Secrets of A ClickFunnels™ Dream Car Winner – Spencer Mecham – FHR #202

Spencer Mecham is one of ClickFunnels™ top Dream Car Winners. As an affiliate his dream car is paid for by ClickFunnels™. He reveals what he has done without having a list and not making any money as an affiliate for others for over a year to now making his full time 6 figure income as an affiliate. He breaks down the steps he would use to do it all over again and gives free resources and coaching to help you do the same thing.

Why Dave Decided to talk to Spencer:

Spencer is a ClickFunnels™ Dream Car Winner and makes a six figure income as an affiliate. He provides resources and coaching to teach you how to stand out in affiliate marketing.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

-How to be successful in promoting affiliate programs (5:38)

-Spencer talks about what he did to become one of the Top Affiliates for the Expert Secrets (9:07)

-Resources to help you have success on affiliate marketing (11:30)

Quotable Moments:

“I love when you are gaming our system.”

“Affiliate marketing is no different than any other business, it is a business by itself.”

“As you are looking at ways you can change your life, one of the most important ways is by having passive income.”

Other Tidbits:

Affiliate marketing is all about being unique and setting yourself apart from everyone else out there.

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welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward hey everybody welcome back I am so excited today you have the opportunity of bringing on it a guy who’s become just a dear friend because he’s totally humble and just making stuff happen this is a guy who massively massively takes action and everything that he does and isn’t out there trying to get a whole bunch of fanfare but I wanted to bring him to the attention of many people as I possibly can just because he’s an amazing guy so welcome to the show spencer Meachem thanks Dave so happy to be here I again first of all for those days you may not know Spencer Spencer is our number one dream car affiliate I think last count you’re somewhere over 1700 ClickFunnels™ account I can’t keep track of it anymore but the greatest thing for me is really kind of how you’ve done this and where you’ve come from and you know one of things like Spencer’s always so giving at the same time last thing I want to do is drive his business down because I do what’s gonna copy him so I’m not gonna give you absolutely everything that he’s doing but we’re gonna talk to you about a lot of the stuff he’s doing primarily so you can use it first of all if you’re not currently using ClickFunnels™ as and promoting it I don’t even know how much we pay you on a monthly basis Spencer but I know it’s uh it’s it’s at least enough to pay your bills that’s fair to say that would be fair so with all that said though honestly I want to thank you so much and tell people just a little bit about as far as where you came from yeah I mean so I affiliate marketing is obviously been a huge part of all I’ve been doing the past year something most people don’t know is I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for two and a half years and the first year and a half was just nothing straight negative numbers always you know every penny I spent brought me back a half a penny or whatever so really like my first big success happened with ClickFunnels™ with the extra secrets launched that’s like where I met you you remember at the secrets event up there and that was like my first success not only as like a human but in affiliate marketing total and it was just one of the coolest things ever to suddenly be going from you know like just down losing money everything I try to suddenly that that first month I promoted expert secrets I think I made like six seven thousand dollars and like boom this works it works it works so tell people some of the things that again we have a ton of tools and resources out there if you guys aren’t already a part of our Avenger group go to the Facebook Avenger page and you can sign up there to be to get signed up for that we have our hundred days to retire yeah I know that you’ve done some of that kind of stuff understand anyway it’s not you’re not getting something every single day for a hundred days that’s not the idea behind it the idea though is for you to get to a point to where you’re actually have income that’s coming in almost on a passive basis and I know Spence that’s kind of where you’re at right now you’re ClickFunnels™ revenue basically as an again if you want to tell what your numbers are that’s great but I don’t want to divulge it because your numbers well I mean people can do the math 1800 car people means you know times that by 40 or 50 there’s a number so it’s again it’s basically six-figure income can we say that at least yeah okay so six figures just promoting ClickFunnels™ but most importantly I think the part I love about what you’re doing is the value that you continue to add I know you just recently are creating automation nation it’s a Facebook page if you guys aren’t on there already go to forward slash groups for its last autumn automation nation and automation nation is basically Spencer’s way of giving back to the community and I think it’s one of those things I want people to understand in fact you can’t tell people what you’re doing there yeah you know I’ve kind of had this huge internal debate the last few months of kind of like Who I am where I’m going and and kind of the direction I started to steer is a lot a lot less of like oh I’ll sell everything I learned you know I’ll sell sell sell versus I look at these people like Gary Vaynerchuk and some of these big huge people and they really don’t sell courses or trainings or a lot of that stuff they they just give all day long and a man but building a huge audience because of it and then you know it’s this awesome win-win-win where they’re winning their audience is winning and the companies that are basically paying them to to promote the company stuff is winning and and so it’s kind of like turn to that like this group is hopefully going to be a hub where I can do that and just give back tons and tons of free value to people and help them get where we’re at kind of I’ve gone and at the same time build myself an audience I love that I I’ve been traveling a Stu weeks and one thing I so with Russell we were down at Diageo seize the day before he went and flew up to meet with Grant Cardone and did the 10x thing for a couple days and then was out of traffic conversion for three days and then at social media marketing were for the last two days I can tell you the one thing I am if I’ve learned anything in my life and that is the value of relationships and so what you’re talking about there to me is is the most critical thing and I know it’s really hard for people to monetize what the value of relationship is it’s kind of like saying what’s the ROI of your mom I can’t put an ROI on my mom it means my mom but the same thing happens and I know you’ve seen that a lot in the people that you’ve been around and again you came up here for our our content our affiliate contest where you brought in our top 20 affiliates you can have the opportunity hanging out some amazing people but if you don’t mind could take just a few minutes and give some people some ideas as far as what are some of the things they could be doing right now whether to promote ClickFunnels™ will work for that matter any other affiliate program what are some of the things you’ve had success doing yeah I’ll give I’ll give two big things for me one of the biggest things was taking my own like previous skills and talents that I already had and using those so I liked like the bootcamp was incredible and I learned so much from it but it wasn’t me and like it wasn’t what I was good at whereas I had like two or three years of experience doing tons of AdWords and tons of SEO and YouTube and I was good at those and so take what you’re already good at and and figure out you can apply that to to affiliate marketing and if you if you sit there on Instagram for three hours a day or snapchat or Facebook well that’s fine take that and figure how you can apply that to affiliate marketing you know if you’re on Instagram 3 hours a day you should be able to be getting followers pretty pretty easily and then you can turn those followers and convert them if your business is Facebook Ads then you can do Facebook Ads very well but like I’m just not a Facebook Ads guy so it never worked for me until I took my talents that I already had and then morph the ClickFunnels™ affiliate program into those so I – that was the first one and then the second one was and this actually came from Russell and he wasn’t talking about affiliate marketing at all but he was talking about like the temperature of people when they find out about your products and and for me I’ve been able to focus a lot on warm and hot temperature people so people that are searching for ClickFunnels™ or or a product light ClickFunnels™ or a problem that ClickFunnels™ can solve so i’ve taken and just started to look out for all those people there’s I mean there’s literally hundreds of thousands of people searching for ClickFunnels™ related keywords and then hundreds of thousands of more people searching for problems and answers that ClickFunnels™ can help solve and so I’ve been able to target that and that’s how it’s been able to explode really quickly and every time something works I dump every penny I have into it I think that’s what I’ve loved about what what you’ve done Spencer and that is you haven’t been afraid to invest in your business and your business be in affiliate marketing where a lot of people think gosh you know what I I’m gonna suck every money every penny that I make out of the field of marketing that’s my take home where you’ve taken basically a large percentage of that and you put it right back into either ads drive into the articles that you’ve written or the videos that you’ve done and it basically you use your your proceeds basically to help fuel the next month’s earnings as well and I think I’m totally impressed the way you’ve done that yeah I mean I didn’t pull a penny out of the business for the first year until I was making like over twenty five thousand I think a month not a penny came to us and we just just kept piling it back into ads I think that’s fantastic and you know we we joke around all the time as far as if people would just listen to what we say and actually do it they actually will make money and you were like one of the first ones is actually done that it’s it’s fascinating for me to see because you really have you’ve taken certain like your review of ClickFunnels™ and I’ve seen that on Twitter I’ve seen it on other places too where you basically went out and reviewed it as a as a real honest review and because of that it’s gotten you know a ton of interest in people have you know found it and wants to find out more about it yeah I mean I was at one point I was like the top ranking YouTube review and then I did some dumb things and lost the channel but but yeah but I think that’s cool because that’s part of that’s just part of it but we’ve all lost channels we all lost Facebook pages and you’ve got to be you have to be willing just to put it out there and if you’re not it just doesn’t you’re not gonna you’re not gonna have success doing what you want to do so tell me as far some of the things how in the world you become one of our top fields for the dream car I’m sorry not the dream car but for our expert secrets book launch yeah so that that was I mean the same same thing I’m doing now and that was just kind of my intro into it so I knew that obviously as you guys started push extra secret as hard as you could there was gonna be a ton of just general buzz about it and so it was search once again the buzz I was able to do honestly with that one it was very mostly AdWords because there was so much buzz around experts secrets just pumped out tons of ads on AdWords remarketing and there was even a point where I mean once I realized that there was like a chance like oh I’m nobody and I’m about to be in the top 20 here you know I was over it like the local college just giving people 10 bucks because you guys were offering this 20 bucks for the stuff like that you know because it’s like hey I have a chance at this like it’s a no-brainer so I love when you’re gaming our system just that one time again I’ve looked at a full review of click funnels from a click funnels beginner I thought that was a great article that you’ve written I don’t know how many words it is but so like the article i’ts I think that’s the thing people have to understand is you got to put some time and effort into it whatever it is you’re gonna promote and affiliate marketing is no different than any other business it’s it is a business by itself and you’ve got to be willing to take the time to invest in it and find different ways of promoting driving traffic the great benefit is you don’t have to worry about all the support if you’re to have your own product and fortunately one of the things obviously that I know a lot of people love about click funnels is their the fact it’s a recurrent Commission and so you you basically see it stack month over month over month oh yeah I mean it’s crazy like this this big event Russell just did with Grant Cardone you know I suddenly start seeing these commissions coming in for like $1200 cuz he’s selling this $3,000 product and I didn’t even know it was happening so that cookies amazing yeah I know I have to talked about that I think we paid you too much but welcome back Justin yeah but no some things I want to make sure people understand is what are some of the things and resources or things that you can give to people that would help them have more success I don’t you be doing this coaching program over on your Facebook group at automation nation what’s what are some of the things you’re gonna be coaching about helping them get to dream car and we’ll talk a few minutes about where your dream car is but what are some of the coaching things you you think of yeah I mean for me it’s almost come down to two things like you can you can target people that are looking for already click funnels or click funnels like products or you have to give you have to create click funnels as part of a bigger system so it can’t just be pushing click funnels it’s got to be pushing like this this awesome course for system for somebody to automate their beauty salon or to get leads for their real estate business right you push the system like that and then click funnels is part of that system versus focusing primarily on click funnel and that’s what we’re doing a lot of the group will be targeting affiliate marketers and teaching them how they can use the click funnels to affiliate market and click funnels is just part of like the bigger system and the bigger picture I’m gonna think a lot of times we just you know click from this is gonna help you a ton and people sign up and then they’re like well I don’t even understand what I’m looking at right now and and then they’re out of there and and so it has to become part of a lot more you have to provide a lot more than just you know a link to click funnels to somebody to really get them to not only sign up but to get them to stay and then the second thing is people just are not using share funnels as well as they should like you should be just creating funnels all day long and sharing them with people you know there’s a million there’s million businesses out there that could benefit from click funnels and you give them a share funnel and like there’s no greater value you could ever give them like oh yeah just click this and you’re ready to go so that not everyone understands what a share funnel is so if you don’t mind they’ll kind of explain them what if you’re follows yes so you can create an entire funnel and then go into click funnels and just get a link and when someone clicks that link then your entire funnel will show up and their click funnels account but not only that if they don’t have a click funnels account it’ll prompt them to sign up for a click funnels account and and you’ll get the commissions for that signup I love it you have mastered the shear funnel Sherrod ability I think more than any other affiliate it’s been fascinating for me because I know you’ve done in in different verticals and different niches and I think that it is it’s one of those things that most people kind of forgotten I want to just talk about a couple things that you just made mention of specially that is one things we typically refer to as marketing integration and what I mean by that is where we’re basically are integrating ClickFunnels™ into the backend of other people’s products one of the things we’re doing right now is for Jeff Walker on his product launch and his Lodge Club and launch con events where we basically are creating share funnels for Jeff’s group yeah when they then sign up for launch com they get basically a three different funnels and if they don’t have click files and they signed up for click funnels and opsi Jeff Walker gets those commissions mm-hm and I’ve seen the same thing we’ve done it did some things for Sam ovens on some of the stuff he’s done I’ve looked at tile up as we’ve done some things for him on that and I think the key here is actually when I was Russell I were over tie Lopez’s house gosh I don’t know a couple months ago and did an interview and ty was asking Russell said you know what if you were to what would you recommend as an affiliate to do and I think it was pump some the best advice I received and I think it’s I’ve seen you do the exact same thing Spencer and that is what Rosso basically said was you know if you if I was to promote Ty’s products what I would do is I go out to YouTube and I find some of the best YouTube videos of from Ty and then what I would do is I create a Facebook ad basically targeting all the time anybody who follows ty Lopez and just say hey I want the best five videos from ty Lopez click here and then would take them to a page where they could then opt in and they would opt in what they would receive on the Thank You page so basically you’re getting the opt-in you’re building your list by providing free content content you didn’t have to create its content that was already created out there and then basically using that content and saying you know what here’s those here are the five videos that I think are some of the best things oh and by the way if you like Ty’s other things you might also like these products and then basically have other products that they could then purchase right on the Thank You page and then also you’ve now built a list of ty Lopez followers and you can now mark it to them on basis ties other products and again I’ve seen you do the same type of thing for quick bottles where he basically gone and said you know what if you’re targeting either people who are looking for click funnels or else are looking for Russell Brunson or looking for others in that industry and I think it’s again I’ve seen your success you’ve done an amazing job with that yeah I mean you know one of the biggest things for me and I actually didn’t mention this so I built a plugin I think we’ve talked about this but I talked about this with Kevin a plug-in that it connects to your click funnels affiliate dashboard and basically downloads and moves them into an autoresponder and then gives you a sequence to to email them and help people along they’re signing up underneath you and I built that it cost about a thousand bucks to build and then I started just doing Facebook ads giving that away so you know if you if you wants to see an on click funnels here’s a free plugin that that can help you do that and that’s been like my number one just list builder between affiliates and my own ads it’s just kind of a no-brainer and and grew my list really quickly with that that’s fantastic yeah take a look at that what that’s awesome yeah I know again I think it’s fantastic so realize as if you’re an affiliate out there whether promoting click funnels or anything else the key is to find different ways that you can be unique things that you can do that will separate you from everybody else out there and I think as far as the list building is the most critical part we try explaining this a ton in our affiliate bootcamp and I think people always understand what we’re really trying to do is help you build your own list that you can promote multiple things to ideally obviously want to promote and click funnels but if you’ve got now a list of people who are interested in click funnels are probably interested other things as well that you can send additional traffic to yeah so let’s talk now real quick about your dream car because your dream car wasn’t on my original dream car list but dude the to basically have had made it except Julie got her minivan so tell tell everybody what kind of a dream car you ended up getting and why it it’s a Toyota 4runner but it’s not just a Toyota 4runner I mean it’s got everything you can imagine on it if you Google tricked out for run or you’ll see a kind of an idea of more what it looks like light bars and big tires and stuff but it’s just a lifestyle thing for me and my lifestyle really isn’t like driving around town my lifestyle is going out in the mountains and I live in Utah and there’s just you know Moab and just tons of beautiful things around me and and so that car just fits my lifestyle so much more and and I think it looks super sexy at the same time which it does and again I congratulate you on again being are one of our top affiliates I love as far as the dream car we’ve given away over sixty dream cars now and I think it’s neat because everyone’s dream car is a little different I’m starting to learn that it’s that not everyone wants to exotic Ferraris Lamborghinis Maseratis Jaguars Porsches BMWs Lexus Mercedes it’s been neat though to see what you just meant in there which is most important thing to me and that is the fact that it’s all about lifestyle and that’s really what we try to promote through our ClickFunnels™ affiliate program if you haven’t already signed up you can go get there in fact if you have an affiliate link I’ll even let you promote your own affiliate link so that they sign up under your affiliate if you want to promote that or create one what we’re talking here your length but the whole idea here is want to make sure that as as you as you’re looking at ways that you can change your life one of the most important ways is by having passive income and for us that’s been the thing that we’ve enjoyed the most by having ClickFunnels™ on here is just the ability to have recurring commissions coming in and again our sticky cookies work extremely well all that other kind of fun stuff but the way the dream car contest works is Sergey have a hundred people basically signed up through click bones we then pay $500 a month for the purchase or at least of your dream car and so you have 200 we then pay you $1,000 a month and so spent I don’t know if you know this yet I’m actually looking at those people have over 500 of possibly putting in a mortgage payment there we might actually end up those to go over a thousand looking at the jet lease or I don’t know we’re toying around with different things because all of a sudden 200 doesn’t seem like that big of a deal and I’ve got people like yourself that you know 1700 plus people signed up it’s still a so but I mean what you’re talking about is also awesome I think it’s exciting so real quick for those of you guys who if you wanted to sign up I’m gonna give Spencer credit for this year so you go to build a preneur calm Forks last recommends ClickFunnels™ dip / ClickFunnels™ and that’s just pulling it up I just so again bill the preneur comm board / recommends forward / ClickFunnels™ and that way Spencer actually gets credit for being on the show taking time explained teaching people how to do this and again Spencer any other parting words here as we get ready to kind of wrap things up here no I mean I always just like to tell people that like once again I didn’t have success for a year and a half and so just keep going and eventually if you keep going it will always work it’s just I think that’s just a story of life well Spencer thanks so much tell your darling wife hello from us we appreciate all the support she’s given you over the years and wish you all the best in your continued success thanks so much Dave you know one of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on iTunes if you wouldn’t mind going out rate this show let me know how I’m doing just go to iTunes click on the episode and rate it leave a comment I read all the comments I’ve appreciate all the stars and everything everyone already left for me again I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind I’d really appreciate it and I again thank you so much for all that you guys do have a great day

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Secrets of A ClickFunnels™ Dream Car Winner – Spencer Mecham – FHR #202

Secrets of A ClickFunnels™ Dream Car Winner – Spencer Mecham – FHR #202