Secret #52: Aligning Your Will With The Marketplace

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Interesting thoughts I had on my drive home from Salt Lake City.

On this episode Russell relates following God’s will to following the will of the market in business. Here are some of the enlightening things you will hear in today’s episode:

-How spending his weekend talking to a leader in his church reminded him that’s its important to align your belief’s with Gods.

-How aligning your beliefs will God’s is similar to aligning your product ideas with the needs of the market you’re in.

-And find out how you can align your own beliefs with that of the market you are in.

So listen here to find out how Russell is able to relate business marketing to God.

what’s up everybody this is russell brunson and welcome to the marketing secrets podcast so the big question is this power entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets puddly market in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that you believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast give you the answers my name is russell brunson and welcome to marketing secrets [Music] everyone hope you guys are all having an amazing day today whoa juggling my phone as I get into cars Oh crazy day so we’re just leaving I got through the house and I walked out and Nora was outside on the trampolines jumping so me is for my crazy stories wait a big side yard that was just kind of a big empty weed field so we decided this year to go a little crazy so um we put in a football soccer filled volleyball court basketball court baseball and track the wraps the whole thing and in nine underground trampolines and they land our trampolines up this week and while we were gone so we spent all day last night we got home jumping and then this morning it’s not to leave and I could hear the little giggles outside and went inside nowhere was jumping so it’s a little bit cold out here but I wouldn’t jump for the last a little bit now I’m heading out my car and we’re ready rock and roll so um it’s funny we were gone this week we drove to Burleigh or my in-laws living off our kids I mean from there we drove down to Salt Lake because I had a meeting I’ll tell you how about here in a second it’s funny cuz on the way home we were camping some of that so I haven’t shaved in two days so my face was all like prickly you not I mean and my streak of Nora yesterday and like her curly hairs like velcro on my on my beard and I just like I tried for two days and I hate this I just shaded this morning it’s like I feel so much better but I hate it cuz like I’ve been watching we’ve been studying Dollar Shave Club dollar beer off-boarding process fact I wrote about in funnel University this this this month and like I don’t know it is like all the beard guys just seen cooler like and I just like pardons I want to be cool like the beard guys but I just can’t two days and I gave up and it was horrible and so I’ll never be as cool as a beard guys but I will give them credit they are definitely cooler than a shape guys so you know hopefully someday I’ll become a man and be able to growing out but that day is not today anyway so I want to show them today and some guys might be taking Russell this is the marketing podcast why are you talking about God and it’s like because he has to do with everything it’s really important and at lesson I learned this weekend has to do with God but it also then relates back to you guys in your market so I think it’s really really important so I was in Utah I was meeting I had a meeting with someone who is one of the top leaders in in my church in them in the Mormon Church and we believe in our church that there was a prophet in the 12 apostles similar to when Christ was on earth and my meeting was one of the 12 apostles which was really he was on ER and scary and exciting and all those things all wrapped into one and I a chance to meet with with him and so this whole week prior to leading up to it you know I’ve had a lot of thoughts about just life and how things work and then obviously meeting with him and afterwards and it just it was really neat a reflection time and and there’s something that came out I mean there’s lot of stuff I wish I could share in the context of this podcast but it’s probably not appropriate or in the right spot so I won’t but there was one thing that has kept ringing through my head that I wanted to share because I think it’s important and it does relate back to marketing so there you go so right if i relate back to marketing talk about God for a few minutes hopefully that’s okay so it’s interesting is if you look at the world what the world tries to do is they is that they they see kind of like and political excite I don’t care about politics at all so I’m not gonna get political but I see this most like it’s am fighting in politics right where it’s like these are the agenda items you or you really believe this they believe this and they fight back and forth who’s right who’s wrong all sorts stuff like that right and it’s kind of crazy and it’s been interesting is I’ve in my life and I’m not perfect this by any stretch like it’s what I spire to be but when I look at an issue right I look at something it shouldn’t be like what do I believe what does Russell believe on this topic it should be okay I believe in a God so what does God actually believe on this topic and then my job as a human here is not to try to like convince God but like no no no no you’re wrong right because he’s not so Michael is to look at like what he believes on the topic and then bend my will towards that it’s okay this is what he believes therefore this is what I believe and that’s how it should be if you do believe in an all power for all powerful creator who created the heavens and earth and everything I think we should I bend our will towards him to iCade this is what he thinks therefore this was I think on any topic so it’s like you know like I think that’s important so we’re trying to set up our beliefs when we you know what were four and four against those kind of things like it should be less of like this is my opinion I think is right so I study dry red and bake what does God actually think and sit back and pray if I know he believes and then they cool like I will make I will align my will tears I’ll line with that because that’s what you believe and so I was thinking about that and again I began something I probably normally share inside the podcast but I started think about this from the business standpoint too because there’s always correlations between all things right and it’s funny because a lot of the entrepreneurs that I work with it’s interesting like what they what they do is they have an idea right this is this product I want to create a the world’s gonna change mankind and I want to charge this price for it this I want to deliver it all they have all these things that they want to do because it’s their idea right it’s their baby and they go out there and put out the market and then the market crushes in it’s like that I just sucks or that price points not right or whatever it is right in the market goes and does its thing in the market in this situation is kind of like God like like the market doesn’t care who you are not think God and God does care but the market doesn’t care who you are right mark doesn’t care good ideas all right what the market is what it is like you put your thing out there and it will tell you like that I just sucked or that it was amazing or whatever like the thing in between there is right and so for our job as entrepreneurs is not to try to convince the market that idea is the best all right is a find like what does the market actually want and then align our will with that when you do that that’s things explode right that’s like when we test funnels like well test them like oh the market said no we try it again in with twice test to tweak the messaging and the pricing we keep moving things around to a figure like what is the market actually want they literally like how much they want to spend for this what’s the price where they actually won’t even want this product lot of my ideas they didn’t want like his grave right is I thought they were in the market did not care about it in the market is is the only thing actually matters and so like I always tell people like drives me crazy people in in my coaching programs and Facebook groups everything that come in baked hey what’s the like what’s your opinion on this I’m like you don’t take my opinion on it like I don’t even trust my own opinion on my own stuff I let the market decide I Creighton thing the best I know how to do based on what I’ve seen the market respond to in the past I make that thing and then I’d send some traffic to it and out of the market vote and I don’t let the market vote through quizzes or surveys or things like that where they go yeah I would buy that the only thing that I care about is people to actually pull their wallet out of their pocket and swipe a credit card that is how the market votes they don’t vote with their mouth they vote with their credit card and yes I do it fills watching the video I do you have a click funnel sticker on my wallet because that is what fills my wallet full of the stuff that we need to buy so anyway so that’s that’s that’s that’s how it works so for for you guys and entrepreneurs it’s important for you not to get so caught up on your ideas and when you believe it is important to figure out what the market actually wants what they actually believe they believe this is worth this amount of money they believe that this is what they want to buy you figure out what the market actually wants and you do that you become rich right if you fight against that you struggle and I’ve seen people go years sometimes decades and never have success because they they are trying to jam their beliefs down the market’s throat and the market doesn’t care about you all the market wants is what it wants and see how to figure out what it wants and then you line your will with that and that’s it and so as I was thinking about this weekend with the with God and with you know our responsibility not so much to try to dictate what we believe and try to shove it down his throat but to figure out what he believes and then and then align our wills with him it’s the same thing with the market and I wouldn’t understand that that’s when business becomes a lot easier okay comes back to expert secrets 101 like page three or whatever like find a hot market ask my and give it to him okay does not say find a hot mark you decided what you think would be awesome to create and then jam it down their throats like that is a hard business to run okay it’s the opposite way find a hot market ask what they want and then give it to him that’s it in the market will tell you so market will tell you right mark you’ll place wrong and if you’re wrong don’t be mad about it just change your approach change the pricing changes the hook change the angle change the product change the service like create what it wants and then everything else will take place that you need to do so there you go okay if I weave a religion into this thing because you guys don’t believe in God it doesn’t mean he’s not there like that’s what’s interesting like sometimes I people friends like I don’t believe in guys you should talk about I’m like whether you believe in him or not he’s still there like that’s the interesting I do it I don’t believe that this will sell like whether you believe it or not it doesn’t really matter it’s what the market believes let’s go find out what the truth is don’t align our beliefs with that that’s an all aspects of life so there you go that’s a creature Brunson preaching on hope you guys remind anyway but regardless hope you got some down on that one and hope you guys understand that that’s how the world works and the market works and we understand that and you align your wills towards it that’s had a girl company find a hot market asking what they want and give it to him all right guys I’m in the office I gotta go so you guys all sued everybody want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm then book number two is called dot-com secrets and you get your free copy at dot-com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets reviews to become the fastest-growing non VC back-sass startup company in the world

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Secret #52: Aligning Your Will With The Marketplace

Secret #52: Aligning Your Will With The Marketplace