Secret #56: It’s Not The Thing… It’s The Marketing Of The Thing That Counts

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A conversation I had today explains the reason why most businesses end up suffocating and dying.

On today’s episode Russell talks about something awesome he witnessed with his kids school. He goes on to talk about discussing marketing with another parent at school and why he considers it the lifeblood of a business. Here are some of the insightful things in this episode:

-Why marketing is the lifeblood of a company.

-How cutting back on marketing in a business is like putting pressure on the carotid artery in wrestling.

-And how to get a successful business by tripling down on your marketing.

So listen here to find out why you need to become obsessed with the marketing of your product, rather than the product itself.

what’s up everybody this is russell brunson and welcome to the marketing secrets podcast hope you guys aren’t amazing today so the big question is this power on Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in outs of the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question and this podcast will give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright ready so it is the day before Thanksgiving we have twenty bubble soccer balls being delivered to my house we’re gonna be playing a huge bowl soccer game on the Smurfs turf which is really exciting are the astroturf we call it summer turf cos the blue here in Boise but and we’re looking forward to that and everything’s getting ready with rustle practice this morning with the kiddos and I had some cool experience that happened there one that was just a really special moment when I said he hasn’t won that was the reason why most people aren’t successful in business so I’ll give you both and hopefully you listen from the tube so number one it’s really cool it at the kids school there’s a little kid on it’s kind of a crazy story cuz apparently his mom and him both found that cancer about the same time together the cute little family it’s a little kid named Nico and so at the junior high what did we call it David I kind of everyone gotten around this this kid historian trying to help him out and it’s just cute like all the kids we’re Huskies for Nico tisha t-shirts like went down had a show on today said the Huskies were Nico and they do fundraisers for Nico on the ice things and she’s such a cool thing how they like got into school all behind this one person in this one cause and movement and it’s it’s cool I you know I was talk about building mass movements and things like that but I think a lot of times it sees these little private intimate movements it that means so much to people and really helps people to to become something more and there’s just cool watching this and watching my kids participate in this in this movement for for a little kid in their school nameko and so today russ and practice you know that all these price 60 or 70 wrestlers out there all trained to be warriors trying to tough at everything and the middle practice and ego his dad came in when he walked in it just like the whole room went silent and it was like out of respect for him and it’s like just one of the neatest neatest experiences I’ve witnessed in a long time and got chills in there watching and all the kids was looking at him and like talking to him and then they came in and they they presented him because Nikko was a wrestler as well before I’m all these problems happen so they gave him wrestling t-shirts and sweatshirts and stuff like that and then they had an ego lead a cheer so they brought him on in and did their it was just cool thing so that was a fun thing happened today and then afterwards I was talking with the dads and that’s a successful real estate dude here in Boise and it’s kind of funny cuz he was like hey I recognize you guys see you in my newsfeed every single day sorry but I wish I was better looking it was kind of funny because he was in there and we were talking for a while afterwards and and it was interesting because there’s a big reason why more people aren’t successful it’s a mindset we can see something yeah definitely so I want to share with you guys you’re stuck in this mindset week it’s what’s keeping you back I did a podcast episode on a hundred podcast or so ago talking about no outsourcing your lovemaking and in there talked about how like if look at a business like no matter what you’re selling for selling houses tarz supplements like it doesn’t matter what you’re selling you’re selling like you think that part doesn’t matter doesn’t that matter what business you’re in the Marquise with the matters and actually it’s the lifeblood with businesses with drive leads and customers and sales it’s the only thing in action matters like I can take my marketing systems plug in any business into work because I’m human psychology is the same how we get to be the same it’s the same right and so talking to man he’s like yeah well good phones you know I just haven’t done yet you know does it affect me at all and he’s like I guess for Jake he generates leads and sells products it’s like whatever you needed to be he’s like oh so you have anyone in real estate doing I might give it to come to people like I you know top my head I know probably half a dozen or so there’s guy who’s got one of the biggest programs just here in Boise I’m like he’s using it and it’s funny and they say oh you know I hire some come arcing company stuff for me and they’re kind of give us leave Mike so the working good he’s like no not really like I wish we just get rid of all the leads being all the other agents underneath to say they want internet leads so we have to do that but I just I don’t like it and I think it’s dumb and he’s like in right now we’re still in about 100 houses a year and he’s like you know if we got to play we have about 200 houses and then we could afford to hire a full time marketing person to generate leads and stuff and it’s just as the marketing guy here I just like I want to grab the guy just like what are you like how do you not understand this it’s like saying um yeah like it like let’s say you’re you’re struggling in your marriage and you’re like yeah well my wife and I when we start like having you know what marriage gets good and like we’re happy and like everything’s perfect then we’ll go to counseling I think no counseling irreverent is what gets you there right and it’s just funny like at when like when we get wouldn’t grown to hide if we can afford some to generate leads them literally to say no if you can’t afford not to like you should stop everything you’re doing the only thing you should do is generate leads it’s funny because he’s like yeah the biggest person in town they have about a thousand they saw but they’re doing all of it online generally leads online and is able to do because because they had their selling so many houses and I know you understand it’s because they’re doing it they’re able to sell so many houses it’s not because that’s so many houses they can do it it’s like the chicken of the egg it’s like it’s like yeah it’s like you’re trying like if I cut off the oxygen to your brain your brain will stop so like it is the lifeblood I told my was like any last name Harry you guys do stuff like for me like no like we think no I’m like we certify people they can do it but it’s like I mean if you really wanna be successful it’s like you have to become the head of the marketing like you cannot outsource your lovemaking like you can’t do that in business and expect it to be awesome right in your marriage if you’re like eh this is my wife I mean house we love making somebody else like your business your marriage is gonna fail it’s the same thing in your business like it is the lifeblood it is the thing that gets customers into your world and gets them to like you and believe you and trust you and give you money and it’s like the most important part of business I think the biggest problem with funny if you listen to emails like Michael Gerber talks about this like people are technicians they have an entrepreneurial seizure and they think they want start a business because they work in a cake factory and they see the dude who runs the cake shop and I use guys a moron I can do a better job without so they start their own business and they’re not entrepreneurs there’s do to build cakes it’s like the dude who builds a cake like anyone can build a cake like you can hire a lot of people to do that like it’s the person who’s gonna actually Inc sell the crap out the cakes that runs the business like if you don’t have that like your business dies it’s funny like in 2008 when all you when the economy crashed all these companies are crashing I see all these people in the companies like this that their first instinct is not like let’s lower costs on like stupid stuff they all cut their marketing and their sales but like their marketing budget I’m like okay we’re struggling let’s cut off the lifeblood to our head like in wrestling when I’m taking I’m wrestling somebody there’s a little floater watching the video right here both sides your neck there is a thing called a carotid artery and if I want if I’m rust is my owner for a headlock and I put a little bit pressure right there against the credit artery and that fast the blood flow stops to your head it’s like if someone chokes you right and then shake you die with your card if I touch it right that fast you will block out it’s really fun we were I’ll say someone you’re getting you get a book and he’s a whole body goes limp me flip them over and you pin it right because it’s the blood that goes to your brain you cut off the blood it’s it’s like a second and you’re out cold and I’d take it back off in the blood she’s coming your back lie right so companies come with a cut-off they cuff lifeblood and then the company dies like that fast it’s like that is what’s keeping you alive like in times a bad economy they triple down on the advertising triple down on the marketing like that’s anyway you guys all know that I’m just beat I’m preaching to the choir but for everyone else this one can’t talk about it because it’s thought so funny like and I told him and he’s like oh you know lead generation for me is is you know nurturing the clients we have and things like that and you know I can’t outsource that that’s my lovemaking or something I’m like do you think that’s any way any way so that’s like I’ve said you know to say if you wanted her company focus on the marketing the sales of the thing and I’m oh she has our business because you love the thing you do that’s awesome but if you want to have a lot of people use that thing you got to become obsessed with the marketing of the thing that is the key the marketing of the thing is the business the business is not the thing the bit the thing is the fulfillment of whatever you want to do but the business is the marketing don’t think it’s the only thing that actually matters because without that your company dies without that the lifeblood goes off to your brain and instantly your alcohol and that’s why versus another SAS companies other SAS companies are focusing on you know hiring these huge teams of people to do whatever I don’t know what they even do right we focus on the marketing the marketing drives it so there you go guys anyway hold up some of you guys who are thinking and wondering and like oh you know man out some hire a marketing team like it’s hard to do you can do it but if you really want to grow like you got to confess with the marketing everything you’ve got to not try to outsource your lovemaking and realize that that is the business and if you want to be in business you might be an entrepreneurial talent seizure you had if like trying to start this cake company or your whatever thing is you sell like if you want that baby to survive and to live you know being obsessed with the thing is not gonna do it as being obsessed with the marketing of the thing so I hope that helps appreciate you all let go I got a couple hours to work by to do this killed and crushed so that I can have a Thanksgiving that’s not stressful those you guys know us my entrepreneurs like my buddy Alex are phenomena all about momentum and so it’s like thanks cares makes there’s no so okay it’s so much momentum Oh next like four hours for you I go back home that I’m knocked down any dominoes tomorrow they’re standing up what I’m trying to relax with the family so that’s it you guys appreciate you all and have an amazing day bye one more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies on my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called dot-com seekers and you get your free copy at calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets we’ve use to become the fastest-growing non vc-backed fast startup company in the world

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Secret #56: It’s Not The Thing… It’s The Marketing Of The Thing That Counts

Secret #56: It’s Not The Thing… It’s The Marketing Of The Thing That Counts