That one where Dave goes to San Diego… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 58

Dave Travels to San Diego for alittle vacation after the HUGE Viral Video Launch Party and Attends the Bedros Keuilian mastermind…

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 58 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where Dave goes to San Diego…

[Music] [Music] so maybe this five hour delay the bad weather is all the result of my not going to the inner circle this romantic getaway is gonna have to actually start here in Boise it’s slowly September it’s snowy we’re coming to the airport for the second time today wow it’s been a crazy fun week I can’t believe it this week here we did the bubble soccer [Music] [Applause] and since then I’ve been a couple days for my wife down in San Diego Grady Bend San Diego with Bader’s queuing and now I’m finally arriving home waiting for uber and then we are knowing homes to the boys and my beautiful wife can’t wait all right so we just finished the crazy crazy week last week where we had all the influences everyone else in town and now my wife and I are heading out of town I’ve actually got to go work in San Diego so we’re taking a couple days it’s two of us well everybody else the office is working so Russell’s got inner circle all week long sorry flight leaves in 40 minutes and we’re checking bags hopefully we’ll get through line it’s gonna be a fun trip [Music] [Applause] [Music] so the bags just got checked and as they get checked I get notified oh you know what your flight has been delayed five hours this romantic getaway is gonna have to actually start here in Boise we thought we’d start this romantic weekend off by uh going since we got a delay we’d go up the mountains go to San Diego so I’m kind of dressed ready to go to beach and up in the mountains yeah it’s it’s snowing so I’m freezing I gotta get my wife out of the car that’s not gonna happen there she is but we’re having fun really our September it’s snowing where’s the beach yes that is correct that is the Boise Airport sign we’re coming to the airport for the second time today second time oh yeah baby we’re going to San Diego hopefully today so maybe this five-hour delay the bad weather is all the result of my not going to the inner circle so Russell and team is all sitting there at the inner circle but I have the opportunity of going away [Music] so much for dress like San Diego we’re now we have Sacramento were halfway there we’ll get there later tonight all right here we are trip is finally about to begin and look who’s so excited to be here yes what you’re seeing here are palm trees these are palm trees if you haven’t seen these before it’s been a while [Music] here we are in beautiful sunny Southern California we’re in La Jolla Cove right now this whole crazy experience is all about a micro vacation so as an entrepreneur one of the main things we struggle with is trying to find time to get away because our minds race all the time like non-stop and because of that I typically never really go on vacation even though I’m physically there so one of the things that I learned as I was coming out here is the importance of taking a microphone this one for us is only gonna be about 36 maybe 40 hours together was a real quick trip she’s just flying down having fun and then we’re gonna send her home and I’m gonna go back to work especially with an entrepreneur it’s hard for them to take away from long periods of time so I think it’s better work they give you more focus more time and it seems to work a lot better so these like tiny micro vacations have always been a huge huge important thing in our marriage and gotta love microbe occasions [Music] here we are one of my wife’s favorite places any time we go shopping is Lululemon so we are here at Lululemon because everywhere we go around the country she has clothes from different little limits or so yes indeed says three I don’t know how many items she really ends up having and so what we get what we trying on now [Music] and free dance anyways when you’re out doing a micro vacation as an entrepreneur make sure that you take time to have a ton of fun with it and most importantly make sure that your wife or whoever you’re traveling with enjoys it just as much as you do [Music] all right it’s official yep that’s that time and time to go back to work so the vacation with my wife is just now ending that I’m on the way to work I forgot a cool convention this next event is gonna be pretty amazing now we’re trying to figure out exactly what we’re gonna do with some of our upcoming events and really trying to figure out what’s the best way to handle a large mastermind so Pedro skillion is killing it with his master minds and we’re trying to go learn exactly what it is that he’s doing and kind of funnel hack what he’s got doing so I’m here at addresses mastermind this is 7-figure mastermind and we’re looking at using some of the things that he’s been doing in his masterminds for Russell and some of the masterminds that we’re looking to do but the key here is the power of a person who’s been there before as a mentor but Billy basically go out and just pull someone up when they’re down and where they’re frustrated they’re saying that there’s gotta be some other way there’s gotta be something I could do and that’s what people are looking for in their mastermind they’re trying to find someone who’s been there before who can do I just pull them up and say hey I’ve been there and know what it’s like that’s the power of a mastermind and the great thing here about what Bay dress has been teaching is these are guys who you know a lot of people think these fitness owners they don’t make much some of these guys are crushing it I mean high six and even low seven figures again it’s called a seven figure mastermind for a reason it’s trying to get these fitness business owners to seven figures matrice is a master teacher and I’ve got the opportunity sit here and listen to him see and really mastering his craft helping others master theirs [Music] all right just fish doing a zoom call with cherry Chapman for his ecomcon so we are actually about an hour late right now to the mastermind so today’s mass smites a little different cuz they’re doing a massive group training and it’s gonna be different than the hot seats that we had yesterday so we’ll see how it all goes today [Applause] [Music] so now here with Billie Jean what’s up just spend some time here at actually Pedro says master man seven figure mastermind but we’re kind of talking about some of the things we actually saw I took the last Friday oh I see so I thought I’d ask kind of which day who guys you know Billie Jean keeps it real her than anybody out there and honestly I just had to sit my hat like super impressed by a couple of things number one the event like what was at first might hurt like what the heck is a viral launch party when you go you’re like we need to do a buy release you know like I always get inspired when I get jealous right so I father did a good job there and then also to assembling all these people in the room like I just had no I didn’t know who was going to be there but I’m talking with him I’m like wait a second I know you you’re this person on interview got 20 million followers like if you took that room in the the influence power not even the monetary opposite of monitors dip a little too but it was this is crazy and it was fun it was put together it was just good energy so it was really impressive the video list oh you guys know we love and so like again I saw the other man we got to do another video now I got a Guinness World Record yeah cool but Guinness World Record like so it was it was just it was Bravo it was Goblet was well done and happy we could be there and it was great excitable – next one yeah always great having you [Music] all right so the travels begin again I’m actually just heading out of Haider heading leaving bay dresses event and actually hadn’t up to Utah for a mission reunion I was served a mission for my church a long time ago looking forward to it but another uber another flight all right so we’re heading out from the Hyatt this is my uber driver Kyle I’m heading to the airport so it’s pretty early in the morning still yeah yeah they’re late at night or late at night you back Center my eyes it’s been a fun week but kind of crazy [Music] okay it’s chill here that I thought it’s a behavior this morning yeah 63 degrees and it’s 45 here and again I can I just hate not married flip-flops so it’s cold cold toes but pretty exciting that we actually be trying this crazy thing out called tour oh yeah we are we’re gonna kind of figure out this whole lot arrow thing what Jame then Stennis alright this is Dennis we’re gonna figure out this Tarou thing so never use this the poor husband work if you guys it’s been doing really good we get at least four or five a month on this car and then we have another car and she brings there you go [Music] all right just finishing up the churro it’s actually a great experience that was a ton of fun nice car guy worked with this awesome and actually the experience I would definitely definitely do again Wow it’s pretty crazy fun week and now I’m finally arriving home waiting for uber and then we’ll be on our way home to see the boys and my beautiful wife can’t wait [Music]

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That one where Dave goes to San Diego… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 58

That one where Dave goes to San Diego… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 58