That one where some weird happened in Inner Circle… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 60

Inner Circle was here in Boise, Idaho and things got alittle Crazy!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 60 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where some weird happened in Inner Circle…

it’s finally finally here hopefully it’s fixed let’s go see if we can sneak into inner circle [Music] always gets crazy whenever data Dirac spinor I do some things wait so are you trying to tell me that you can actually do a membership site inside of ClickFunnels™ if you do amazing membership sites inside so there we are you ever designed that must love squirrels [Music] [Music] what’s up all right slide one week back to work now we’re back into four more days in a circle master my meeting which I’m excited for little stress because there’s like these cool things happening I like to pull myself out of the game focus here but in circles right learn the most for a girl the most and I have chance to serve the most at the highest level so let me do it next four days I’ll show you guys behind the scenes as some stuffs happening but one thing is happening Bart Miller’s here Bart is my fashion coordinator typically things I like wearing flip-flops and shorts and stuff like that because I know he’s here I got a dress a little nicer somewhere in Bart’s sweet sweatshirt thing he got me to buy also wearing skinny jeans these are so tight it hurts to like can bend and move and I got shoes like yeah I’m wearing shoes fancy pants shoes last time I was here and I dressed up in clothes he’d Bobby he’s like no you put the wrong ones on anyway it’s a little stressed about that but I love bar so it will be alright it’s time to let’s party start [Music] we got Russell in the other room working on inner circle we got Stephen in here crank out some crazy stuff these days so what are you doing today steer rebuilding traffic secrets into ClickFunnels™ just a small little project I believe right holy cow like I’m pretty faster this is 300 videos and 300 videos 328 or something like that and I’m just hauling butt oh wait Oh little vitamin C else look at this crazy stuff yeah rebuild tons of stuff so so far it looks massive I mean just huge huge weight so are you trying to tell me that you can actually do a membership site inside of ClickFunnels™ oh my gosh a sweet one a sweet one yeah we’re putting all the bells and whistles in this but it just takes a lot to X we put the confident over because traffic secrets is an amazing course so crazy stuff it’s really cool that’s right membership sites inside of ClickFunnels™ 328 plus videos and that’s not all that’s in there no no lots of other stuff PDS resources all these guides I mean really cool templates walkthroughs it’s really fun meanwhile in support you’ll see so tell me what’s going on today Monday morning in the office how many tickets we have today what we started off today with bottom line crushing through tickets today yeah okay what Brett’s doing in the office today he’s Heidi trying to hide I know Russell’s got in her circle what do you got going on not we are working with a new software partner that we’re looking at to work with what kind of software we looking at so sabi can help with our customer support I’ll speed it up and yeah we’re always trying to find things that make things better for it takes on his users Kyle files look at this mustache check this out what geez comes back to my wife finally decides to actually come back I’m breaking back and easy here big easy yes these are the benefits of having someone on your team go to Hawaii the Hawaiian host chocolate-covered macadamia nuts you’re working on ignite your fun check this out what is that go back now that we have prehistoric an old man what is it a mammoth and I’m putting a little mammoth in there just to kind of make it the prospectors building the tunnel and as you complete each day he just keeps going further down till you get all the way down to the bottom which is this okay we call that ignite your phone oh yeah so what’s going on she got off the phone with Monday Monday Network monday Monday Network what are they the next buzz feed the next buzz food yep and we’ve got dominant placement on all their Facebook pages so I just try to figure out the bridges so we’re really cool wait an hour later all right so Russell is there stalking her and right now what you’re gonna see is which was our walk and talk so basic what happens is people present for about 30 to 45 minutes and then after that everyone goes around the room and they walk and talk basically telling each other what one thing they got out of that that’s when in fact their business so they gonna show you how this actually works so the key here is everybody walking and talking here is to make sure that you get someone new each time otherwise you get the same experience so each time here to find someone who’s actually different than their walking and talking with [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah so does anybody here they may know how valuable it found your click causes versus paint craftsmen safe so it’s five hundred forty percent no now you’re all thinking wondering especially where we know right now we’re laying eggs all right here’s a snitchin okay so I just hatched the crappy website okay and what is so show the world the very personal okay sweetie so yes see the difference six dollars forty cents we’re nurses one dollar that’s a difference I’m gonna show you right now what all elements go into that and we were talk to everybody found that our crazy so [Music] it’s finally finally here hopefully it’s fixed hopefully it’s fixed we’ve only done this thing about a million times let’s see how this works we’re gonna see if this thing’s actually working this time please work everything you promised this thing has been with you guys more than it’s been with us Melanie let’s see how this thing goes close the door see the steps comes up we’re looking better guys Jeff the man thank you for doing this thing it’s finally done all right so let’s go check out what’s going on for lunch here inner circle lunch check this out what do we got [Music] [Music] I have an inner-circle day three actually technically a seven of eight universally checks up it was fun acting 499 two kids what do you guys all do in paying affiliates over here packing tickets over here so we sold some tickets huh these are cool so there we are yes whoever designed that must love squirrels three hours made our cigar circle me if I want to see one world’s happening who we doing all day long how many membership sites have you built in the last 48 hours four I think today right now wait you’re saying ClickFunnels™ to the membership site I think a new membership site side ClickFunnels™ you can do amazing membership sites inside ClickFunnels™ amazing ones how we run evolve ours so what are the price points could be like well maybe you can do like the cheap membership sites but not like important expensive ones member sites that we sell that we build for like you know I mean per person free awesome so a 25 gram membership site built our 15 grand or 10,000 10,000 or 3,500 10,000 dollars and 3,500 uh-huh yeah yeah you know only that money you only feel like money you can’t really do it if not usually a wordpress and then like 13 plugins and then you should go and do higher too many tech people yeah a lot of programs and pray that doesn’t crash one day when a WordPress updates or the hackers get the backdoor access again yes it’s happened google it there you go you [Music]

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That one where some weird happened in Inner Circle… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 60

That one where some weird happened in Inner Circle… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 60