That one where Russell taught funnel building at Lego University… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 53

Clickfunnels™ Lego University – Russell Taught Funnel Building

Clickfunnels™ Lego University: Funnel Hack-A-Thon is in full swing and the energy is AMAZING! Such an amazing group of people wanting to change their lives and the lives of Millions. We also break funnels down into the simplest for ever which is LEGO’S! Who don’t love Lego’s :)

Clickfunnels™ Lego University: Funnel Hacker TV Episode 53

[Music] what’s up Russell hey what’s up guys get pregnant only two more volunteers guys bow if you just combine when you put it all together I think it’s sending the wrong message start to feel the energy in the room it’s good I tasted this isn’t that I walk in that room and like you can feel the energy so it’s down on statement oh the stuff he asked me to make the concoction for him super juice to kill my cold in five seconds right all the scraps half the Milly’s running around to him grab me all the stuff to make this thing happen then what just happened to you in the

park you muff squeeze pages membership areas oto is affiliate areas so it’s not being label and over here Oh Legoland just looking good [Music] all right so kids the fish has been dropped off at school I’m here say I got cuff links on owe me some got an event this is day two of our launch week so this is one funnel year down working on funnel year and number two today we’ve got a fat event so I’ll be speaking for two or three hours here in the morning getting all these people fired up and excited which is exciting and then we got some of them right here so guys after that at work these the word forms live it’s a new sales process and then tonight teaching a session on

Legos which would be really cool to the people with fat events now for that event it’s four on the final acrid cookbook and so some really cool it’s a game plan I’m excited so we’re gonna do [Music] that’s about started at my notes this printed out this is my outline that’s I speak in case you’re wondering if I’m selling it’s very structured well it’s the structure – it’s a nice structure if I’m teaching it’s all about doodling out the visuals on the sketch on board and then that gives me a framework many teach excited so excited I feel the energy in the room it’s actually quite a bit you I tasted they’re always really excited but this is little bit different than I know [Applause] [Music] I’m famous famous try me I’m famous so it’s dying on stage my nose is stuffed so Alex scharping you haven’t said melody do you

Clickfunnels™ Lego University: Russell taught funnel building at lego university

make Russell something he asked me to make a concoction for him the biohack super juice to kill my cold in five seconds straight it’s garlic lemon juice cayenne pepper and ginger and it’s really good it’s not a sad one yeah I didn’t he’s like you might have to have water afterwards I didn’t even need the water it’s really good alright which I do is eat right get the whole thing down Oh Oh see now that’s good it’s not bad I think the bird of yours oh yeah Oh bird okay now let it sit just on a little bit and then you can have some water okay it’s really good gotta love when Jake comes into the office because you always have fun surprises Jake well we got we have two teams we have the red

team digging prospectors dude that’s rockin versus the nude squirrels Jim Zirin dude you did awesome job on those the shirts for the two teams they’re gonna clash we’ll see who’s gonna win Swit more Lego a lot of Legos actually just like a box is every box wasted wasted that they killed that tree and that tree vo this gives that like it’s Lego isn’t even rapping come on people yeah so cool love Legos so Corbin what’s the prediction who’s gonna win Roger vectors taller taller longer legs – cuz Corbin has a red shirt on he’s going with red logical Wow Kelsey who do you thinks

gonna win because on my team if I don’t side with him it’s gonna quick who’s gonna win whatever team melody is on will win that’s the answer all right we’re not figured our half left got most of these pages looking good with crossing out mostly first day we got some more dude stuff I don’t have to go ten crunch we’re going we’re going so we’ve got guys basically creating ads for us and John just came in to check see if this good yeah you know um you know it’s fun now gold diggers and getting rich and painting nude squirrels but I think just combine when you put it all together I think it’s sending the wrong message yeah there’s only one on one drop with no context I don’t think it

Clickfunnels™ Lego University: Legos squeeze pages membership

works oh yeah the other ones have this great click-through rates wrong conversions [Music] with all the craziness stuff that’s going on here got shirts billion support is just crushing it like always Andrea’s out here and JK graphic stuff we’ve got Marty cutting things we’ve got Legos going on just standing here mark stand here doing nothing trying to get as much done as we possibly can because we will go live in less than two hours all right crank it through all this stuff right now look at all this Oh Legos squeeze pages membership areas OTO as affiliate areas two-step order forms application pages yes we’re building Legos thanks Jake’s got the new shirt in for the staff check out this shirt we got the new squirrel prospector right next to the logo to rocking the designs man rocking the designs

[Music] there’s the way done okay you guys will see we’ve got Safari right here there’s Nick Cray’s get here’s page Oh what’s funnel yeah yeah yeah I teach what funnels are then we’re gonna go into this and there’s there Donald Stan is like me that’s so easy how sturdy a comical so all the scraps happening Millie’s running around to him got me all the stuff to make this thing happen then what just happened to you in the park you mo and how do you feel about the experience angry he’s broke from working with everyone hasn’t been filming they’re good really good even now and they’re even about to get prepared for some Legos that’s right they’re even know [Music] six-ten still going for four or five to five hours four hours anyway and we just finished the slides I don’t have time to go through them all

before you go live but in at 222 slides I’ll send ten it’s nuts so I literally have no time to test them so to cross my fingers and pray they got it all oh okay so I’m gonna start probably 6:30 we’ll see how many our snakes actually deliver this intact okay all right I was gonna stuff set up in here it’s go see what this party’s good little epic what’s up everybody 220 – whoa [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] now we have a cooking show our whole lives all we wanted to be was cooking show we didn’t care about his funnels we spotted a cooking show now we got it really this morning he came in only think we had this morning with LEGOs so then we had to figure out this and then the stuff in fact the cookbook is not even officially done yet and then build the play goals the things with the

Clickfunnels™ Lego University: New Product Launch

stage with the TV to make this feed we’re never TV today we have no idea what even gonna film in the kitchen before we’re gonna film in a conference room Davis granny we should do it is that what did you the kitchen it’s a cookbook you got to do a cookbook cooking okay so a couple things this is something we’re doing for the new launch anyway you’ll see as I go into it but my aim recording is as an actual product so fortunately the market eq8 throughout its gonna kind of go and just go through the whole thing I’ve never taught us before I literally for the time I left you guys that create 222 slides and that’s what we’re going through right now I’ve never gone through this before it could be out or anything no sense it could be or it could be amazing so we’ll find out yeah you tell me you

can find out everyone across the brunson I wanna welcome you to the funnel hacker cookbook today we’re actually filming this from a live studio audience which I’m really excited about because we want to share with you guys really everything you need to understand funnels as soon as the pages are similar to recipes so if I want to build this pre-sale page there is a recipe that works for this page [Music] Sonny feels tired that’s awesome twelve hours later wait 320 hours three now anyway do any other members been to Trotter that makes them think you did amazing question his dad loved it Legos Lupus Legos anyway we’re back at tomorrow how many more funnel years still the single life two to two more four years when we have to unfortunately Wednesday Thursday it goes live Friday

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That one where Russell taught funnel building at Lego University… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 53

That one where Russell taught funnel building at Lego University… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 53

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