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Expert Secrets 20 bucks

Jeff said right now we are so excited this there’s crazy things happening here ago today unless you want to talk guys how cliff bones no want to feel it begin you don’t want to fill it morally how you can do the exact same thing so last year rough wants extra tickets if you’re not just booked you absolutely have to get a copy more importantly wait how to get a copy but twenty bucks for every when you give away so again last year first of all happy first – you’re the expert secrets over a hundred and twenty five thousand copies and Calvin sold in less than a year now lunch I remember one affiliate this is his flat spit to meet you actually this is on the way to you sorry I haven’t received it yet we need to do this proper today actually this is a home game out at or lack of live all her top affiliates spits making now is our number one top affiliate and it’s because of what we’re doing exactly how to do so last year when we blunt expert secrets it took us about a week or two to find out exactly what the numbers were and what we realized was we asked it afford to give you all our village motive expert secrets 20 bucks for just giving away the book for free so if I caught through the man and only for a very very short period of time meeting this coming Friday Saturday Sunday April 27 28 and 29 we’re bringing this back $20 every single copy an expert secrets that you give away so if you’re not doing how this works and you don’t have to feel that late

What’s Your Dream Car?

You’re gonna go to what’s your dream car comp again that’s why the steering wheel what’s your dream car Dom get your clearly if they’re already in the clouds you already account affiliate link and just log into the affiliate soon and they’re you’re going to get your place to promote expert secrets again and Friday 12:01 Eastern Standard Time until 11:59 Pacific Standard Time on Sunday so Friday through Sunday we’re going to do that what we’re going to do is help you guys go to see why this is so important so purpose will be eating this cookie is there this principle inside ClickFunnels™ called sticky cookies and that’s why all of these cookies out here the sticky cookies the way it works is when you put all one thing you didn’t get commissions on the next name it says together so why would someone get paid we’re not doing anything so I think just mention is the sticky cookies and I took some caffeine I’m trying to know Dave’s nothing on down here but I’m trying to get up here so took some caffeine I need about 12 cookies so Julie snowing I’m asking about know if you saw her post she hadn’t been promoting anything for the button builder secret weapon around the brussels did and look i don’t you guys can see that in there four thousand dollar day four thousand dollars and then Brian key lady he posted something a few days later that said hey Russell I don’t know what you did but please do it again he made two thousand dollars great Jeffrey’s right here look look at that Thursday he went from 250 to twenty or two grand because of sixty cookies I’m owning the book for my promoting some other product

Sticky Cookies For ClickFunnels™

Right now focus look you know these sticky cookies they stick with yet these people stick with you and when we sell something or you sell something else something click post you get Commission for that it’s one of the things we liked the most about click falls in the affiliate program is what you promote one thing you get cookie so whatever that next as long as that person buy something else you get another Commission so once my house is talked about Julie Brian great Greg yes tons people tell us of our affiliates make money when we click funnels with home headquarters here to promote something so that’s why we want to make sure we have a special announcement coming down about two weeks of a new promotion but we thought the best way to guys excited about that for every single one of these books that you ain’t get for money so anytime you promote expert secrets between Friday Saturday and Sunday April 27th through the 29th you’re gonna get 20 bucks now a couple things to that rules number one you cannot buy a top of yourself and get paid 20 bucks so you can’t use your own affiliate late to do that number two you cannot buy a whole bunch of copies to give away to somebody else we’re not gonna pay you 20 bucks to basically warehouse these books so just keep them your affiliate Lee when they buy from your affiliate link you get 20 bucks so that’s $20 for every single book into giveaway that’s the whole idea behind this and it’s only lasting April 27 to 28 – 29 prior to Sunday this coming weekend

Affiliate for Expert Secrets

So a couple things over make sure you guys understand is how funnels actually work and why’d you talk so much about the importance of funds but before I do that I want to make sure as an affiliate or anyone else who’s looking at it did you understand some of the cool things that are inside of experts secrets yep if you take a look here at the basically the title here at all table of contents some of the main things you’re gonna find is creating a massive movement the three markets promote the new opportunity get epiphany bridge the epiphany bridge script well show you something over here I’ll take down the side as moms get ready for the laptop create a mass movement so what Russell did is he went through a study I got let’s take to really create a mass movement whether it was a political campaign whether it was a religious campaign what what it was he went from study gluing thousands of thousands of years okay there are three different things that are necessary for creating a mass movement the first thing is a charismatic leader attractive character yeah religious standpoint think of the Savior Jesus Christ a massive opportunity there if you take them with bit as far as the cost what is your culture we talk a lot about that inside of clip-ons you have to have a cause about that understand that cause is most importantly is the new opportunity and this year is the vehicle of change I cannot express you guys understand anything the things we just like that you need to make sure you get a copy of experts secrets more importantly the reason we’re doing this today on Wednesday is to give you a couple of days to kind of reread experts secrets

Health Wealth Relationships

Come up with some of the things you want to talk to you the people here to be promoting this to one of the big things we see right now is there were really only three different markets that person can spend any time promoting it they’re gonna see health wealth wealth and relationships but from those three markets everything else spawns off of them and so what you can find is each of three primary markets but again here well that might be finance might be investing migrant real estate sales right now might be crypto there’s a ton of different things and then from there what are the sub niches of that so realize no matter what marketplace you’re in and more in particular as far as who your crafting emails or Facebook posts or Instagram posts when you’re promoting this realizes that these the three markets and people are active explain that to them the other thing is the importance of the new opportunity I don’t know my enough time to go through the details of this highly recommended you guys read this enzyme expert secrets take the next couple days read about the new opportunity and realize there’s two different things when we talk about opportunities what is the opportunity switching the others opportunity stack when you’re working with anybody as far as you only haven’t got to and one opportunity switch and again Russell is an amazing job in the book described exactly what that is why that’s overworked but what Zakia’s critical that we you’ll see here two quick ones we talked about expert secrets all of a sudden the other city companies are making other types of products that are all opportunity stacking some of my favorite things though is the effective rate I won’t have time to go through this

Page 115 of expert secrets

Page 115 of expert secrets is absolute 50 bridge script this year if you’re ever doing a testimonial if you’re ever doing anything at all as far as trying to find a way of connecting with people there’s nothing better than the 8 different principles to the affinity bridge script it’s on page 115 of experts secrets so go check that out but while you’re doing that before you do that actually we’re gonna go through and explain to you what does the ask what’s actually in the expert secrets book on so frequently it’s a $7.95 domestic 1995 international and it’s free so you’re gonna get paid 20 bucks for Lily telling people to go get me free book all they have to do is pay for the shipping so let that said they’re gonna land on this page here find your message that’s 5 and change the world that’s the sub headline to expert secrets soon as they entering their information here they’ve been ready to go ahead and enter the crack guard so that’s actually getting users the problem but you’re gonna get the word bomb for the black box that’s gonna be one of the first in DC so the order bug where the black box you’re gonna begin decals tickets to webinars all these duties within the black box that’s the first word bucket then you have the other word above which is the story forward secrets and that’s through kind of this perfect go to the next page in the funnel if we can get that then the next one is the audio version of experts secret so you don’t like to read or anything like that you can listen to it on tape you can listen to it over and over if you’re driving the car you’re not just gonna get a cut word the audio of expert secrets you’re going to get six free courses six other free courses

Hot to one hundred people who paid a hundred thousand dollars

I mean I don’t know if you fine tell me that’s not valued right you guys understand this you always hear us talking about funnel hacking this is the funnel we just rebuilt so we rebuild this and launch in about two weeks ago in commemoration of the one-year anniversary expert secrets one of the things we’ve learned recently and what Russell does a ton of time it’s cuz sometimes I’m talking about it’s the importance of a good hook so you’ll hear is talking about hook stories and offers the hook here is to understand why work basically charging forty seven dollars but it’s actually free and what you’re gonna see is in every single one of our jaws it’s me when they pay when they get all these dumb things for free so take for example one of the main things when we talk about hooks is so here are all the other six courses here to get for free hook here one of the main things are going to get is Russell joined a hunter care group where he little pain a hundred thousand dollars to join and while he was there they asked him to present some different things that would be important and valuable to the other people made a hundred thousand dollars and so what happened was there is actually a secret recorded guy in the back recorded it but he wasn’t supposed to Russell got access to it has the rights for it and he’s literally is giving that away free in other words be playing a hundred thousand dollars to get this book and so you get a copy the bootleg copy of the video of what Russell’s hot to one hundred people who paid a hundred thousand dollars.

1.2 million dollar room

There’s 12 people in there’s about 1.2 million dollar room where basically you get that access all for free when you get the when you get the recording are the audio book the next thing that is another thing everything was how he used growth hacking in sales funnels to go from zero to hundred two hundred million and three year without taking on any outside capital again this was a presentation that was given to a group where people paid a thousand dollars taxes be in the room even here that that in itself is about three hundred thousand dollar video because there was over threat of people sitting in the room each paying a thousand dollars to be in that room you’re getting all this stuff for free when you get a copy of the audio book in addition to that he goes through how to create a mass movement people who will pay you for your advice there’s two five other videos that he goes through where people live and paid for content to have here Russell speak on this the whole idea here is the hook and one of the things I’m really recommend you guys study is hook stories and offers especially just going out thinking about your own affiliate promotion what’s your hook what was so important the hook here a hundred thousand hundred thousand dollars cash that was paid over one point two million dollars in the room to your people your what Russell’s going to talk about all that was free so from that we didn’t go to the next OTO which is the expert evolution system I think that’s actually here on the next page so as Dave mentioned you’re gonna get all that banging.

40% Commission coming to you

Dave mentioned any value there’s the same the class when people paid a hundred thousand dollars but then it gets even better so you’re gonna go to the experts evolution system where you’re going to get experts in evolution just one point away in the 24 hour expert have a lot of fun in the jump manual story and that’s actually the rats before even going to listen to that so listen to the video I have enough time to kind of go through all the way up in funnel hack this first of all go get your own copy of expert secrets so go to expert secrets comm page seven dollars 95 cents get the copy so you have it most important to go through the whole funnel pay attention to what’s taking place understand the hooks the story’s the offers and then one of these we just added which is a revenue thing is we now have a thank you webinar so it’s on the thank you page but we’re actually taking people into the funnel builder secrets where they now have access to purchase this new product it’s a brand new product we just released and it’s super super Tahlia most of all you get paid forty percent commission on the same what’s that it’s 1919 it’s 1997 is the price so you’re gonna get seven or ninety-eight dollars with 80 cents 40% Commission coming to you again in addition to basically being paid 20 bucks for giving the book away for free so this funnel basically has over 800 bucks in value to you it’s pending exactly what people into buying silver again

Browse the affiliate Avengers Facebook page

You can’t use your own feeling to buy the book but go-to expert secrets calm and get a copy for yourself you can’t have you can’t be warehousing these things but use your own affiliate link and send it out you can send out for your Facebook post you can send it up through YouTube you can send out that email you can send through Instagram I highly recommend guys go get a copy in the next couple days and do it Facebook live my son Christian for 15 years old 60 year old basically went through a couple of days at each day this homework is to go ahead and read and then he’ll Facebook fine without what you learned do the same thing and it put your affiliate link at the bottom of your face Facebook live and will send you 20 bucks for everybody goes and gets a free copy of the book so happy birthday an expert secrets one-year anniversary over a hundred twenty-five thousand copies sold but the gifts are actually being given to you 20 bucks for every single book that you give away Friday Saturday and Sunday April 27th through the 29th can’t wait to see how many books we give away and most importantly how many $20 bills we start sending to all of our affiliates and everyone else anything else no that’s it guys remember promote sticky cookies there’s so many stories browse the affiliate Avengers Facebook page look at those stories and find motivation of that go get your copy share the clutter sticky cookies work you want to make sure you get there see you guys see ya

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Swipe the Affiliate Secrets of our #1 Earning Affiliate – 3 days only!

Swipe the Affiliate Secrets of our #1 Earning Affiliate – 3 days only!