me not to take shinden I did anyway my own fault should listen anyway on that’s what’s going on today so the big question is this power on CH Brewers like us he didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question and this podcast will give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets [Music] all right everybody so I hope everyone out there is having an awesome time it’s been really fun this week so if you listen along as we go we had two weeks ago we had a fat event and then the viral video event which went awesome then last week I had four days of inner circle meetings and one day consult so yes lots are getting to give you any of my own work and yesterday was the first day I got to get back and actually do my own thing which was awesome and exciting and amazing and I’m so grateful for it and so it was fun to kind of get back to work and it’s been interesting it’s been talking to inner circle a lot if you tell people like phases of business try going zero two million million ten ten to one hundred and if you’ve listened to me talk about this there’s gonna be a big theme at f– unlocking live this year and by the way tickets for that are going on sell this this week so yeah it’ll be fun hiking we should have stickers sales we pre-sold over a thousand tickets already so we don’t have a lot of tickets left but those are gonna sell this week so what time listen is there might be live so if you want to come from like you live go to follow Mikey anyway so uh so that’s been a big theme in my inner circle theme in my company ever hear that and yes it was first time I’d a chance to really focus on the traffic part of it which is fun because getting going from zero to millions all about figuring out your what in your house what are you selling and how are you selling it does break my sorry it have to figure that out like you know you figured out because you go from zero to million dollars like overnight so you figure that out so figured out the one the hell is the first phase actually give that out in the second phase then is like scaling that so it comes it’s coming down like building out the infrastructure so actually we step back so 0 millions really like everything we talked about exper secrets right finding out what you’re selling who you are what your message finding your voice etc etc then number two we’re going from a million to ten is all about basically the dot-com secrets principles build on a value add or front-ends back ends like maximizing the the journey and the process all that kind of stuff it’s that second phase and third phase is going from 10 to 100 million and that’s where we’re at right now so some of you may know we about traffic secrets con from John Reese and that’s gonna be what’s the next book but it’s the next book in the series that’s gonna be all about that part is going excuse me going from from you know how to scale the traffic’s I still going from 10 to 100 million and so what’s fun is like yesterday was the first time we had a chance to sit down in room Frank all day and plan and map and like really build on that process what’s interesting as I look at our business at this point we’ve done well this year well it doesn’t matter you know it’s it’s growing really well right we’re doing we’re doing some pretty good things but what’s been interesting is that if you look at how it does mean to this point like the focus is all on the funnel and so we build the funnel and that fellow’s done it’s like okay now we’re gonna die traffic we going with you know we buy ads we just cut things like that whereas this new phase I’m so bright rise the new phase that we’re going into which is you know scaling beyond as I just is it’s all about getting more people into the front of the funnel right and so because after you get people in front of fun like the structure I call doc I’m stickers are front and back and funnels value light also has already built out like you need to keep adding stuff there now it’s just by dumping more fuel into the fire it’s that’s kind of phase that we’re at right now which is an exciting fun phase right and so what’s interesting is we were mapping this thing out I wish I could show you guys it’s all the pre funnel stuff like most people look at like here’s my funnel what’s the atom to buy and like the process we’re working on and we’re building out internally is is there’s like four phases that happen before you ever get to the ad okay there’s like the research phase so it’s like how much the research were going into you know like keywords headlines articles like who trying to be a funnel hacking deep rice that’s like the research phase and from there we have a bunch of stuff that like deliverables were saying hey based on that here’s the 30 or 60 or 90 headlines you create videos for here’s the here’s the you know 15,000 word article we need to create here’s the title the keywords and focusing on them in here’s and it’s going through all the stuffs of the deliverables then after that it’s like now you’re gonna produce all that stuff so third phase that is going in you know there’s me it’s doing a billion videos I got off the busy street doing a billion videos writing the content like oh this is like the production phase and the production phases over then it goes to the asset phase which is like each video then turns into you know five thumbnail or five quote card a YouTube video Facebook video of this like all that did actual debts that he created and from there that has headed the promotional team which is phase five and if the motion you know takes all this stuff and use it to perot the funnel and so it’s crazy like so exciting it honestly blows my mind that we’ve built our company as as far as we have based hug like literally a building a really good funnel and just turning on ads and that’s it it’s like we’re missing it’s like again it doesn’t have to tip of the iceberg right like we’re doing the tip we’re missing the rest and so now we’re come back into the rest of it and I really think I mean outside of like there’s a lot of infrastructure and people and like other things that we need in places we’re going from you know 200 million and beyond so we’re working on those kind of things but what’s interesting is for the traffic’s I think that’s what we’re building out now and building out the systems and it’s exciting so it is it is a process is starting right now started yesterday and it will culminate probably makes 18 months in a book called traffic secrets that we’ll be showing you guys behind the scenes of what what it ended up becoming oh it’s light anyway so that’s that is kind of what sorry you see how good of a driver I am I always get messaged after this like Russell you should be driving while you’re talking to Michael I’ve got my hands I’m good anyway so that’s that’s exciting as we kind of build this out as after I’ve perfected the model proving it we reuse it to go from you know 70 80 million to seven hundred million they’ll have a good blueprint to probe sure but I think this is the try this is traffic seniors this is the foundation behind it which is kind of cool so anyway that’s kind of what’s happening over here and it’s exciting and fun and yeah the only place really talking as publicly something guys are filling a funnel course that’s we really going deep into this and kind of mapping on the strategy in this process in this plan but we’re trying to figure it out all internally on our side so as we keep getting it better we’ll be publishing it there until we got it all perfected it becomes a book so about what you guys thinking more about that like think more about all the front-end stuff that that you do to get traffic into your funnel try like most I get most of us just just like spend all this time and energy effort getting the funnel right and then we turn ads that’s it it’s like I think they there’s so much more that goes into it before so anyway that’s kind of what’s happening here so a couple of exciting developments one thing is if you’ve been listening to the marketing your car podcast for any amount of time or marketing secrets for a long time before that I have somebody a secret secret spy right now going through all the past episodes this is the retro time system I think it is and we categorizing all of it and we’re gonna be turning this crazy podcast we have take out all the crap and all the fluff and all the ones that were just me rambling incoherently and finding all the best and putting him into a chronological order the metrology with the right order and actually making a book called marketing secrets can’t tell I’m kind of obsessed recently with making books we got procedures book was due to the two years of my life cookbook which was like four lacquered cookbook she got they go to fun hackers cookbook calm or funnel cookbook calms actually easier to remember funnel cookbook calm and in fact right now it’s saying it’s ten bucks plus shipping or something like that to get a 350-page spiral-bound cookbook which is insane but I’m really I’m really into the whole book thing I think books create legacy more than anything else and at this point in my career it feels like that’s what my getting drawn to his stuff that’s legacy as opposed to promotional stuff so you may see a couple more books coming out of me over the next few years and hopefully they try good I’ve tried to write you really good books I think the first teacher not good I’m proud of him so hopefully as like the other ones but there’s something could be fun book that’ll be kind of like an ongoing series called marketing secrets where every in three years I can publish a new book it’s like hey here’s the next 400 marketing secrets a that came out of me driving in my car back and forth and here’s what you know here’s just idea after idea after idea you know the first two books cop secrets and extra stickers have been very much process base it’s like alright you have to go through step one step two steps three steps before you know kind of like that whereas marketing secrets the goal is to be more like you flip it open and you’re like you just grab like hey what secret 27 oh cool or just seen scarcity I I could use that here here’s your marketing secret 292 so maybe that’s kind of a game plan with that book so it’ll be fun so that would probably be the next book and then get so they’re cool anyway so anyway that’s what I got you guys I wants the deadest so I’m gonna go hang out with him appreciate you all for listening subscribing if you’re not subscribed yet go to iTunes and subscribe I think last I checked we’re them right three or four top business podcast in the world so thank you for that hopefully keep it ranked up high they yeah come listen subscribe and hang out with us and and we’ll keep giving you the goods all right guys appreciate y’all talk soon about want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm then book number two is called dot-com secrets and you get your free copy at dot-com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top thirty five secrets and we’ve use become the fastest-growing non VC back-sass startup company in the world

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Secret #41: Behind The Scenes Of Our $100,000,000 Traffic Meeting

Secret #41: Behind The Scenes Of Our $100,000,000 Traffic Meeting