Secret #45: Some Of My Favorite Highlights From This Week’s Inner Circle Meetings

The power of vulnerability, acting with urgency, and a whole lot more…

On this episode Russell gives some of the awesome highlights from the latest set of Inner Circle mastermind meetings. Here are some interesting things to listen for in this episode:

-How everyone in the Inner Circle group has been able to grow together making $30-50 grand a month last round to making $100-200 grand this round.

-Why it’s important to celebrate other’s success in order for them to celebrate yours.

-And what makes being vulnerable so powerful with your audience.

So listen here to hear these and many other highlights from the inner circle mastermind meetings.

what’s up everybody its russell brunson welcome back to marketing secrets this is the day after the mastermind and I’ve got a whole bunch of secrets to share with you guys so the big question is this power on viewers like us you didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that you believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable [Music] everyone so inner circle mastermind just ended we’ve been going basically at eight days in a circle mastermind meetings this week break so I had Group one came Monday Tuesday group were 25 entrepreneurs and Wednesday Thursday then a week off the Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday so four groups of a hundred four groups of 25 equals a hundred entrepreneurs in their Manor circle and it’s it’s a cool group cuz it’s interesting watching out everybody within this group every year after year every keeps growing together and you know people first came in a while ago somebody was trying to get their businesses launched now it’s like everyone is at the point where they’re doing you know like last last set of meetings everyone is doing like 30 to 50 grand a month and this set of means ever it’s been like 100 to 200 grand a month like everyone together as a group is just keeps leveling up we’ve had a couple a couple members break the million dollar month marking out everyone else like that’s what our gunning for it’s just so inspiring so cool to watch watch what’s happening and the businesses and industries are so different we have everyone from dr. Weibull Pamela Lyle who is helping doctors who commit suicide helping them to to not commit suicide and literally saving lives to people teaching business to teaching dentists to teach it I just and everything in between like so many just amazing people and in fact I’ve got from this meeting oh those who watch the video these are my two notebooks one we got completely filled up one got halfway filled up like that’s a lot for for one set of meetings so anyway it’s amazing obviously I can’t share everything because okay eight days but there were there’s so many cool things I wasn’t sure just couple things I’m flipping through here maybe with next few weeks I’ll share just other cool thoughts and ideas so as I’m filming to my page it’s just some things that I jotted down there were so so powerful one was from alison prince who she was talking about with her course that she celebrates the people in her community and she says that when she wins do they celebrate me because I celebrate them I thought how cool is that because as you is your find more success she has probably noticed that people around you like you think they ever gonna be happy for you but says usually the opposite weather like they’re not happy and it’s just weird can under me like you should be happy for me like like I’m like a very success but when you’re depressed everyone like all me to come and like everyone loves you but when you have success usually people aren’t happy and it’s weird and so it’s kind of cool like it’s in your communities as you celebrate their success they celebrate yours and so it gives you a spot to be able to like talk about like your wins and get people to celebrate with you so that’s kind of fun what else so many cool things one thing all from from from Alex and Layla they were talking about in their ads but they actually say what they’re really feeling most was right ads we’re talking about postured like number one top secret blah blah blah whatever and was cool they talked about in their ads that they they literally an ad say hey I feel like a cheesy person write an ad by needing this message out to you and like I’m not gonna you know like and like you probably thinking this right now but I want to make sure that you and just kind of like breaking down those those barriers in the ad because like it’s an ad and people know it’s an ad so instead of like being an ad like actually having fun with it and if you saw what their acquisition costs were like it works really good oh another cool thing was um no time to talk about you know company exciting KPIs right so key performance indicators like things like that but one thing that Alex Scharffen said they said that every one he said if you look at a sports team there’s two things they all have right that’s a football team I played would your goals like my goals win the Superbowl and being the Hall of Fame so it’s like there’s a super goal there’s a Super Bowl goal which like their goal then there’s like the legacy goes to the Hall of Fame so as Cooley’s talked about like for your company what’s your Super Bowl goal and what’s like you’re a Hall of Fame goal and then also within your organization I help working with your team members like what’s their Super Bowl like what’s like what’s a win for your company they know what it is I don’t think my team knows I haven’t really scheduling this is our goal is to like this is how we get to the Super Bowl it hasn’t ever been defined as like this is the this is the thing and there’s how we can the Hall of Fame I think now that like that’s the thing in my head on my god so excited like I figured like what’s our what’s our company’s Super Bowl goal and what’s our Hall of Fame goal and and then we have those like it becomes more more clear more tangible dated Derrick’s awesome talking about a bunch of stuff one things he wrote a new book called the dream 100 which is a big concept that ever again I talk about all time nobody ever does it and my quote at the top says this is a foundation for our entire company if I didn’t dream 100 yet it’s time to start go back to listen to any my stuff on dream 100 but that’s how we built this holy figure out what when our market was what our blue ocean was have we figured out where customer like everything we’ve done is based on the dream 100 concept so many good things here I don’t even know where all this is one so Brian Bowman such a such a stud he had a really cool like emotional presentation and he talked about how he was doing like he was working hard and moving forward and getting things done and he had a coach it was one of um one Garrett White’s coach on the warrior week coaches and he asked like we know what’s your targets like this is what I’m going for and then he asked him said are you operating in a sense you operating with a sense of urgency and Brian like well he’d been working hard and hustling all kind of things he’s like am i operating with a sense of urgency and I don’t have permission to tell his stories behind what what and how but as soon as he had that thought in his mind like everything shifted for Mike he went and like said like just moving things towards the goal he’s like I gotta act like I need to operate to search the sense of urgency I think how many times of us like yeah we’re working forward we’re moving towards things I’m gonna launch my products I’m damn right I’m lovable whatever our thing is right but it’s like okay that’s good but are you operating with a sense of urgency like is this do it like when is this this needs to be urgent if it’s not urgent you’re never gonna do it so are you operating with a sense of urgency and like if that was so powerful like how many times do we not do that many times we just kind of wandering doing our thing and it’s not urgent because of that Days turn into weeks weeks turn into months months from the new year sometimes you never get it accomplished you know I think one of the big reasons why we’ve had so much successful quick phones is because we we do operate with a sense of urgency I’m always stressed now which maybe is to my downfall it’s also sometimes it makes me tired all the time but I think it’s interesting like operating sense of urgency having that as a as the thing that we are thinking through all the time so many good things what else what else Natalie Hodson talking about the power of vulnerability how vulnerable D is the ultimate human connector you know so many of us like we try to be postured and perfect and that’s why because we’re trying to get connection we think people want to see it’s perfect and instead of like actually pushes people away and how vulnerability is the big secret it’s interesting um she Natalie just joining her circle but she came to our fat event in February so is that five or six months ago and she was telling the story she um she was creating she’s in the fate of the weight weight loss fitness market and she was out she was working out live I’m like live-streaming Facebook live whatever and she didn’t work out and she’s you know she’s mom she’s got two kids and during her workout she wet herself on camera live in front of the entire world and like how embarrassing it was and obviously that’s embarrassing when most people would never talk with it again they would leave the video and they’d run away from it but instead she rides like hey I mean I’m struggling with this I’ve had other people probably are too and maybe I maybe I can help them and she found she found a business partner or you know a Content person who that’s they specialize in is like helping women to strengthen their pelvic floor so that you don’t have those issues and she created a $37.00 book teaching the process and she put it out there and on a sales page she’s got pictures of her on a livestream with Pete pants in front of the entire world and she talked about this problem that she has and she knows all the women have anyway from February till now she sold 50,000 copies of a $37 books over a million dollars in sales and pick out how many women is life she’s been able to affect because she didn’t pass herself and come off perfect all the time because she was willing to be vulnerable and it’s just such a powerful thing like I look at the times in my life that I’ve gotten real connection my audience does not when I’ve been like sharing the highlight reel like we like to do any what’s good to do is sometimes like to touch all however like hey I’m awesome just make sure she knows but I tell the truth and then break it down and that was been a theme in fact the the third inner circle group I think I’ve never seen so many tears the girls were crying the men were crying everyone’s crying but because people actually got vulnerable and shared and that’s been a big theme to inner circle like you got other masterminds and people are sharing the highlight role and bragging about stuff worth us it’s like everyone has a chance so they share here’s what we’re doing awesome let me get volatile and be sure that it’s actually happening and then we work at that level and it’s just it’s different and it’s interesting and it causes real actual change so anyway it was amazing I wish I could take all you guys along on these journeys but I’m a lot of run inner circle members gonna be speaking at final hiking live the sales page for lucky lively gonna live next week it’s that final hiking and you know a chance to hear now is I’m talking about power vulnerability lies are there people I pick our speakers for the most part from inner circle members to have a chance to see them present here if my office couple times a year I get to know them intimately I understand their business understand where it fits with what I want to share their audience and so a lot of movies speaking at this and and so yeah if you’re not if you don’t have tickets yet when they go live next week get them we pre sold out over a thousand tickets I think another I don’t know how many left not a lot so if you if you want to be there you know you need to be there and you do like now is the time like if I’m liking be on the waiting list and wait my guess is probably Tuesday it’ll go live so by time you hear this may be live but make the effort to be there it’ll be worth it I promise you it’ll change your life forever there’s can be a lot of fun so yeah that’s basically the best spot to get the actual highlights of Arafa on rockin live and so anyone that said you guys appreciate you thanks so much for listening in today the podcast and we’ll talk together again soon bye everybody want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling book book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm then book number two is called dot-com secrets and you get your free copy at dot-com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets to leave use to become the fastest-growing non VC back-sass startup company in the world

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Secret #45: Some Of My Favorite Highlights From This Week’s Inner Circle Meetings

Secret #45: Some Of My Favorite Highlights From This Week’s Inner Circle Meetings