Secret #47: The Big Secret, Making AND Keeping Commitments

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One of the traits of all the truly successful people in the world.

On this episode Russell talks about why he has a new coach and how he let himself and that coach down last week by not keeping a commitment. Here are some awesome things to listen for on this episode:

-Why Russell is so coachable, and how that usually leads to success.

-Why all people who make and keep commitments are successful.

-And why Russell failed on one commitment last week and is going to try even harder this week to keep all of his commitments and be successful.

So listen here if you want to know how to be coachable and be able to succeed.

what’s up everybody this is russell brunson welcome back to the marketing seekers podcast i hope you guys are ready for some fun so the big question is this power on CH Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the left Hoss get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright everyone so I I had just dropped something off my kids school because yes once again they forgot something they suck I like their dad anyway just want to jump on today because I it’s if you’ve been listening you know that I recently hired another coach in my life I should have at least one if not multiple coaches at any given time coach meet the different stuff because I found that in fact I saw my kids this last night I said if you want be successful whatever it is like pick the King norm successful at first school basketball trombone and whatever it is and then number two is find a coach to actually coach you through it and so that I told my sight when I was putting to bed and I told them I was like can I preach I figure out stuff I want to be better at in my life and then I go find a coach to coach me through the process hold me accountable so a little while ago I was listen to a podcast from Ryan Moran and Jeff woods and talking about the one thing and anyway loved it so called Jeff and hired him and he’s gonna coach me through things so I had my second coaching call today and I wanted to to post this compare my ex driving by because I want to make this video just kind of walk us through how to be coachable because it’s shocking to me how uncoachable most people are and acted at periscope about this like two two years ago or something like that about that and it’s funny because I remember when I was wrestling I started in freestyle Greco and that’s kind of happens during the offseason I had this coach his name’s Greg Williams who’s now the coach at UVU anyway he he would go and teach me stuff and then I remember like between matches like he keep pulling me sighs like hey you need a level change better you gotta lower your or whatever and like you know just walk me through I need to do and I go back out and I would just do the thing he told me and I remember because he told me afterwards they got her had I’ve been program probably a year so he said you’re one of the most most coachable athletes that I’ve ever had he’s like you’re not the most talented but one of the most coachable I was like I don’t even it wasn’t cold he’s like what most people I tell them what to do and then they listen they nod their head and they don’t do it and he said with you think I tell you dude and said the next match you go when you do that thing and he’s like that’s not normal I most people don’t do that he said you’re really really coachable that’s like huh I just think everyone just did that and they have a coach they believe in why would they just listen what they say and then do it my dad podcasts a couple of weeks ago talking about you know pick a mentor listen and then do right like same thing and I look it it’s like Dan Henry if you guys know Dan he’s one of our inner circle members who bought the dot-com seekers book read the chapter on perfect webinar did a perfect webinar in five within five months made a million bucks so he went into um ClickFunnels™ prove you this weekend and he was like hey guys he’s like I just you know Russell talked before webinar I did it made million bucks like why aren’t you guys all just doing that like he was kind of confused okay Dan’s very coachable and then there’s like 100 as was morning a hundred and seventy comments from people and it was basically a hundred seventy excuses why people hadn’t done yet well I’m still working on my slides well I just you know I’m not really a pitch person oh well I just I can’t figure out my offer oh and like thing after thing he’s like dude just friggin do it like you got the best coach in the world telling you and it was fun even one guy who wasn’t a coach was like well I’ve coached my people doesn’t work for everyone and Dan’s calm it was like we must not be very coach it’s awesome so but I kind of again the the point of this is like being coachable it’s like just doing what the coach says and anyway so it’s been fun because I’ve had one coach for the last year that I’m worked with on one aspect of my life and she’s been awesome and I’m not perfect doing what she says but but I think I’m pretty good at doing that and then I assume like I was with most people but Jeff’s been coaching me and it’s funny because like this was our second coaching call this morning and one things wanted to do it and have a time to do it and instead of like let me off okay oh it’s okay you can do next week he was like it was in the first like 30 seconds the thing he’s like hey like you know some about what happened I was like oh I’d max usually this week because Todd’s flying pack Todd’s flying in today from allowed to Todd’s my partner ClickFunnels™ and I was I wouldn’t a lot of planning some of that and he’s just like he’s a heading you’re planning with him better if you would actually finish this sounds like oh crap probably better and then anyway so it’s kind of like help me my feet to the fire and then and then this colleagues like basically like okay next week these are things you have done by everything he’s like when you have these done I was like Friday he’s like that’s not specific enough for me Friday at 4:30 my time is they cool if you don’t get done what happens I was like you’re gonna punish me maybe he was like if you haven’t done by Friday 4:30 we’re canceling the call for next Monday I was like oh crap oh he’s holding my feet to the fire and it was like something I could I could walk you through from a coaching standpoint what I’m enjoy about getting coached by him but it was just it was just making me make sure I do it right like and I think one of the problems a lot of us have is we let ourselves off the hook in fact I did it and I get I’m very very coachable person and even with that like this week I was like I let myself off hook like oh I don’t need to finish this part of it because of this and yet I’ve committed to the getting that part done and I was just interesting you know it’s funny cuz the thought the week I was product he’s we kind of picked I quote the one thing I wasn’t focus on for the week and from that I had like found the person if I found the role I was looking for found the person doing the interview process like going through the whole thing like it’s got like impressive how fast I was moving but yet I hadn’t followed through in all my commitments I did most women not all of them it was just like crap I gotta remember that like I got a I got a make and keep commitments like people to succeed might there’s one like really strange commonality between all of them they’re good not just making commitments a lot if you ever can make commitments I’m gonna do this right I’m gonna lose weight I’m gonna make money I’m gonna like everyone’s gonna making commitments but people are successful gonna making and keeping commitments and I fell to one my commitments for this week and it sucks and I’m like God dang it like oh it’s frustrating me cuz I’m like I I know better not like I’m someone who makes and keeps equipments and I didn’t on one of the things I kept most of them but I didn’t keep this one and so those you want to be you want to be coachable and want to have success and understand like the big commonality is that the success people are making and keeping commitments so again once we can find a coach or whatever it is and then a commitment and then keep that commitment and just do it and don’t give it all excuses Alex Ramon Z at the last inner circle meeting said that any every sales call you’re on someone’s getting sold either you’re selling them on the product or service that they need or they’re selling you an excuse why they can’t get it and it’s just like dang that’s so interesting like even we’re buying the excuse or they’re buying the product and it’s the same thing for us like like if like I just look at that threat of 170 plus people who like they eachother excuse why why they had done it yet and Dan was like dude I did it within five months was a millionaire why don’t you guys just do it like oh well and they’re selling themselves on the excuse as opposed to just like making a commitment and then keeping the commitment so that is my message for today making keep commitments all successful people do they’re gonna making them and get a key I fell this week I made much penance and I kept almost all him but I did not keep all of them so this week I’m better I’m gonna make and keep commitments to myself to my coaches and to the people that I love and care about and I work with and I work for and I serve and all that kind of stuff so that’s my my goal and my game plan is to make and keep commitments this week and be very specific and write down all can this I make I’m gonna make sure that I keep each and every one of them and that is the path of success so there you go guys hope that helps make keep commitments write them down and make sure you do them and don’t yourself off the hook otherwise you’ll just keep making excuses and again if you’re buying that excuse then you didn’t you didn’t buy the thing you got you got in you so that’s like I you guys heading into the day it’s gonna be fun week I get to work all week Todd’s in town we’re gonna plan we’re gonna plot with your scheme we’re made ClickFunnels™ even better if that’s possible for all of you guys and trying to get how to serve you guys better at a higher level so I appreciate you all thanks for listening and we’ll see you guys on the next episode of the mark knew seekers podcast want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm & book number two is called dot-com seekers and you get your free copy at dot-com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets and we’ve used to become the fastest-growing non VC back SAS startup company in the world

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Secret #47: The Big Secret, Making AND Keeping Commitments

Secret #47: The Big Secret, Making AND Keeping Commitments