Special Announcement (Hint: it’s something you want…)

Now that the dust is settling from FHL, I want to share with all of you some cool things that have been happening…and, to announce something very special that’s coming up this week!

(HINT: This is something that a LOT of you have been asking me for over and over for the last few months…)

Your wish is my command… ‍♂️

what’s up everybody this is Russell welcome to our Facebook live today I am so excited right now for everybody and I hope you guys are at half the size I am because I’m usually pretty excited as I am begin once again right now anyway um first off we’re all live I don’t know how we survived the whole thing though chances were there you know it was insane it was fun we had over 3,000 entrepreneurs just like you guys from all around the world who came and it was amazing those who don’t know some of the updates we uh we did we did a charity fundraiser for operation Underground Railroad you know really with who they are and they are a team that goes out and actually saves children from sex slavery and at the event raised over a million dollars and it was the most amazing emotional things in my entire life it was awesome so thank you all for participating that coming into the very very near future were actually rolling out the online documentary that coming soon so you’ll have a chance to help us to save thousands and thousands of little children around the world is coming soon so exciting so get ready to prepared for that and then we have other fun stuff which are planning for electing live we got some next year we got some cool things planned out anyway there’s some I think I’m talking about but today we’re here for different reasons different purpose because we are actually doing the web class that’s coming up here on Thursday Thursday and we just finished the the registration page slash funnel for it I’m really really excited for it how many guys eliminating housing on Thursday and talk about some really fun exciting funnel building business building money making stuff I mean you guys would be interested in that if you are going with commerce right now and say Russell I would hang out with you an Instagram OBS and tell me to I can’t see you but I can see all you guys on Facebook so let me know I’m going to show you guys the new page two new fun working on in a second but first I’ll show you printout of the page to show you why I’m so excited then I will give you the secret URL to go to this page to register for the webinar here in a little bit but this is the page if you has to see this here on this side of the page wait the Senate page right here this is 17 entrepreneurs of your fellow funnel hackers who won a new award that we just did this year it’s called the two comma Club X and the idea is no metric karma club 2 comma Club means you made at least a million dollars inside of the funnel right now we have 258 now that was the event we have another we just today about 13 more that are on the shelf so we ready – 62 65 or so people that made over a million dollars inside of a funnel so congratulations all of you guys but we have 17 10 15 17 17 people that have made over 10 million dollars on a funnel and the event we actually feature them and gave them all their own new award and this is it and they also got a really with me here today the big use diamond ring it’s insanely cool deviers say davis Libra have a drink so I can show you guys they’re all you guys came on stage ain’t girl sorry we have men and women who qualified for this and so there there’s a picture of them which is on the landing page she hasn’t MC the best of the best the top one percent undecided ClickFunnels™ right now we’re an almost 62,000 active ClickFunnels™ members which is the same equal and and from that these are the 17 that have all made over ten million dollars inside of a funnel and now you guys are all aware of this everyone’s gunning for an l1 as well and so I wonder you guys training don’t motivate you and inspire you and get you to that spot and so on recently some years know Todd Dickerson who’s my business partner inside ClickFunnels™ and the one who built ClickFunnels™ additionally he started getting into the data and geeking out trying to go deep try to find out all sorts of really cool stuff and so recently we went through over 2 million funnels you trade over 2 million funnels and over 17,000 split test and pull out a whole bunch of day and a whole bunch of everything and from that I actually put together a new presentation I want to share with you guys and so on this presentation is read the headline here the headline says we’ve uncovered a new secret funnel strategy almost nobody knows about once your hands can take any business from startup to comic lip winter practically overnight and our says register now to find out how we sent gianna curzon have all won at least 10 – comma Club awards each which is crazy if you can win one these guys he’s won 10 10 million dollars everybody’s gonna go crazy I think I’m that excited yeah it’s gonna be amazing so that’s what’s happening you guys this Thursday we do the web class and then it’s at 2 2 p.m. Easter time right which is new my time it’s just it’s 11:00 Pacific time yes so it’s coming up here really really really soon it’s gonna be awesome so when you go right now you can register for that web class I’m gonna make she has gonna show us the last no class we did like this was back in December it was October spending oh man four or five months ago and now we can get 17 people registered for it my guess is this one probably specially webinar with you guys so it’s gonna be a lot of fun yeah there’s no killer seekers calm slash Wow we’ll take you the page go and register where you going through a lot of really cool things I’m showing you guys credit one of the big questions I got a lot funnel hacking live and people all over is like how does this how does this funnel work for me like I’m in this type of business I’m in this type ISM this type of business I’m actually go through there’s ten basically different types of businesses I’m gonna show you how that how fun will work with all those really quickly so you’ll see how to bridge the gap whatever it is you’re selling wish you a lot of fun and and then from there we’re gonna dive deeper into the strategy and a bunch of other really cool things so that’s the game plan you guys gonna be ton of fun so make sure you show up bring your spouse online bring your kids online train your kids if you want whatever it is bring everybody bring your team if you got you know if you got your own company bring your team it’s gonna be a lot of fun that’s happening this Thursday live it stopped during lunchtime I try to do that so you have to make your lunch break if you need to you an extended lunch break we’re probably going forward I know work for 90 minutes to two hours knowing me and it’s gonna be high paced fun exciting and will reignite you re excite you about funnels and it’s gonna be it’s gonna be awesome so I don’t builder seekers Commons where you go to register here in fact um tell you screen shares in V live you know let’s read that I don’t know if I can anyway regardless I’m gonna turn this out now yeah there is there’s some page you guys fun oh boy secrets calm gonna sign up right now my people posted links in the comments there are over two comments in there so hopefully with some to post that one to the very top of it the funnel Bueller seekers calm is where to go sign up for the web class it’s gonna be a lot of fun um yeah and for all of you guys who are fun liking live I know that somebody does have a goal to go to two million dollars in sales and everyone who’s in a million now is going for ten million which is really really fun and so this is gonna be some more free training for you guys up Kiki to that spot so funnel builder secrets calm is where you go to sign up www honorable or seekers I assume at www.medicare.gov in in the comments a Russ I’m gonna be there and let me know where you’re calling in from I’m gonna be there from Jamaica I’m gonna be there from Hawaii I’m gonna be there from Boise I know it’s like the least excited that’s right from I’m calling it from Boise though it isn’t excited to make it will Florida or why but it’s gonna be a ton of fun and I cannot wait for you guys so if you’re wondering how funnels gonna work for you for this year we’re in the beginning April now so we’ve got an entire year for us a few comma Club from April until December Guinea prep so that by next year’s fun I cannot even come on stage and get reward so this is gonna be step number one is jumping on this training and getting started it’s gonna be fun hundred some Korea we got Kentucky we’ve got Detroit Christopher from Detroit Michigan we’ve got Texas Australia of Portugal Utah Portugal Wow Utah Chicago – into Chicago’s Ohio Raleigh North Carolina New Hampshire all these also from boys yeah member boyzie ice look at Brazil coming brazil’s comedy Britney’s from North Pole Canada Britney was a loud I saw her there Scotsman Calgary Ariel is gonna be in boys you come to Boise during that time me appleís Arizona Kansas City Chile from Chile this funneling movement has swept around the entire globe is kind of exciting it’s funny um yeah it’s just fun to see it thanks ed we’re at almost sixty to sixty 1733 members which is exciting using other stats about yourselves ready and well we’re road passes right now you guys have built three million one hundred nine thousand six hundred fifty three funnels total inside click funnels over 3 million funds for dope by you guys but that’s insane and then you collected five hundred fifty 1 million leave half a billion leaves you guys are collected and then I’m leaning over like I’m a big board to have all my stats what we can brag about how cool you guys are every day to each other cuz this come from an article I think that’s legit they’re really contain some people staying in ARCA a scientist so maybe serious yeah I want to come in and ARCA and hang out I don’t think it’s a population but they’re scientists there I want to come someday that’s what my gold Antarctica there you go and then you guys are processed 1 billion ninety four million dollars so far instead and that’s just the stats we can track which is insane a billion dollars which this is kind of cool I’m gonna show us cuz we’ve got like we got the 1 comma Club and which a lot you guys are in there then we got two comma Club which 260 some are people are there then we got the eight-figure Club which we’ve got 17 people in there then we got the 9 figure Club which click Thrones of the whole we broke that so we’re gonna make that award because we want it for ourselves yes is that kind of it’s kind of weird I make awards it’s just for myself honestly to come out for Haley so we got a knife finger board for me now there’s that yes knock these 70 people go up to 9 figure board and then we’re gonna make a three comma Club award because ClickFunnels™ all of you members is all we collectively get the three karma clubs so we’re gonna make that in war two and award it to everybody here in the future which would be really cool I think it’d be awesome can we got another Portugal Singapore Rwanda Africa Rwanda yeah I don’t even Kenya sues Grinde a closer wonder I don’t know I might reader anyway that’s so cool all right okay we got if you guys missed it so we are doing a live event this Thursday after over 19 update this is 2 million funneled not only 3 million to over 2 million fund analysis with that suddenly pulled initial data and went deep dive should I figure out what are the trends where the patterns what are people doing what’s working what’s not working we went totally geek down on it and from that I made this presentation we’ve uncovered a new secret farming strategy that almost nobody knows about the once is in your hands you take anybody from startup face time you guys have started face your startup phase like I’m gonna start a pressing right now well if you lost something like PC newbie I hated like I’m the newbie because they say they were newbie and the name use that excuse like well I can’t do this guy with a newbie I don’t have any copper them a newbie I don’t think they use that as a slight crush I hate the word newbie yours not newbies if you’re just getting started you are in the startup phase which is exciting because that’s like Silicon Valley tech topic you guys are startups so someone asked you what you look like what you do don’t think I’m make money online like I’m crazy my own startup that’s exciting that sounds cool these are all started how many other startup phase okay it turns you guys in the startup phase it’s been a batch mode no – okay so if you’re starting phase congratulations your startup phase are going to start a phase 2 – comma Club in fact this is kind of fun so um I think my shares on one class though those are fun I like em I have a really cool video talking about entrepreneurs how we see things differently let me show that video again because it’s like they got how it starts right I throw in terms we see the world differently to its different lens were like excited and passionate motivated so first off we see things differently and then it’s like okay now I see these different having one fun which is our theme for last couple years so I’m one farm away from two comma Club the users do comma Club in this site now does its goal to get into eight-figure Club whole progression or take you guys through so if your starter phase don’t feel bad I wasn’t started faced like 40 years my goal is to give you guys some certain things in a lot shorter period of time because now we’ve got the tools the training everything has need to get there really fast we’re getting you out of startup phase quickly into like launch mode so start a face to launch mode and then we’re one fun way for jucama Club and that’s to be kind of fun so it’s awesome anyway I appreciate you guys saying that it has been a lot of fun the webinar oh and the leaking in so if you want to register for this webinar and you want to see this whole process to go from startup to comma Club Twitter startup to 2 comma Club winner practically overnight all yugos go to funnel builder secrets.com WWF bottle builder seekers combo links you can comment below if you miss it funnel builder seekers calm go there eat the register above class and it’s gonna be super super fun and exciting and I can’t wait to see you guys there so do not miss it I’m gonna be covering a lot of stuff and you guys gonna learn in the strategy on how to go funnels for whatever product or service you’re selling I don’t care if you are a service based business I’ll care if your chiropractor dentists doctor I don’t care if your financial planner unique office I’ll keep your selling cameras or magic markers or headphones or fidget spinners if you’re some picture spinners you can do that too I don’t care if your information products and whatever business you’re in we will show you guys the path to process you need to be to want your funnel cuz you want phone away from him to come Club so that is the goal so anyway it’s gonna be amazing alright guys I want to jump on in and phishers invite you guys to this because I think that you see outside now there’s hopefully be even half as excited I am that’s my goal because if you this excited I am means you’re gonna schedule this and you’re actually gonna show up the worst he feel registered then I’m gonna show up and then they never do like I want you guys to keep a commitment okay the one commonality I found poets everybody successfully do one thing two things number one they make commitments and number two they keep commitments that’s it if you look at everybody here on the stage the one thing different about them and people who work people who are there they’ve made commitments and then they keep commitments that’s it a lot of people make commitments now many people keep their commitments so I want all you guys to make a commitment and they keep the commitment if you do that you get in the whole process guys making MSTP movements making humaneness keeping commitments that’s how you start growing and progressing through our life and all I don’t care if it’s your marriage your family your athletics your your physical body whatever it is and especially here in business it’s all about making and keeping commitments so you’re making him in there and now you’re gonna funnel the other seekers column you’re about to make a commitment and then I need you to keep the commitment you show up play fallout and we’ll have a lot of fun I will entertain you I’ll keep the energy going hi I’m gonna come totally ready for you guys I want you to be ready as well it’s gonna be amazing so funnel builder seekers calm and James Nolan Northern Ireland I’m shouting out free man wonders down yeah there you go man hey Moody’s committed here and so is Lois Lois the movie you committed thank you okay and I’m liking about that you guys that’s like a common trait and everybody successful it’s a weird thing like that’s one thing they all do they all make and they keep commitments and we’re thing like Google are successful they do one of one half of the equation they make amendments and based on keep them so mean be like winners there you go all right phone ability be calm you guys appreciate you all I will see you guys soon seems super super fun final building stickers calm come and register come hang out with us we’re becoming some really cool things I’ll be shocked to talk about new a new secret final strategy almost nobody knows about and a bunch of other cool things I will see you guys on Thursday bundled builders secrets calm and I will see you guys soon bye everybody

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Special Announcement (Hint: it’s something you want…)

Special Announcement (Hint: it’s something you want…)