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Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Secrets Webinar

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Welcome to my Secrets Masterclass! I am so excited to be sharing with you the exact blueprint of why the top 1% of ClickFunnels users are so successful. I’ll be going through their sales funnel secrets, conversion secrets and traffic secrets. You won’t want to miss this!

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: One Funnel

The truth is, you are just one funnel away from earning your two comma club award and I want to help you get there! In this masterclass, Russell Brunson will be going through sales funnel strategy, tips on how to scale your online business, and how to drive traffic to your sales funnels. If you’re apart of the funnel hacker community and you are looking to take your business to the next level, you won’t want to miss out on this masterclass.

you don’t alright people are coming in what’s up everybody this is Russell jumping on a minute or two early just to uh welcome everybody on cuz there are so many so many people they’re here today so welcome welcome you guys I’m excited for today today we’re gonna be going through what we call the secrets masterclass we he started here about a minute or two away for everybody to jump in as you probably heard it over 18,000 people who registered for this today and so there’s already right 3,200 on June 30 300 okay so you guys are coming in fast hopefully you can

all hear me if you can hear me go in the chat box and say what’s up and tell me where you are from I love to see where all my friends are from today we’ve got people from England Canada AUSA and holy moly since flying Houston Tech okay I’m gonna Instagram this it gives my see that’s actually the real thing what’s happening this is crazy so I’m glad Weber asked one of their friend this is what’s coming and we’ve got 3,500 people alive right now as we speak holy moly alright since you have just thought you guys want

some of the traffic secrets is awesome thank you Oh Kenya San Diego Hawaii and California Chicago New Jersey Pittsburgh I can’t keep up with this we’re over 4,000 people now just you guys know this is a new record for for a webinar for me I’ve never had more than I think 2,200 people on a live webinar before right now we’re at 4,000 104 so I’m gonna be getting started here very very soon I just wanted to jump on initially say hi everybody you see my face I think I’m gonna cut the camera here in a minute when we jump into slides but I just want to jump in and it’s fun to see this many this many funnel hackers as many people who are trying to grow their companies and businesses we had over 18,000 people register today we’ve

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Youtube

already got 4,200 officially live on Zoo and about 200 on YouTube so all right so you guys pumped through this you get to sign up for the for the training today if you are excited let me know in the box I want to make sure that you guys are pumped to be here they’re half as excited as I am I said when we start getting started in about one minute this is the secrets master class that you’ve registered for so that’s we’re gonna be talking about here in a second it’s making sure all my settings are correct here before I officially dive in okay so you guys are pumped we’re from all over the world this is amazing okay so fun all right with that said you guys I’m gonna get this party started if you guys are all ready for it

if you’re ready to get started on message in the chat say let’s get this party started and that’d be my official my official let’s go anthem let’s go let’s go let’s do this okay I’m get my recording started I’m just cut out my video and then I will officially begin all right here we go okay hey everybody this is russell brunson when officially welcome you to the secrets masterclass I am so excited to have you guys here today this is a huge joy and pleasure for me I am really honored that you guys register for this and you showed up as I mentioned a few minutes before we started the official recording and official class we had over 18,000 350 people who registered this week to be here today and right now live

without over 4,500 people live watching which is a new record for me and so I do not take that lightly I don’t take your attention lightly I’m here to try to over-deliver as much as possible biggest thing is we’re gonna have fun like this I need your guy’s attention we’re going for at least two hours so they she blocked out two hours and these texts your spouse or your kids or whatever they leave me alone for two hours I gotta focus you know I’m learning all the

secrets right now that’s very very important so uh make sure your focus a couple of things make sure that if you’ve got like like Facebook open or Instagram other things like shut those things down and just focus for 10 like we were here today are you here on a private consultation can’t right now people companies saving one hundred thousand dollars per day to do consultation so pretend like you just pay me hundred grand and you flew here to Boise Idaho you sit in front of me and for two hours I

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Dramatically

though that right now there are more opportunities than ever before a good example of the fact that we put on this web class and we have over 18,000 people registered right Adcox across the board are down dramatically there’s so much opportunity if you guys to start finding your people to tell your message to tell your story to be able to sell the products and services you have people are looking for connection they’re looking for you and your message and so this secrets masterclass is going to help you to do that now you guys saw the title of this presentation before we before we you registered and basically the hook on this I’m gonna explain

and so the big question I always get people is like what do they know that I don’t know what do I gotta figure out what are their funnels look like I get email every single day for my servers to show me here are the top 20 funnels in click for us today and every single night shifts everything that changes I have a chance to look in real-time day by day what’s happening what’s working what’s not working and I have a really unique bird’s-eye view and so because of that I weren’t sure you guys have stuff that made some things may you may understand some things may be counterintuitive but I want you guys to understand that so my goal from this presentation is I want to hand you the exact blueprint showing you what the top 1% of click froze users are doing differently than the other 99% are not I’m gonna give it yesterday for free that’s not like fun if you just want the exact blueprint let me know in the cups I want to know if he is well cuz I already know I

can just like I can end today I’m good ok ok crazy got 4,800 people are nuts is amazing alright ok so we’re gonna jump in and that’s what we covered today I’m really really excited now for those who don’t know what to combo come is every single year for the hockey live we do we do an award show and this is kind of like the Emmys or the Oscars of entrepreneurship right like in every industry they have an award show where you win something except for entrepreneurship so we’ve created this and so right there on left hand side then that’s me and the right hands line is my business partner Todd Dickerson and


Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Community

every year have a chance to give all the clips for those members who made over a million dollars inside of a funnel a to common Club award I think for most people this should be your goal like this we should be striving towards because to comic club as much money as less funds like oh the money is more standings what does that represent how many people’s lives have you changed with the products the services you sell after you’ve made a million dollars worth of revenue okay and on top of this week due to time ago we’ve grown there’s an ala 2 comma Club X award mean you made over 10 million dollars and to come back up C award people made over a hundred million and so with people from all around the world in every business every industry you can dream up who have hit the two comma Club and maybe share you guys with the top one percent know you don’t

know yet but after today you know exactly what it is this is the true khatma Club X award these people made a ten million dollars there’s a whole bunch of these as well and then like the last event we did a to comma Club C award where C is the Roman numeral for a hundred and I can’t believe there’s members our community they’re hitting that inside their businesses now which is so exciting alright somebody keep going one fig is a story really quick as we are

still waiting people to jump on those who don’t know this is one of my favorite stories from within our community this is Jamie cross and he has no Jamie she smoked a funnel hacking live two years ago and Jamie is a normal person just like me just like you just like everyone who had a vision had a dream she was a she’s a mom she’s got an amazing family a husband who’s also a wrestlers Needham actually a chance to Russell before it’s a lot of fun but amazing family amazing kids and one day she had an idea

for a business she wanted to create and it was a business selling soap and she felt inspired from God want to create this thing and serve women this way but promise you know how to make soap so she had to go back in and learn and go and get education degrees always seems to make these amazing herbal soaps and so she did that and she started making soaps and lotions and all sorts of things if you buy any of Jaime’s products they are literally amazing they’re


Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Community

there her products are awesome just create these amazing products MiG is the name of her company and mighty soaps and she went out there and started trying to sell them right and so she’s doing everything in her power she was going to farmers market selling door-to-door did everything and she was she had a business who’s making some money but barely enough to keep their head above water but she believes so much in her product and her service and her mission and she was struggling she was trying

to figure out how can I grow this how can I get this in the hands and more people I’ve been called to change the lives of these customers how do I actually do that and she didn’t know what to do okay and so she was looking for different opportunity for things like how did I grow my company beyond what it is today and that’s when she ran into and to us so for all of us business owners right now and we understand that there’s always a gap from where you are today to where you want to be okay you guys know where where your gap is I’m sure most you guys have seen that right think what’s the gap but you know where you are today you know you wanted me but there’s this gap and how do I get from here over there and sometimes it can be it can be a daunting how do you know where to go and how to go or how do I get to that other side I can’t I can’t just jump on my phone the cliff right so there’s this gap and so the gap the big secret how do you get from from where you are in your business to where you want to be the big secret is this you need what we call a funnel okay been on my community for a long time this is not a big AHA those may be new to you you might be like what is the fun one we’re gonna

the business we can help scale it and grow it quicker okay so what types of businesses do all these secret strategies work with okay well we’ve kind of broken down there’s a lot of types of businesses are trying to break it down there’s four core types of businesses that I’ve seen been successful in cycling for us the first are people starting physical products and e-commerce physical products then kind things you might sell on Shopify or Amazon things like that

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: E-commerce

okay and I’m gonna show you guys some funnels here in a second the map set but that’s the first type of business the second are people who write authors speakers coaches and consultants they have tons of success on the clickfunnels class platform number three type of business is network and affiliate marketers and that number for our business professionals and and the professional services and retail those have the businesses okay and we have two common cup winners and every single in these categories

so for example this is Trey Llewellyn Trey has killed it in e-commerce and this is his his true con will come next funnel selling physical products selling flashlights okay and I’ll show you more detail about these funnels here a minute I want you to see like I’m some physical products yes this message this I’m gonna be sharing yesterday is for you okay number two here if you’re selling if you’re an author speaker coach consultant these are the types of funnels work for you this was Betty she’s won multiple two comic level works as well using funnels to grow her her business as well next is the Steven Steven Larson whose network marketing he’s used to win a ducat he’s used this to win or to comic Levenstein in network

marketing and then the last years and his son he was a dentist she she’s a dentist and she builds dental follow she drives patients and clients into her dental practice every single day it works for these types of business as well then till it dentists chiropractors financial planners restaurants retail like any type of service retail location these strategies work for as well okay if you guys ever see her the commercial back in the day where when the iPhone first came out and it was like oh there’s an app for that oh there’s not for that it’s funny cuz I see people all the time

couldn’t mean like well Russell I’m in this kind of business well funnels work for me and I was kind of smile I think about this commercial like there’s not for that cuz they thing is true no matter what business you’re in there’s always a Pharma for that I don’t care what business shirt if you need if you’re trying to generate leads or trying to sell a product there’s the funnel that will work for you okay now some people understand a lot of times that a lot of times I think oh my business is different

single biggest secret selling more things inside of your funnel without driving any extra traffic so secret number two I’m gonna dive into that show you guys what it is that you may be missing they actually get your funnels to make money okay there’s obviously a big difference between having a funnel and having a funnel that makes money and so we’re talking about the differences between the two okay so we can sneak everyone see number two and secret number three comes from my new book which is called traffic secrets okay and how many guys have a chance to order traffic secrets hopefully we’ve been in the middle of a book launch the last few weeks yeah it’s time for you guys

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Online Customer

so I’m gonna be share with you guys how to get the right types of traffic aka your dream customers to find you online so make sure he has the biggest secret from the traffic seekers book okay so that’s where we every day the biggest secret for the dot-com seekers book the biggest secret for the expert seekers book and the biggest secret for the traffic singers but when you read these three seekers together this is the secrets masterclass it’s the coolest like that you know the 80/20 rule this is like the 20% will give you 80%

results if you understand these three principles these three secrets I’ll be sure to us today so that’s when we dive me into now I’m curious for you personally cuz I got right now we’re about four thousand nine hundred thirty three people on zoom’ we’ve got six hundred and sixty-five watching on YouTube so we’ve got over five thousand people live I’m curious because everyone here’s here for a different reason Docs I ran a survey ahead of time before you guys should find out what you’re most interested how many guys right now you are struggling with like you need a funnel

okay that’s number one number two is to have a funnel that’s not converting number two and number three is you have a funnel but you need more traffic okay so I want you guys to actually vote okay so we’re gonna do is in the chat box and when you tell me if you’re number one number two number three number one I need I need to get a fun I still don’t have a funnel I need to figure out something if you’re number two I have a funnel it’s not converting posted number two and if you’re number three I got a funnel I see more traffic than let me know number three so you number one a two or three let me know in the box and the chat box or see these things flying in are you one to two or three I got some people that are saying one plus two plus little three again alright they’re flying in right now holy

moly okay so we got all sorts so the good thing is I’m going to cover all three of these things for you but some of you guys Parsley’s maybe review if you already have a funnels killer that you may already know number one or maybe number two ego and so with that said I’m gonna go through all three of them some maybe review for some of you guys who’ve been around a long time and somebody’s gonna be brand new for you guys but all three is you leave these things together for the secrets or what we’re talking okay oh these by the way are the three

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Networks

money so you can grow up faster and so I showed him I said okay well this is you know this networks we drive we drive ads to click funnels and we buy ads when people self click funnels and he said well how much does it cost you to acquire customer and I can’t remember wasn’t the time I said you’ll spend a hundred dollars to acquire customer and he got so exciting since like oh my gosh hundred bucks because if I give you fifty million dollars and as we can get whenever 505 whatever the number of 50,000 new new customers coming in and he was all excited to give us this money I was like no no you understand I actually turn those ads off he’s like wait what you think that’s a really good cost prac was a really good CPA like why would you trade off I said because I don’t have thirty eight million or hundred twenty seven million dollars in the bank everything we spend comes out on our pocket so I had to be smart he’s different I said if I did this all day

within a week or two I be completely broke and our company would go bankrupt I said so we had to do things differently so we had to practice what we preach we build sales funnels software that’s what we do I said we’re gonna use funnels to replace funding and so we came back to the drawing board and we did it this way I showed him I said okay this how we do it we buy ads we drive those ads into a funnel so it goes through the funnel they buy the product service in the funnel and then afterwards we acquire this customer then we introduce in the click funnels I’m sure I

said that on average we spend about $20 on Facebook ads to get somebody to buy my book and let me go through the book funnel on a ver Ajay make $40 from the funnel and the upsells and down cells so I spent $20 I make $40 so I get a pocket twin our net profit and then I get a customer who and then introduce them to click funnels I said because of this have been able to growth out of picking out any funding because we drive we drive adds to our funnels our funnels makers make us profitable than from there we introduce people into click photos okay is that making sense a lot of you guys are probably went through this process okay

kid I was not very good there’s a picture of little Russell Hood in fact look at the name tag closest his rusty Brunson that was rusty back then this is a little rusty Brunson I was little kid and when I got started I was not a good wrestler at all he asked my dad I was probably the worst even my little brother and beat me all the time and I started wrestling I loved it and eventually member we wanted to get I wanted to get better so my dad I would go to the state tournaments we’d watch the people who win the state tournament I went out and videotaping we see what they were

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Practice

doing then go back home that summer when we watch it and the practice was over and over and over and over again in a very short period time went for being a really bad wrestler to becoming a really good wrestler I had to be in a state champ I’m taking a second place in the country being an all-american and so for me Rustin I was in the kids most athletic I was really good at finding those who are successful and we model them tomorrow the moves work out everything they were doing so he’d be successful like then

the same thing is true in my business when I got started business this is me I was graduated from from college I did my degree I barely path at 2:48 three cumulative GPA which is embarrasses don’t tell my kids that please I had a really bad GPA I struggled in school I’ve not been very good when I was going to school I saw these people making money online I was like I gotta figure this out and I saw this guy named Armand Morin and he had all these really cool software products in this way there was like Ecover generators the sales letter generator so I could my very first practice and like I’m gonna create a software product Armand did my very first product was this product called zip Brander and those might involve me for a long time even before the potato guns DVD so there’s some history for people but I saw how Armand did his I said ok I see what he’s doing I’m gonna model it I’m not gonna copy him to

model it right so he added header graphic I had a header graphic he had his software box I had a software box he had a headline I had a headline he had a little testimony block I had testimony box so I modeled the look in the field and lay out my price links of his funnels and on zip Rider is my very first product it was it was a success out the gate ok so that’s what this whole thing is modeling and every time I tell something that I always see people write well you know I could do it I could model so but I’ve got a better way to do it I got a smarter way to only stuff like they’re there tweak on it now we smiley told me that I told this corner said you can always tell who the pioneers are because they have arrows in their back and they’re lying face down in the dirt ok you

think that because they always go out there with a new idea and what happens is most entrepreneurs usually have a good idea because I’ve got good intentions but most of them will run out of money or time before they ever see their vision become a reality and that’s the tragedy right cuz they’re trying thing after thing after thing they’re getting all these arrows on the back and they end up dying before they ever get to the finish line ok now when I first first saw I really got this I was actually at an event I was a big marketing event and one of the keynote speakers was this guy

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Sales funnel

named Porter Stansberry but this is a picture of cord right here I’m sitting this event and I’m in the back of the room and he starts talking about their sales funnel he didn’t call it that time it was walking tonight here’s the first thing is selling upside down so the price point is he’s showing the whole thing and I’m in the back like taking notes like am i limit as fast as I could and remember as he’s talking he’s he was talking like it get really fast and all excited all so he stopped he said was interesting he said Stanford research is part of a Gore publishing he’s like a Gore does over a billion dollars a year sells and when people see how much money we’re making the first thing I wanted to do is they say how can I compete against these guys they’ll come in and first thing they try to undercut our cost right and they

try to make it cheaper but we know it doesn’t work and then they always run out of money so they try to sell it a different way they try all these different ways to beat us to eventually go bankrupt and lose you said don’t understand like an Agora Publishing’s like we have hundreds of copywriters the best split testing the people on the planet the best funnel builders the best everything he’s like we put it we have hundreds of millions of arrows in our backs from all the things we test he said he said if you want to try to compete with Agora you can’t try to beat us you have to model us you have to copy us and also have a light bulb moment I thought why in the world I tried to remit the will why did I try thing after thing where I can like go to where where let’s say if I’m in Gore’s mark and I go to a Gore and see what they’re doing today and then just model that that way

I bypass all the arrows that they got along the way I’m starting when they left off okay and that’s what this principle for my hockey comes in okay so when I watched my very first stuff from the company this is probably seven eight years ago I didn’t know much about supplements I never launched someone with funnel I just had an idea if I do fun and so not that would create this whole product line of supplements and help people with diabetic neuropathy okay and so I went out there and and what do this funnel acting process so the first step when your funnel hacking

someone is you have to find someone who’s already successful the funnel hack okay so I went out there I said okay who else is already selling supplements for people with diabetic neuropathy I did some research I found this company right here and remember looking this company and I was like this is like one of the ugliest pages I’ve ever seen in my entire life I did some research I found out at a time they’re making somewhere like around 100 grand a month I was like okay they’ve already figured this out for some reason

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Final hack

thepeople in this market responded that so I’m gonna I’m gonna model them okay I’m gonna final hack they mental model it so when I create my very first version of myself in the funnel okay and this is what it looks like now notice a couple things number one I didn’t copy this is one the big mistakes people ain’t saying all I’m just gonna copy me unethical is immoral and it’s not it’s not going to help you okay by fun lack if I’m not modeling and modeling the look and the feel and the layout on the price points and things they prove it but notice like I’m like hey they have a lowly

left top left leg or I’m in ever logo they got a phone number I’m in on they have a head right I’m having ham right they have a picture of the product have a picture my price some overlook in the fill in the layout and I watch this and overnight this little company started doing really well we’re selling about twenty thousand dollars a month in in supplement sells with this little tomorrow first funnel I was like that’s pretty cool but I want to see like you know how could I grow this thing what else are they doing and so I did something that every good funnel hacker every good entrepreneur it has to become good at doing

I said what is he behind the scenes of what they’re doing it behind us so I pulled out my wallet and I gave every good every good entrepreneur has to be kept gonna doing and I bought their product okay so I went there I bought the product and unfortunately for me and for them there was nothing on the next page it’s took an 80 page and I was like okay I didn’t learn how much they weren’t doing anything right so I’m back and I started missile research and eventually I found this coming right here and and I I did one of my friends told me about him and they were doing at a time about three million dollars a month selling their supplement so I’m like okay these guys know exactly to doing I’m gonna I’m gonna model them right so I came back here I said okay what are they doing so I went to the page and

it look different than the other pages I’ve seen before there’s a video ad the Cart button clicked on it could be an order form and they were formed in like one three or four models when okay that’s kind of interesting and then and then again I do it every good entrepreneur house they come get doing I pulled my wallet out of my pocket and I bought their product so I bought the product and then what happens it showed me behind the scenes of their funnel what else they do it okay so after I buy the product the first upsell with six more bottles with the exact same thing I just purchased I don’t really I think in this is insane why would they have done that like they give a drug I just bought four bottles like two seconds ago actually six more bottles I’m thinking all that crazy imma do something way different and I thought you know what maybe just maybe they’ve got some

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Million dollars

arrows in their back maybe they test this before I’m gonna I’m just gonna I’m just gonna try not to test it see see if they know something I don’t know so I decided to keep on through the process and eventually I went through and this is what they’re fun to look like ok those five pages at the time raking about three million dollars a month so what I did okay this is the business plan this is the this is I need a cream I need have an offer these are the price points this is the layout this is that how it all works so I went out and I mapped out it’s okay this is my this is my business plan I sketched out when it need to look like can I just catch it out on a whiteboard it’s okay this is ready to create went back to my team s okay we need to create this okay so we went inside to click following start building so this came our first page this will click the order button at the door she get had one three or four bought four bucks just like that

the going went for making $20,000 a month almost $20,000 per day can really cook alright pause before I kind of go on and say that I like by doing this does not mean they’re gonna make that kind of money we had a product rated traffic and so many good things with our ability to grow the company when we shifted from having a static page to a funnel was dramatic okay gave us ability spend more money on advertising gave us ability to to do all sorts of things and the coolest thing about this is we were able to do this entire thing and I total investment to learn all this to get all the market research all the data was about a hundred bucks I just had to go buy their product by seeing that I saw where they wrapped today I saw where all the arrows you know all the others they got my back well they came out

with what was working today and we just started from there and we heard the buy past 10 years worth of worth of trial man okay you guys getting this now the first time I showed this somebody was actually my friends were launching new company called organifi and it was a green drink and they said hey we’re also you know supplements do want them help us with that I said sure I love to and so I went through it I took them through this funnel hacking process I showed my flesh from other funnels and then help them to build out their fun white here in their own words what happened from this process this is the video from Gmail and it may be a

little choppy has restrained to literally 5,000 people right now but I want you guys listen to the words because it’s so powerful when you get the Hana Yan as well so real quick back story I had a chance to go out and spend a little while with these guys in their company and they were about to launch a new supplement and and then I hey look at our funnel what should we do and I was like just copy mine it works really good so I love for you kind of talk about what happened with you guys did your funnel and then some of the results have happened since then yeah I’d like to

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Digital product

reimpose his point about just cloning and copying and modeling what works so we are a digital product company we have information products coaching products and we were doing about a million a year and I managed all the sales funnels in sales optimization and we were gonna come out with a physical product line and we’re like you know who’s done this before who’s been really successful we reached out to Russell he helped us model exactly nurse’ll actually it’s funny because I’m looking at were you my little bit and I had the exact same the first upsell that we have in place is more of the same thing that they just bought and we

were like that doesn’t make any sense so we sold them a bottle of our new product called organifi our first one time offer was three more bottles after they already bought that and the take rate was like twenty or thirty percent then we thought you know Russell actually mentioned you know we should implement subscription on everything so we had three options we modeled exactly Russell’s for a sales page one bottle three bottles for bottles modeled his pricing 47 129 149 exactly they say sorry for stealing everything but you know it works yeah and then once we implemented all the pieces we in actually like a week which is crazy we matched his results we’re doing

that was just you know opening the gates in every single day after that we’ve done around fifteen to twenty thousand because of the way that the funnels are structured so it’s it’s really exciting and I owe a lot to Russell I mean he came out he helped us with our funnels he broke down everything we were doing wrong everything and right and showed it’s exactly what they did and we just copied it and it works South awesome give a round of applause all right you guys getting this so the question people had asked me is well Russ where do I find a good funnel I can hack ty D’Amato right you don’t want to go funnel hack someone that’s broke

there’s a lot of ways to do that you know one of the easiest ways to look at like people that are spending a lot of money if you see their ads all the time my guests either they’re gonna go broke really quick or they’re profitable right I’m always looking for what’s happening I’m clicking in tons of people’s funnels but the good news for you is I funnel hacks in the last few years I would say pretty close to a thousand plus different funnels I’m obsessed with it and I’ve broken down to basically all funnels fall into four different categories even their funnels their lead funnels their

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Re-invent

sales letter funnel a webinar funnel or a product launch funnel and if it’s a phone funnel it’s an application funnel okay so it’s usually one of these ten types of photos I would say probably 98 99 percent of all funds followed to one of these categories so that’s the good news is that you don’t have to always like reinvent the wheel made of somatic almost every funnel is one of these ten I would say for the majority is one of like four or five and so what’s cool about this is as you go through the dot-com uys went through webinar funnel to be here today so you have seen this one in live action there’s webinar funnel you in fact

you’re in the middle of it right now you’re in the middle of the presentations by step three of the webinar funnel right and the next is the product launch funnel okay if you follow Jeff Walker and his community they’re big on the product launch funnels and that’s the structure and layout of a product launch funnel and then lastly here are phone funnels we were trying to get high trying to get application leads people where they thoughtful application become a lead this is what a phone funnel looks like okay so these ten funnels I completely throw hacking for you over and over and over you don’t have to go on like spend tons of money like I did the past you comes okay I know that I needed

webinar funnel I know that I need more leads I know I’m selling physical product and we can tell you that this is the funnel you need okay it’s almost always as a 99.9 percent one of those ten funnels and all if we talk about deep inside comes secrets okay so I have to know what the funnel is back in the day the hardware like the first time we built in her cell we had to do it a little differently okay when we had to do back then is because we didn’t have click funnels a tool like that way to do these

like the story about why here in the book here the story got his first up selling story we plug those into the funnel okay so that’s kind of the products that make sense you guys what’s the story inside the funnel to get somebody to move to page 1 to page 2 page 3 so we took Tony’s things it took me even Club nificant to click funnels now in the past we’ve had to do before click phones I have to go to an entire designer and a web master program and Analects person who’s spent next two months of my life building out a funnel step by step by step in custom coding everything we’re taking forever that’s what we used to have to do but today you guys are all lucky we’re lucky because we can use the toilet click funnels we can do the entire thing in less than 10 minutes okay and so how many guys real quick how

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Advantage of sales funnels

many guys have you heard of click phones before you actually use click photos if you use it or heard of it in the in the box say yes right here if you’re a click phone’s memory yes yes yes if you’re not like I don’t know what click closes I’ve heard of it but only know what it is I’ve never used or maybe they use if I left for some reason and say no when hear the nose as well who am i yes is my nose give me a lot too yes there’s lots of nose people never heard of any people

I’ve heard of what it is it’s my body can’t sauce was like yeah she’s just so okay all over the place can so really quick obviously I can tell you till my till I’m blue in the face that click throw this is the greatest thing since sliced bread I don’t want to just you hear my own word for it so really good before I show you the demo I me actually building our Tommy’s funnel I’ll show you a really quick video from a

man garrett JY i garrett someone who’s been in this business for a long time you try a lot of tools and why do you hear his own words how click files change him and his business hello my name is Garrett J white the master coach mentor and founder of wake up warrior Academy and I will tell you this right now we have tested with platforms we have tested everything I have attempted for the past six years to use every available software tool I could find that

made it simpler for me to share my message and it started with WordPress and then it went plugins and then optimized press and then we went to kajabi and then we went to leadpages and these are all wonderful know the owners of these guys are fantastic the software tools were amazing when clickfunnels came out I was like dude I cannot handle another software tool I don’t give a we’re just gonna manage our stuff between leadpages and kajabi and then my friends have just test it just try it out and I went to click funnels and no like every software increment

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Most business owners use it

over the last five years has been a not a quantum shift in what you can do with the tool to get your message out to the marketplace they’ve been incremental so like there’s been a move from kajabi to leadpages or from optimized press to kajabi and they were these segmented steps that had slight improvements thatmade it easier click funnels though came out of nowhere they took the marketplace by storm just like Apple did when they first launched the iPhone it was it was not a linear move anymore it was a quantum move and improvement that’ll open up a gap to allow people

just like you watching this people just like you and me who are not technically savvy we weren’t burning the matrix and we didn’t have a chip implanted in our heads we are not engineers or computer science majors and we don’t understand that stuff inherently clickfunnels gave you you might friend an opportunity to cut and decrease the time of stress and anxiety and suffering behind a keyboard trust me the days you want to just pound vodka and throw

your Mac out the window because you can’t figure out clickfunnels has brought it to a place that it is a quantum leap an opportunity which allows you just like the iPhone to not only look smarter but to feel smarter and ultimately to only deal with the stuff that matters which is getting your message about your product and your program service out to the marketplace on spend all the time in suicide watch and happen to check yourself into a hospital and honestly

trying to deal with everything else that’s come out before it so I’m not only fully endorsed clickfunnels it’s the only software tool that we use when it comes to our funnels online across all four of my businesses we’re not going anywhere else love Russell love this event this event married up to that software tool you are a dumbass if you don’t come and that’s okay there’s plenty of dumbasses on the planet just don’t let it be okay if you’re excited I want to show you guys [Applause] you want to see it let me know and I will queue it up and you guys can see how it works literally went to Tony we filmed the videos we put

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: How sales funnels can help your business

the videos on YouTube and from there reels fun very very very very quickly okay alright you guys want to see it oh man they’re flying in this apps you get five thousand people all yelling yes you’re the sage all right here we go let me show you guys guys the scenes of Tony’s funnel and how he set it all up how we put it together okay so here I am inside clickfunnels I’m so excited to show you guys exactly how it works how simple and easy it is for people like me and you to actually build our own sales funnels here inside of click funnels now for this example I’m actually gonna

build out Tony Robbins sales funnel for his book money master the game now here on the left hand side actually have YouTube open up so you can see basically I recorded these videos of Tony we upload them to YouTube so it’s nothing fancy we just took him up on YouTube and all four videos up sell his book the ultimate edge love and relationships program and also his coaching program are now here inside of YouTube now over here on the right hand side this is actually inside of clickfunnels now if you look here on left hand side these are each of the pages inside of Tony’s funnel this is the first page which is gonna be selling

webinar figured out and I came out I have a funnel but how do I get to convert then if you got story is story selling how do you do that part how he’s like helping that part number three now you got those things figured I know how do I get traffic how do I get trapped they own half traffic control they come in here so I start building my list I have my follow up funnels okay so put together special offer and I hope you guys implement what you learned today and if you guys are cool with it I would love to spend maybe 15 minutes or so going over exactly what that offer is you guys

make it a good decision you can look at it see if it’s a good decision for you that’s cool by 7:15 it’s going to show it quick if so let’s say yeah Pearson yes yes all right all right I appreciate that Ken this is game platinum I go through everything know as quick as I can but this is an off route put together that is literally the greatest offer I’ve ever made I mean I’ve been this business now for 17 years I’ve been click froze now for six years this by far is the best special

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: How easy to setup sales funnel

offer we ever made I’d help get you started and moving forward quickly so that’s my game plan so that’s gonna jump right in to the offer right real quick before you now when I stress again click froze is not a business opportunity okay if you don’t have a business yet go start a business and then click photos of the tool to help you grow that business okay I just wanted to restate that

because people come to my’s like hey how do I make money now click phones like your business makes my click phones helps you grow your business there’s a difference okay all right so here’s we gonna get number first here yet I want to makes you guys have access to click funnels I don’t want you stressing out especially now that we’re in this economic weird time so I’m gonna give you anybody to get started a with that with this special offer you can get six a month click photos for free it means no monthly fees for six six months now we’re not stressing about that every

single month bill coming in you can just use quick farms with no monthly payments for six months okay that’s the person handy has on these clip phones for free for next six months if so let me know say yes I want everyone’s it okay so you have six click folks for free for next six months that gives you six months to build photos crepe almost blew all the stuff I’m gonna show you guys today without stressing that you monthly payments okay now I’m gonna talk about what our clad and click funnel members get inside their account inside accounts they pay 70 funnels have a

hundred thousand monthly visitors and a whole bunch more okay you guys gonna get that today when you get started okay when you have that you’ll be able to create all sorts of photos leave final survey final summit phone book photos card photos challenge photos video phones webinar phones problems for those application photos okay so all these kind of photos you’ll be able to easily build inside your click Thrones camp you’re also you’ll get rid of a lot of stuff okay you can get rid of in fact the average click those member

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Promote your business at social media

a thousand dollars a month they start using clip phones because all things they can actually get rid of so will you be able get a whole bunch of get rid of your landing page software your split testing software your shopping carts often give me cuz click phones has a shopping cart built-in get ready email autoresponders because click close has that built in you get your text messages on automated webinar software utility software new membership site software

who that’s a tongue twister you can get rid of Photoshop WordPress you can give your website host you can fire your programs fire designers your webmasters and so much more Kagi said most people save money when using click foot click closed if it cost you money she’d be in there every single day who are helping you to get stuck my phone is not working I’m have a question about copy they’re in there every single day you can ask them questions you get coaching from their full-time job literally is to sit in the face for group answering your questions you don’t like calls

you helping you guys to move forward so when you’re in this 30-day window you’re going through this intense training you can literally have access to my team to help you get it done okay that’s the power of this challenge and I believe you guys access to this challenge for free today as well okay again it’s the 30 day challenge we can move African communities publishing and funnel building and traffic okay there’s people had a chance to go through this is my colleges he said in fact I did learn along I did make some progress like never really quite put it together and

turn into a real tangible results I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated how can I know so much not transferred to actual reality then I heard about the one funnel away training it’s that like it was just what I needed but I was reluctant was it part of the problems I was doing too much training and not being able to implement it would this be just the same nope nope nope this is actually the best training I’ve ever taken I have so many epiphanies because the

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Why we need sales funnel

course training in theory with implement the course is blatant with training and theory with implementation the pace is brisk it pushed me but not overwhelming the training is perfect blend of theory and implementation it teaches you the technical stuff and helps you with the common emotional and psychological sticking points you hit if you want to be successful if you want to successfully integrate business funnels in your business and you should take this course once offered again okay so that’s what Mike’s we went through it this is route through said this is the best

laid out course practically step-by-step trade course I’ve ever participated in okay we’ve been running these challenges now for a long time we’ve had tons of people graduate to be any bit and I want you guys to be the next one next what’s starting very very soon I’ve got one more quick video I wanna show you this is from drew Canole drew on the company organifi I told you about earlier but he had a chance to go through all this final training with us why you here here here in his own words not only how affected him but the mission of his company how they’re able to

change and serve people’s lives you want to give you kind of your experience about the funnel stuff that I went through with that with you guys absolutely so what was it aboutfour months ago I bought the book 108 split tests and I was looking through this book and I’m like this book is just loaded with goodness I’m like in the back of my mind being a visionary you know you have all these ideas as entrepreneurs right everybody in the room has a thousand ideas in my mind at the time I was like what if Russell could come here and help the FitLife TV team build our supplement funnel and the different things that we’re creating because at the time we were doing well like Jamel said

over a million dollars every year but we wanted a 10 exit and take it to the next level so Brunson came out he spent the entire day with us he just blew our minds of the content that he was delivering and we were in our conference room we didn’t even have a whiteboard in the conference room he was poor guy was drawing on the windows in this place and he mapped out the entire strategy the entire funnel for the product launch that we just put into play and literally within two weeks I mean it’s we ten decks we 10x our business or more and we have pre-orders coming in

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: How to build your first sales page

now that’s essentially going to pay for all of our product for like the next year and a half it’s ridiculous so I believe in it I think it’s absolutely amazing what he teaches what he’s telling you guys to do it completely can radically transform your business if you just listen and follow with it instead of trying to be creative and you know putting your touch into it you know follow the pros that have been doing it for over a decade and that’s exactly what we did

and now we’re not only making more money but our mission and purpose here is to transform 10 million people this year and we’re well on our way to do that with physical products outside of just digital so you’re touching those lives through us my man I don’t appreciate you for that so thanks man all right you excited ok so the first 30 days happen ok goes through this challenge you click funnels use one holy challenge the first 30 days you’ll be able to implement it your first final launch and live ok so you click flow software you’ve got the worth phone win challenge to help you

implement software well she is neat I want to make sure you got no excuses I’ll make sure if everything you need to be successful what else you guys need be successful you’ve got a phone software you got a challenge oh we’re getting access to my actual funnel builders twice per day helping you to build your funnels let help any of you guys if you had access to the people in my team helped build funnels for me if so what we do when you are here inside this program is good virtual daily hackathons ok and every single a twice a day these

are like many hackathons we go through these do one day would you leave funnels then survey folks and some of the books and cart and challenge video and go through all 10 funnel types let me start back over when we do it and we keep going through it over and over and over again ok so for you guys your business the only thing you had to figure out is like which one of these is the right funnel for you can this tons of training in direction we can help point in the

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Most business owners use it

right direction be like Tony’s like Detroit Robbins we do as a book funnel for a train we do as a car fund like we set up figure out what funnel is for you he’s okay I want to do the book funnels then you log in and basically happens is that this training portal right here will give you you watch the videos on each funnel types Lawrence what it is then you schedule hackathon it’s okay well Monday at 4:00 they’re doing that that funnel you jump on it this Wednesday to or and twice a day five days a week our funnel building teams in their building the funnels with you so it works is you

say okay I’m gonna watch a book funnel you go to the calendar you figure out which day this week put in the book funnel you jump on it you click on it and then you get in there into small groups of people and everyone jumps to the top and say okay we’re gonna build a book funnel go byour domains okay now you’re gonna point your domains now we’re gonna pick a template and then go through it person by person all the way through until the end of it your book

funnels done if you get stuck in the middle those other coaches on there now pull your side help get you unstuck so my tennis you’re done with the hackathon your final should be done okay if for some reason doesn’t they jump on the one the next day or two hours late like that happening every single day okay in fact for most of you guys I recommend doing is go to every single one of these until you built every single one out all ten funnels least once cuz they didn’t know exactly how to build a cart front on a lead page funnel I like all that follows you will learn you

mastered if you do it okay or if you like I don’t want to build funnel just let school like make your kids do it okay so let me get some kids are in quarantine right now I send them in here it’s okay your your job this week kid just learn how to do a lead funnel the training starts at nine and then let us educate your kids and that’s what it takes okay these are happening twice a day every single day and my literally you can jump in with with our team these are coaches they’ve been with us for a long run times I can add at Easter the middle is like employee three or four he’s been here

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Advantage of sales funnels

ok telling secrets is not like a 90 day program this is a weekend course you think a weekend you sit down pad a paper you go through the training you open the slide deck I give you you can start building your thing in a weekend you should be able to build out all the sales materials you need for each step each page here inside the funnel that makes sense ok so step number two after you know the funnel stuff happening is taking a weekend going through text Secrets course and mashing how to sell inside of your funnels okay alright well see has need again a pony way every

excuse you possibly got because they’re coming out of your head right now every soon what you guys are thinking like why couldn’t you never buy this what like what could I think in different ways I want to pull every excuse out okay so give me the software I’ve given you access to the one for my challenge I’ve given you twice a day daily virtual hackathon it’s my TV how people phones twice a day five days a week every single next six months I’m beyond I’ve

given you guys the Technic secrets training course is just the best recourse I’ve ever created show you how to tell your stories inside your funnels what else Jean I wanna make sure you got no more excuses what else he has me oh how about more traffic okay obviously I’m recently launched travel have a pager camera how you recommitted this analytic tracking platform is so cool but you can just use the free version of clinics and funnel it’s it’s like basically like a funnel whiteboarding software so you can you can whiteboard stuff in funnels that’s really really cool so there’s

photo looks training and a link to get free free count of phone Olympics and then and you can do all of your whiteboard from there and then obviously you really upgrade there can’t which I highly recommend doing like their tracking platform some of my favorites so fun Olympics is amazing and so give this inside the funnel folks there’s training there’s a link to it you go you can go create account and you can use final weeks as well which is awesome and then funnel images this is our brand-new tool it hasn’t launched the market yet if you guys ever use canva it’s kind of camera except for funnels so he does all the fun we just like your headlines your order form boxes your your

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Build your sales page in one day

stack slides your guarantee sales it does your Facebook add your Instagram imagine you’re like headers your thumbnails like so cool so it’s a beta right now listen to anybody we we took a small group of beta members in last week off of a web class those dude with pain Joon’s audience and now we’re gonna open to you guys so he has to be the first Boehner member to

come in there and try it out again there’s me some bugs applause we haven’t launched mainstream yet but it’s amazing so it’ll be all your images as well so you got the funnel a selfie whiteboard out yourself when you gotta click photos build your funnels you get four images to build all the images inside your photos you got follow-up funnels to help emails like we’re trying to make this all inclusive this week to give you guys all the tools you need and I wasn’t

kidding when I told you that people literally save a thousand dollars a month by using click funnels and so we look at that it’s like I don’t only pay this like it it should never cost you money and we’re always adding more things the reason your nice thing about having a hundred thousand active members paid monthly for this is we have a lot of money to reap to put back into development and adding new products new features new things and so we’re trying to

make it so that the experience of our customers is just the best in the world and so that that’s how we’re making sure we serve you guys all the time so again you’re gonna access all these software there’s more stuff coming all the time but yeah it’s it’s all in there you guys all you got to do is go to senior special ops comm slash go okay all right recap the offer one more time you guys we’re at

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: How easy to setup sales funnel

end of our party together so again first thing you get is a six-month platinum account click funnels a 17th out seven hundred eighty-two dollar value that’s loop you’ll pay fifty six months is today seven one five six bucks number two is one fun way 30 day challenge that’s a nineteen eighty seven dollar offer then the virtual daily hackathons means twice a day for the entire six months your click funnels during this during your your your freak six months you have access to five days a week to our virtual daily hackathons I mean there’s coaches twice they going live for three or

four hours of time and you can plug in and build funnels with them like I don’t know how we can over to little more than that excrete and if you as long as you stay at the Platinum level that’s always happening so for next year or five years like songs we’re doing it you have access to that so if you’re never more than just like a day away or a couple hours a week on my webinar fun or yeah okay when’s the next webinar bill okay next weather hack songs tomorrow

or Wednesday you jump in and buy time you’ve done the whole thing done in live radio rock roll so those are happening it’s they’re so valuable it’s funny we first start doing these not many people came on him and then they they got out like our planet never start talking out and platinummembers like these are amazing get on and so this is like well these these secrets inside click for people most will mean or happening it’s happening for you twice a day

now any other program you pay a thousand bucks to get access you you just like you get a membership site they tell you good luck well this is literally got people twice a day going live with you helping with your funnels like it’s it’s insane we’re only able to do that because we’re it’s scale because it 100,000 members we can afford to pay these guys and gals to train you the coach should mentor you whereas like you can’t do that in any other way now you get the

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Upsell on your sales funnel

10x seekers mastery program this is by far the best product I’ve ever put together ever created is showing how I did the 3.2 million dollars 90 minutes then how to use that in create videos and sales messages to put inside of your funnels from your ads your Thank You page to adding pages like all the things in between again it’s my favorite product I’ve ever created myself and you guys get access to that as well and your traffic secrets live Plus add skills that’s all in there’s welco value $15,700 you get all this from your secrets master class comp / go but now is the time

you guys you’ve got to take that leap of faith I cannot do it for you the success pathway because I got more well nowwe can do this it’s simple step one guy get a funnel okay you click phones account you will have a mu e most you guys have it right now okay I’m now you’re gonna have it in a few minutes okay number two you jump in the next funnel one funnel a challenge they’re happening every every other week we starts the next ones coming up very soon you jump in their next 30 days you immerse yourself in stuff so I hope you understand the psychology how it works

had a cake offer all the important leads you need to know to be great fun ability okay then ask that you’ve got the hackathons having twice a day maybe a stuck if they need help like there’s there the people there waiting for you too so help you and certainly make sure your funnels get launched alive okay that’s step number one from there you spent a weekend you go through connect secrets new you that week it’ll help you to figure out your message you had a create everything you need you know plugging your story inside your phone with Lucilla page 1 page 2 page 3 and

beyond then after that the rest of time is just now you got a funnel it’s done it’s converted now it’s just filled with traffic ok you go through traffic seekers for you to understand the strategy and if you want to have some on your team your kid your wife your spouse your employer whoever have them go toadd skills they learn how to drive traffic for you think start driving traffic at your funnels as well okay and so that’s the success pack that’s very simple it’s very easy don’t get overwhelm their x’ a lot of cool stuff in there for you guys but it really comes the boils down to it this

Clickfunnels™ Masterclass: Promote your business at social media

we head of you get click funnels go through the challenge when you get stuck jump on a hackathon spend a weekend go through tax secrets master your stories plug into your funnels and then this figure out traffic and then keep driving traffic we consistently drive traffic you do and that’s how you grow your company okay that’s the big secret click for us you guys it’s not that we’re one you know one shot fits all we’re on a business opportunity right get-rich-quick scheme where a tool that helps you very company and it’s very simple it’s very easy you just kind of dive in and

follow the process so don’t get overwhelmed Oh get stressed I tried to over deliver by giving as much stuff as possible but really this is it step one step two step three very fun very simple very easy and as you’re going through step one if you notice step one syncs with the dot-com secrets book step two sinks with the experts secrets book in step three six of traffic secrets so even you get those books read them as you’re going through these each of these

have to make a choice I have to make a change today is the day if so that’s you then go to see your smash boss calm and get flash go and get started we’re so setting on this journey again we’re here for you we’re not going anywhere click phones have been in business for five and a half years now they almost 400 employees they’re 100,000 active members we’re here for you’re not going to desert you or not leaving anywhere we’re here just want to make sure you understand that but again I tell people all the time it’s not a matter if you’re gonna become a quick phone’s member

if you want to be successful online it’s a matter of when you’re gonna become to click phones remember and so there’s no better time than now so now is the time you guys go open up a new browser when I go to secrets masterclass comm slash go you see in there we do you sign up there’s media for me walk you through the process I don’t think he hasn’t been paying up saying thank you so much give any other questions please ask them the question box my team will answer for you guys that said I will talk to you all again soon bye everybody you you

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