Secret #42: Listen, Do, Succeed

The fastest way to succeed in anything in life.

On today’s episode Russell talks about finding a coach and actually doing what they say. Here are some of the awesome things to listen for today:

-Why Russell hired a new coach, and why having a coach is important to him.

-Why Russell’s wrestling coach said he was one of the most coachable people ever.

-And why you need to find someone you trust, listen to what they say, do it, and then you’ll have success.

So listen here to find out how to find success by finding a mentor or coach you can trust.

what’s up everybody’s russell brunson and welcome back to the marketing secrets podcast so the big question is this power entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the less costly our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable everyone so I’m really excited I know I’m always excited but say I’m especially excited because yesterday I hired a new coach ah now if you’ve been listening to the podcast for like five years like you should have been I’ve talked to us before in the past but I’m a big big big big big believer in coaching when I was wrestling um I always had a coach and I just had three or four coaches at free sockos Greco coach nutrition coach wrestling straight training coach but sometimes we get in business we’re like oh we’re so smart we don’t need coaches and no you’re wrong in fact it’s kind of funny because a lot of people I know who really successful in this business for a long time and no longer are there like the last people go and get coaching it doesn’t it blows my mind because I think they know how to do it all in Mic duty like I’m kind of at the top of my game right now I don’t know maybe it’ll go higher but you know I definitely feel like I’m like nine and a half minutes under my ten minutes of fame and it was a 15 minutes of fame fourteen and a half minutes in so who knows like when this whole thing will go down but like for me like I’m at the peak of where I’ve ever wanted or dreamt of being right and I’m still trying to find coaches to coach me different areas in my life different aspects different things about health coaches business coaches all sorts of stuff and yesterday actually two days ago I was listening to a podcast it’s actually is freedom Fastlane podcast by Ryan Moran he was doing a call with this with this dude and the guy coached him through this thing on the podcast and I was like to think that was insane and I said out loud I was like I want hire that guy to do that for me every Monday morning to even focus on what I’m doing and so uh I’m not gonna tell you his name not because I wouldn’t share but I I don’t want you guys all trying to hire him because it’s not his core business anyway so I was like next day I’m like it messes Ryan like dude I need this guy’s info and he’s like oh you know and then I message like 50 other ways and finally Dave got a hold of him and you know two hours later I was on call to him and during this call he literally did like a laser coaching thing with me I was like I was like I want this every week and and it’s kind of like again this isn’t like his full-time gig it’s do coaching like that and he’s like well he’s like what you know where do you want to go I’m like I want to write you a big check for money and then you do this every Monday morning for me and he’s like okay so I did I wrote my check and now next Monday on my first actual thing and it’s so exciting cuz anyway I’ve just different coaches in my life I’ve coached every Tuesday morning meet with The Moron like on its Tara Williams so they get an energy coach so but it kind of goes in all sorts of directions from spiritual to physical to mental to business to like relationship all over the place that’s kind of like one that touches a lot of areas of my life but then this is very specific about focus and intent and like so excited so I’m excited for that and I wish used to see how much I was jumped around crazy like I was so excited to give some money to be able to coach me because it gets harder the different levels you get to it’s harder to find a coach who’s there who’s always you know they can take you through a different a different aspect and so just exciting through me I’m so excited okay that’s why as a coach who I obviously coach a lot of entrepreneurs like I don’t want my students or friends we’re gonna call me like I want to I gotta keep progressing myself so that they keep having something to tap into that makes sense I’ve had a lot of coaches to other years that that I I came in and really quickly we met and then surpassed and was just like I can’t get stuff out of it I don’t want my people ever feeling that way that’s why I’m always like pushing myself push myself push myself just so that I’m always as sharp as possible so that I keep serving and giving in in coaching it’s okay so but I’m just excited and it was interesting and this is the point of podcast not that you guys care that hired a coach but more so it’s because at the last inner circle meeting last week so we had four days of inner circle I have four days next week – I’m so excited but was interesting is I watched a pattern such an interesting pattern first off the people in a circle or people who they hear what I say they do it and then they succeed it is really interesting they hear I say they do it and then success here do you succeed here do you succeed when I was wrestling I remember when my coaches told me he was like you’re the most coachable people I’ve ever had I’m like what do you mean he said well you hear what I say and then you go and do it because they’ll literally during between matches I’ll show you like hey your level was too high neutral lower levels need to be moving more and the next match you’re doing that he’s mostly by telling that over and over it takes weeks or months or years to even even attempt it he’s like I tell you something just do it and my kids and how it should work you hear some of the you trust that you’ve hired that you’re paying to be a coach someone who is your coach right you hear them you then do that thing and you make money for me right or you hear thing do it then you wrestle but right like that’s that’s the process right and so the key though first off is you got it you got to tap into somebody you trust right somebody who knows not gonna lead you astray somebody knows more than you just when you so when you hear I’m not saying it’s like Shane are like you pick the mentor who like you have a hundred set of faith in trusting so it can be me someone else I don’t care just pick somebody you’re right I have absolute faith in that person’s opinion therefore I will do whatever they say I will here and then I will do and in all success but what’s interesting is during this whole inner circle is again I watching is like most these people have that’s who they are like they hear they do they succeed right and that’s why they’re able to for 25 grand come hang out with us a couple times a year that’s why they’re having success like but as I was watching you know I’m not all the mess a say probably 60% of our inner circle members are also coaches in different markets and industries things like that right and interesting is that almost all of them said yeah about these students who today just here I say and they do and they have success they’ve always other ones who don’t and I was like it’s so fascinating to me that the people who had success what do they do heard they did they success didn’t do do the ones who did they heard they questioned they thought about it they flip-flopped they overanalyze they say something else they did this they get stuck in this little thing in the middle that they don’t really hear and it’s just so fascinating for me it’s like yesterday night when I heard a Chinese when I heard that podcast and second I heard it I was like okay I heard it now I’m gonna go do it’s like me successful and I’m like how am I gonna do it I know I’m gonna forget her skinny hearts I’m gonna pay someone so I can do it so I heard did boom now I guarantee you as we’ll see in the next six months the changes in my company and hopefully I mean personally because of because of this coaching alright again I could have I could have heard the heard this podcast like I thought about it and tried thing and like Willie would know I heard it I’m gonna do it and then be successful and so if anything you get from this like there’s a pattern in people that are successful in all areas of life and the pattern is number one they find the mentor the person the coach whatever they believe and give them they are and then they put on blinders they hear they do they succeed here do succeed here do succeed that’s it okay and if you’re not successful something’s happening Ember one you pick the wrong mentor right so you pick something you’re not really trusting or there’s bad advice about strategy whatever okay so that’s the case pick somebody who has the right strategy you trust okay that’s one once you do it then number two you have to listen to them now listening I saw some my friends with the two types of listeners in the world those who those who listened and those who wait to be heard and a lot of you guys are just like you’re hearing stuff but you’re waiting to be like well I heard this I learned like you trying like inject this banana this thing in the middle and I don’t want you guys being the people who are waiting to be heard okay you are hiring a coach so you can listen okay so stop give the right persons right strategy pay them money whatever it takes then listen listen okay II think you know a better way you’re read a blog post or a book or someone has it differently it doesn’t matter there’s a million ways it’s gonna cat pick the strategy from the person and then listen to what they say and then whatever they say do it is it just do it and then will happen the success listen to succeed listen do succeed listen to see see it’s pretty simple strategy it’s somewhere between the listening and succeeding we get caught up in us trying to think or overanalyze or whatever it is that it’s interesting like people that are really good at school typically there’s my I think they don’t succeed in this kind of world is because it’s because they they listen and they analyze and they think and they like oh like it’s good to think for yourself but you’re hiring someone who already thought through these things for you like this dude yesterday like I’m guessing he like my guess is he was surprised at how like he said something like Kate doing it done Mike I listened I heard I did that it was like well you know like my company’s bigger than yours so I did this or like whatever they know I listen I do I succeed I trusted him enough to give him money there for him I’m trusting his strategy with 100% certainty that this is the way otherwise I want to picked him I want a pain in my whenever whatever I like I chose that person therefore I will listen with 100% like I have hundreds of certainty everything he says is going to be truth therefore I will listen I’ll do I’ll succeed so this message is mostly for those of you guys who are struggling my guess is it’s somewhere between this little chain that you’re you’re missing you pick the wrong person tapping strategy but fishing this you listening to me so obviously pick the right thing so you got the right strategy to listen to succeed boom that’s it I look at Brandon and Kalyn like literally as Brandon and Kalyn they come to every event they’re at everything we do they listen to every podcast like the probably listener should have smiley saying that Russell keeps dropping her name again like they listen to everything like they picked somebody who they trusted they listen and they do like I’ll literally be on stage and an event talking about a concept and I get offstage and Brandon’s like hey that thing you just said I just launched it I’m like what he’s like yeah like I like oh you’re talking I did it he’s listening he did it and they succeed that’s why the company’s going bloop okay everyone I’m sitting there listening listening taking no thinking how cool would it be and then they hang out networking and they’re talking and they’re like no Brandon is in there listening doing and that’s why they’re so successful so for you look at that chain there’s four four elements or take the right mentor with the strategy they’d have absolute certainty where they say listen to what they’re saying and listen not waiting to be heard listen then do it what did I say don’t even think white like just do it just jump off the cliff just I trusted this person therefore I will jump off the cliff if they tell me to just do it and it gets success that’s it that’s it it’s real that easy so easy it’s insanely easy take out I don’t know why we keep complicating this so don’t complicate it okay and if you do this thing and you have success there’s somewhere in here either you didn’t hear right or you do it right or you pick the wrong strategy if you get the right strategy upfront then you listen and you do you have success like it it’s inevitable inevitability is that the right word you can’t not succeed so there you go guys hope that helps it’s helped you but it also helped you people you’re coaching it should help like so many so many ways understand this guy’s and that’s the key so that’s why guys hand in the office today it’s Wednesday got a lot of more fun stuff to do today I’m excited appreciate you all for listening and subscribing the podcast if you’re not subscribed go to iTunes com subscribe or I guess marketing sucks calm there’s a link to the iTunes I might be easier and then please rate review let us know share this if this if you got any benefit from this appreciate you as all thanks so much for everything and I will talk to you all again soon everybody would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF oh no hacker TV


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Secret #42: Listen, Do, Succeed

Secret #42: Listen, Do, Succeed