That one where Dave Goes To Arizona … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 61

Sunny D in the house!! WAIT … that isn’t the real Sunny D, or is it?! Dave takes us on a tour of Chris Record’s crib, shows us Robert Kiyosaki’s Ferrari and shares a quick sneak peek to the 100K club all in a days work!

Oh wait, don’t forget Russell Brunson and the opportunity to watch him be taken down in a wicked game of kick soccer!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 61 (Behind The Scenes Show)
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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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[Music] tortillas much kool-aid so I actually get two burritos for the price that’s the juice right there baby okay just the juice it’s the light all right we’re into the gym and alex is that a story to tell you as much people lace is important yeah so I actually get two burritos for the price of one here’s how I did so I do is as soon as I get up there I’m like okay I need two reps and you need to do them like a Venn diagram I see a Venn diagram I’ve said semicircles Venn diagram and they’re like oh like overlapping okay cool and then I’m like I would like four times the rice and then double black beans and they’re like okay so now I get four scoops of rice two scoops of black beans they move it over and then I get chicken you go check it’s called a applause cc you you go chicken and then you pause because if they know you have double meat they’ll do it faster and they won’t give you like as much so you say off chicken and then you pause you’re like you know what I’m gonna have steak – I’ll go double meat and so then they they give you more than they would have if you just follow them they were gonna do a double in the beginning okay so you do the pause double and then they shift it over and then I go two scoops of P go two scoops and medium tons of sour cream and then a little bit of lettuce and then they wrap it up at the end and every time they’re like this is the biggest burrito I’ve ever seen no one’s had a burrito this big before and they always say the same thing as I go yeah anyways we were holding up and so at the end of the day it cost me like ten dollars and 31 cents but it’s two burritos because I did I doubled every single portion including the meat and the wrap and it cost me two dollars extra so that is my poly hackin holy cow nice today how many calories didn’t that feel that 18 ugh that’s more like you needed a so it’s 3,600 if you do today and it’s 214 which is like what I needed and I was training on my feet like 10 hours a day besides those arms good morning everybody it’s crazy early morning actually heading out to Phoenix today we’ve got some crazy fun stuff happening good meeting with Robert Kiyosaki’s guys first thing in the morning heading over to Chris record who created this crazy amazing rap video for ClickFunnels™ talking to him and then see if we can catch up with Arielle Adams who has been written a ton of great stuff as far as entrepreneurs and about Russell and not clicking on some things and then tomorrow I’ve got one day worth of genius X which is our hundred K group Jill polish and Dean grazioso you’re on let the journey begin [Music] all right let’s do this thing all right so here I am at where we at daily dose we’re daily dose got Greg and Ron here that is supposedly a pancake and those are breakfast nachos and Greg is dying to dive into those he’s Southwest boy what’d you go with Rob so they’re from rich dad kids hockey group talking about some fun stuff we’re doing and enjoy breakfast Robert Kiyosaki’s Ferrari sitting here and Kim’s g-wagen alright so here we are look at all these crazy cool books all translating so many different language how many languages you guys have now right around for the blue for native languages the goal here is basically to get expert secrets and dot-com secrets in just as many languages and this here is the game that actually started all of it actually the game was there before the book you take a look at Rich Dad Poor Dad the book actually was created to sell the game cash flow book took off faster than the game and because of that now it’s just been translating at 40 different languages okay where we going what’s the plan track is like 90% dense we’re gonna go run on the track the first time you excited the back stores they had to shoot side yard of like seven feet high weeds and have thorns and scary stuffs the kids are always afraid so that what if we turn it into you semi amusement march so we’re working on this track and it’ll be they’re all kind of wrapped whole thing which is almost all the way down another this last side here this track then over here we’ve got nine underground trampolines that are going in its got finished leveling I’m no trampolines in back here is gonna be astroturf volleyball court here is a huge soccer slash football field be astroturf at the basketball court over here are about playing first game of kick soccer you ready this up here comes our the only place I’ve read every time my next appointment meeting with Chris records team overt academics Chris tree cently did a ClickFunnels™ video and to rap and it was hilarious ain’t nobody messing with my quick bottles quick Chris has this alter ego called Sunny D so I’ve got a few minutes I’m actually erased down to Party City and see if I can actually copy his costume so we’ll see if I can pick it up there and show up to Chris place in a study of these costumes all right so that’s gonna be basically this and that stuff hopefully this comes together time – you get these things glued in so we’re just have to put them in here got the glasses got the Hat of course have the spinners we’re on our way to go see Chris record epidemics and talk about ClickFunnels™ and you how to use rap video you gotta go check it out all right so needy and aus son ID up in the house and not enough to see the table a zoom [Music] ha [Music] but guys this is not funny do you send me the imposter no just walking in to take massive action mansion TM a mansion I guess we’re calling this thing Chris record in the house smash um this is actually gonna be a ton of fun I have absolutely nothing else to do today but hang out with these guys stuff we’ve got protein shakes little bars coffee one of those nights I got a feeling feeling out our homies in the crib and we be telling I’ve been working hard all week and spitting bars are weak pretty much never use ya gotta love yourself some books [Music] like check out the view Paradise Valley which is put the Beverly Hills of Arizona what a night am i right now I didn’t ever believe in I love at first sight but I think I do now I kid you not this has been in there for weeks that’s the juice right there baby any just the juice it’s the life the life yeah so that character character I simply just throw this on throw on some bling and talk in a raspy voice and there’s your son Edie if you guys are looking for a Halloween costume SunnyD Party City is the Sunny D outfit go ahead and not to go meet with RL Adams easy.i who basically has written a ton of articles for entrepreneur magazine in Forbes magazine Fortune magazine ink magazine all those other crazy cool things and he’s actually written a lot of things recently about click falls in Russells so we’re gonna go out and see if we can have dinner with him and I’m waiting for an uber had the opportunity of meeting know how we from still if we’re here in the restaurant I actually have how I rip off a shirt and show you the shredded abs but it’d be a little embarrassing Rob’s been cranking it out if you go out there and you actually if you rather than trying to take some extraordinary things happen because the whole world is fixated on taking right but if you get out there and you start giving you know some incredible things happen even if you have nothing even if you have absolutely zero you’re broke and you’re hopeless or whatever the case might be get out there and you start giving to everybody doesn’t matter what it is not money time start delivering real value and reached some extraordinary people but more so you can learn a lot of stuff cut out the party cut out all the alcohol cut out everything else that you do hope you focus because there is real power alright hey everybody I would love to be able to let you in on absolutely everything that’s been going on here but as I mentioned before this is more of a private closed event and so the content here really can’t be shared but just don’t scan the room one more time kids don’t know I have dinner again with Rob last night easier about ready to go on stage talking these guys are movers and shakers in their industry and are out here ABS and they just crushing it so again compliments of what Dean and Joe put together a great event so just getting in another uber yeah I had in the airport right now you got checkout time I set up here so Tyler just picked me up so I’ve got minions playing here if I want to watch that hand sanitizer you must like the minions because I’ve seen a lot of minions all over the place we’ve got some suckers this licorice Fiji water is all set up and then multiple charging stations here you could not get in this car without being able to charge up a phone so totally set up God’s name right here Tyler’s got his basic business cards going everywhere you’ve got a real business going on driving eight hours a day using lyft and uber right now I get what you say we’re about half and half between uber and lyft today today so far it’s about 50/50 Here I am at the airport now ready to head on out of here back to Boise alright well just survive the week four days of your circle we have kids it’s been fun we filmed a whole bunch of the episode for TV who are we showing Alex remotely build local businesses I show one of the chimps he blew up much other cool stuff so it was good week but I’m excited about to go to bed and tomorrow starts the new week we’re focusing on planning what’s the future of click phones what are we doing what are we going we’re gonna figure out it starting tomorrow so so I got you guys see you tomorrow

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That one where Dave Goes To Arizona … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 61

That one where Dave Goes To Arizona … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 61