Secret #50: The Secret Closing Technique I Learned From One Of The Top Copywriters In Singapore

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I use this in every webinar, every Facebook live, every sales letter, and pretty much every time I sell anything, and I’m going to give it to you for free!

On this episode Russell talks about a closing technique he learned from the first copywriter he ever paid, that he has been using ever since. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in today’s episode:

-Who Russell first heard use this technique and what’s cool about it.

-Listen as Russell go into character to show how he does the sales pitch.

-And find out why it doesn’t have to be all or nothing when people buy from a webinar.

So listen here to find out what technique Russell has been using for years to close.

what’s up everybody russell brunson welcome to the marketing seekers podcast so excited to be here yesterday and today you guys to learn one of my top closing techniques that I use in webinars and sales letters and sales videos and Facebook lives and over and over and over again and I might even use in other aspects of my life as well so the big question is this power entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that you believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that was the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets all right buddy I hope you guys are excited today I’m heading over to my son Aiden school he’s seven years old and today I am the mystery reader and so what happens is about 15 minutes sneak up to his door and knock on the door and then they opened the door I get to come in and read a book to him he doesn’t know what’s happening but they didn’t give me clues on who I was all week long so every every Friday they do this was kind of fun so today’s my day I’m so excited my book got some dr. Seuss with me and he was cute he was like dad if you are the mystery readers today you should bring treats like okay treats join he’s like I would like they’d be cool make those oranges it’s like those little oranges and then a little mini ones calling they’re peeled then you have like a your celery thing in top of it so it’s like a little pumpkin so my wife spent all day today peeling little mini oranges and so oh man he’s so cute we have to be asked just kidding anyway so pending right now and had a few minutes I want to jump on and just share with you guys because as you may or may not know I rewrote a new podcast recently diversed live last week after like less than a day of writing it and there were tons of mistakes and errors and yet it still was a high scrolling webinar all time so it worked good that spent last week rewriting and tweaking it’s been probably there 12 hours or so we were working on slides and skinny him just just so and then did webinar yesterday and it did awesome again so it was fun and in that webinar as I do in most webinars I did a really cool closing technique that I love and so I want sure that yes I think it’s I think it’s useful so first time I ever heard this there was a copywriter not was there is there’s a copywriter the first copywriter ever spent money on it give him $8,000 for sales let her back in the day for product I never launched I was dumb I never even used it anyway it was called as product I was created called easing topia because everyone is called newsletters list like email list like back then easing and so I was like easy topia it was gonna be like this email autoresponder didn’t use email at the desktop notifications and back then that was like the buzz and I thought was gonna be them yeah my next I thought I was gonna be click funnels it wasn’t just in case you’re wondering I felt but in theory was cool I spent a lot of money so anyway so easy topia Johan boxes draw tomorrow a copy for and I still love read his copy and one of the closes he used one time I saw it was really cool it was towards the end and it said something at the very end the cells that are like hey I don’t you know whether you buy this product or not doesn’t matter to me I’m still gonna be out eating say eating steak and and and dining you find restaurants whether you buy this or not because this is not about me this is about you you know this is this is something in your life it’s not gonna change my life whether or not you buy so I don’t really care but this will change your life and I remember hearing that I was like oh that’s so cool so I started incorporating that in a lot of places in my webinars I started using it in Facebook lives there using it all over the place so I if you notice when I’m selling something I do it almost every time now it’s one of my favorite taking something into the end is the end people that people aren’t buying like two thousand dollars or ten thousand for the prices you know it’s like Oh Russell is just greedy just wants money or all these things and so I just want to stay for them I want them to know and it’s true like it doesn’t like it’s like this is how I so I say I’m gonna go into character and I’m gonna pitch it as if I’m if I’m pitching right now so yesterday have someone $2,000 course where you get ClickFunnels™ plus you get funnel scripts plus you get traffic secrets plus you get funnel hacking 101 and 201 I guess it’s insane offer right so and I honestly anyone doesn’t buy it just is insane and so basically I would go into this I’d go system of this and like okay so before we before we wrap up today I just want to like states up there and Alex I know a lot of years are thinking this but this this investment the two thousand dollars like it is not about me like whether you make this investment or not it will have zero impact on the quality of my life I’m not gonna eat anything different tonight for dinner I’m not gonna change my the way I dress what I Drive like like it literally means zero to me like I couldn’t care less but the difference is that take this purchase this investment like this can be everything for you right like I’m not gonna notice whether you buy are you not it won’t change the caller life at all but if you buy it’s gonna change the quality of your life I need you guys understand that this is not about me this is about you okay and that’s why I created this because I want to help and I want to serve you okay and so that’s what you need understand like that’s that’s how this works him so I do a little cooler when I’m live because I’m actually live and the stuff flows better but conceptually that’s basically it is like I want I want them to understand like this this investment they spent $2,000 even twenty five thousand dollars make it doesn’t change my life at all like I don’t really care I hope they do because you know extra money is always nice in the bank but it literally won’t change you know I’m doing well I’m fine it’s not gonna change anything I’m still gonna go on my daily the way the John box at you know a silly wand on my daily life I’m gonna be steak and sushi and getting all my financial goals with absolute certainty so doesn’t matter to me if you if you do it or not can care less but it shouldn’t matter to you because it literally could change your life forever and while you guys understand that like this is not about me so how about if Russell’s going to make some money or you know if Russell’s gonna do whatever this is about you is about you making a commitment and having that blueprint the vehicle the things you need to actually succeed with that commitment so this is about you not me put it back on them and it helps a lot so I use it a lot and I hope that’s a tool and a technique you guys can use as well and it’s putting the responsibility back on their shoulders because when people aren’t buying they’re always trying to figure it out like different ways to take the responsibility off and one of the ones that use is like oh this is just Russell trying to get rich just like now Russell’s already ready didn’t care the two thousand dollars you give him he’s not gonna see any of it half of it’ll go to in Philly and half it’ll go to support staff half of we’re building software like it literally does nothing for me this is about you not about me and that’s the commitment I want them to understand and I want them to make because I understand that it’s like wow this really is about me I got to do this this is you know if I don’t buy it’s not gonna make that mean old Russell salesman any any different it’s it’s it’s it’s a personal decision as something’s gonna thank them so anyway I hope that helps one other thing I want to share the I thought that was interesting today so we did the webinar and we double you know the price is double now the offer is like 10 times better but the price is double and it’s interesting because the conversion drawee I normally close about 15% so it’s closer to 10 so make more net money when all said done beause interesting invite the more think about like if you create a product where it’s not all or nothing on the webinar riots Lake like I try sell that but even if you’re on the webinar you don’t buy click buy the package I offer you still buy click funnels right and so that would be comes like a two to three hour documentation of how powerful this is why they should use it why they need it stuff like that and I think that that is like that is the key so just throw that out there’s for you guys to think through like if your webinars anything not buying like if it’s not all or nothing like it if you have a software program it’s easy cuz it’s like you’re selling a higher version soft they can still use the software right maybe some memberships I teach I sell your axes thanks to the membership site then it’s not all nothing that it’s just like you know they don’t buy it they still now are moving closer towards you and more likely to to invest in you know the other stuff you got so don’t think it’s all or nothing it’s not all buying or not buy it’s indoctrination is building relationships building cultures and all that kind of stuff too so all right well I’m it’s cool I’m gonna bounce thanks everybody I hope you had your time and remember this closing technique will work for you and it’s awesome so there you go thanks everybody I would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF uh no hacker TV

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Secret #50: The Secret Closing Technique I Learned From One Of The Top Copywriters In Singapore

Secret #50: The Secret Closing Technique I Learned From One Of The Top Copywriters In Singapore