Secret #44: Begin With The End In Mind

A really cool lesson I learned from my new coach and how it applies to your funnel.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how his new coach has helped him figure out his someday goal and the steps he should be taking to achieve it. Here are some interesting things you’ll hear in this episode:

-Why Russell needed to figure out a new someday goal, and how to take steps to achieve it.

-Why achieving everyday goals with his someday goal in mind will help him get there.

-And how having an end in mind will help you reverse engineer your funnels to meet your end goal.

So listen here to learn the steps to achieving your someday goals.

hey what’s up everybody this is russell brunson and welcome to marketing secrets so the big question is this power entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the less costly our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast will give you the answers my name is russell brunson and welcome to marketing secrets [Music] everyone so i hope you guys are all having an amazing day home after two days of inner circle master my meetings which have been insanely cool all the groups are so amazing but this one was like emotional I think everybody in the group cried at least once or twice or it was crazy amazing so amazing just an honor to be part of it and be able to hang out with entrepreneurs like that that are like literally changed in the world and so many different markets and industries and I wish they just tell you has all the stories from everyone but I was amazing and then we got the last group group for coming the next two days so it’s been fun and stressful and exciting all wrapped into two one amazing thing also it’s been fun I mentioned a while ago how I hired a new coach and it’s been really really good he’s one of the main guys over at the one thing names Jeff and it’s it’s it’s interesting because I’ve read the I read the one thing book um a while ago and a member anyone read I didn’t like it I think it was the time that had like we just launched like 12 companies in the air and I was like bitter against it but everyone kept like recommending it to me it was like that book and essentials and came out similar times there was like yeah dreams ridden both I was like do you want me to focus on one thing I hate that I did so I kind of liked the books fast forward till last week and just kind of got back into it so in last week a little bit listen much podcasts from the one thing I started reading the book I got the main dude coaching me Monday mornings and it’s really cool it was interesting is does he start coaching me I’ve had this like I don’t know like a big epiphany big aha a big like realization is life then as I’ve been coaching their circle last two days I’m watching you the people that are like leveling up really really quickly and there’s like a consistent theme behind all the people that are that are growing faster so those who I mean everyone’s growing but like the ones who were like really quick and as interesting because the thing so funny the thing that I got my coaching session was came back to stephen r.covey like seven Habits of Highly Effective People which I read back in high school and it was start with the end in mind it’s been interesting as I’ve been going through my coaching stuff man first feels like Smike a month because I’m pretty quick on stuff but you know first exercise the enemy do was figure out like what is your someday goal like where do you want to be someday this it’s not like five years from now or ten years like in the future we’re like what is what is where you really want to go it’s been interesting is I’ve kind of exercise it’s it’s more all come on yes through it is but it’s more three or four times to like radically different things and I realize like one of the big aha so I was going through this exercise is that literally like my bit my Sunday go I achieved like 18 months ago it’s about 18 months I’ve been just wandering without really a focus or like a go other than just more right which is interesting and so he’s having heat folks in like hey what’s which are somebody goal like begin at the end of my like like what are we trying to get to and so I kind of figured out initially okay here’s here’s here’s my Sunday goal right and some people called me about you your business you personally your relationships your spirituality whatever I mean whatever you’re trying to figure out for yourself thank you back okay what do you have to have accomplished within five years to be able to be on track for your someday goal it sounds like okay well know that I needed to have this in place this baby seems to be in place in five years and they came back Kate wouldn’t be within a year to go hit your five-year goal and when you did by the end of this year to hit your one-year goal and what do you need by the end of this week to hit your your you know your your your angle there your mother on the month called and so as you do this it’s interesting cuz you sure get more and more clear on like all the steps and it was funny because it was like as I did that ice I identified my eyes I had the end in mind I start going back forward I got to the like the things I needed to do I look at my to-do list and none of the things on my to-do list actually got me any closer to my Sunday goal it all scented rose like I’m doing all these two dues that are good they make me feel good I check off the box but none of them are actually moving me towards what I’m really wanting and I was like whoa what’s the one thing I need to do today it’s going to hit my goal for then this week we should hit my goal in a month you know my way to the to the thing and as I started asked those questions that like blew my mind how how like what’s the one thing is I need to focus on was not by any stretch when I thought I was gonna be what I what I assumed was the most important thing is exercise and he wanted me come back and like refine it and changing it so I kept getting yeah I mean my my my some day goal change three or four times and I started realizing as I was looking at that like like it took me a while to figure out I think I don’t still know if I have it completely figured out but I want the the message that I want to share with you guys is just that is like beginning with the end in mind the inner circle members are having the most successes they have a very clear like like what’s like the end in my like what’s what is it they’re trying to accomplish and if they’re it’s easy to reverse engineer funnels to make that happen people are struggling it’s like they’re building funnels to be able to sell a product or service not with the end in mind does that make sense it gets a little intricacy but it’s interesting it’s like I’ve had this really cool experience with last two days it kinda reflects I’m listening to all my entrepreneurs talk and teach and share what they’re doing and really start thinking more more like what’s my like like what is the N like if I need to know really clearly what like for my business like need begin at the end of mine right like it’s my goal to get people ClickFunnels™ as my coffee people are too comical coaching is my goal their circle is my like what it like what is the actual end goal as soon as you identify that’s the end goal then it becomes really easy to say okay well that’s it here are the funnels I need reverse engineer to get people so that they will come up into that thing like for example Dean Holland what a miner sees me there circle for three years now and he basically over the last few months probably shut his entire company down and rebuild from the ground up but this time they’re very clear definite like end in my like this is where I’m trying to go and then because that built out the funnels very simply in order you launched in the first 20 days at 100 and they’re built up a hundred six thousand recurring income just because he began at the end of mine and so I think most of us including me I’m guilty of this as well like I mean that’s my big thing for last two days is like hold ok what’s the end goal from a business step away from a live sample and also Mike where might a like the customer journey the value ladder I talk a lot about and doc I’m suitable that was a value out of taking somebody through but I would save my value latter isn’t completely clearly defined that get kind of it’s more often change so much it’s like I’m really coming back now figuring that out um Dana Derek’s who when he did his presentation was talking his body got bigger high so that us as creators wanna keep creating and creating and creating he says because I he’s like if I look at my value out her like it kind of goes up a little bit at Sprint’s lot splits off I can three different places and some of us go up and some don’t and like it’s really mushy really quick he said he rise like he had to clearly define like the value ladder I can go on from here to here to here so now he’s got like he’s beginning with the end in mind and when he said was interesting that I was it’s funny cuz something I’ve been like recurring thought I’ve had in my mind as well was okay I can’t I can’t keep creating new stuff that just like spurts off my value ladder and schist people all over the place like if I need to get my creative juices out there and create something the things like create need to be on the front end the value ethically should only be free plus shipping or they should only be low taking things to get somebody in but the back value I should never ship it should never change like that should be just a thing that’s there and man like I just resonate with that I just say okay I obviously have my value ladder I got things in place but I need to really specify like this is the path the process the order and then just focus on again the front and stuff so it’s exciting I’m working on cuz I’m so cool I wish I wish I could show you guys you will see it soon probably 30 days away from rolling it out he’s not like a big like product launch or anything it’s a subtle it’s a subtle what I’m calling an ascension funnel that is almost like a video game to send people through our value adder and to be able to accomplish their to get people to like again the end in mind link get him to that spot some crafting we’ve got the design of it done we got in the pieces and I’m figuring out again the path so you’ll see it you’ll probably start getting emails you’ll you you may not be aware of it so please watch watch time doing a PC and email you click on in there’s a cartoon thing then you know that it’s being executed I’m gonna be sharing that funnel hack live though for the Hawks live probably long as it works again which I’m pretty sure will nobody talks about extension funnels because nobody’s really executed one that I have seen successfully for almost I don’t have six years and then when I saw was just related intimate behind-the-scenes access to the person’s business who was doing this so anyway I’m gonna be mastering and perfecting it and will be showing a funnel hacking lab so if you have got your tickets yet and go to phone hacking lab comm the event cell suppose we gonna live next week but about time you guys hear this it probably be live or close to live so I’m very pre-sold welcome to take it so we don’t have a ton left so if you want to come to the event and I know you do I would go to Oh hiking ASAP and get rid of your ticket so that’s that’s the game plan so anyway the last name Swan case says again so many of us we start our business with like here’s a product we start building funnels based on that product there’s nothing wrong with it let’s have another supposed to do is how I’ve done it a lot of times because that I think we get lost in the weeds of where we’re trying to go and then oftentimes we never get there because we don’t know where we’re going and again as I’m working with with my coach on this which has been really fun it’s just cool because it’s like I’m clearly finding you know my Sunday goal clearly defining the end and then from there I can reverse-engineer all the pieces I need to make that happen I think the same thing is true with funnels is just begin with the end in mind like where do you like what’s the top of the value attic where do you really want to take people and figure that out and then you can reverse the educate to do that here the funnels I need and then you you’ve gotten Iowa path in the process so anyway it’s exciting I love it I love this game I love my entrepreneurs I love in your circle I love all of you guys I love ClickFunnels™ like having the time my life and hopefully awesome doing and it’s helping do my best it’s funny I was I was reading somebody I care about wrote a really cool post about about what we do and I was reading and then in the comments are three or four people that I guys I just like Russell I just can’t connect to them I don’t like his energy and like whatever and it’s just like like kills me cuz anyway it’s it’s just tough cuz like I’m always trying to give and a serve and do it ever I can and and I hate when I don’t connect everybody but that’s okay as well and hopefully that my message gives to you and the year I will take whatever it is you share at people people connect to people like I would never connect with it hopefully you can connect with them and you can change them nationally my goal so hopefully I connect with you and if I do that’s that’s the key and then take your energy get out there to share your message let people and and change the world the way you can because unfortunately not everyone always gonna like me and that’s the same for you diver doesn’t like you but the people who do they they’ll hear your voice and they’ll come to you and you’ll be able to help them and serve them and they’ll make quality of their life so much better which in return will make quality of your life so much better so that’s what I got tonight you guys appreciate you all I’m gonna go to bed get ready for inner circle tomorrow and that’s about it so see you guys soon all right would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind-the-scenes reality TV show at WWF NL hacker TV

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Secret #44: Begin With The End In Mind

Secret #44: Begin With The End In Mind